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Sledge Hammer Episode Guide

"Sledge Hammer" Episodes!

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Under the Gun (2nd pilot?)

Pilot (Sledge and Dori save the mayor's daughter from terrorists.)

Hammer Gets Nailed (a reporter follows Hammer.)

Witless ("Witness" spoof finds Hammer on an Amish farm.)

They Shoot Hammers, Don't They? (Hammer's ex-partner breaks out of jail.)

Dori Day Afternoon (The detectives are taken hostage by robbers at a bank.)

To Sledge With Love (Hammer becomes a schoolteacher.)

All Shook Up (Hammer goes undercover to look for a murderer of Elvis impersonators.)

Over My Dead Bodyguard (Sledge is assigned to guard Captain Trunk.)

Magnum Farce (Hammer's gun is stolen.)

If I Had a Little Hammer (Hammer goes after baby snatchers.)

To Live and Die on TV (Game show contestants get killed.)

Miss of the Spider Woman (Sledge is poisoned.)

The Old Man and the Sledge (Sledge gets his idol a job as a security guard.)

State of Sledge (Punk satanists take over police station.)

Haven't Gun, Will Travel (Hammer's Gun is stolen.)

The Color of Hammer (Sledge busts a pool hall killer.)

Brother, Can You Spare a Crime? (Sledge's evil brother shows up.)

Desperately Seeking Dori (Dori becomes like Hammer.)

Sledgepoo (Hair salon burglars.)

Comrade Hammer (Sledge must protect a Russian defector.)

Jagged Sledge (Hammer is framed for murder.)

The Spa Who Loved Me (An aerobic instructor steals a nuclear warhead and Hammer blows up the city.)


A Clockwork Hammer (Hammer becomes brainwashed a la Max Headroom.)

Big Nazi on Campus (Sledge and Dori investigate the murder of a co-ed.)

Play it Again, Sledge (Hammer is suspended and opens his own detective agency.)

Wild About Hammer (A psychotic new officer admires Sledge.)

Death of a Few Salesmen (used car dealers are being murdered.)

Vertical ("Vertigo" parody.)

Dressed to Call (A caller is threatening the host of a radio show.)

Hammer Hits the Rock (Hammer poses as a con to catch a mobster.)

The Last of the Red Hot Vampires (Sledge hunts a vampire movie killer.)

Hammeroid (Hammer becomes Robocop.)

Sledge in Toyland (The cops look for killer toys.)

Icebreaker (An international criminal woos Dori.)

They Call Me Mr. Trunk (Trunk saves the squadroom from a deadly disease.)

Model Dearest (Dori infiltrates a modeling agency to find a white slavery ring.)

Sledge, Rattle and Roll (Someone is killing punk rockers; Davy Jones guests.)

Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came? (Hammer catches a corporate wargame killer)

The Secret of My Excess (Sledge searches sleazy city bars for the governor's daughter.)

It Happened What Night? (Hammer and Dori pose as newlyweds.)

Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer (Hammer's ex-wife and best friend get married.)

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Updated 12/13/17  


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