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Tempest - Season One Finale

Lex and Lionel in "Tempest"

First aired May 21, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

As a massive tornado rumbles towards an unsuspecting Smallville, Clark (Tom Welling) is on the verge of discovering the first connection to where he came from when the missing piece of the spaceship is found and breathes life into the fallen craft. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) is hit with a one-two punch after his father (guest star John Glover, "Batman & Robin") closes the plant and orders him back to Metropolis and the shifty reporter he hired to spy on the Kents discovers Clark's superhuman abilities and the spaceship hidden in the storm cellar. Rock band Remy Zero performs the "Smallville" theme song, their hit single "Save Me," in the episode at the high school formal.

Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Greg Beeman directed the episode with story written by Philip Levens and teleplay by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) is waiting for his father's helicopter to land at the site where Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is scheduled to make a press conference to the employees of LuthorCorp's Smallville Plant No3. As they walk up to the platform, Lex tells his father he should be happy that the plant has made a profit for the first time in two years. He asks his father what he is planning on saying to the employees of the firm, and Lionel reassures his son that it will just be one of usual motivation speeches. Seconds later, Lionel stands to the microphone and, in a very short speech, congratulates the employees on the profit, but tells them that the management - meaning Lex - has failed and that therefore the plant has to close. Lex and all the employees are stunned by his comments. Lionel runs back to the chopper, while Lex confronts him and realizes that Lionel did that to take away from Lex whatever was holding him in Smallville. He claims that Smallville was just a training ground for Lex, and that it his time he takes his place by his father in Metropolis.
While Clark Kent (Tom Welling), Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) discuss Spring Formal attire, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) shows up concerned for her father, Gabe Sullivan (Robert Wisden), who manages Plant No3.
When Clark gets home, his parents are reading the special edition paper announcing the plant's closure, and are also very upset, as they realize that the whole town will suffer from the closing of its biggest employer. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) blames Lex's management and the problems between Lionel and Lex. Clark tries to defend Lex, saying that Lex really cares for the town, and Jonathan replies, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions".
Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) plans a surprise picnic for Lana to thank her for all her support during the past year. Unfortunately, he also tells her that he has enrolled into the Marines and is shipping out Saturday, the day of the Spring Formal. He tells her that finding his father's medals made him feel that his father was sending him a message. He asks her if she would wait for him while he was away, she hesitates.
Clark visits Lex to see how he is holding up. He sees the metal key found by Dr. Hamilton (Joe Morton) in the field (see episode "Obscura"). He picks it up and admires it as a paperweight. Lex tells Clark that he may have a plan to get back at his father. He is touched by Clark's visit and concern.
Chloe tells Clark that her dad probably wants them to move back to Metropolis. She feels like everything is changing and says that the only good thing is Saturday's dance. She asks him to promise to show her a good time.
Lex calls some of the plant's managers, including Gabe, to the mansion and explains his plan. He wants to raise capital for an employee-lead buyout to keep the plant running. He will raise 90% and suggests their mortgage their houses to raise the remaining capital, which would make them minority owners of the plant. He says he will be able to convince a couple of board members to accept the buyout, and that his father can't do anything about it, because this plan does not require a unanimous decision by the board.
Lana and Clark share their disappointment at the thought of seeing Whitney and Chloe leave.
Clark is home using his superstrength to make a fence. He then goes to the truck, turns the key and the truck blows up. He comes out of the truck, shocked by unharmed. We see that the reporter, Roger Nixon (Tom O'Brien) is watching and filming everything, and is also holding a detonator that made the truck explode. Back at the house, Jonathan apologizes to Clark for not having checked the truck, he believes it was a leaky fuel line.
Lex tells Lionel about his plan, but Lionel shows his son proof that he has just bought out the Smallville Savings and Loans, which means that Lionel owns all the employees' mortgages. If they miss payments, he will foreclose on them, making them homeless and it would be Lex's fault. Lionel did this to prove to his son that it is not that easy to play in the big league with Lionel Luthor.
Chloe and Clark discuss Whitney leaving and him wanting Lana to wait for him. Chloe feels that a long-distance relationship cannot work, she even feels that if she leaves for Metropolis, Clark will quickly forget about her. She admits that her worst fear is that, as soon as Whitney has left, Clark will profess his undying love to Lana and leave her alone at the dance. He reassures her and kisses her.
Nixon questions Clark at The Talon and the truck. Clark denies being anywhere near the truck. At that moment, Lex shows up, and pretends that he does not know Nixon. As Nixon leaves, Lex tells Clark to let him know if Nixon asks too many questions.
Clark gets home and tells his parents about his encounter with Nixon. He thinks the truck incident was Nixon's set up. He also tells them that he saw the key in Lex's office and that it is the missing piece of the ship. Jonathan tells him to continue as normal, and not to use his powers. Nixon is recording it all.
Nixon visits Lex at the mansion, but Lex is upset that he is making inquiries about the Kents. Nixon tells Lex that he has made amazing discoveries, and he will show him the evidence tonight.
As Clark is getting ready for the dance, Lex visits him and asks him if he's hiding something. He reminds Clark that they have a special friendship, he says: "Any relationship founded on lies is destined to fail. It's a good thing we don't have that problem." and Clark responds, "Lucky us". Lex warms Clark that things may be getting ugly and to look out for himself.
Whitney and Lana go check out the gym an hour before the dance. The gym looks amazing, and they share a dance together, alone in the gym. Whitney apologizes for not having told her earlier that he was joining the Marines.
Chloe picks Clark up, while Nixon is watching them. He is holding the metal key to the ship. The wind starts to really blow, a storm is coming. Clark and Chloe meet Lana and Whitney who are just leaving to go to the bus stop. Whitney asks to speak to Clark. He apologizes for all the things he's done to Clark in the past year. He also asks Clark to look after Lana until he comes back, which puts Clark in a difficult situation, but he promises to.
Lana and Whitney say goodbye at the bus stop. She gives him her meteor necklace for good luck. He promises to always love her. Meanwhile, Nixon visits the storm cellar at the Kent Farm, and uncovers the ship. He films it all.
At the dance, Remy Zero perform Smallville's theme song. Chloe is having a great time. Then Remy Zero perform Chloe's favorite song, requested by Clark, and they dance together. Meanwhile, Lana is driving back, crying. The storm gets really bad, and a mailbox, carried by the storm, falls on her truck. The truck crashes into the ditch. She gets out and sees three twisters coming towards her. So runs back into the truck for protection.
The storm is getting so bad that Jonathan and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) run to the storm cellar for protection. The find it open. Nixon is inside, he gets the key out, and it floats automatically towards the ship and anchors itself into the slot. Jonathan and Martha find him there, and Nixon threatens to expose Clark. He runs out of the cellar with the camera. Martha is left alone in the cellar, as the ship raises itself off the ground, lights up and opens up.
At the dance, Clark and Chloe are dancing and she is so happy because he is still there and making her night memorable. They are about to kiss, when a professor takes the microphone to announce that there is a tornado warning and that three funnels have been spotted south of town. Clark realizes that that is where the bus stop is located and worries about Lana. Chloe reassures him by reaching for her cell to call Lana. She turns around and Clark is gone.
Meanwhile, Lex is in his office and realizes the ship key is missing. He begins searching for it everywhere as Lionel enters. He is impressed that Lex used his mother's stock to fund the buyout. He warns Lex that it is no use and it is suicide, Lex sees it as forging a new destiny. They argue and are about to fight when the storm approaches the mansion and shatters the windows. A beam falls onto Lionel and injures Lex in the eye. Lex struggles to get up, Lionel is calling for help. Lex approaches his father and stands there, considering whether or not to help him.
The three twisters turn into one huge tornado as they approach Lana's truck. Clark runs to her and arrives in time to see Lana calling for him as her truck gets lifted into the tornado...

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


This is the last episode Eric Johnson (Whitney Fordman) is listed as an official cast member in, although he does appear in "Visage", a second season episode.

Rock band Remy Zero performs the "Smallville" theme song, their hit single "Save Me," in the episode at the high school formal.

Just as Ryan predicted in "Stray", Chloe wears a pink dress to the dance.

In the earlier episode "Stray" the local newspaper ran a headline saying that the LexCorp plant posted a profit. In this episode Lionel shows up and says he's closing the plant because it isn't making a profit. Granted, Lionel is presumably lying about the profit-thing to get Lex back, but no one in Smallville seems to notice the discrepancy. And what do the shareholders and the board of LexCorp think of Lionel closing off a plant that has publicly announced a profit?

In this episode, Lex says the plant is turning a profit "for the first time in two years." Again, the headline in "Stray" said the plant was showing a profit then. Is this just a delayed reaction or what? How much time separates that episode and this one?

When Lex meets with the employees to engineer the buyout, he says some people thought he was promoted over better people and he got the job because of nepotism, but that it all really isn't true. Umm, it is true, isn't he? Granted it was Lionel, not Lex, that promoted him because of nepotism. Still lying to these guys doesn't seem like a good idea to convince them he's sincere.

Nobody in the Kent household seems too concerned that they just lost their truck to an explosion. How many do they have?

Doesn't Lex have any security? Lionel just comes strolling in without any warning, and later Nixon just wanders in and steals the spaceship key.

Does anyone believe every single person, not only the committee but the teachers and chaperones, would leave the decorated gymnasium completely empty an hour before the dance begins?

In this episode Clark's clothing are pretty much burned and destroyed by the truck explosion - which contradicts several previous and subsequent episodes where Clark's clothing heat up a little bit but don't get damaged (presumably because his invulnerability extends to them).

When Lionel Luthor is getting out of the helicopter, you can notice the bridge in the background. This bridge is the Alex-Frasier Bridge in Canada near Vancouver.

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