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Clark in "Zero"

First aired March 12, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) faces the consequences of his shady dealings in Metropolis years ago when an old enemy comes to Smallville intent on destroying his life, ultimately putting Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) in harm's way. Meanwhile, Clark has his hands full as he tries not only to protect Lex from the past, but also keep Chloe (Allison Mack) out of his after she discovers a mystery surrounding his adoption.

Sam Jones III, Eric Johnson, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Michael Katleman directed the episode; story written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, teleplay by Mark Verheiden.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

A fascinating episode dwelling into Lex Luthor's past and a first look at his emotional range. Three years ago, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) was living in metropolis. He takes his friend Amanda Rothman (Judy Tylor) out, at the request of her fiancé Jude Royce (Corin Nemec), who claims to be out of town. But, Lex purposely takes her to Club Zero, where he knows that Jude will be, flirting with other women. Lex gets access to the VIP lounge, thanks to a $100 slipped to Max Kassage, bouncer and friend (when we see Max's hand receiving the $100, we see he wears a ring with a "K"). Amanda confronts her fiancé and then storms off. Jude gets angry at Lex for setting him up, follows them through the club, grabs Lex and tries to stab him, hitting him in the shoulder. We then see Max Kassage coming to Lex's defense, drawing a gun and shooting Jude dead.
Back to present-day Smallville, and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is getting ready for The Talon's grand opening. She is dealing with a contractor who explain to her that they have a leak. At that point, Jude walks into The Talon, wanting to apply for the Assistant Manager position. He fills in an application confirming his name, while warning Lana to stay away from Lex, since everything he is involved in always turns out badly. Outside The Talon, we see that Lex has also been called in due to the leak. As he parks his Porsche, Max Kassage shows up, freaked out, saying he has seen Jude, who keeps telling him he wants the truth. Lex assures him not to worry, that they both know it cannot be Jude. Lex gives Max a key to his Metropolis apartment and tells him he will be safe there. As Max walks away, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) comes up to Lex, and they both enter The Talon, where Lana shows Lex Jude's application and tells him about Jude's warning to her. Application in hand, Lex runs out of The Talon, doesn't see Jude anywhere, gets into his car. The stereo has been rigged to play really loud music. Lex manages to eventually find the hidden CD player, but not after attracting Clark and a huge crowd's attention.
Later that evening, Clark meets Lana as she is closing The Talon, and Lex pulls up, telling them he got a call from the contractor with an estimate on the leak. The three of them re-enter The Talon. They find the contractor on the ground, he is rubbing his head, someone knocked him out. Clark finds a gift lying on the counter, with a letter addressed to Lex. The address contains a copy of Club Zero's card, and as he opens the box, he sees Max Kassage's hand (with the "K" ring). They are all freaked out and give statements to the cops when they arrive. Clark asks Lex if this could be Jude's doing, Lex explains that it would be impossible, since Jude died 3 years ago.
While Lex is venting his frustration by boxing, his Head of Security informs him that Max Kassage never made it to Lex's Metropolis apartment. He also mentions that he was unable to track down Amanda since she moved. Lex orders him to try harder and to warn her that she may be in danger. He also informs his Head of Security that he hasn't spoken to Amanda since that night, three years ago. The security guy leaves.
Now the plot thickens... As Lex continues to box, in a flashback we first see what happened one Jude was killed in the Club Zero that night. The Metropolis Police arrived on the scene, and we see Detective Sam Phelan (Cameron Dye), whom we met and who died in a few episodes ago in "Rogue". He is obviously already friends with Lex, and asks Lex to tell him what really happened. In a quick flash, we see that Lex's story to the detective is that it is Lex himself who fired the shot. Phelan assures Lex that he will get him out of this, thanks to Lionel Luthor's (John Glover) money that will be used to cover up the story. Phelan then speaks to Max Kassage, making him understand that if he agrees to take the fall, he will be well compensated by Lionel Luthor.
So, the viewer now understands that the original version we saw at the beginning of the episode is the official story released by the police, that is that, in defense of Lex, Max Kassage pulled the trigger. In fact, since we saw Max talking to Lex three years later, we can assume that he didn't do much time, if at all.
Back at the Kent Farm, it seems a disaster has happened, LuthorCorp has been spilling it's waste into the farm's field, poisoning the grass and killing all the cows... The cops are called it, Martha (Annette O'Toole) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) are shocked and distraught. Lex shows up and attempts to apologize, offering monetary compensation. He is obviously just as devastated. As Lex turns to speak to the cops, Jude appears, dressed as a cop, knocks Lex out and pushes him into the van.
We find Lex tied up, hanging upside down by a chain around his ankles, in an empty warehouse that used to be Club Zero. Jude shows up and demands to know the truth about that night. He seems to be about to shoot Lex, when someone kills Jude. It is the contractor from The Talon, who is actually Amanda's brother and who has been out for revenge for a year now. In a strange coincidence, he had run into a man looking exactly like Jude, and had hired him to make haunt Lex and make his life miserable, as well as attempting to discredit LuthorCorp. It seems Amanda committed suicide a year ago (two years after the accident at Club Zero), but according to her brother, she was never the same since that night. So the brother demands to know what really happened. Finally, in a flashback revealing a third version of that night's events, it seems that, as Max Kassage was about to shoot Jude, Jude punches him, the gun drops, and it is Amanda herself who picked the gun up and shot Jude. So, we realize that there had been three stories, the truth: which was that Amanda shot him; Lex's cover up to protect Amanda: which was that Lex himself shot Jude; and finally the official story made to the police and the press: which was that Max Kassage had shot Jude in defense of Lex.
Amanda's brother is distraught to learn the truth, and just as he tries killing Lex by pushing him over the balcony, Clark arrives, and with super-speed, pushes a couch under the falling Lex, runs up to knock out the attacker and runs back to the door in order to pretend that he has just walked in.

Throughout the episode, there was also a second plot involving Clark and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). It seems all students were given a school project to investigate another fellow student. While Lana was Clark's project, Clark was Chloe's project. Chloe, has a dedicated reporter, took her task way too seriously. As Clark was busy chasing Lana for information, Chloe first decided to interview Clark's parents, digging into Clark's early childhood. She made many inquiries about Clark's adoption, and both Jonathan and Martha were extremely vague. So, Chloe hacked into the Metropolis United Charities computer, and finds startling information, that is that the organization only existed for six months before Clark's adoption, and that Clark was the only child adopted through the charity.
Clark gets extremely upset at Chloe for digging this up. He then becomes curious and questions his father, who puts his mind at rest by explaining that things were complicated because of Clark's origins and that some lies were made, but he assures Clark that everything about the adoption is legal.
Chloe later apologizes to Clark and agrees to stick to the essentials, such as the fact that he hates peas, and that he defended Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) when they were 6 but pushing another kid through a door.
The episode ends with The Talon's grand opening, where Lex tells Clark that this should be proof of the importance he places on friendship and that Lex will always defend his friends.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Whitney appears in this episode but has no dialogue.

Cameron Dye plays Sam Phelan once again, just for the flashback. His character is actually already dead, he was killed in "Rogue".

Corin Nemec and Allison Mack had previously worked together in the '89 TV-movie "I Know My First Name is Steven".

Clark super-speeds to Metropolis, doesn't Lex wonder how he got there?

Everyone in the club saw Lex shoot Jude... How does Phelan expect to cover that up so that Lex doesn't even go to court?

It's really nice of Lex to give Max the keys to his metropolis apartment, but it would probably help if he told Max the address of the apartment!

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