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THE WB's Episode Guide (First Season only)

THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH Court proceedings continue and Brian Alexander is determined to implicate Edward Burton as Travis Peterson’s murderer.

CREEP THROAT Lane agrees to meet a mysterious informant when he tells her he has crucial information regarding Travis Peterson’s death.

FROM HERE TO PATERNITY Edward and Peyton’s DNA blood tests come back negative and Peyton is convinced Edward tampered with the results.

PRINCE OF LIES Edward Burton decides to announce his plans to run for State Senate. However, he realizes there are some skeletons in his closet which he must eliminate.

PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY Edward confronts Veronica about her sordid past as a high-priced hooker.

INFORMATION, PLEASE Tom doesn’t give in to Peyton’s blackmail attempt.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE When Peyton hears Veronica coming around the house to investigate the fire she knows she must help rescue Edward.

THE PURLOINED LETTER Peyton consults with a lawyer about making sure she gets half of Edward Burton’s fortune when he dies.

WHO KILLED TRAVIS? Dean Collins and his partner, Detective Wheeler, question all three girls about their involvement in Travis’ murder.

SEX, PIES AND VIDEOTAPE The body of Travis Peterson is found washed up along the shore of a nearby river.

WEDDING BELLE BLUES Reese Burton is getting married to her childhood sweetheart, Travis Peterson.

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Updated 1/19/09