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John Schneider as Jonathan Kent >>

as Martha 'Ma' Kent

Quick Stats:

  • Date of Birth: April 1, 1954
  • Place of Birth: Houston, TX, USA
  • Marital Status: Married Bill Geisslinger (divorced), 2 daughters,
                           Married Michael McKean (Perry White)
  • Height: 5'4"
Annette O'Toole

Notes on Character:

Martha Clark was born and raised in Metropolis. Her father's name is William Clark. Little is known about her childhood or teenage years. She attended Metropolis University and met her future husband Jonathan Kent while taking a finance class. Martha was immediately attracted to Jonathan, and, although she was the official note-taker for the class, she asked Jonathan for his notes, so that she could start a conversation. He did not ask her her name. He also never knew that she really didn't need the notes. Later, he asked Martha's father for her hand in marriage, and Mr. Clark refused. Jonathan hit him, and has never spoken to him since. Martha's father is not aware of Clark's abilities.
Jonathan and Martha manage the Kent Farm together, and they grow organic produce.
On the day of the meteor shower, Jonathan and Martha found 4-year old Clark in the cornfields with his spaceship. They took the young boy with them, and hid the spaceship in the back of their truck. On their way home, the came across Lionel Luthor, who asked them for their help, because his son, Lex, was unconscious, having been hit by the meteor shower. Jonathan hid the spaceship in the farm's storm cellar.
Martha, who was unable to have children, took care of Clark, and later, when Sheriff Ethan visited the Kent Farm, he saw and inquired about the little boy. Put on the spot, Martha lied and claimed that they just adopted him. Martha and Jonathan then needed to quickly make the story true, and enlisted the help of Lionel Luthor, owner of an adoption agency, to falsify adoption papers. Lionel drew up the papers but required that Jonathan go to Pete Ross' father and convince him to sell the Ross Creamed Corn Factory to Lionel.
Her father now lives in Coast City and is an executive attorney. They had not spoken for twenty years, but Martha and Jonathan swallowed their pride and contacted him recently, because the farm was running the risk of going under, and they needed his financial support. It was the first time that Clark met his grandfather.
Martha is now working for Lionel Luthor as his assistant. Jonathan is not happy with this, but Martha enjoys the responsibilities of the position. Although it was always thought that Martha could not have children, she recently found out she is pregnant.

Actor Biography:

Annette is also a singer and a dancer. She was three years old when she started dancing. When her family moved to Los Angeles, Annette was thirteen, and began taking acting lessons.
Annette has been in a variety of movies and television shows, and she also has a lot of stage work to her credit. Her talent was recognized in the ABC miniseries "The Kennedys of Massachusetts". She played the role of Rose Kennedy and was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe.
Annette has two daughters from her first marriage, and is also raising her second husband's two boys from a previous marriage.
The Superman Connection: Like John Glover, Annette O'Toole already has a strong connection to Superman. She played Lana Lang in Superman III, opposite Christopher Reeve. While in the movie, Clark is already with Lois Lane, he meets up with his old flame Lana at a high school reunion. Now, in Smallville, she plays Clark's mother.

Actor Filmography:

  • Temptation (2003) .... Nora

  • Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns (2002) .... Herself

  • Smallville (2001) TV Series .... Martha Clark "Ma" Kent

  • The Huntress (2000) TV Series .... Dottie Thorson

  • Here on Earth (2000) .... Jo Cavanaugh

  • Final Justice (1998) (TV) .... Gwen Saticoy

  • Final Descent (1997) (TV) .... Connie Phipps

  • Keeping the Promise (1997) (TV) .... Anne Hallowell

  • Nash Bridges (1996) TV Series .... Lisa Bridges

  • The Man Next Door (1996) (TV) .... Annie Hopkins

  • The Christmas Box (1995) (TV) .... Keri Evans

  • Dead by Sunset (1995) (mini) TV Series .... Cheryl

  • My Brother's Keeper (1995) (TV) .... Joann

  • Imaginary Crimes (1994) .... Ginny Rucklehaus

  • On Hope (1994) (TV) .... Hope

  • Andre (1994) .... Toni's adult voice

  • A Mother's Revenge (1993) (TV) .... Ellen Wells

  • Love Matters (1993) (TV) .... Julie

  • Kiss of a Killer (1993) (TV) .... Kate Wilson

  • Danielle Steel's Jewels (1992) (TV) .... Sarah

  • White Lie (1991) (TV) .... Helen Lester

  • Unpublished Letters (1991) (TV) .... Carol

  • A Girl of the Limberlost (1990) (TV) .... Kate Comstock

  • The Dreamer of Oz (1990) (TV) .... Maud Gage Baum

  • It (1990) (TV) .... Beverly Marsh Rogan

  • Love at Large (1990) .... Mrs. King

  • The Kennedys of Massachusetts (1990) mini TV Series .... Rose

  • Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North (1989) (TV)

  • Cross My Heart (1987) .... Kathy

  • Broken Vows (1987) (TV) .... Fitzpatrick, Nim

  • Strong Medicine (1986) (TV) .... Jessica Weitz

  • Bridge to Terabithia (1985) .... Miss Edmunds

  • Copacabana (1985) (TV) .... Lola LaMarr

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: An Unlocked Window (1985) (TV) .... Stella

  • The Best Legs in the 8th Grade (1984) (TV) .... Rachel Blackstone

  • Superman III (1983) .... Lana Lang

  • 48 Hrs. (1982) .... Elaine, Jack's Girlfriend

  • Cat People (1982) .... Alice Perrin

  • Vanities (1981) (TV)

  • Stand by Your Man (1981) (TV) .... Tammy Wynette

  • Foolin' Around (1980) .... Susan

  • Love for Rent (1979) (TV) .... Carol Martin

  • King of the Gypsies (1978) .... Sharon

  • One On One (1977) .... Janet Hays

  • The War Between the Tates (1977) (TV) .... Wendy Geoghegan

  • Entertainer (1976) (TV) .... Bambi

  • Smile (1975) .... Doria Houston (Miss Anaheim)

  • The Girl Most Likely to... (1973) (TV) .... Jenny

Producer: "Temptation" (2003).
Composer: A Mighty Wind (2003) (songs).
Miscellaneous Crew: "The First Nudie Musical" (singer)
Notable TV Appearances: "Pyramid", "Law & Order", "Boy Meets World", "Nash Bridges", "The Outer Limits", "Hawaii Five-O".

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John Schneider as Jonathan Kent >>

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