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Jonathan and Martha in "Hourglass"

First aired October 16, 2001

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The CW's Official Description:

Written by Doris Egan
Directed by Chris Long

Clark arrives with Pete at the Smallville Retirement Center to do volunteer work-and to be closer to Lana, who also volunteers at the center. They meet Cassandra Carver, the blind senior citizen they've been assigned to. It's rumored that Cassandra can see the future of those she touches, an ability she quickly demonstrates by informing Pete that he'll be walking home (Pete unwittingly locked his keys in the car). Meanwhile, Lana takes her charge, Harry Volk, outside for a walk. After Lana leaves to get him a sweater, Harry accidentally tips over his wheelchair and falls into a koi pond lined with glowing green stones. Harry comes out of the water, miraculously changed from an old man to a young one. At the same time, Cassandra takes Clark's hand and ominously tells him that someone close to him will die soon.

At the Kent Farm, Clark tells his parents about Cassandra's prediction, but Jonathan and Martha are unimpressed. Later, Young Harry is at the Beanery, flirting with a cute waitress, Zoe. Clark, Lana, and Chloe enter, discussing Harry's mysterious disappearance from the retirement center. Harry can't help but butt in to their conversation. "Good luck finding your missing old person," he offers as he leaves. Back at the retirement center, Harry demonstrates his abilities as a concert-level pianist. Cassandra is listening and is impressed. Harry tells her that he was supposed to attend the Metropolis Conservatory. Cassandra, sensing something unusual about this young man, tries to get Harry to take her hand so she can see his future. Harry, however, declines: "...I already know my future." Meanwhile, Clark tells Lex about Cassandra's warning. Lex, too, is unimpressed, but Clark is worries about her ominous prediction. That night, Clark arrives at the retirement center to find Lana already there. She's examining "Young & Old" photos of the retirement center residents, noting that Harry's "young" photo is missing. She also informs Clark that it turns out Harry was a murderer who changed his name after being released from prison. When his piano teacher recommended someone else for a scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory, Harry killed his teacher's son. Meanwhile, Harry impersonates a utilities worker to gain entrance to Jim Gage's home. After making sure that Jim is the son of Randolph Gage, Harry kills him. Back at the retirement center, Clark approaches Cassandra, wanting to know more about his future. Cassandra takes Clark's hand and they see a vision of his future: Clark in a rainy graveyard, Martha and Jonathan's gravestones, gravestones radiating out in every direction for as far as the eye can see. They snap out of the vision, horrified. Clark speeds off.

At home, Clark tells his parents about the vision Cassandra gave him, and reminds his parents that Cassandra lost her sight in the meteor shower. His parents try to convince Clark that only he controls his destiny. Later, Lex visits Cassandra, wanting to know what she saw about Clark, but Cassandra is unwilling to tell, even when Lex offers to pay her. Instead she tries to goad Lex into letting her see his future, but Lex feigns disinterest. Later, in Clark's loft, Pete and Chloe fill Clark in on Jim Gage's murder. They also show Clark a photo of Harry from the '40s-he looks just like the kid they saw at the Beanery. They go to the retirement center, and while Chloe and Pete check out Harry's room, Clark visits Cassandra. Cassandra is surprised that Clark was able to see the vision of his future; normally, only Cassandra can see the visions. She knows Clark is different and that he has a special purpose. She takes his hand and Clark again has a vision of the future: a woman, wearing a tiny unicorn necklace, being attacked. Clark then catches up with Chloe and Pete who have discovered some newspaper clippings in Harry's room. One of them features the Beanery waitress, Zoe, and her unicorn necklace. Clark races off. Meanwhile, Harry and Zoe are alone at the Beanery. Harry reveals that he intends to kill Zoe because her grandmother helped destroy his future. Clark arrives just in time to save Zoe from an oncoming truck. Harry then tries to stab Clark, but the knife blade shatters on Clark's chest. Clark hurls Harry into a dumpster.

Later, with Harry is in the hospital, Clark visits Lex. Lex shows Clark the ruined Porsche Clark rescued him from the day they met. Lex says that no one can explain how he was rescued from the Porsche. Clark does his best to avoid the issue, but it's clear that Lex is suspicious. Meanwhile, at the hospital, a deputy arrives to take Harry to jail, only to find an old man in his hospital bed. It seems the effects of the fountain-of-youth koi pond have worn off. Not realizing that Young Harry and Old Harry are the same person, the police return Old Harry to the retirement center. Clark, however, suspects the truth and goes to Harry's room to confront him, but Harry admits nothing. After Clark leaves, Harry returns to the koi pond. At the Torch office, Clark, Chloe, and Pete are discussing the situation when Lana arrives. She tells them that Harry is missing. Clark and Chloe then realize that Harry is killing the descendents of the jurors who convicted him-and juror number 11 was Hiram Kent, Clark's grandfather! At the Kent Farm, Martha Kent opens the front door to find Young Harry, there to inspect a "gas leak."

Martha is incredulous and quickly deduces that Harry is not from the gas company. Harry confronts her, but Martha escapes from the house and hides out in an empty grain silo. As headlights cross the silo grate, Harry's knife shoots through, almost cutting Martha. Harry enters the silo. As Martha backs away she pulls a dangling cord, releasing a torrent a grain from above. Both Martha and Harry are being quickly buried alive. Outside, Jonathan and Clark arrive at the same time. Clark uses his x-ray vision to locate Martha and Harry. He rips a panel off the silo and digs Martha out. Jonathan begins CPR and soon, Martha is revived. The next day, Lex visits Cassandra, ready to know his future. Cassandra takes Lex's hand and his vision begins. Lex is in the Oval Office, dressed in a white suit. He steps outside into an endless field of sunflowers. Reaching down with a gloved hand, Lex touches one of the flowers. The flower wilts and dies, the rest of the flowers then follow suit. A drop of red falls from the darkened sky, staining Lex's suit, then another. A torrent of blood falls from the sky. The vision ends and Lex, who did not see it, asks Cassandra what she saw. But Cassandra is dead, the shock of Lex's future having killed her. Backing out of the room, Lex calls for help. A nurse enters, followed by Clark, but it's too late. The person close to Clark who was to die was Cassandra.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Freak of the Week: Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) now works at the Smallville Retirement Center, and her charge is Harry Volk (George Murdock). Lana takes him out for a walk, and leaves him alone for a while. His wheelchair accidentally tips into a pond filled with kryptonite. This transforms him into a young version of himself (Eric Christian Olsen) and he leaves the retirement home. It turns out that, when he was young, Harry killed his piano teacher because she decided not to recommend him for a scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory. Harry was then convicted by a jury. Young-again Harry is now determined to take revenge on the descendents of all the families of the jurors. He first kills a juror Gage's son Jim, and also starts talking to "The Beanery" waitress ZoŽ, whose grandmother was also a juror.
Meanwhile, Clark Kent (Tom Welling), Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) try helping Lana find Harry. They meant Cassandra Carver (Jackie Burroughs), another resident of the retirement center. She was blinded by the meteor shower of 1989, and is now able to tell a person's future by touching their hand. Her first vision of Clark's future is that of someone close to him dying. Her second vision, which Clark also sees, is of him standing in a graveyard looking at his parent's graves. Clark tells Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) about Cassandra, and Lex visits her at the center, however she refuses to tell him what vision she had of Clark's future. Lex refuses to have his future read.
Chloe and Pete find out too late about Jim Gage, but realizing who ZoŽ is, Clark runs to "The Beanery". He saves ZoŽ and fights with Harry, who is sent to hospital.
While in the hospital, Harry's "youth" wears off, and as the police enter his room to question a young Harry, they find Old Harry. They do not understand, and send Harry back to the retirement center. Old Harry returns to the pond, falls into it and emerges young again. A while later, just as Lana informs her friends that Harry has gone missing again, young-again Harry shows up at the Kent's farm, and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) opens the door, thinking he is a gas repairman. Clark, Chloe and Pete figure out Harry's past just in time to realize that another one of the jurors was Hiram Kent, Clark's grandfather.
Martha realizes Harry is not from the gas company, confronts him, and they fight. Martha hides in an empty silo, Harry finds her and the fight continues there. Martha pulls a cord, and the grain starts falling into the silo, burying them both. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and Clark find Martha and save her.

Character Development: Lex reminds Clark that is still doesn't understand how Clark saved him the day Lex's car fell into the river. Clark avoids answering by talking about Cassandra.
Later, after his first visit, Lex returns to Cassandra, curious about his future. As she holds his hand, she sees Lex, in a white suit, standing in The Oval Office of The White House. As he steps outside, he finds himself in a field of sunflowers. He reaches out to touch one, and he is wearing a black glove. As he touches the flower, the flower dies, so do all the others in the field. Suddenly, a drop of blood falls from above onto his white suit, followed by another, and soon it is raining blood. Cassandra stops speaking, and as Lex is asking her what she saw, he realizes she is dead from the shock. As Lex is calling for help, Clark shows up and realizes that the person that Cassandra first predicted would die was herself.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


The vision of Lex in the White House was filmed in the set of "The West Wing".

Cassandra was a Greek priestess that saw the future but no-one ever believed her.....even though she told the truth.

Eric Johnson (Whitney) does not appear in this episode.

In the DC Comics Lex runs for President of the United States of America and "wins".

In the vision of Lex he is wearing a single black glove, which Lex wore in the comics after he lost his real hand to radiation from years of wearing a kryptonite ring.

Just a few months after Smallville wrapped for the season, George Murdock again played a guy who had to deal with someone else who had visions: in the "The Dead Zone" episode Enigma.

Cassandra is a classical character that was the most beautiful daughter of the king of Troy, who was given the gift of prophecy by the god Apollo. Cassandra rejected Apollo's seduction, so he cursed her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. The name "Cassandra", or otherwise "Cassie" was used for another psychic a year later on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When Clark is reading the list of jurors in an attempt to discover who Harry will kill next, he recites, "Rita Garfield"; however, when Harry mentioned Zoe's grandmother's name earlier it was Eve. When the juror's list is shown, Juror #2 is Eve Garfield.

When Harry falls into the pond, there is an electrical discharge of some sort. What causes the electricity the second time? Harry's wheelchair isn't electrical. Lana wheels him out the first time and the next time he's wheeling on his own, both times clearly not in an electric wheelchair. There are Christmas lights along the rail where he falls in the first time. But...who the heck restrung them up the second time?

When Lex is talking to Cassandra in the garden, there is a game out in front of them on the table. Watch very closely at the dice on Lex's side of the table, when he gets up to leave they jump.

When Lex says, "I come bearing gifts", it is in reference to the following: in order to gain leverage in the Battle of Troy, the Greeks had to devise a clever plan that would gain them access to the city of Troy. They constructed a huge wooden horse with at hollow belly and hid Greek soldiers in the horse's belly. The Trojans had believed the Greeks defeated and celebrated. In the early morning the Greek soldiers escaped from the belly and opened the gate to Troy, allowing the Greek army to attack on the unsuspecting Trojans.

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