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First aired October 8, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

After one of Clark's (Tom Welling) friends discover the spaceship in the cornfield, Clark goes against his parents' (John Schneider, Annette O'Toole) wishes and reveals his secret, but is shocked when the reaction he gets makes him question his friend's loyalty.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Sam Jones III, Allison Mack and John Glover also star. Steve Miner directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) calls Doctor Hamilton (Joe Morton) to the mansion to tell him that he's hearing that Cadmus Lab employees are unhappy with Hamilton and his people management skills. In fact, Cadmus is being threatened with lawsuits for mismanagement. We see that Hamilton is ill, sweating and with uncontrollable spasms in his left arm. Lex wants Hamilton to go see a doctor and that their business relationship is over. Hamilton tells Lex that he needs Hamilton more than he knows and is too blind to see it.
Ray Wallace (Andrew Jackson) is driving his truck at night and is a little distracted. Coming in the opposite direction is Hamilton, extremely agitated, with shakes in his left arm and looking for his pills. The pills drop on the floor, and Hamilton starts searching for them and completely forgets to look at the road. Ray realizes at the last minute what is about to happen. He tries to sway away from Hamilton, but is propelled off the road and into the field. Hamilton hit the brakes, and witnesses Ray's crash. Petrified, he drives away, just as Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) approaches the scene of the accident. Pete goes into the field to search for Ray, who is stuck in his truck. When Pete gets there, he finds Ray starring intensely at something in front of him: the spaceship is lying in the field.
The following day, Pete picks Clark Kent (Tom Welling) up to show him the ship in the field. Pete lied to the sheriff the night before about the location of the accident to buy himself time to come back and take the ship. Clark and Pete argue over whose home the ship should be hidden in.
Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor (John Glover), still blind from his accident, arrives at the Luthor mansion. He claims to have been told my the doctors to go rest and take a break from therapy. He decided to come and spend some time with Lex. Lex is confused about his father's new attitude.
Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) gets sick of watching the love fest between Aunt Nell (Sarah-Jane Redmond) and her fiancé Dean (Michael Kopsa) as they sit at The Talon. Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) shows up and covers for Lana's whereabouts the previous night. Lana confesses to Chloe that she needed to get away and had told her aunt she was staying at Chloe's. In fact, she slept at The Talon. Chloe told Lana that next time, she's more than welcome to stay at the Sullivan house.
Clark convinces Pete not to tell anyone about the ship until they know more. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) proposes to steal it from Pete's. Clark wants to tell Pete, but Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) convinces him that Pete may not be ready to take responsibility for knowing so much information.
Hamilton has an insider friend at the hospital who tells him Ray's room number. Hamilton confronts Ray about the ship. Ray just tells him about Pete saving him, and then recognizes Hamilton as the driver who drove him off the road. Ray tries calling for help, but Hamilton kills him.
Clark and Jonathan go to Pete's house at night to take the ship. But the ship has gone. Pete, standing on his front porch, watches them drive away in their pickup. The next morning, Pete shows up at Clark's, upset, and tells Clark that he saw him and his father at his house the night before. Pete thinks that Clark took the ship and is very disappointed in Clark's lack of friendship. He drives off to go tell Chloe about the ship. Clark realizes that he has to tell Pete the truth. As Pete drives off, he sees Clark in his rear view mirror, and the suddenly Clark disappears and reappears in front of his moving car. Clark leans on the front of the car and stops its motion. "Pete, we need to talk", he says. Pete finds it hard to understand. He feels betrayed because he wasn't told sooner. He feels hurt that Clark didn't trust him with such important information about his identity.
Dr. Hamilton is the one who stole the ship. In his lab, he is looking at it, and realizes that the octagonal disk fits into it. He rushes over to the Luthor mansion and demands Lex give him the disk. Lex doesn't have it, he tries to explain to Hamilton that it must have blown away during the storm. Hamilton runs out of Lex's office and runs into Lionel on his way out. Lionel is interested in what Hamilton has to say, and wants to see the ship. He may consider funding Hamilton's research.
Pete yells at Clark in school, telling him that he lied about everything, all their lives. Chloe shows up and wants an interview with Pete about how he saved Ray. She says Ray talked about a ship, can Pete confirm this? Pete says yes, that there is a ship and that Clark is an alien. Chloe thinks he's joking, and Clark is relieved that she did not take Pete seriously.
Lex tells Clark about Lionel and how he doesn't trust his intentions. Clark suggests he gives Lionel a second chance. Lex says that once someone deceives him, he finds it hard to give them a second chance. He also tells Clark about not being able to find the octagonal key. Lionel touches the ship but is skeptical that this is actual a real ship. Hamilton makes him feel the slot for the key. Lionel tells him to find the key and that he will then fund his research.
Lana tells Clark she and Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) broke up after she told him how she felt. Clark tells her that he fought with Pete, but won't tell her what about. She complains that he has too many secrets, and that hiding the truth only keeps people apart. That makes Lana decide that she will tell Nell how she feels about Dean.
Pete finds Hamilton in the Ross barn, looking for the key. Pete nearly slips up about knowing who the ship belongs to. Hamilton wants to know, but Pete won't say, so Hamilton knocks Pete out. Clark tells his parents that he told Pete the truth. They get a call from Pete's mom, Pete is missing.
Lana and Nell have a heart to heart. Dean has asked Nell to marry him, and she said yes. Nell wants all three of them to spend more time together. This upsets Lana.
Pete is being held captive by Hamilton at Cadmus Labs. Hamilton's hand is out of control. The doctor tells Pete he's dying and he has something to prove before he dies.
Lex confronts Lionel, telling him that he knows that the doctors have no knowledge of Lionel's whereabouts. He finds Lionel doing research on meteor rocks. Lex also tells his father that he is surprised that only his eyesight is still gone, every other injury of Lionel's is improving quickly. Lionel responds by explaining that he was tired of being treated like an object by all the doctors. Lex inquires about his newfound relationship with Dr. Hamilton. He tells Lionel that Hamilton is sick and deranged. "Never underestimate the value of eccentrics and lunatics, Lex, every Arthur needs his Merlin", says Lionel. Lionel tells his son that he shouldn't have terminated Hamilton's contract. He realizes that Lex doesn't know that Hamilton has the ship in Cadmus Labs.
Chloe finds out that Hamilton visited Ray before he died, and that since Pete saved Ray, Hamilton must be holding Pete. Hamilton wants to inject Pete with meteor juice. He explains that his own spasms are from prolonged exposure to the rocks. Although scared, Pete is brave enough to rather die than reveal what he knows. Clark arrives in time, but is weakened by the presence of meteors. Pete in turn saves Clark, while Hamilton, in a final superspeed spasm, dies of over-exposure to the rocks.
Pete apologizes for not understanding Clark's dilemma. He's impressed that Clark still tried to save Hamilton even though Hamilton was trying to uncover his secret. Jonathan gives Pete a pet talk about the huge responsibility of knowing this secret. Clark says that it's his father's way of saying "welcome to the family". Clark is happy he now has his bestfriend to watch his back. They take the ship back to the Kent barn.
Lex and Lionel show up at Cadmus Labs, but the ship is gone. Lionel still wants to stay back in Smallville, he says it is to spend more time with Lex, but that's doubtful.
In a final scene, Pete and Clark are shooting hoops at the Kent Farm. Pete asks, "What about this x-ray deal? You're telling me, never once have you looked in a girl's locker room?".
Clark: "Well, maybe once".
Pete: "That's my boy".

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Presumably the last episode to feature Joe Morton as Dr. Hamilton (but see below).

Hamilton seemed to be suffering from the same kryptonite-induced disease that affected Earl Jenkins in the episode "Jitters".

Rating: 6.5/9

Once again Clark is out using his powers where anyone could see him (and Pete almost does).
Clark was talking to Chloe as they were walking to Smallville High's front entrance and then Clark superspeed away when he figured out that Dr. Hamilton might have kidnapped Pete. Wasn't he thinking before he did this? I mean it was broad daylight and dozens of his schoolmates were outside nearby. Don't ya think they would have noticed him zipping away, or at least noticed him being there, then suddenly disappearing? (editor's note: several other contributors such as Undeclared noticed this as well - the novel "Strange Visitors" also has Clark doing this in a classroom. The impression there seems to be that unless someone is looking directly at Clark when he starts or stops, he pretty much moves so fast as to be invisible. Besides, these are self-centered 21st century high-school students. :)

When did the Kents get a new truck? The last one was destroyed last year in "Tempest" - how much money do they have? (some contributors thought insurance, but that implies an insurance investigation, which would turn up the explosives, and who started the ignition to activate the explosives and how they survived, and raises some issues the Kents wouldn't want to go into. Note later, in 'Ryan', they are very reluctant to draw official scrutiny.)

It's unlikely that the spaceship would have been left out in a farmer's crop field untouched for an entire summer.

Chloe shows Clark the hospital visitor log because it shows that Ray Wallace was visited by Dr. Hamilton. Considering Hamilton's sneaky motives and the fact that he bribed his way into Ray's room why would he be dumb enough to let himself be put on a hospital visitor log. (some contributors thought he may not have had a choice)

Pete needed Clark's help to move the ship. And yet somehow Dr. Hamilton moves the ship from Pete's place to his. He's probably stronger, but his jittering left hand seems to make it very difficult to do coordinated physical activity or operate machinery. So how did he move the ship by himself? (some thought that Hamilton might have had boosted strength like Jenkins did. And later in "Lineage" we see that Jonathan could move the ship by himself. So it's remotely possible, but still doesn't seem like Hamilton had much control.)

When Dr. Hamilton "dies" Pete goes up to him to help and comes back to Clark saying "He's dead. Let's go." How does Pete know he's dead just by looking? (some contributors thought that he was just telling Clark that to get them out of there.)

When the Luthors went to Hamilton's barn to see the ship, we the audience see that Hamilton's body isn't is he really dead? (editor's note: or did Clark and Pete ditch the body somewhere...?) (some contributors such as c_jones thought Lex might have disposed of the body, or that it vibrated itself out of existence (?), or simply that he wasn't not quite dead yet and fled for a future appearance)
When Dr. Hamilton gets pushed into the table, the bottle of green meteor fluid get thrown off it. Yet the next bit shows the bottle still on the table and dripping onto Hamilton's forehead.

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