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Clark hit by lightening in "Leech"

First aired February 12, 2002

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The CW's Official Description:

When Clark (Tom Welling) rescues his classmate Eric (guest star Shawn Ashmore) from harm during an electrical storm, they are both struck by lightening, resulting in all of Clark's superpowers transferring to Eric. While Eric relishes his new life as "Superboy," Clark is torn between his happiness at finally being normal and his growing concern for the town's safety as Eric starts to abuse his powers. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) believes he finally has undeniable proof of Clark's superpowers and confronts him.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Eric Johnson, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Tim Schlattmann.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Freak of the Week: One a geological trip with Science Professor Summers (Kevin McNulty), the kids are made to look for different types of rocks. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) are left with finding quartz and meteor, and Clark, with his x-ray vision quickly finds the quartz. When the gang reassembles, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is wearing her meteor necklace and Clark has to stay at a distance. Another kid, Eric Summers (Shawn Ashmore), the professor's son, has just found a two pieces of meteor rock. He offers one to Holly, whom he has a crush on, but she thanks him and refuses since she already has one. At that moment, her boyfriend and football jock Brent confronts him for hitting on his girlfriend. Eric also gets grief from his dad who is harder on his son than on other students.
When all the students meet up in the bus to return to school, Eric is missing. Clark volunteers to find him. He finds Eric on a bridge, holding the piece of meteor rock, about to jump off, listening to "Fade" by Staind on his diskman. As Clark approaches to get Eric to step back, Eric trips and starts falling over the bridge. Clark catches his arm, but is finding it extremely hard to hold on due to the meteor rock in Eric's hand. At that moment, lightening strikes, and Clark's powers get transferred to Eric.
As Clark is getting used to his lack of powers, Eric is finding his various strengths. At breakfast, he apologizes to his parents for the trip's incident, but his father is still upset. As he goes to hit his son, Eric stops his arm, which freaks both his parents out.
Later, on Smallville high street, Eric is watching his dream girl Holly with her boyfriend. At the same moment, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) and Pete are walking down the street, and someone snatches Chloe's laptop. Eric uses his superspeed to catch up with the thief, and his superpower to stop the thief's knife. Eric then throws the thief across the street. Everyone, including Holly and Brent, witness the event, and Chloe thanks him profoundly. The following day, she writes an article about him, with the title Superboy, that Eric likes very much.
When Eric returns home, he finds his parents concerned, they want to take him to doctors to study him. Eric gets upset, claiming he is not a science experiment, assaults his father and runs out. Angry, he goes to school, where he hits on Holly. Brent goes to fight him, but the fight turns ugly, and Brent is thrown onto a table. Clark tries to intervene and is thrown over a car. Clark has a couple of broken ribs. Eric returns home, to find that his parents have called the cops. He escapes and runs to the bridge, attempting to jump off the bridge. But his powers have no limit, and he doesn't fall.. He flies back to the top of the bridge, where Clark has caught up with him. Clark has borrowed Lana's necklace, and tries to stop Eric with it. There is a confrontation, and at the same time, an electric shock transfers the powers back to Clark. Eric is taken to hospital.

Character Development: The episode deals with Clark finding out what it is like to be normal, including injury and bleeding, but also being able to get close to Lana even when she wears her necklace, and being able to take part in normal activities, such as a basketball game with Pete, against Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) and Brent. Even though Pete and Clark loose, Clark is ecstatic. Clark's parents Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) help Clark lead a normal life and adjust. They admit to each other that it is like a weight off their shoulders.
Roger Nixon (Tom O'Brien), a reporter for the Inquirer, is working for Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), and shows him a computer simulation of Lex's accident, where his Porsche was thrown off the bridge, hit Clark and fell into the water. The simulation shows how Clark must have super-strength to have saved Lex. Lex goes to question Clark, and gives Clark his thoughts on the matter, including a pretty good description of what really happened. Clark denies it, and since he had lost his powers at the time, hands a hammer to Lex and tells Lex to hit him with it, as proof that he is vulnerable. Lex just pleads with Clark, saying that they are friends, and as friends they should have no secrets. Lex claims he is prepared to accept and understand anything Clark wants to tell him. Clark pretends not to understand.
Later, when Clark is in hospital with his broken ribs, Lex realizes that Clark is vulnerable. He apologizes to Clark. Clark accepts. Even though Clark later regains his powers, Lex calls Nixon to the mansion, to tell him that the investigation on Clark is over, and that "the Kents are off limits".
Lana's aunt Nell (Sarah-Jane Redmond) is selling her flower shop. Lana is upset, especially when she finds out that the old movie theatre is also being sold, since it has been closed for months. Aunt Nell explains that the flower shop and the movie theatre are part of the same building and that it makes sense to sell them all. Lana later explains to Clark that the movie theatre is where her parents met. Her father used to work at the concession stand. Her mother had gone in to watch "Close Encounters" but got bored and walked around the lobby. She started talking to Mr. Lang. They both went to the same college, but had never noticed each other. That night, they just clicked and spoke for hours. Lana also notices that Clark is looking better and doesn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders. When Clark regains his powers, she notices the weight has returned. When Clark returns Lana's necklace in a lead box, Lana is touched, and takes it as a hint that she should stop wearing the necklace. Clark suggests that it may be holding her back.
Lex, who has been dating Victoria Hardwick (Kelly Brook), meets her father, Sir Harry Hardwick (William Samples). Victoria stole a report that Lex wrote up on the success of Cadmus Laboratories and gave it to her father. When Sir Harry meets Lex, he thanks him for the report, and states that he has bought Cadmus, and plans to buy out LuthorCorp thanks to the profits made by Cadmus. Buying Lionel Luthor (John Glover) out has always been Sir Harry's dream. Lex is devastated, and hurt by Victoria's betrayal.
Later, it turns out that Lex's report was a fake, and he was the one who had double-crossed Victoria and her father. Cadmus was actually worthless, and now LuthorCorp will be able to buy Sir Harry out of Cadmus. Victoria is hurt and disappointed, but Lex points out she did this to herself. She claims it was only business, which makes Lex respond "If sleeping with me was only business, I hate to think what that makes you". She slaps him and walks away.
In a bizarre twist, Nixon shows Lex pictures of a sexual encounter between Lionel and Victoria, Nixon claims the encounter was initiated by Lionel.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Shawn Ashmore starred in the movie X-Men as Bobby (aka Iceman although not named as such), a boy that Rogue took a liking to.

In the comics and in the animated series, Superman battled a villain that could steal his powers called Parasite. His name was Rudy Jones, not Eric.

About halfway into the episode when Clark, Chloe, and Pete are walking down the stairs at school, you see the "crow" mascot behind them. His outfit is blue with a red cape.. hmmm...

Cadmus Labs is mentioned in this episode. It is the same lab that created The Newsboy Legion and Guardian clones. It also created the Superboy clone after Superman "died" in Superman: Man of Steel #75.

The kids are out on a geology field trip at the beginning of the episode. In pre-crisis continuity, Pete Ross became a geologist when he grows up.

Chloe gives Eric the nickname of Superboy.

Whitney was complaining that he doesn't have any time to train or study, and he can kiss his scholarship goodbye - and then he goes off to play basketball with Clark! I would call that a bit of waste of time when he has more important stuff to do.

During the scene where the cop is shooting at Kyle you see the bullet slowed down as Clark would see it, however the steam in the background rises at the normal rate.

Lex is right outside the hospital room when Clark says to Martha: "Even though Eric has my abilities, I still think of them as my responsibility." Why didn't he hear that?

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