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Lana in explosion in "Obscura"

First aired March 14, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) race against time to find a kidnapped Chloe (Allison Mack) after a kryptonite explosion gives Lana the ability to "see" through the kidnapper's eyes and she watches Chloe being buried alive. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) discovers evidence that a spaceship landed in Smallville during the meteor shower.

Sam Jones III, Eric Johnson, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Terrance O'Hara directed the episode with story written by Greg Walker and teleplay by Michael Green & Mark Verheiden.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Freak of the Week: Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) are horseback riding through the fields. They spot a fire in the distance and call the cops, it is a gas main fire. Although the police and firemen try to control it, they hear the gas main shaking and realize it is about to explode. Lana doesn't get far enough and is hit  by a shower of green rocks.
Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) leaves for Metropolis, where she has an interview with the Daily Planet for a possible internship over the summer. She will be staying with her cousin who is a journalist and lives in Metropolis.
Lana is lying in her hospital bed, and sees visions of Chloe getting attacked and chloroformed as she is getting into her car. She tells Clark Kent (Tom Welling) about her "dream". Clark realizes he hasn't heard from Chloe since she left. He thinks that the details of Lana's dream are too real (they include an exact description of what Chloe was wearing as she left for Metropolis), and that it may not have actually been a dream. The following day, at The Talon, Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) lets Clark know that he has not heard from Chloe yet either, which is strange, she would usually have called to confirm she had arrived in Metropolis. At that moment, Lana has another vision of Chloe, this time, Chloe is tied up in a storage room, with teddy bears all around the room. Lana tells Clark again.
Chloe is indeed locked up in a storage room, and is trying to free herself. As she runs away, she is caught by a man in a mask, who stabs her with a kryptonite-loaded syringe. She passes out. Lana tells her story to Gabe Sullivan (Robert Wisden), Deputy Gary Watts (Darrin Klimek) and Deputy Birdego (Aaron Douglas). She realizes that she is seeing through Chloe's abductor's eyes. Both deputies do not seem to be buying her story. Gabe tries calling his niece in Metropolis but only gets her voicemail. He then gets a call, Chloe's car has been found abandoned in the woods.
A search party is organized. Clark and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) were on the search party but did not find anything.
Lana gets a third vision of Chloe, this time Chloe is being buried alive. She sees the location as close to a windmill. Clark runs to the field, and uses all his powers to save Chloe: superspeed to run to the field, x-ray vision to locate her coffin buried under ground and superstrength to pulls her out.
Chloe is in hospital, traumatized by what happened, and Clark stays with her even after Pete and Lana have left. As Lana is walking out of the hospital, she gets another vision through the aggressor's eyes, and sees that he is looking at her walk away, and realizes he must be right behind her. But as she turns around, no one is there.
Chloe, Clark and Whitney meet at in the Torch office and start figuring things out. The site of the gas explosion, where it all started, had meteor rocks. They find an article that explains that during World War II, after certain shocks such as bombs, two people would find themselves psychically linked. Whitney explains that, after the explosion, he and both the deputies ran to Lana. They realize that both deputies were also the ones questioning Lana.
Deputy Birdego visits Lana at The Talon, and apologizes for not believing her. She accepts, and, as she turns to make him a cup of coffee, she sees through the aggressor's eyes, he is walking into The Talon, and walks up to the Deputy and knocks him out. She turns around, and sees the man in the mask and screams.
Clark, Whitney and Chloe arrive at The Talon and question Deputy Birdego. Clark inquires about Deputy Watts, and Birdego explains that Watts works a second job as a security guard at the carnival ground, which is closed at this time of year. Clark realizes that it must have been where Chloe was help captive, since Lana mentioned seeing stuffed animals and train tracks in her vision.
Deputy Watts is holding Lana captive at the carnival ground. He explains that he only kidnapped Chloe in order to take credit for saving her. He wants to be the best cop Smallville has ever known. Now, he plans on killing Lana and solving her murder. Clark arrives in time. He fights with Watts, who shoots him and gets freaked out as the bullets have no effect on Clark. Clark knocks him out and runs away. Lana, who is still inside, trying to untie her restraints, sees a final vision, as the cops surround Watts, he goes to shoot at them, and they kill him.

Character Development: Lex comes to visit the Kents to offer compensation for the loss of their cattle (see episode "Zero"). When Martha Kent (Annett O'Toole) opens the check, she feels that the amount is too generous. Lex says that the amount is the exact cost of the damages, and that he would never insult the Kents by giving them more. Lex extends his hand, Jonathan shakes it.
Roger Nixon (Tom O'Brien) shows up at the Luthor manor, he is upset that Kerri Castle (see episode "Drone") was granted an interview with Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). He threatens to investigate the Kents. Lex states that the Kents are off limits, but Roger claims to have a witness, who claims that something fell out of the sky on the night of the meteor shower. Roger wants money for the funding of his inquiries. Curiosity gets the better of Lex.
Jonathan explains to Clark that he is not sure if he wants to deposit Lex's check, he has a strange gut feeling.
Lex later visits Roger's witness, Mr. Cole. Cole is a cropduster who got his license pulled by FAA after the meteor shower. Lex understands that he is requesting money, and pays him to hear his story. Cole says that he saw a ship crash, the night of the shower, and he knew it wasn't just rocks, because the ship wasn't falling in a straight line, it was landing. A couple of hours later, the ship was gone, he states. Lex does not buy Cole's story.
Jonathan and Clark come across a field where Lex has men in radiation suits testing the soil. He explains to Jonathan that LuthorCorp may be buying the land but he wants to check for meteor rocks first. Jonathan gets upset, saying that what is good for LuthorCorp is not always good for the town. He returns the check to Lex. Jonathan explains to Clark that it is where Clark's ship fell and that he is worried they will trace it back to Clark. They drive away. Lex walks back to one of the men in the field, Dr. Steven Hamilton (Joe Morton) who shows him a octagonal piece of metal found in the field.
Lex and Clark talk later, and Lex realizes that Clark does not buy his story about the field either. Lex explains that the day of the shower changed his whole life and he wants to understand everything, and just can't let go. He tells Clark about Mr. Cole. Clark tries to convince Lex to give it up, but Lex just wants to understand the past.
Later, Dr. Hamilton has the metal analyzed, and informs Lex that there is nothing like this alloy on this earth. We see that the strangely shaped piece of metal is the same shape as a whole in Clark's ship, it looks like a key.
While Clark and Jonathan are searching for Chloe, Clark remembers how she transferred in the 8th grade, and when he invited her to the farm, she kissed him, saying that they should get it out of the way and be friends.
The Spring Formal is coming up, and Pete is excited that he is going with Erica Fox, one of the most beautiful girls in school. Eric asks Lana who accepts. Clark does not want to ask Chloe, as he is hoping that things can still work out with Lana. Martha encourages Clark to close that door, and, after Chloe's ordeal, Clark works up the courage to ask Chloe to the Spring Formal. She accepts. He apologizes for having waited so long to ask her. She smiles and tells him it was worth the wait.
Whitney talks to Lana about slowly getting over his father's death. He shows her his dad's medals, and explains how brave his father was in the army. He admires his father and realizes that there is more to life that just football.
When Clark is fighting Deputy Watts, Roger Nixon witnesses it all, and sees Clark unaffected by the bullets and running away.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Watts' scheme isn't really very clear. He makes it sound like he was going to solve the crime of Chloe's kidnapping. So who was he going to arrest for it? Was he planning on planting evidence on someone or what? It just doesn't seem like a very well-thought out plan, somehow.

You'd think with a gas pipe about to explode, Lana would run like hell, rather then stand there as long as she did!

Why does Clark wear work gloves when he's by himself pitching hay? Is he worried about slivers and calluses?

The flyer that Lex holds in the beginning reads, "Great rates for all jobs, nothing to large, nothing to small". Note the "to" where there should be "too".

In one of her visions, Lana sees the tall windmill, yet claims she doesn't know where it is. In the preceding episode "Nicodemus", the episode ends with Lana & Clark sitting on the platform at the top of it - it seems to be some sort of town landmark. (Two different windmills??).

Anyone else notice that the writers seem very careful to not have Chloe and everyone else actually mention her cousin's name, the one she will be staying with while interning at the Daily Planet? They just keep saying "my cousin" and "her cousin" when most people would occasionally use the name. Anyone wonder if her cousin might be...Lois Lane, future Daily Planet reporter?

Only episode to feature both Roger Nixon and Dr. Hamilton, although they did meet each other in this episode. Both were recurring characters who were hired by Lex with dreams of being known. Nixon being more slimy than Hamilton. Both later on discovered Clark's secret, but Nixon was killed and Hamilton died of kryptonite radiation poisoning ("Jitters").

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Season One: Pilot - Metamorphosis - Hothead - X-Ray - Cool - Hourglass - Craving - Jitters - Rogue - Shimmer - Hug - Leech - Kinetic - Zero - Nicodemus - Stray - Reaper - Drone - Crush - Tempest

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