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Clark and Tyler in "Reaper"

First aired April 23, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) must stop a kryptonite-infected man (guest star Reynaldo Rosales) who seeks to relieve the suffering of the elderly and sick by turning them into ashes - and Whitney's (Eric Johnson) ailing father may be his next victim. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) is furious after his father sends someone to look into LuthorCorp's financial records and this man reveals Lex's secret investigation into Clark and his family.

Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III and Annette O'Toole also star. Terrence O'Hara directed the episode written by Cameron Litvack.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Freak of the Week: Tyler Randall (Reynaldo Rosales) visits his mother in hospital. He is wearing a bracelet with a piece of meteor rock. She asks him to help her die. At first, he refuses, but finally agrees, and takes a pillow and begins suffocating her. A nurse walks in on him, and security stops him. They fight, and Tyler falls out of the window and dies.
At the morgue, the coroner begins the autopsy. He sees the bracelet on Tyler's wrist, and sees that, because of the fall, the rock has embedded itself into Tyler's skin. The coroner removes the bracelet and the rock. He goes to begin the autopsy, but Tyler wakes up, and grabs the coroner's arm. The coroner's whole body immediately turns to ash and crumbles.
Martha (Annette O'Toole) and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) are delivering flowers and vegetables to the retirement home. They meet Tyler, who is now working as a volunteer. They visit an old lady, who immediately is taken by Tyler. She tells him she likes white roses, and he promises to bring her one the following day. Clark notices that Tyler is wearing gloves while caring for the patients (direct contact would turn them to ash).
Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is worried for Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) because his father just had another heart attack, and Whitney is too upset to visit his father in the hospital. Tyler returns to the old lady that evening, and offers her a white rose. He then tells her he can help her stop the pain, and she agrees. He touches her and she turns to ash. The following day, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) reads the article and sees that the official story is that there was a fire, but neither she nor Clark believe it. Later, she finds an article on the coroner's death, and relate both deaths. They visit the old lady's room, and Clark finds the white rose and Clark begins suspecting Tyler.
The following day, Tyler goes to help Martha with her vegetable delivery, but forgets to wear his gloves. Her basket turns to ash. She is terrified, and calls for help. Hank, who works at the home comes to help her and fights with Tyler. Hank gets turned to ash. As Tyler reaches for Martha, Clark saves her, but Tyler runs away.
Lana and Whitney go visit Lana's parents' graves, and Whitney apologizes for his visiting the graves for the first time. He explains to Lana how painful it is to watch his father suffer. She understands and encourages him to go to the hospital. She spends a little more time at her parents' graves, and bumps into Tyler, who heard Whitney's problem. Tyler explains to Lana that he wants to help Whitney's father. Lana gets worried and runs to meet Clark and Chloe. Chloe has just found out that Tyler's mother actually survived, her health improved and she is back home in Smallville. After hearing Lana's story, Clark runs to the hospital.
Tyler finds Whitney in his father's room, and encourages Whitney to let him help his father. Whitney refuses, and Tyler knocks him out. He then removes his gloves, and is about to turn Mr. Fordman to ash, when Clark walks in and confronts him. He tells Tyler that his mother is still alive and resting, and then go and visit her. Tyler begins to feel guilty for the people he killed, explaining that he thought he was brought back to life to relieve the suffering of others, but it was his pain all along. He can't take the pain, joins his hands together, and turns himself to ash and crumbles.

Character Development: Lionel Luthor (John Glover) has sent Dominic Sanatori (Jason Connery) to investigate accounting irregularities in Lex Luthor's (Michael Rosenbaum) management of LuthorCorp's Smallville Plant. Lex understands that it is his father's way of spying on him, because, for once, Lex is actually doing well. Dominic finds out that Lex has spent a lot of money investigating the Kents, especially the car accident, where Clark saves Lex when his Porsche went over the bridge.
Dominic questions Jonathan Kent (John Schneider), who was unaware that Lex has been investigating them. He confronts Lex, who apologizes and explains that it is only envy that makes him curious, and that he has no evil intentions. He explains to Jonathan how much he cares for Clark. Jonathan confronts Clark, who admits that he knew about the investigation, but that Lex has put it in the past.
Clark admits to his mother that he no longer looks forward to his annual fishing trips with his father. Lex offers Clark two tickets to the Metropolis Shark's football game as an alternative bonding activity with his father. When Clark suggests to Jonathan that they go watch a game instead, Jonathan realizes that the tickets have been offered by Lex and refuses. Both matters infuriate Jonathan, and for a few days, father and son do not speak.
Later, Lex drugs Dominic and puts him into the boot of his car. He meets his father in Metropolis and returns Dominic to Lionel. Father and son have a heated discussing, where Lex explains that he understands that his father is worried that Lex is making it on his own and won't need Lionel anymore. Lionel responds that Lex is his son and will always need him. When he sees Dominic in Lex's car, he congratulates his son.
Lex explains to Clark that Jonathan is only acting this way because he cares and loves his son, and setting limitations. Lex admires that and wishes he could have that relationship with his own father. Lex encourages Clark to go fishing with Jonathan.
Lex organizes for Whitney to play with the Sharks. Mr. and Mrs. Fordman watch on. Jonathan asks Lex why he chose to investigate the crash, and Lex explains that that day was a miracle for him. Jonathan explains to Lex that it is not necessary to get an explanation for everything. Lex promises that his investigation is completely closed. A level of respect has been established between Lex and Jonathan.
Jonathan explains to Clark that there were many things he wishes he had told his own father before he died, and that he doesn't want history to repeat itself. Clark agrees and the two make up.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Lex, while talking to Dominic, describes his 10th birthday gift: a copy of "The Will to Power" or some such book. He quotes a line "Behold the Superman..." Foreshadowing?

Clark recognizes his mom's skeleton?? The second he sees her and Tyler in the garage with his x-ray vision, he calls out her name specifically.

When Tyler touches the lady in the the nursing home her clothes also dissolve into ash, yet when he wears the gloves (to prevent his "gift" from working) they don't turn to ash.

The scene where Clark and his father are having an argument over the fishing trip, there is a sign hanging on the wall above a door in the background. It's a red sign that says "Horses Boarded" and beneath that "______85 cents" and "_____75 cents" (____ being something difficult to make out). So why haven't we seen it before and why do the Kents have it?

After Tyler almost kills Martha Kent, Lana says that Tyler "seemed nice". At that point in the episode she's never met him as far as we ever find out.

Whitney says that he's never been out at the graveyard with Lana. Lana doesn't contradict him, although Tina-as-Whitney was out there with her in "X-Ray." So is the knowledge of krypto-mutants, or at least shapeshifter Tina, common knowledge? (Later, in "Visage," Lana seems skeptical at the idea of a shapeshifter.)

Chloe has pictures of Tyler's corpse from the autopsy. Ummm, when did they take them? We saw most of it, and the coroner didn't take any pictures or seem to have a camera nearby.

Chloe says that the combination of kryptonite and painkillers turned him into a walking corpse. Umm, what painkillers? Tyler died when he fell out the window: who the heck gave him painkillers?

The scene with Lex and his father meeting has two discrepancies: when Lex tells his father to open the trunk, Lionel pushes a button on the key and we hear the "unlock door" sound, not the trunk release. Granted, the car may have been locked, but who locks their car and then stands by it? Also, we never hear the "unlock trunk" sound. Finally, the other discrepancy is that Lex walks away from his car and his father at the end of the conversation. If he leaves his car behind, how does he get back to Smallville?

When Tyler goes in to see Mrs Sykes (when he gives her the white rose), he touches Pepper first (as denoted by the yelps, and the findings of Pepper ash later by Clark). In order to turn Pepper to ash, Tyler would have had to take his glove off, yet when he walks over to Mrs Sykes, he has both gloves on, and takes one off again to touch her. He could have put the glove back on but why bother if he knew he was going to be touching Mrs Sykes?

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