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(Savannah airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on The WB)

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"Savannah," the steamy, one-hour dramatic series from Aaron Spelling, chronicles the lives and loves of three contemporary southern belles divided by their bloodlines. Their childhood bond is tested by adultery, fraud, conspiracy, jealousy and even murder. Lane, Peyton and Reese couldn't be more different from on e another -- their only link, southern heritage and loyalty, which is constantly tested.

From prolific producers Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent ("Dynasty," "Melrose Place" "Beverly Hills 90210") and the talented team of James Stanley and Dianne Messina Stanley ("Knots Landing") comes "Savannah," an hourlong drama exploring the unique and passionate world of the South.

Set against the backdrop of pure southern wealth, romance, power and scandal, "Savannah" explores the lives of three vastly different young women who are bound together by their common southern roots.

Lifelong best friends Lane (Lively), Peyton (Luner) and Reese (Sturges) couldn't be more different from one another. They share more than just goals and gossip; beneath their multi-layered exteriors are desires and secrets each would dare not divulge.

Peyton Richards walks on the wild side of life; with street smart savvy and ambitious aspirations to better her life, she goes after, and usually gets what she wants -- and that's just about anything her friend Reese has -- including her soon-to-be husband Travis Peterson (George Eads). Because her mother Lucille (Wendy Phillips) is Reese's live-in housekeeper, Peyton grew up surrounded by the wealth of Reese's family, yet never feeling entitled to fully indulge in it. Definitely the most impetuous of the trio, Peyton uses her wits and feminine wiles to charm the best of them.

Career conscious Lane has the highest aspirations for herself as a journalist. After graduating from Columbia University, she quickly saw that her job at the New York Times circulation desk wasn't guiding her to the glamorous life in the fast lane she had intended for herself. Easily the most level-headed of the three, she'll energetically charge ahead despite a run of bad luck and unfortunately, no one's luck is any worse than Lane's. In fact, the only good thing about being back in Savannah with her best friends is running into her first love -- Dean Collins (Gail) -- the all-around altruistic police officer, who still carries a torch for her.

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Reese Burton has led a sheltered, practically perfect life. Protected by her fabulously successful and wealthy father Edward Burton (Wise), the good-natured Reese, naive to a fault, thinks the best of everyone and is completely unaware of Peyton's designs on her fiancee Travis. Vulnerable and innocent, Reese continues to have the best of everything and remains generous and giving, even when it can be to her detriment.

The childhood bonds that tie Peyton, Lane and Reese together may not be enough to see them through adultery, fraud, conspiracy, jealousy and even murder -- only time will tell -- as their loyalty builds to an ultimate test.

Scandalous turn of events in "Savannah" conveniently coincide with the arrival of super slick con artist Tom Massick (Satterfield) and his sexy cohort Veronica Koslowsky (Toussaint), who can match Massick scheme for scheme and lie for lie.

Born and bred in Savannah, Massick has something to prove -- and wants a big piece of the action. His hatred for Edward Burton runs deep and nothing will stop him from destroying the man he feels is directly responsible for tragic events from his childhood. As Massick quickly enters the lives of all involved, no one suspects how much influence he can have nor how much things will change. One thing's for sure -- as the complexities of "Savannah" and its inhabitants reveal themselves, southern mystique will take on a new meaning -- one that's sure to change all involved, whether they like it or not. Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Jim Stanley and Dianne Messina Stanley are the executive producers of "Savannah." Lynn Latham serves as executive consultant with Connie Burge as the supervising producer. Jim Davis is the producer and Betty Reardon is the coordinating producer. "Savannah" is a Spelling Television Production for The WB Network.

Starring Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner, Shannon Sturges, David Gail, Paul Statterfield, Beth Toussaint and Ray Wise, "Savannah" airs Sundays (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. ET/TP) on The WB Network.

TM 1996 Warner Bros.

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