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Sleepy Hollow Cast List Page

Who Plays Your Favorite Characters?

    Ichabod Crane - Tom Mison
    Jenny Mills - Lyndie Greenwood
    Abbie Mills - Nicole Beharie
    Frank Irving - Orlando Jones
    Katrina Crane - Katia Winter
    Henry Parrish - John Noble
    Betsy Ross - Nikki Reed
    Joe Corbin - Zach Appelman
    Pandora - Shannyn Sossamon
    Daniel Reynolds - Lance Gross
    Sophie Foster - Jessica Camacho
    Headless Horseman - Jeremy Owens/Richard Cetrone/Craig Branham
    The Hidden One - Peter Mensah
    Abraham Van Brunt - Neil Jackson
    Yao-Quai - Marti Matulis
    Nick Hawley - Matt Barr
    Moloch - Derek Mears/D.J. Mifflin
    Andy Brooks - John Cho
    Detective Luke Morales - Nicholas Gonzalez
    Cynthia Irving - Jill Marie Jones
    Sheriff August Corbin - Clancy Brown
    Sheriff Leena Reyes - Sakina Jaffrey
    Ezra Mills - James McDaniel
    Zoe Corinth - Maya Kazan
    Randall Martin - Anthony K. Hyatt

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Page updated 8/13/21

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