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Kyla dies as Clark holds her

First aired November 26, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

While motor-crossing with Pete (Sam Jones III), Clark (Tom Welling) falls into a cave and discovers two hidden treasures - ancient Indian writings that hold the key to his identity, and a beautiful girl whom he believes to be his soulmate. Desperate to preserve the writings, Clark pits father against son as he enlists Lex's (Michael Rosenbaum) help to stop Lionel's (John Glover) construction crew from demolishing the cave.

Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Marita Grabiak directed the episode with story by Mark Warshaw and teleplay by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

By Danielle B.

At a construction site, a man who appears to be the manager of the whole ordeal, is sending the rest of the workers home and closing up for the evening. After locking up some tools, he turns around only to come face to face with an old Aboriginal man. The manager tells the man, such as he told him the last time he was there, that he is trespassing, only to have the old man say that he canít be trespassing on the land that his people owned for thousands of years. The manager tries to walk around the old man when he grabs him by the shirt and tells him that he doesnít understand the consequences of what he is doing. When the manager asks the man if he is threatening him, the old man simply replies by asking him how he could be threatening him if he is just an old man. The manager walks over to the gate and unlocks it, telling the old man that he has to take his problems up with the big guys. He then pushes the gate open, telling the old man to get out, before closing it once again. He gives the man one last look before turning around and walking over to a trailer.

Later that evening, the manager heads over to his truck and begins filling it with gas when he hears some rustling in the bushes. He goes to investigate, absently leaving the nozzle in the gas tank, when he hears it again. He then runs towards his car and grabs a flare gun from the front seat, but before he has a chance to put ammo in it, a white wolf jumps on him, fangs out, barking furiously. Meanwhile, the gas tank begins to overflow, spilling gas all over the ground. The man, seemingly panicked, fires off the flare gun. The wolf, seeming to notice that the gas on the ground was not going to mix well with the flare that had just been fired off, runs away, leaving the man to notice the flare coming back down towards him. The flare hits the ground, causing the entire truck to explode, clearly killing the man. The wolf, who had watched the explosion from a distance, turns and runs away, howling as he does.

Pete and Clark are racing on dirt bikes when they come to the construction site that is now surrounded by police. The two stop to investigate, Clark explaining that there was some sort of explosion the night before. Pete replies by saying that maybe it will force Luthor Corp out of town. The two then decide to race back, when all of a sudden, Clark runs over a tree branch, causing his bike to flip and, in effect, sending him flying. When he hits the ground, it gives way and he falls through, falling a good hundred feet before hitting the ground hard. When he does, a wall in another part of the cave he is now lying in crumbles and a girl with a flashlight comes running to his aid. Clark, seemingly confused from his fall, mistakes her for Lana. The girl tells him not to move and then pulls out a knife and uses it to cut open his shirt only to find that he doesnít have a single scratch on him. He tells her that heís just lucky before asking her where she came from. She explains that she had been doing research for her grandfather when the wall caved in before telling him her name is Kyla. Clark stares at her for a second before getting up and introducing himself, her saying that he is apparently invincible. The two stare at each other before they hear Pete calling down to him asking him if he can jump his way out. Clark tells him that he has company trying to cover up what he had said by saying that Peteís a funny guy. Luckily, Kyla is two mesmerized by one of the walls behind him. When Clark asks her what it is, she explains that itís the legend of Numand, a story her ancestors had past down for generations, one in which was supposedly written in the earth. But, until then of course, nobody ever knew where it was. She thanks him, explaining that her grandfather had been searching for that wall his whole life. She then explains that it is prophecy the Numand would fall from the skies in a rain of fire and that he will have the strength of ten men with the ability to start fires with his eyes, her saying that it probably sounds silly. Clark, seeming to realize that it sounds a lot like him, tells her that he doesnít think that he doesnít think so. Kyla grabs Clarks helmet and hands it to him, saying she has to tell her grandfather about it and that she will show him the way out. Clark takes one last look at the paint before turning to fallow her, noticing an octagonal indent in the wall as he does.

Down in the cellar, Clark and Jonathan are looking at the octagonal indent in the spacecraft, Clark explaining to his father about what had happened earlier that day. Jonathan tells him that the drawing could mean anything. Clark then proceeds to pull out the octagonal shaped metal object in which Jonathan had pulled out of the spacecraft before it closed, and explaining to him that they are the same symbols that are drawn in the cave. He then goes on to tell him about how Kylaís grandfather may be able to read the inscriptions. Clark goes to leave when Jonathan stops him by warning him to be careful not to tell them too much, considering they donít actually know them. Clark had clearly already realized this since he had gone ahead and invited the two of them to dinner.

At dinner that evening, Kylaís grandfather, who happens to be the same old man who had been giving the manager at the construction site grief, is explaining the legend of Numand, saying that Numand was supposed to one day return, that having been said five hundred years ago, making Numand, in his words a ďlittle lateĒ. Clark and Kyla smile at each other from across the table before her grandfather asks Clark if heís from around there, Martha explaining that Clark was adopted. Clark, changing the subject, asks him if the symbols make up some sort of alphabet, Kylaís grandfather explaining that there is no actual pattern to the symbols. Clark, seemingly disappointed, asks him if that means that he doesnít know what they mean. Kyla jumps in, saying that he will be able to figure out with some time, that is, if Luthor Corp doesnít get at them before they do. Clark then asks his mother if she could talk to Lionel Luthor, explaining to Kyla and her grandfather that she is his executive assistant. Martha tells him that sheíll do what she can but it isnít that simple due to the fact that that complex will create a thousand desperately needed jobs. Clark then asks her if she thinks that that is more important than the caves, a question in which causes an awkward silence to fill the room. Jonathan, seeming to try and lighten the mood, asks them if they would like coffee with their pie.
Out in the barn, Clark is looking through his telescope when he asks Kyla if she wants to have a look, her explaining that she would rather see it with her own eyes as she walks towards the window. Clark walks up behind her asking her if she if she believes that this legend is like all the other myths. She tells him that just because something is a myth doesnít make it not true. She then proceeds to grab his hand in hers; using it to point out the star that Numand supposedly came from before nonchalantly resting his hand the windowsill and wrapping her hands around it. Clark smiles down at her, but trying to act casual, asks her what happened to the star. She turns and stares up at him, telling him that he should tell her since heís the one who fell from the sky. The two stare at each other for what seems like forever before Clark turns only to see Lana standing there. She explains that his message sounded urgent so she just came over and that she didnít realize that he had company, posting a seemingly fake smile as she does. Clark introduces her to Kyla, Lana asking him how they met. Clark explains the story and then tells her that he was hoping that she could ask Henry Small if he could help them out in trying to protect the caves. Lana, somewhat reluctantly, tells him sheíll try.

Over at the Luthor manor, Lionel is talking to the sheriff while on a treadmill when Martha arrives. She asks Lionel why the sheriff was there when the police where supposed to be done their investigation. Lionel explains to her that they werenít ready to call it an accident and that Joseph Willowbrook, Kylaís grandfather, who was spearheading the protest had a history of civil disobedience meaning they believe it may have been sabotage. Lionel steps off the treadmill and the two have seat while Martha explains that she had arranged for him to do a condolence call the fallowing afternoon. He tells her that there are times when they are together that he would swear that he was talking to his wife, saying that she was a lot like her. Lex then appears, interrupting their conversation. Martha, somewhat surprised, stands up and turns to face him, before grabbing her purse explaining that she needed to be home early and heading out the door. After Martha was gone, Lionel walks towards Lex telling him that he knows how hard he had been working, what with the employee buyout he had engineered. He then goes on to say that just because he is successful, doesnít been they canít be partners on the project. Lex then tells him that he is on his own.

Down in the caves, Kyla is climbing along the walls taking pictures, while Cark holds the flashlight for her. She explains to him that the pictures promise that one day, Numand will protect the entire world. All of a sudden the caves begin to rumble. When they stop, Kyla explains that itís the fault of the Luthorís bulldozers. She then tells him to come up there and see the painting sheís looking at. Doing as she says, Clark looks at one of the pictures on the wall and asks her who itís of. She explains that itís the women that Numand is destined to be with. Smiling, Clark looks at the picture, when he notices the same symbol on the bracelet Kyla is wearing. She explains that it was handed down through her family. It seems as though she seemed to put two and two together as well. The two smile at each other, when all of a sudden the caves start to shake again. Kyla, not holding on to the walls, falls backwards. Clark calls after her before jumping to the ground and catching her. At that moment, a huge boulder begins tumbling towards them. Clark lays Kyla on the ground and lies on top of her, the boulder landing on him and smashing into millions of pieces.

Clark and Kyla are inches from each otherís face, staring at each other, before Clark gets up, helping her up as he does. When she asks him how he did that, he tells her that itís probably just adrenaline. She, sarcastically, asks him he shoots fire out his eyes too. Clark, not taking this comment as a joke, turns away from her. She fallows him, telling him that she was just joking, before saying that heís Numand. He tells her that he doesnít know who he is. He is however somewhat taken aback as to why she isnít really freaked out. She tells him that she knows what itís like to be different as she takes a step towards him. He explains to her that there are a lot of things about himself that he canít explain. She tells him that thatís okay, putting her arms around his neck as she does. He then leans in and kisses her.

Over at the Talon, Lana is thanking for Mr. Small for his help. He tells her that heís glad she called, saying that they needed to talk and gesturing for her to sit down as he does. He then explains to her that he got the test results back. It seems the two of them share the same DNA. She stares at him, completely awestricken, before saying that he really is her father. He tells her that he hasnít earned that place in her life, although that he one day hopes to.

Over at the construction site, huge protest of people have gathered around in hopes of saving the caves. Martha makes her way towards the group, pulling Joseph aside and telling him that Lionel would like to sit down with him to discuss the issue at hand. Martha, after Joseph gives her a rather skeptical remark, explains her hopes that him and Luthor Corp might be able to coexist peacefully. He begins to explain his skepticism when Henry Small arrives telling him that he has a way to get him into court, handing a cease and desist order to Martha meaning all construction must be halted. At that moment, the Sheriff arrives and places him under arrest for the murder of Dan Hammen. It appears that someone had placed a towel with the victimís blood on it in Josephís trash in attempt to frame him, an incident in which Joseph believes is at the fault of Lionel.

At the Luthorís manner, Lex is on the phone when Clark arrives. Telling the person on the phone that he will call them back, he turns to Clark to ask him whatís wrong. Clark explains his beliefs that Joseph is being set up by Luthor Corp and that he is looking to raise money to bail him out. Lex, seemingly taken back by this accusation, tells him that going head to head with his father is nothing short of stupid. He then explains that it is more than likely that it is a losing battle before asking him if his little cultural stand has anything to do with a certain girl named Kyla. Clark looks away before asking him if he as wondered whether someone is destined to be with someone, Lex responded by saying that he has been fighting his destiny his entire life. He then expresses his surprise in how quickly he moved on from Lana, Clark explaining to him that he got tired of waiting before asking him to help out with bail money. Lex, replying somewhat apologetically, tells him that he doesnít bail out alleged murders. Clark, making one last feeble attempt, tells him that he knows something that may change his mind.

Over at the Talon, Lana is busy her save the caves campaign when Chloe arrives. The two begin to discuss how passionate seems about the cause, Lana, rather spitefully, says that she thinks it has something to do with Kyla. As they walk around, Lana handing out pins, Chloe asks exactly what it is about her that makes Clark go so crazy, Lana telling her that she doesnít know that and that maybe he was just waiting for the right person to let in. Bringing up a new topic, Chloe asks her if this has anything to do with a letter Lana had written to Whitney, Lana explaining that the two of them have been writing every week since he left although lately he hadnít been responding much. The two come to a decision that they needed to stop falling for guys who were trying to save the world.

Down in the caves, Clark is giving Lex the grand tour. Lex seemingly impressed, asks Clark why heís working so hard to protect the caves, Clark explaining that he believes itís important to inform people of the past. As the two of them look around, Lex becomes fixated on the octagonal shape in the wall before telling Clark that he thinks the caves are more important than anything they can imagine.
Over at the Talon, Joseph and Kyla are reuniting, Kyla expressing her deep gratitude and surprise to Clark for getting him out of jail. Joseph thanks him as well, although somewhat upset that it was Luthor money that got him out. He then asks Clark why he is doing all of that, Clark telling him that itís for a good cause, but not before giving Kyla a smile. Clark then turns to see Martha walking towards them to express her apologies to Joseph for getting caught up in the murder investigation, Joseph, somewhat resentfully saying he wasnít caught up, he was set up. Him and Kyla then leave, Kyla giving Clark one last longing glance before heading out the door.

Over at the Torch, Chloe is working when Clark appears asking about news on Josephís case. After establishing that heís a little obsessed, she explains that the coroner found teeth marks in the victimís bones, belonging to a wolf making Joseph not guilty, although on the stranger side of things extremely peculiar considering wolfs had been extinct in Smallville for years. She then goes on to say that Kylaís tribe name translates into skinwalkers; a Native American myth where humans transform into animals, which is, as Clark like to put it, Chloeís wall of weird explanation for it.

Over at Luthor Corp, Martha is walking towards her car, of course when it happens to be nighttime, when she hears some strange noises. She begins walking a little faster, getting into the car, in a somewhat nervous manner. Sheís fumbling to get the keys in the ignition, when a white wolf jumps on the hood of her car, growling profusely and causing her to drop her keys on the ground. Trembling and seemingly terrorized, she somehow manages to get the keys in the ignition, however when she looks up, the dog is gone.

Clark returns home to find his dad in the kitchen doing paper work, telling him that Kyla called for him twice and saying how serious the two of them seem to be getting. Clark tells him that he loves that he be himself with her and that he believes they are destined to be together. Noticing that somethingís bothering him, Jonathan asks him to take a seat and tell him whatís wrong. Clark, doing as he says explains that he doesnít believe that Kyla is being completely honest with him and that he thinks you has more knowledge on the Formanís death than sheís letting on. At that moment Martha appears looking rather distraught, explaining that a wolf tried to attack her.

Over at the Luthor manner, Lex is on his laptop when his father arrives asking him why he bailed a man who allegedly killed his Forman, out of jail, Lex asking him calmly why he is so afraid of an old man. It seems that Lionelís concern is giving the protesters something against him. Lex, against Lionelís hopes, tells him that he wants to take the project of his hands, saying he wants to preserve a local treasure. Lionel, knowing Lex better than that, asks him why he really wants the project. Lex, choosing not to answer this, turns and walks away.

In the barn, Clark is working on something when Kyla comes up behind him and kisses him, saying they were supposed to meet later at the Talon. Clark explains that he trusts her and that heís been really honest with her. Hesitating a moment, he asks her what she knows about Skinwalkers. She explains that the visitor from the stars brought green stones that supposedly had strange affects on the people. Clark then asks her if thereís a possibility that Joseph might be a Skinwalker. Kyla, seemingly upset by this accusation storms out in tears, but not before telling him that theyíre over.

Over at the Luthor manner, Lionel is making his way to the library, when he hears a noise. Somewhat confused by this noise, he enters his study and shuts the door. Sitting down in front of a roaring fire, he pours himself some whiskey, when he hears another noise thatís quite at first. Then, it comes again, this time louder and sounding like someone or something banging and scratching at the door. Somewhat frightened, Lionel stands up and asks whoís there. All of a sudden he hears the howling of several wolfs and he turns around to see a wolf on the stare case barking furiously at him. He tries to walk away but when he turns around the wolf is there in front of him. He stands there frozen in fear until the wolf reaches out and scratches him on the face causing him to take a step backwards, screaming. He drops his walking stick and falls backwards onto the couch, seemingly unaware of what to do. Clark comes running into the room calling out to Joseph telling him to stop. The wolf and him stare at each other, Clark seeming to notice something peculiar about said wolf. All of a sudden the police come barging in behind him with guns causing the wolf to run and jump out the window, yelping when he does. Clark runs to the window and notices some blood on the broken glass.

Running through woods, Clark is calling out to Joseph, when he comes to the wolf, lying on the ground with a huge cut on his stomach and not looking to well. All of a sudden the wolf turns into not Joseph but none other then Kyla. Clark, seemingly bemused, rushes towards her taking of his coat and then wraps it around her. He asks her why she didnít tell him it was her, her telling him with what seems to be the little strength she has left, that she saw the look in his eye when he thought it was her grandfather. She then tells him that she knew she could trust him. He tries to take her to the hospital but she just tells him to stay there with her. She then tells him that sheís sorry, and with that she closes her eyes. Crying, Clark pulls her head into his chest, trying to make her wake up.

A black truck pulls up at the construction site and Martha gets out, helping Lionel out as she does. The construction workers tell them that they shut down due to some kid, who just so happens to be Clark, whoís in the way. Lionel tells Martha that she was supposed to talk to Clark about this, and Martha, handing his arm to another man standing next to them, tells him that she agrees with Clark. Lionel then asks her if sheís willing to loose her job over this, Martha replying rather simply, that itís up to him before joining her son. All of a sudden a bunch of cars appear, and Clark goes over to greet them. Joseph then thanks him and tells him that Kyla was right to believe in him. Clark, seemingly upset, tells him that he didnít save her, Joseph telling him that he did what he could before pulling out the bracelet Kyla had once owned and telling him that itís for the true women in his life, no matter his destiny. Lex arrives and walks over to Lionel telling him that the State has decided to buy him out for the land. Lionel then walks away, but not before whispering to Lex that he will find whatever the valuable thing is that he has found in the caves.
Down in the caves, Lex is walking along with a flashlight and stops at the octagonal shape in the wall. He then pulls out a handkerchief and uses it to wipe away some dust on the wall.

In the barn, Clark is looking out the window, when he turns around to see Lana there. She expresses her remorse for Kyla, Clark telling her that he wishes she had had a chance to get to know her better. They both turn to face the window and Clark tells her about the star that Kyla had told him about. Lana tells him, with tears dwelling up in her eyes, that itís amazing how quickly a light can go out. Clark, taking a step closer to her notices that sheís shaking and asks her if sheís okay. She tells him that she isnít and that it hasnít sunk in yet. Her turns her towards him, and Lana who is know in full blown tears, tells him that Whitneyís mother had just called her saying that heís missing in action. Clark pulls her into to him, stroking her head as she cries.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


More Smallville/Roswell similarities: Roswell also had an episode in which the "hero" encountered a Native American who revealed cave drawings to him, drawings that could reveal the truth about his past. There was also a "Dead Zone" episode on the same theme as well.

"Miller's Bend": Possible in-joke reference to Frank Miller, famed comic book artist who did "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Returns" for DC Comics and features an older, darker version of Superman.

On the WB repeat airing of this episode on 3/25/03, the network ran an exclusive extended X-Men 2 promo. The ad featured Iceman/Bobby Drake heavily - he's played by Shawn Ashmore, who appeared in the Smallville episode "Leech".

In the scene where Clark and Kyla go stargazing in his loft, she points out a star which is now missing. Possible reference to Clark's home planet Krypton, which blew up while he was a baby.

In one of Lex Luthor's last scenes where he's talking with Lionel they show his sunglasses on and then from the side they're off.

Whitney has been in the Marine Corps for six months or so. Already he is MIA. Although it's a bit tight, they could have shipped him off in a minimum of four months - the rushed training might be while he's MIA.

When Clark bursts into the Luthor mansion, he sees Lionel on the ground and the white wolf standing over him. He very clearly says, "Joseph - no, don't!" and Lionel turns his head. Lionel never gives this piece of evidence to the police apparently, because we see Joseph later on, free as a bird. From Clark's comment wouldn't Lionel think Joseph was present, possibly siccing an attack wolf on him?

Lionel specifically commends Lex on the employee buyout Lex engineered of the fertilizer plant. That was late last season - in "Tempest". Why is Lionel mentioning it now, and why only the buyout? (this episode may have been filmed earlier in the season).

Kyla says she didn't want to hurt the foreman and Clark's mom, but Kyla in wolf form mauls the foreman pretty badly ("teeth marks in the foreman's bone," according to the report Chloe mentions later). Does Kyla not think entirely rationally when she's in wolf form?

How come Clark wasn't concerned at all with the cave painting saying that someone like a brother to him will turn and become his enemy? Even if he didn't think of Lex, he could've thought of Pete. He was too wrapped up with Kyla being his soulmate to even think about the other painting!!

The report Chloe mentions says the foreman was badly mauled ("teeth marks in the foreman's bone"). From what we see on screen, the foreman gets scratched on the face and the wolf's mouth almost touches him a couple of times but there's no indication that he's badly hurt and his clothes are pretty much intact.

When Lionel pours himself a drink before the wolf attacks him, it looks like he doesn't use his finger to determine how much he's pouring - this is the same thing that Lucas catches him out on in "Prodigal", but Lionel's pretty clearly still blind in this episode.

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