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Savannah Episode Guide

"Savannah" plot summaries!

Season Two Summaries


8/26/96 summary 9/23/96 summary 9/30/96 summary 10/7/96 summary 10/13/96 summary 10/21/96 summary 10/28/96 summary 11/4/96 summary 11/11/96 summary 11/18/96 summary 11/25/96 summary 12/2/96 summary 12/3/96 summary 12/16/96 summary 1/6/97 summary 1/13/97 summary 1/21/97 summary 2/3/97 summary 2/10/97 summary 2/17/97 summary 2/24/97 Finale summary

Season One

Savannah Summary 8/26/96

Travis steps out of the shadows to tell Peyton he's not a ghost. He kisses her to prove it. He tells her he's *NOT* Travis, but Nick Corelli, his brother, who only met him once before he died. Peyton says, "You kiss just like him". Nick thinks she's Reese but she quickly corrects him. He wonders how she knows Travis' kisses so well; she lies that she kissed him at his wedding. She offers to take him to see Reese at work. They go to the riverboat, where she introduces him to an astonished Tom. She also tells Nick they and Reese are partners in the boat. He is impressed by how successful the casino is. Peyton gets a call from Reese; Peyton informs Tom and Nick of her situation. Nick wonders what kind of girl his brother married and says he's going to his hotel. Tom gives Peyton a dirty look when she seems pleased by Nick's low opinion of Reese and Savannah.

Nick gets beaten up outside the boat by some thugs who think he's Travis, demanding to know where the "centurion" is. He gets away when they are distracted. They lose him when he goes back into the casino.

Tom bangs on Veronica's door, surprising her. "I guess you thought I'd be in jail, right?" he says. She tries to pretend she doesn't know what's going on but he informs her that Reese was the one arrested, not him. She's surprised. And then she realizes he's in love with Reese and calls him a "fool". He promises to make her "suffer" if Reese doesn't get out of her mess.

Reese is brought into the police station, protesting. She tries to enlist Dean's help, but she can't explain why she picked up the bag of methamphetamine at the bus station. She asks him to call Lane, but he tells her she's been kidnapped. Wheeler tells Dean that the license plate his son told him about belongs to Jack, his partner. They put out an APB on him.

Jack runs his car off a cliff and drags Lane along, complaining at her interfering. He wanted to take Dean's son in revenge, not her. He threatens her to shut up while he steals another car. Meanwhile, Dean and Wheeler bust into Jack's old place only to find it's empty; he's written "SNITCH" on the mirror for Dean to find. Jack drives up to an old house with Lane sleeping in the back. He greets the older woman, Millie, and tells her he kidnapped the daughter of a friend who was in a "cult". He wants to keep her there so they can "deprogram" her. Lane gets out of the car but he jumps her. Millie leads her away, ignoring her pleas; Jack picks up a necklace that fell off Lane in the struggle. They take her to a dingy basement and handcuff her to a bed. She tries to tell the woman what's going on, but she ignores her, telling her she'll soon be "right as rain". Jack tells her that Millie raises snakes, and they leave her in the dark, dirty basement, alone. Millie gives Lane breakfast the next day. Lane tries to tell her about Jack, but Millie doesn't believe her. Lane wants to call the police, to check with them about Jack being kicked off the force, but Millie thinks that's a cover so he can do "undercover work". She thinks Lane is "in denial" about being in a cult. Millie tells her Jack is buying supplies for her, but really he's buying dynamite. Meanwhile, the police find his car where he ditched it. Then Jack buys an "indigent" body from a mortuary. Millie leaves and Lane finds a hairpin, which she uses to pick the lock of her handcuffs. She gets to the door but it is locked. She starts to pick it. Dean and Wheeler get a call that Jack's car is spotted, so they rush off. They find a small shack in the woods. Inside, Jack is wiring the body to explode so they'll think it was him and stop following. We see Lane's pendant on a table. He spies Dean through the window. He sets the explosion and goes out another way. He shows himself to Dean, detonator in hand. Dean holds his gun on him. Jack tells him Lane is inside the cabin with explosives strapped to her so he better put down the gun. Dean does. Jack backs up and is about to set off the bomb when he trips. Dean tackles him and they wrestle with the detonator. Wheeler is coming to help when the bomb goes off, blowing the cabin to bits.

Reese is booked. She phones her daddy, but he can't answer because Lucille is still pointing a gun at him. He tries for the phone but she shoots it. She reminds him of all she did for him and says, "You should have treated me better". He warns her if she shoots him, she won't get away with murder a second time. She jokes about which room would be better to shoot him in and he thinks she's crazy. She tells him to make her coffee. She holds a gun to his back as they greet the current housekeeper. The woman is surprised to see her and fearful that she'll take her job away. Edward tells her she and the rest of the staff have the day off and Lucille tells her she is getting a 20% raise, so she leaves, happy. Lucille mutters to Edward that the woman has been doing a lousy job, but he yells, "Screw the housekeeping!" He demands to know what she wants. They argue about the past and what's happened to bring them here. She gets angry and points the gun at him. Later they are sitting at the kitchen table. He can't believe someone sold her a gun. He tries to reason with her, then tries to get her to blame herself for her problems so she'll shoot herself. She seems about to when she turns and points the gun at his head. He begs her and says he's sorry, but she pulls the trigger. It's empty. He's upset and she says there was only one bullet in the gun. She just wanted to hear him say he was sorry. He threatens to have her arrested, but she'll tell the DA about him paying off the witness for her trial, she tells him as she walks out.

Brian meets Peyton at the police station. She apologizes for her mother's behavior and tells him what his mother said. He is annoyed at his mother but tells Peyton it doesn't matter what their mothers do, he still loves her. They kiss. Later in the garden, Brian confronts his mother, who claims Peyton misunderstood because she was upset about her mother's scene. Peyton is putting up posters with Lane's picture on them when Nick comes up. She is insulting to him; he wants to know about Travis' "hobbies". She laughs. He asks about "centurion", not telling her why. She doesn't know anything about it. He asks about Reese and promises to drop by later.

Reese bitches to Tom about being in jail. She is angry and wants to get out to help find Lane. Tom seems helpless. Later he passes Peyton who is still putting up posters. He tells her he's using the casino money to bail out Reese. She thinks he should let Edward do it, but he's missing. They argue. He can't believe she would let Reese "rot in jail". Peyton is at home on the phone to the local news to see if they'll run Lane's picture some more on the news. Reese comes home and Peyton claims it was her idea to use the casino money to bail her out. Reese starts to get involved in the search for Lane when the doorbell rings. She opens the door and sees Nick, who says, "Hi". She feints dead away. Nick tells the women his story. He was in the navy when someone showed him a Savannah paper with Travis' picture. He went home to confront his adopted parents, who told him his brother was adopted by another family. He "tracked him down"--Travis didn't know he was adopted until then. Nick asks them about "centurion" and explains why. They have never heard of it. Peyton blurts out that her mother killed Travis. He is outraged and tells them he feels sorry for Travis, if he had friends like them. They all get annoyed at each other. He and Reese particularly have taken a dislike to each other. He asks if they have any of Travis' things, but Reese tells him she threw them out. (She doesn't explain what Travis' did)

Nick is coming out of his hotel when the same men try to get him. There is a big chase but he gets away when he dramatically jumps off a small footbridge onto a truck. Nick searches on the Web for "centurion". He finds information about an emerald named centurion worth $1,400,000 that was stolen recently from a man in Savannah. Later, Reese and Peyton worry about Lane. Reese feeds the fish--they were Travis' and we see that in the tank, in a plastic treasure chest, is the emerald.

Brian's mother meets with Edward to find information that will help her get rid of Peyton.


Savannah summary Monday 9/23/96

Nick greets Peyton at the riverboat and she notices he orders Travis' favorite drink. She says he must be a scoundrel like Travis. Nick's curious about Travis' associates and asks if he "ever deal in rare gems". He mentions the emerald. She thinks he's greedy just like Travis. He asks about where Travis' stuff went and she tells him it went to charity, except the goldfish, which she wanted to flush. Veronica shows Nick Travis' stuff, which Reese donated to the Burton Home. He offers to buy them. She wants $400 but he bargains her down by flirting with her. He thinks she's "nice". Later, Nick cuts up Travis' clothes looking for the emerald. He finds a receipt for a photo place. He calls but they're closed. The next day Nick gets the pictures. He is followed down an alley by a thug but he gets the guy off-guard. He turns and hits the guy, getting him in a choke-hold. The thug verifies that the Centurion is an emerald. Nick tells him he's doesn't have it, but he will get it. The guy threatens Reese so Nick slugs him and warns him off her. Then he speeds off in his car. In his hotel room, he looks at photos of Reese and Travis. Behind them in one photo is a picture of the fishtank with the emerald in it.

Lucille visits Peyton, who is cold to her. Her mother apologizes for her drunken behavior to Brian and his mom. She asks what she can do; Peyton asks her to stop drinking. They hug. She tells Lucille that the Alexanders invited her for dinner and she thinks Brian is "the one". The dinner is a big lavish affair. She greets Brian's parents, meeting his father Charles (Ted Shakelford). His mom offers to take Peyton's purse inside, then she plants her pearls in the purse. They all talk about golf. Mrs. Alexander notices she didn't put on her pearls so she asks the maid to get them off the hall credenza. The maid returns and tells her the pearls are gone. Mrs. Alexander doesn't seem worried. Peyton excuses herself to make a phone call, supposedly. Later, they bid adieu to their guests. Charles invites Brian and Peyton to play golf. His wife hands Peyton her purse and the pearls conveniently fall out. They all look at her, shocked, until she tells them they're her junk jewelry. She smashes them with her shoe to prove it. Mrs. Alexander looks apoplectic; the men smile, relieved that Peyton's not a thief or klepto. Brian's mom shoots daggers at Peyton as the latter smiles innocently. Later, Peyton calls her mom and thanks her for running down to the store for her, buying the pearls and slipping them in the Alexanders' mailbox. Her mom asks her where she left the real ones and Peyton replies, "Oh, I left them with the bitch." Next we see the Alexanders' pomeranian has the pearls around her neck. Charles chuckles as he sees them and gives them to his wife. He says he likes Peyton because she reminds him of her. Brian and Peyton make love in the sauna.

Edward questions Reese about the drug bust. She is more concerned about Lane and he is more concerned about he election. They argue bitterly. She tells him why she went to the bus station. They question Veronica, who feigns ignorance. She makes it seem like Tom set Reese up to get revenge on Edward. Tom is defending Reese on the phone to reporters when Edward walks in and punches him. He threatens to kill Tom if he doesn't leave Reese alone. Tom swears to Reese that Veronica lied and that he loves her, but she doesn't care and tells him to buzz off. Later Tom goes to Wheeler and explains about Reese's drug bust, trying to get her off. He won't tell him about the pictures, though. Wheeler wants to know why Veronica did it, and Brian says it was revenge for him breaking up with her. Wheeler asks if he'll testify even if it means he'll "implicate" himself. Tom agrees and says he's glad he did "the right thing" for once. Wheeler says it's not enough, he'll have to help them get Veronica to tell the truth. So Tom calls Veronica and tells her he wants a "truce". He asks her to meet him at the riverboat. Wheeler wants him to wear a wire for their meeting.

Lane gets out of the basement and out to the front porch when she sees a vicious german shepherd. Then the dog gets off its leash and crashes through the front screen, chasing Lane. She fends him off with the lamp until Millie walks in. Millie handcuffs her to a chair and feeds her. She tells Lane she's too "scrawny" and mentions that people food makes the dog sick. Lane hides her dinner. They watch t.v. and Millie admires a big screen t.v. Lane offers to buy it, saying she's rich and wants to repay Millie for taking care of her. She gives Millie her credit card. Millie is hesitant but Lane assures her only the police can trace her card. The credit card people decide to investigate when they notice Lane's card is over its limit. Lane is in the bathroom about to escape out the window when Millie enters. She thinks she's taking a bath so she insists on washing her clothes. She can't take Lane's blazer, which is dry-clean-only, so Lane dresses in a nightgown and the blazer and goes out the window. She throws the food to the dog so he is distracted, but then she falls through the roof of the cellar. Millie catches her and handcuffs her (still in her nightgown) to the snake cages. She has to take the sick dog to the vet. Later, Lane grows uncomfortable and notices her leg is bleeding from her fall. She frightenedly calls out for Millie because she has been gone a long time.

Police and doctors swarm around the wreckage of Jack's cabin. Dean is being bandaged by a doctor who says he may have internal injuries. Michael tells him that Jack is dead, and the body inside is unidentifiable. He shows him Lane's necklace and Dean breaks down. He shows Reese the necklace and fills her in. He also tells her the search has been called off. They talk about Lane's death. He blames himself for making her stay in Savannah. They get to know each other as they walk along the beach reminiscing about Lane. Reese can't believe she's gone. She cries on Dean's shoulder as he holds her. They go to her house and talk some more. She checks her answering machine messages. There are some for her giving condolences about Lane (including Edward), and a few for Lane, including the credit card company. But before they can talk about activity on her card, Dean cuts it off because it is upsetting Reese. They watch a video of their high school graduation. They also talk about what they'll be doing five years later. Particularly poignant is Lane and Travis' predictions. They grow sad. Reese asks him to stay until Peyton comes home. They fall asleep on the couch and wake up the next morning. He asks to use her shower. Reese figures Peyton must have spent the night with Brian. The t.v. news says that Millie was killed in an auto accident. Peyton comes home and sees Dean coming out of the shower. She hides behind the fish tank and hears Dean and Reese hug. We can tell she is misinterpreting their actions. Then she sees the gem in the tank and her eyes light up.


Savannah summary 9/30/96 by Suzanne Lanoue

Peyton spies on Dean thanking Reese for keeping him company, she in her robe and him in his pants alone, from behind the fish tank. She snags the jewel out of it, but she trips and knocks the tank over. She gets outside, though, before they see her. She runs into Nick but takes off in a hurry. He goes in where Reese and Dean are saving the fish. He wonders what happened and figures out that Peyton took the jewel. He rushes off and looks for her at the pawn shops. She tries to get it appraised at a jeweler's, but he recognizes it as the Centurion and tells her it's "stolen merchandise". She takes it and leaves in a huff. Her car won't start; Nick comes up and offers to fix it for her. He puts in a piece that he took out of her car; he gives her a lecture on caring for her car. He gets real close to her on the pretense of helping her look in the car, then steals the gem out of her purse. She thanks him and speeds off. She notices the jewel is gone, so she backs up on the one-way street, into traffic, and follows Nick. She follows him to a mail box place where he puts the emerald in a box and leaves. She goes to rent a box there, too. Nick calls the bad guys back at his place to tell them he has the gem and to meet him at a warehouse. He warns them not to come looking for it because it's in a safe place. Peyton knocks and asks for the emerald back. He dares her to search him, which she does, getting close to him as she squeezes her hand into his tight jean pockets. She switches her key for his; he kisses her and then she leaves. Peyton tries her key in the boxes until she finds the right one. Nick goes to the mail box place and discovers his key won't work; he convinces the guy who works there to give him a new one and then he discovers it's gone. He confronts Peyton on the way to her party, demanding to know where it is. She brushes him off. He tells her she won't be able to wear or sell it, plus some bad people are looking for it. Not only will they come after him, but they won't stop until they get it back. She agrees to be partners with him. On the way to the warehouse, he tells her how to act around the bad guys. They don't like her here but they don't make too much of a fuss. She exchanges the Centurion for cash; as they walk away, the cops bust them. Nick was working with the cops all along. Peyton is furious at him. The cops thank her for her help. She wails, "Don't I get a reward for this?" He replies, "Virtue is its own reward" as he walks away.

Lane still waits in the basement with the snakes as Reese and Dean have breakfast. They listen to the phone messages and hear the one about Lane's charge card. Dean phones and uses his police power to get the info about where the card was used. They rush off together. Dean tells Reese not to get her hopes up, that Lane might not be alive. Meanwhile, Lane movies the snakes off the rack so she can get it apart and get her handcuffs off the rack. Lane finally gets free but so does one of the snakes. She finds the door locked, then turns to see the snake coming at her. She picks something up to bash it but bashes the light instead. Dean and Reese pull up outside and angle around the house. She finds Lane's blouse on the clothesline, giving Dean "probable cause" to break in. While Lane continues to fight off the snake, they bust in. She smacks Dean, not realizing who he is, and he falls to the floor. But he manages to shoot the snake before it can bite him. They all hug tearfully. Later, Dean and Lane make love in bed.

Tom takes off his shirt for a female police woman who has to tape the wire to him. The cops snicker and he looks embarrassed when she asks him to pull his pants down. Meanwhile, Veronica calls Edward to tell him Brian will be bringing Peyton to his fundraising party. She is on a cordless phone so she hears Tom testing his police bug. He knocks on her door so she hangs up and lets him in. She pretends she doesn't know anything about setting him or Reese up. But she does start talking about a money-laundering scheme he ran in he pulls the bug out, leaving the cops in silence. Later, he tells them Veronica must have somehow known. Wheeler is annoyed at the implication that someone in his department leaked it out. Tom apologizes to the lady cop and tells her he left his glasses at Veronica's so he can't drive to the riverboat. She offers to give him a lift. He sweet-talks her while he steals the evidence from her purse. She drops him off but he invites her in. They share a toast and a kiss; he invites her upstairs, but she has to leave. Later, she comes back to tell Tom she dropped the evidence. He tells her he has it and wants to make a deal for Reese. To convince her, he shows her the videotape of them drinking and kissing while she was supposed to be on duty. He wants Reese to go free.

The Alexanders arrive at Edward's party. Eleanor puts down Peyton. Brian tells Edward that the DA will plea bargain with Reese's case. This doesn't make Edward happy, so he threatens Brian. Later, Brian tells his parents that Peyton called to say she may not make it. This sends his mother into another tirade against Peyton; they argue. Still later, after the party, Peyton comes to the riverboat to get a drink. Brian is waiting for her. She's afraid he's angry at her for missing the party, but he found out what she did. He's very proud of her for helping the cops when she could have kept the gem. So he gives her another jewel: his grandmother's ring, as he asks her to marry him. They kiss and hug as she agrees. Meanwhile, his mother receives some photos she had taken--of Peyton kissing Nick.


Savannah update 10/7/96

A woman interviews Edward at his campaign headquarters. When he mentions family values, she reminds him of Peyton, his illegitimate child who despises him. She compares him to "deadbeat dads". we find out the woman is Grace Boyer, his new public relations person. He introduces her to Veronica. Grace tells him he won't be elected if Peyton doesn't forgive him--publicly. He tries to figure out how to swing it.

Brian and Peyton make love. She looks forward to being Mrs. Alexander. Later, Reese, Lane and Peyton look through bridal magazines. Peyton is thrilled to be marrying a rich man, although she does profess to love him. Reese worries about going to jail (and missing Peyton's wedding) but she gets a call from Brian telling her the charges have been dropped. She also gets a call from the riverboat that they need a new barback, so she tells them to hire one. She shares the good news with her friends. Peyton visits Edward for lunch. He congratulates her on her engagement and says he's thinking about the future and his old age. He begs her to let him make up the past to her and offers to pay for her wedding. She agrees, suspicious.

Eleanor shows the scandalous photos of Peyton to Charles. He doesn't think she should give them to Brian herself because he'll hate her whether he dumps Peyton or not. He suggests she have them delivered anonymously.

Tom flushes the evidence against Reese down the toilet and gives the videotape to Sheila, the lady cop he was blackmailing. She attacks him when he hints he made copies, but he keeps her claws away from him.

Lane and Dean sit in the park for lunch. He kisses her and points out an old man and woman that always go there. He tells her how he feels about her in a romantic speech and asks her to marry him. She agrees and they kiss. Later, Dean is teaching Jason to fish off the pier. He tells him he wants to marry Lane in about a year. Jason says it's a "dumb idea" and then gets angry when he loses his fish.

Edward throws another fund-raiser on the riverboat. Reese and Veronica complain about not getting his attention. Reese discovers Nick is the new barback. She apologizes for assuming "the worst" about him before. The Alexanders arrive and Edward greets them. Brian and Peyton also arrive. They meet Grace, who takes Peyton and introduces her to a reporter. She tells him Peyton's back Edward and the reporter says he heard that Edward told him they "made up". She excuses herself and another reporter ambushes her with the same story. Peyton gets angry and tracks down Edward on the deck. She chews him out for using her. He denies it and she replies, "There is not enough money in the world to make me back you" and she leaves. Eleanor hears the exchange; she tells Edward she's got something else to donate to him. The next morning, Edward receives the photos of Peyton. He shows them to her and threatens to give them to Brian. She says it won't work because she'll just explain to Brian. He starts to send them via courier but she stops him and agrees to along with him. He tells her to come to a press conference and make nice. She feels betrayed. He gives her money but she drops it as she leaves, disgusted.

Tom congratulates Reese on having the charges dropped. She's not happy--she wants everyone to know she's innocent. He invites her to dinner and she refuses. Lane tells Reese that Tom confessed to the police and wore a wire to try to trap the drug dealers. Reese is impressed and wonders if maybe he is changing. She flirts with Nick and Lane observes that Nick "has his eye on" her. She also notes, "He's better-lookin' than Travis". Reese protests that there's nothing between them. They leave for the press conference.

At the press conference, a reporter questions Edward about Peyton, so he brings her up on stage with him. She reluctantly supports him. Eleanor calls Brian and tells him to watch it on t.v. She calls Peyton a "hypocrite" but he doesn't mind. She wonders if Edward forced her to do it and tells him that a private eye tried to sell her some photos of Peyton (she lets him question her, "reluctantly" telling him as if she didn't want to tell him), but she tells him she wouldn't look at them. He gets interested and pries the name of the PI from her. He looks the guy up in the phone book. He goes to the PI's office. The man says he has no pictures but Brian threatens him legally so he gives them to him. He tells Brian they were taken last week. Brian angrily leaves. The PI calls Eleanor, who tells him he did a good job and she'll send him money.

In her office, Nick thanks Reese for the job. He understands it's difficult for her since he looks like Travis. She is touched that he wants to ask her out. He says he's "nothing like Travis" and they kiss. Then we see it's a daydream of hers. He does come in and thank her, but that's it. She looks disappointed when he leaves. Later, Reese tells Peyton that she's glad she made up with Edward. Lane comes by looking sad and they ask her why. She tells them Jason is upset so they have to put off their wedding. They sympathize. The bartender notices Nick eyeing Reese. She asks Nick to get a case of labels from downstairs and she has to show him where they are. He observes he makes her "nervous". She denies it. He says he can't help looking like Travis and says she's been thinking about him. He's been thinking about her, too, he tells her as they kiss. But it's another fantasy--she's still by the bar. She asks Nick to get some more wine and is disappointed when he doesn't need her help. Tom asks her to look at some papers for a business deal and meet him after the shift to talk about them. She agrees and he smiles.

Brian brings the photos to Peyton, livid. She claims it was "part of the emerald sting" but he doesn't believe her. He demands she call the police to get someone to verify the story. She can't believe he's so suspicious. She offers to get him a name at the police tomorrow or to get Nick to back her up, but that's it for him. He tells her "the worst part of this is" he'll have to admit to his mother that she was right about Peyton. He storms out, leaving her upset. Peyton bangs on Edward's door late that night, waking him and Veronica. She rages at him for giving Brian the pictures. He denies it and asks her to think--why would he do that when he needs her support? Veronica backs up this logic. Peyton asks who sent the pics to him and he replies that they were delivered anonymously. Veronica asks, "Is there anyone else who would want to split you and Brian up?" A light dawns for Peyton...she goes to Eleanor, who admits she did it. Peyton says she never cheated on Brian but Eleanor says she would have eventually. She says Brian would have gotten tired of her and tells her to "find someone else to play with".

Reese sees Nick out on deck looking at the great view. He compliments her legs and they flirt. He invites her for coffee after work but she turns him down. He thinks it's because he works for her. She meets Tom after work; he has a whole candlelight dinner waiting in his office. She is angry that he deceived her once again and tells him she doesn't want to have dinner with him. He blows out the candles then heaves the whole dinner setting into the trash violently. As she goes to leave, he says, "I should have let you go to jail". She realizes he stole the evidence. She wants to go to the police but he tells her he flushed it. He wishes he didn't and calls her a "spoiled rotten brat" who "should have spent the next 20 years in jail". She leaves and tells Nick they can have that coffee.

Dean tucks Jason in and finds out he misinterpreted Jason's earlier remarks--the boy just doesn't think they should wait so long. Dean laughs. Lane comes over and he gives her the good news. She is ecstatic and they kiss.

Peyton brings donuts to Nick the next morning; he is in his boxers only. He says, "I knew you had a thing for me" and she sneers.


Savannah summary 10/13/96

Peyton tells Nick to get dressed. She wants him to go to Brian and explain the pictures. He ogles them and makes suggestive comments. She asks if he knew about the photographer but he knows nothing. She says he has to make Brian believe it was part of a "covert operation". He gets dressed and they go to see Brian. No one answers the door so they go around the side. They spy Brian and his parents at a wedding-Brian is marrying Nancy, his ex-fiancee. Peyton throws a potted plant at them and calls him an SOB. She and Nancy exchange barbs while Charles tries to calm everyone down. He says they "have a plane to catch". Brian says he doesn't know what he saw in her, Nick sticks up for Peyton and Eleanor says nasty things, having the last word as usual. Peyton looks destroyed and they all leave.

Reese tells Lane she had erotic dreams all night about Nick but kept waking up to avoid them, so she's very tired. Peyton enters and Lane tells them she's getting married. Peyton tells them about Brian. She's not too broken up; instead she's out for revenge. She gets dressed in a sexy blue dress and heads to Charles' office. She gives him her engagement ring and asks him to give it to his wife. She tells him she didn't feel right keeping it. She also explains that nothing happened with Nick, although she blames herself. She leaves; in the outside office, she distracts the secretary while she looks at Charles' appointment book. She sees that he'll be at the Second Chance charity auction. Later, Peyton calls Charles' office and lies to find out what he donated for the auction.

Edward talks to Grace and Senator Harding (?) about the debates next week. Veronica stops in on her way to work for the Second Chance auction. After she leaves, the senator tells Edward he ought to dump her before the election; Grace agrees. Edward argues so the senator storms out angrily. Later, he is in bed with Veronica after having sex. She suggests a slogan for his campaign and he likes it. The phone rings about his business in Honduras. She shows him a new suit she bought for the election but he tells her she shouldn't go. He doesn't want her to be seen in public with him until after the election. She's angry and hurt, throws him out.

Dean and Lane look at a historical old house in town for their wedding ceremony. She has loved the place for years, but it's very expensive. They decide they're happy with what they've got together and kiss.

Reese and Tom work together uneasily. They are in a meeting when Nick comes in; Tom is rude to him, possibly jealous when he is solicitous to Reese, who is drinking lots of coffee because of trying to avoid having dreams about Nick. She tells Tom she donated some stuff to the auction. He balks because Veronica's involved but she reminds him it's for a good cause.

Peyton volunteers for the auction and goes to "help out" next to the lady with the bids. She tries to get the woman to leave but she's intractable. Lane and Dean greet Reese at the auction, then Peyton. Reese observes Dean and Lane buying a raffle ticket-the prize is the bottle of champagne and $200 in chips that Reese donated. Reese buys 40 raffle tickets. Nick bumps into her and notices she's filling them all out with Dean and Lane's names. She asks him not to spill the beans and he helps her fill them out. They continue to flirt.

Edward runs his "opening remarks" by Grace, including his new slogan from Veronica. He gets a call from Lane, who asks, "Is it true you're opening a textile plant in Honduras". Grace helps him with crib notes as he tries to answer Lane's questions about how he's taking jobs out of Georgia. He lies that he's importing fabric from Honduras so he can create jobs here. She wants facts but he makes an excuse to get off the phone. He and Grace wonder who the leak could be. Edward goes to the auction and angrily accuses Veronica, but she denies leaking. She tells him to let go of her arm or she'll make a scene; they are interrupted by a voter. Charles and Eleanor greet Edward; Charles excuses himself. Eleanor and Edward chuckle about what they did to Peyton; she's relieved to be rid of her. Charles runs into Peyton at the table with his donation-15 rounds of golf instruction by him. She flatters him and invites him to share a lemonade. Peyton chats with him and then takes off. Eleanor wants to leave but he wants to stay so she leaves without him. Peyton spills lemonade on the bid woman to distract her so she can put her own bid in for free.

Veronica gets a former battered woman from Second Chances to draw the raffle ticket-Lane and Dean win. The auction proceeds, with Peyton winning the rounds of golf. She offers to forfeit her win if Charles is "uncomfortable" but he says it's okay. She tells him she has some "Japanese businessmen" she has to impress so she wants to take them golfing.

Lane and Dean bet their free chips on the riverboat; they shoot craps. Nick gives Reese a kiss because what she did for them was so "nice". She is surprised. Lane keeps winning so they keep betting. Nick apologizes for the kiss. Tom grouses that Lane will "break the bank", but Reese doesn't care. Lane and Dean keep winning so they cash out. The battered woman from the auction is there and thanks them for going to the auction.

Charles takes Peyton for her golf lessons. He admires her "form". Peyton has trouble hitting the ball so he puts his arms and hands on her, his body snug against hers, to show her how to hit the ball. They flirt but her swing improves. Afterwards, they relax with drinks at the club. She thanks him and compliments him some more. He insinuates she's been flattering and deceiving him but she introduces him to two Japanese businessmen. She goes off with them while he stands there with his mouth open, totally surprised. Peyton finishes her golf and runs into Charles. He's embarrassed for jumping to conclusions. She says she admires him and says Brian is "a pale shadow of the original". They part company and she pays the "businessmen" in their truck in the parking lot-they are really Americans, with heavy southern accents. Later, Charles calls Peyton at home while his wife is in the bathroom. He invites her for more golf next week.

Nick tells Reese he has trouble with her being his boss when she's so "irresistible". He quits, so they kiss. She rehires him and they kiss some more. Lane and Dean go to their special house, about to reserve it for their wedding, when she stops him. She says it's the marriage that's important, not the wedding-they don't need a big wedding. They go to Veronica's apartment and donate the money to Second Chances. She is "overwhelmed". She goes back in and listens to Edward's debate. His opponent steals his opening remarks, including the slogan. Later, the senator tells him he must stop the leaks, and Edward vows to do so even if it means "blood". Tom visits Grace, who is the leak. He wants to pay her but she refuses, saying, "I have very personal reasons for making Edward Burton suffer". They laugh that Edward blames Veronica.

Savannah Summary 10/21/96

Lane, Peyton, and Reese go to look at a flower garden. Peyton quizzes Reese about Nick, asking if she's sleeping with him. Reese refuses to answer so they assume she is. She confides they kissed. Peyton runs into Eleanor there and pretends to be very nice to her; they chat about flowers. Lane and Reese can't believe it after what Brian did to her, but Peyton says sweetly that she "can't hold a mother responsible for" what her son did.

Peyton and Charles have coffee before golf. She asks him what he does to "keep in such great shape" and he tells her he plays tennis. The boy at the coffee counter thinks Peyton is his wife, embarrassing Charles. She thinks the boy assumed they were lovers. So she suggests she find a new teacher, but he insists they keep up with the golf. They flirt more. Peyton wants to join the tennis club for one day; she has to deal with an obnoxious guy who tries to sell her a real membership. She sees Charles playing tennis so she sits down in his line of sight, wearing a sexy bikini and moving in a provocative way. His concentration is disturbed as he sees her, so he loses his game. Afterwards, he sees she's gone. He goes home and Eleanor notices he's cranky. She's annoyed that Brian won't be home for her birthday and blames Nancy. He snaps at her, calling her "critical". Peyton "accidentally" runs into Charles outside an office building, pretending to be waiting for a cab that's late. He offers to give her a ride. She asks him to stop at a drive-thru but he suggests they go someplace better for lunch. He takes a good look at her shapely legs and hiked-up skirts as she gets into his car. Peyton and Charles have ribs at a beachside cafe. He tells her he has to go pick up his wife's birthday present and asks for suggestions. She says she would like flowers, but he says it has to be very expensive. She says, "your company should be gift for any woman" and he laughs. She suggests "something sentimental" like a framed picture of them. He asks when her birthday is. They flirt and leave. Charles is making a call when Peyton visits his office, holding a flower. He tells his secretary to go home and calls home, leaving a message for his wife to bring his glasses to the restaurant--he is meeting her for dinner at 8:00. Peyton tells him she brought the flower to put on Eleanor's gift. He doesn't believe her, so she confesses it was just an "excuse" to see him. He says she doesn't need one. She pretends to be embarrassed, but he kisses her and they start getting passionate. While he goes to get the shades, she hits the redial on his phone so the answering machine will pick up their lovemaking groans. All of a sudden she pretends to feel "terrible" about the whole thing and runs out, leaving him perplexed.

Nick greets Reese; she tries to be formal with him and tell him they can't keep kissing. He tells her it was important to him, too. She wants to get to know him better. They are about to kiss again when she leaves.

Grace and Tom meet at the post office box place. She reads the paper that says that Edward trails by 6 points. Tom tells her he's mailing Edward a contribution from a group called "Our Nation's Endeavor" or ONEPAC. He set up the committee with a fake name and tells her to leak their "statement of purpose" to Edward's opponent. She reads it and smiles. At his campaign headquarters, Reese tells Edward that his opponent is on TV; he calls ONEPAC a bunch of "atheistic radicals". Edward tells Grace to look into it. She suggests Veronica's behind it, but he says he broke up with her so it would have to be someone on his staff. He wants to fire the treasurer and anyone connected with his mail but she reminds him that Senator Harlin is the treasurer and the others are volunteers. Reese offers to help but he brushes her off. He has a press conference explaining that he has nothing to do with ONEPAC and is returning the money. Edward next gets a death threat from a religious fanatic. Wheeler investigates and Edward tells him he got some crank calls, too. He wants to ignore them but Wheeler says he ought to take them seriously. At the casino, Reese argues with Edward over the phone about wearing a bullet-proof vest. Nick asks her what's wrong so she explains. He wonders if the threats and the leaks are connected. She says too many people have access to Edward's phones to find the leak. He suggests she finds out who's receiving calls or faxes that are suspicious. She's "impressed". Later, Reese tells Nick that someone at the headquarters has been sending faxes to Tom at the riverboat. She plans to give Tom phony info to pass on to his "source" so they can "catch him". Now Nick's "impressed". They set up Tom--Reese pretends to be urging Peyton, over the phone, to make up with Edward because he's dying. Tom eavesdrops and hears her say that he keeps his pills in an overcoat in his office. Tom grins. He calls Grace and tells her to steal Edward's pills. She's reluctant so he says to leave some pills there. Grace sneaks into Edward's office close to get the pills. When she comes out, Edward and Reese are there to catch her. Edward fires her. Reese asks if Edward's opponent Dawson paid her, or Tom. Grace says it wasn't the money--she calls Edward "evil". She says he fired her father 2 weeks before his retirement, he lost his pension and ended up dying of pneumonia. Edward calls him a "fool" and tells her to leave. Still later, he brings Veronica flowers and apologizes. She slams the door but he knocks again and tells her "I need you". He sweeps her up in his arms and they kiss. Meanwhile, Reese visits Nick to tell him their plan "worked". He just came out of the shower, so he's dripping wet and in a towel. She hugs and thanks him. She's ecstatic and says she impressed Edward, even though he didn't thank her. He kisses her but she tells him to get dressed so they can "celebrate". At his next press conference, Edward is shot. There is chaos and confusion. But Edward is fine and stumbles to the microphone to tell the press no one will "intimidate" him. The press heaps praise on him. Reese visits Edward in the hospital. He was wearing a vest but has bruised ribs. He credits Reese for pestering him to wear it; they hug. Later, Veronica and Edward gloat about their fake assassination attempt and how it worked so well to boost his poll ratings. They kiss and she undresses. Reese rages at Tom that he's to blame for Edward's shooting. He refuses to take credit. She leaves his office, angry. She tells Peyton she's selling her part of their business. Peyton wants to buy it but Reese tells her she can't afford to, unless she has a "sugar daddy" who'll loan her the money. Peyton suddenly remembers the tape and rushes out. She spies on Charles and Eleanor, just arriving home. Eleanor goes to play the answering machine tape while Peyton watches nervously.

Lane watches Edward's first press conference and reads ONEPAC's goals--they want to tax churches and other non-profit groups. Terrence Goodson, an old friend of hers from New York, arrives to cover the campaign. He tries to get her to go to lunch with him but she tells him she is having lunch with her "fiancée". He tries to get her to meet with him but she rebuffs him again. He's surprised and disappointed. She calls Dean to schedule lunch and pressures him into it. Lane tells Dean at lunch that her old friend is in town, and why. Terry runs into them and she introduces them to each other. Dean invites him to join them, since it's crowded. Terry congratulates them on their engagement and lets slip that he and Lane were engaged. Lane tries to change the subject and Dean asks how long. Terry says six months, but they lived together 1 year. Dean gets beeped and has to leave; he is cold to Lane. Lane chews Terry out. Wheeler tells a grumpy Dean that he has to stick by Edward until after the election. Lane drops by and Wheeler congratulates them. Dean's pissed that she didn't tell him everything. She tries to make excuses and reminds him he was married with a child. She leaves, both of them angry still. Lane calls but Dean makes excuses not to talk to her. Terry apologizes for causing problems. She notices he still uses the same organizer she bought him. They apparently broke up because he spent too much time working. He asks if she and Dean are going to "travel around the world" like she'd always planned. She says Dean is a "homebody" but she's happy. He makes a comment about giving up her "dreams". Dean and Lane meet at the press conference before Edward's shot and apologize to each other. She tells him he has no reason to be jealous and Terry will be gone soon. Later, Terry asks Lane for her help on his article, promising her a byline. Dean is not pleased to see them together. She finds out Terry didn't really have an assignment there. He confesses that he came there to try with her again. She is touched. Meanwhile, Wheeler tells Dean he should trust Lane.


Savannah Summary 10/28/96

Eleanor listens to her messages. Peyton shuts off the Alexanders' power so they can't hear her message. She goes in through the window while they check the fuse box and substitutes another tape. She climbs back out just in time. She hides the tape on the bottom of the drawer in her office, with tape. Later, Peyton tells Reese she can't go to vote for Edward in front of the press because she's meeting with a "money man" who is going to help her buy Reese's share of the riverboat. Charles gets an envelope sent to him with a hotel room key and a note from Peyton to meet him; he smiles. He meets Peyton. She pretends she feels SO guilty but he doesn't mind. They go to bed. After having sex, they act silly. She keeps saying it's "wrong" and they shouldn't keep their affair going. He talks her out of it. She slips in a mention of going to loan offices and, when he asks, explains why. She says she's competing with Tom to buy Reese's share of the riverboat and if she doesn't get it, she'll leave town. Charles offers to loan her the money and she acts surprised. She turns him down but again, he convinces her. Later he calls her and tells her he has the check ready to drop by the next day. He goes to wait in her office. He writes a note to leave with the check, then tears it up and throws it away. He misses the can so he bends down to get it. Then he notices the tape strapped to the bottom of her drawer. He gets it and looks puzzled. He listens to it in his office and then phones Peyton to ask her to stop by. Peyton meets him and he gives her an empty envelope. He tells her he has "the tape". She confesses it was her plan for revenge on Eleanor, but she says she couldn't go through with it because she fell for him. He doesn't believe her since she didn't destroy the tape. She makes a weak excuse about liking to listen to it. He tells her she now gets neither revenge nor money.

Lane chews Terry out again for lying to her. He tells her he still wants her to help write the story. She doesn't want to but he finally convinces her by saying this is her "big break". Later they discuss their story. He notices she's tense so he massages her neck. She's uncomfortable but he pretends to be nice. She apologizes for getting mad at him before about working so hard. He compliments her so she gets nervous again and leaves. Lane comes in later after working all night. She tells Reese and Peyton that she was working with Terry. Reese knows who he is. Dean calls to find out why she didn't return his calls last night. She tells him she's working with Terry. He notices she's defensive. Things are awkward and they hang up.

Veronica, visiting Edward, gets dressed in her clothes; he tells her to dump the gun. She leaves and goes into a lab. She dumps the gun in a box marked "biological hazard", wrapped up in plastic. But Tom has been following her--he goes in and gets the gun. Edward and Veronica go to vote. Reese introduces Nick to her father. He is struck by his resemblance to Travis. Reese tells him Nick helped them find the "mole" in his campaign. Edward asks Nick what he does and finds out he works for Reese. He takes Reese aside and berates her for bringing Travis' deadringer to the photo op and calls Nick a "golddigger". Later, Edward is practicing his acceptance speech when Tom comes in to make sarcastic remarks. He tells Edward he knows about the shooting and gives him details on how he and Veronica set it up. Edward denies it, but Tom tells him Veronica pulled the same scam once before. He wants money, he tells Edward, because he has the gun. Edward yells at Veronica for getting him into the "mess" with Tom. She says she can get the gun back and get Tom out of his hair for good. Edward wins the election and makes his speech. Veronica introduces him to her old friend "Pete", who's an arsonist. Edward wants him to burn down the riverboat and make it look like Tom did it. Edward calls Tom to ask him to meet him to make the exchange.

Reese has a dinner for her friends to celebrate Lane's article being published. Only Reese, Nick, Lane and Dean are there. Terry comes in and tells Lane they have to "expand the story" now that Edward's going to win. Lane has to go--she apologizes. Dean takes off, too. Reese tells him she's sorry about Terry. She asks him what he thinks of Nick and he offers to run a background check on him. She turns him down. Later, after Nick and Reese kiss he goes to leave. He admires her house and the antiques in it, so she wonders about his motives. She calls Dean and tells him to go ahead with the background check.

Reese entertains Pete at the boat; she thinks he's a prospective buyer. He asks all sorts of questions about the boat. Nick comes up and they chat. He asks her how much she's asking for the boat, but she is not comfortable talking about it with him, knowing he can't afford it. She gives him his paycheck. Dean brings flowers to Reese at the riverboat; he is supposed to meet Lane for dinner. He tells her Nick is clean. Meanwhile, at the paper, Terry tells Lane their article will be on the cover, but they must make "revisions". She says she can't now, but he talks her into it. She phones Dean and gives him the bad news. Pete lurks nearby Dean on the riverboat. Dean pretends to be understanding but he's pissed. Reese suggests he take food to Lane and Terry so he can see Lane. He is not sure he wants to.

Meanwhile, Pete siphons the gas from Tom's car into the river. Later, Tom runs out of gas. Pete, pretending to be a yahoo, stops and lets Tom use his gas can. He lets Tom do all the work so he can get his prints on the can. Tom even gives him $5.00 for the gas. Later, Tom finds Edward and asks why he didn't meet him. Edward says he's not giving him the money. Tom threatens to tell all, but Edward tells him he set him up for arson. He wants to trade the gas can for the gun. Meanwhile, Pete sets up an incendiary device in the office window on the riverboat. Edward calls Reese from his car to make sure she's not going to be on the riverboat. She says she is meeting some guy who wants to make an offer on the boat. She finds out it is Nick. He's president of the corporation. He informs her he comes from a "rich family" and is only working as a bartender so people will like him for himself, not his money. She understands and agrees to sell it to him. He suggests they go to the riverboat to celebrate, so they do. They go to the office to open champagne and plan to make love. They start on the couch. Edward meets Tom with Veronica in a wooded area. Tom pulls the gun on him and demands the gas can. Edward gives it to him and Tom gives him the gun. Tom tells him to "go to Hell" and leaves. Pete comes out of the trees and tells them the boat is ready. He detonates the device and the fire starts. Reese and Nick are fast asleep on the couch in the office.

Lane and Dean work on their article. He asks her to come to New York with him. She says she can't--she loves Dean. He kisses her goodbye just as Dean arrives with dinner for them.


Savannah Summary 11/4/96

Veronica and Edward congratulate each other on their plan. He checks his machine and finds a message from Reese saying that a) Nick has his own money and he's buying the riverboat, and b) they're going there now. He yells to Veronica to call 911, the fire department, and the boat, as he rushes out.

Nick and Reese sleep in the burning office. Tom smells smoke from the casino and breaks down the door. He wakes them up. He carries Reese out while Nick uses the fire extinguisher. Then Tom goes back in and helps beat out the fire. Nick thanks him. Tom's pissed at him for doing hanky-panky with Reese. Tom finds the incendiary device and hides it; then he knocks down an oil lamp to make it look like it feel and started the fire. Reese also thanks Tom. He tells them to leave so he can handle the fire department.

Edward rushes to the scene, saying "Please don't let her be there!" He runs in. Tom explains to the fire department that he and his girlfriend fell asleep while the oil lamps were burning and the smoke detector battery must have died. Edward runs in and Tom lets him believe that Reese is dead. He gives him gory details about her death and tells him, "You roasted your own daughter alive". Edward cries and turns to the bottle.

Nick and Reese take a shower and kiss. She feels bad about Tom seeing them that way. He jokes with her about it. She goes to call people so they won't worry about her, but he reminds her it's very early. They make love instead. The next morning, Reese calls Peyton and Lane. Peyton wonders what she and Nick were doing. Lane tells her Terry kissed her, but it didn't mean anything. Peyton says she should have taken her revenge for being dumped by him--by leading him on and then dumping him. Lane wonders if she should tell Dean, but Peyton warns her that's a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Dean is pissed about them kissing and shares his annoyance with Wheeler. Wheeler advises Dean to talk to Lane. Terry's leaving town today so Dean says they can discuss it tonight. Terry drops by the house to see Lane. She's in her bathrobe and surprised to see him. He apologizes for kissing her. He gives her a copy of the article--he put her name first in the byline. He notices she's hanging pictures, so he offers to help. So she lets him. Terry throws his back out while helping her. Terry calls to postpone his "interview with the mayor". Lane waits on him. Dean comes to visit and they get into a fight over the kiss and Terry being there. He leaves, angry. Lane leaves Terry at home while she goes to work. He gets up off the couch and looks just fine. He calls his editor at the magazine and asks him to offer Lane a job, even if it means he'll have to pay her salary himself. He thinks he'll be able to convince her she loves him if he just has "one month". Dean visits Lane, who's busy at work. He apologizes and she understands. He gives her a book about Nelly Bly, famous 19th Century newspaper woman. She gets the call from the editor and says she'll call him back. She tells Dean the good news and he congratulates her. They hug but he looks worried. He asks her to spend the night. The next morning, Lane and Dean go to her house, preparing for a picnic. Terry still pretends to be laid up. She tells him about the job offer. While she gets dressed, Terry goes on about how he hopes Dean isn't going to stand in Lane's way and how great a place New York City is over Savannah for a writer. Lane comes in and tells him off. She also notices his back is all better, as he stood up to argue with Dean. She tells him to leave. Dean kisses her.

Edward is very drunk, refusing to answer the phone or door and smashing things and crying. Reese comes in and he thinks she's a ghost at first. She tries to tell him she's alive but he's too drunk. She says she's been trying to phone him. It finally sinks in and he explains why he thought she was dead. They hug. He's very angry at Tom. She gets him aspirin and he passes out. (A very funny scene!) Reese visits Tom and tells him Edward "misunderstood" and thought she had died. Tom's response is great: "Gosh. Sorry!" She thanks him again and calls him "heroic". She asks to start over. They hug. He assumes she won't sell now but she says she already agreed so she can't back out. He wonders how Nick can afford it. She says, "Nick has money, he's just secretive about his finances".

Reese meets Edward at a restaurant--he's embarrassed that she saw him so drunk. He asks her to move home and then when she refuses, to work for him. She doesn't think it's a good idea since they always fight. When he presses, she gets annoyed and leaves. Tom overhears when a guy from River Run, Edward's factory, comes to the boat and asks Reese for a job. He gives the guy a janitorial job. Reese knows Tom was planning to get some staff go so she calls him a "softy". She wonders if Burton Industries is in trouble and mentions that Edward offered her a job.

Nick can't get his money--the finder's fee for the "Centurion"! He threatens the insurance guy that he better give him the money right away. Peyton gets a call for Nick from the insurance guy; when she hears it's about "reward money" she pretends to be Nick's secretary and asks for more details. He spills that it's about the "finder's fee for the emerald". She writes something down. Nick gets a message that the check will be ready in two hours at 5:00. He tells Tom he's not going to be bartender anymore and shows him a new schedule he made up. Tom says he'll still take orders until he's officially the owner. They argue and Nick calls him a "stuffed shirt". Meanwhile, Peyton goes to pick up the check, still pretending to be Nick's secretary, flirting with the insurance guy. Later, Nick goes there and finds the check gone. He realizes it was Peyton who took it. It's too late for them to stop the check, too. Nick goes to the boat and grabs Peyton, pulling her outside. He demands the check, so she gives it to him. It's only half of it, though. They threaten each other and argue--Peyton wins. She also taunts him about not being able to buy the riverboat now.

Reese visits Edward while he's having a suit fitting and asks him about River Run. He sends the tailor away and tells her his company is fine, it's just that the factor is not doing well so he has to let it go. She questions putting people out of work but he says that's the way business works--and she would know that if she ever worked for him. He's upset that she'll someday inherit the business and knows nothing about it. When Reese mentions to Tom about working for her father, he calls her naive and says that Edward started the riverboat fire--he hired "an arsonist"! She doesn't believe it. He points out that Edward would want to burn it down not only to get back at him, but so she would come work for him. He shows her the incendiary device. She asks why he didn't go to the police and he tells her Edward set it up to make him look guilty. Reese goes to Veronica and Edward and accuses him of starting the fire. They deny it; she's not sure. Edward declares he loves her too much to hurt her like that. Tom talks to someone on the phone (a PI, maybe). He wants to find the arsonist. He describes and says he'd "go to Hell and back" for Reese. Reese visits and he introduces her to Pete, the arsonist, who has a black eye. She recognizes him as the buyer she gave a tour to. Pete confirms his occupation and says Edward hired him. Reese doesn't believe it, but Tom tells her Pete recorded the conversation. He plays it--she hears Edward asking Pete to burn down the boat and make it look like Tom did it. She goes to Edward and gives him the tape, playing it for him. She tells him to "consider it an early father's day present" because that's the last one he'll ever get from her. She storms out.

Tom introduces Peyton to a guy who's going to repair the office. She says if the insurance doesn't cover it, she'll sue Reese and Nick. Tom points out Nick will soon be their "partner". She says maybe not--he's not so rich as he's led Reese to believe. Tom looks very pleased.

Meanwhile, Nick phones his father's estate and talks to Deke Reynolds, who works for his dad. He tells Deke he's in Savannah. A corvette and family jet are mentioned. Nick tells him he wants to dip into his "trust fund".


Savannah Update 11/11/96 by Suzanne Lanoue

Deke gambles at the riverboat while visiting Nick. Peyton accuses Nick of an "underhanded scheme" but when he gets phone call she finds out from Deke that Nick's family is rich from Texas oil. Peyton has a meeting with Nick and Tom so she starts kissing up to Nick. Reese's old office, now Nick's, has to be repaired. Tom is grouchy and Peyton sides with Nick, not improving his mood.

Lane greets old friend Cassandra Wheeler, who just came back from Los Angeles after trying to make it in the music biz. She doesn't want to tell her father, Detective Wheeler, that she failed. Lane fills her in on what's happened recently with Peyton and Reese.

Reese hands out flyers asking the workers at River Run not to "punch in" so the factory can stay open. Some of them harass her. The "shut down" is scheduled for Friday and she has to defend her position, saying she doesn't agree with Edward and needs their help. They're skeptical but she convinces them. Edward is faxed a copy of the flyer and is not happy. He goes to Reese and asks her to quit but she won't budge. There are picket lines and Reese is impassioned about the future of the company as she chats with Lane and Cassie Wheeler. Edward rants to Veronica about the stalled plant. She suggests he trying talking to Reese. When he mentions that she cares more about Nick's advice, she gets the idea to visit Nick. She goes to the riverboat to talk about the problems between Reese and Edward, but he takes Reese's side. They discuss Tom briefly. She asks him to talk to Reese about a compromise but he won't get involved. She leaves. Peyton flirts with him.

Cassie greets Peyton and they hug. Reese asks her to give Cassie a job and tells Peyton Cassie's staying with them, too. Peyton casually mentions that Veronica was talking to Nick and implies they often hang out together. She says Nick's "an incorrigible flirt". Reese looks troubled. Later, Reese phones Peyton to ask to use her copier to run off more flyers. Peyton says sure, knowing it will annoy Edward. She leaves a fake message from Veronica to Nick, thanking him for tea. She asks Nick about donating some equipment to charity. He says to ask Tom but she says their opinion together will outweigh Tom's. He remembers she worked at the Second Chances auction so he believes her intentions are good. He agrees to go look at the stuff. Reese checks her messages, at Peyton's suggestion, and finds the fake one. She finds out Nick is taking some stuff to Second Chances and gets suspicions that he and Veronica are more than friends. She chats with him later about his "errands" earlier. He claims they were "boring". She asks if he called Veronica back. He says she probably was calling to see if he had talked to Reese about not going to the press. All Reese hears is that he did talk to Veronica. He realizes she's "jealous" and teases her. They kiss. Tom watches. Meanwhile, Peyton looks for dolphin earrings like Veronica's and finds them.

Lane asks Edward about the plant closing and how Burton industries is doing. After she leaves, he calls her boss at the paper--Eleanor Alexander. Eleanor promises to bury her story. Lane protests to her editor and then goes to talk to Eleanor. Eleanor pretends to be sweet and sympathetic but says the plant closing is boring and the readers don't want it; neither do advertisers. Lane and Cassie wait for Dean and Michael, her dad, to meet for lunch. Cassie talks about her dad to Lane while he talks to Dean about her as they walk there. He complains that she could have gone to law school but ran off to LA instead. Both Wheeler and his daughter think the other is "stubborn". They haven't spoken in 2 years. Both worry about what to say so Lane and Dean both suggest sticking to talking about the food. They meet and things are awkward and quiet. They all talk about the food but it's still awkward. Finally Dean tells them to share what's in their hearts. They both apologize for not keeping in touch. She says she needs a job so he suggest working at the department and also says she can live with him. She says she's going to try out with a "jazz trio" on the riverboat, which Dean and Lane suggested. Michael gets annoyed at all of them and storms out.

A worker from the burned office asks Tom what he wants to do about the safe. He checks it out--it's very old. Tom pretends to know all about it, asks the guy not to mention it, and says he'll get back to him. He works on cracking it. Nick greets Tom in the early morning. Tom lies that they have disturbed asbestos in his office so he can't use it for now. When Nick is annoyed at the inconvenience, Tom jokes that he debated whether to tell him or not. Tom gets a guy to open the safe and finds Reese's mom's diary, left there by his dad.

Lane tells Cassie and Reese she's upset about losing her story. Reese plans to buy an ad talking about River Run closing. When they won't print it, Reese goes to Eleanor and demands to know why. Eleanor says they are required to print it. They argue briefly but Eleanor wins for now.

Wheeler tells Dean he wanted to go to college but had to go to work to help support his family. So instead, he worked hard so his kids could go to college. Cassie should have gone to law school but "threw it away". Dean points out that's not "her dream" and it's not his job as a parent to pressure her. He invites him to come hear her sing. The girls give Cassie a pep talk before her debut. Peyton tells Nick that Reese is waiting for him. She says Reese is hoping he'll whisk her away to bed. Cassie sings and is very good. Peyton breaks into Nick's room and plants the earrings under a pillow. Lane and Dean are happy when Michael comes in and see Cassie. He is grinning ear-to-ear with pride; she sees him and is happy, too. Nick invites Reese to leave early. At his place, she gets stuck with the earring and recognizes it as Veronica's. He claims he's "not involved with anyone", least of all her. She leaves in anger. The next day, Reese confronts Edward but he closes the plant anyway. She tells him "it's not over". He makes a deal with Eleanor so that she can buy the Honduran textile plant and he can use the materials from River Run to help her. They congratulate themselves for circumventing unions and environmental laws. He's her "silent partner" in the deal.

Tom visits Reese at home; she's down in the dumps. He gives her the diary and explains how he got it. He tells her he read it and there's lots of dirt on Edward. She asks why he didn't keep it to use against Edward. He says, "Because as much as I hate your father, I love you more". She's touched. He points out that she willed Reese half of Burton Industries. She is disgusted that Edward never told her.

Cassie meets a mysterious man in the park. He's giving her money. He asks why she's singing on the boat, it's "not part of the plan". She says she couldn't get a job at the plant. She tells him Reese doesn't know why she's really there.

Nick tells Peyton he's not seeing Veronica. She "reluctantly" tells him about Reese's past history with men--jealousy always manages to ruin her relationships. He thanks her, saying he's had bad experiences with women like that before. She's pleased at the results of her plotting.


Savannah Summary 11/18/96

Reese confronts Edward about the diary. He says it's a fake but she gives him lurid details about his affairs. He denies that her mother left her half of Burton Industries. Reese says she's "learned to be ruthless" from his bad example. She says, "If I have to bury you, I will". She goes to the riverboat looking for Tom but runs into Nick. He tells her he didn't sleep with Veronica. She doesn't buy it. They argue while Tom watches. Nick tells her she has psychological problems. She goes with Tom into the office to talk about the diary. He's thrilled to find out she's done with Nick. He laughs when she tells him Nick's "seeing Veronica" but she doesn't think it's funny. They talk about how rotten Edward is. Tom recognizes the name "Eugene Scott", the lawyer her mom went to, to change the will. He helps her find the town the firm is in. They go to the law firm and find out Scott "retired years ago, not really by choice". They find him in a rest home, his mind a bit addled. He gets the past and present confused, thinking Reese is Katherine, her mother. He confirms that she left everything to Reese. He warns her to keep the will from Edward, who's a "snake". He tells them the will is "under the watchful eye of Aunt Lottie". Reese tells Tom that Aunt Lottie died years ago, BEFORE her mom did.

Nick schmoozes with people on the riverboat, including a pretty girl at the craps table. Peyton asks him about his "broken heart" but he denies it. She suggests he start dating again right away to get over Reese. Later, he asks Peyton to work for him so he can go on a date. She tries to talk him out of it but he goes anyway. She's not pleased that he didn't take the hint. The next day, Nick makes plans for another date. Peyton tells him they have a "policy against" dating the customers. He reminds her she told him that employees can't date each other, either. They argue. He tells her they'll have to change the policy and "in fact, I imagine it's the only time Tom and I will ever agree on anything in a board meeting". He goes to his lunch date while she fumes. Peyton helps the bartender in a large walk-in closet and finds out the latch is faulty. He tells her he was once locked in there for half an hour. She is interested and tests it out to see how it works. After he leaves she fools with the latch. Later, she gets Nick to help her take some boxes into the closet. She fixes it so they're trapped in there. She pretends to have claustrophobia and freaks out so he has to comfort her. He gets her a blanket and they share it. She tells Nick she's "sorry" about him and Reese. They each admit the other is not "as bad" as they first thought. He warms her hands by rubbing them. He offers to rub other parts but she protests, saying they're "business partners". He claims he only meant her feet, so she lets him rub them. She moans in an erotic way, turning him on. Soon he's moving on to her legs but she stops him. They notice it's gotten warm so they start removing clothes and then kissing. They start at it when the cleaning women come in. They can tell something's been going on, despite Nick and Peyton claiming how uncomfortable they were. They head for his place to finish.

Lane talks with a woman at the River Run plant, who tells her Edward is looking to lease the property now. Restrictive zoning laws keep him from turning it into a mall. She tells Lane that Edward already sold the equipment to a company called "Orozco Ltd.". The woman tells Edward that she told Lane about RR being leased. She thinks it will help them attract someone to lease it. He is annoyed but can't show it. He calls Eleanor and tells her Lane's still working on the story. She promises to handle it. Eleanor tells Lane her last article sucked because she spent too much time on the River Run stuff. She fires Lane.

Cassie meets Frank in the park--she's surprised to see him as her contact. They sit on a bench. Dean and Michael are nearby; they chat about his being reunited with Cassie. He sees Cassie in the park and recognizes Frank as the bass player she ran off with. He runs over there but Frank gets away before he reaches them. As he's leaving, Cassie makes plans to meet him later. She claims to her father that she ran into Frank by accident. Michael demands she not see Frank and she bristles at his overprotective behavior. She tells him off and they part in anger. Later, Cassie meets Frank and tells him she wants out. She doesn't want to "spy" on her friends anymore. He tells her, "You can't get out and you can't tell anyone until we've nailed the Burtons". She agrees, reluctantly.

Cassie and Dean help Lane move her office stuff. They discuss all the stuff that's been happening to Lane. Lane says her files at work were deleted but she still has them on disk. She still plans to write the article and sell it to another paper. Dean worries that it might be dangerous. Lane works with Dean at the police station. She complains she can't find Orozco Ltd. anywhere. She knows the stuff is going to Honduras. He helps her realize it could incorporated in a tax-free state such as Delaware. Lane searches on the computer and finds out that Eleanor is president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer of Orozco.

At home, Lane helps Reese look through Aunt Lottie's things. Cassie pretends to be sleepy, then sneaks in to look at Lane's computer disks. Lane and Reese look through the stuff but don't find anything. Lane gives Reese a pep talk when she's ready to give up. Cassie finishes on the PC just as soon as Lane and Reese come back. They show her a picture they found of the good old days. She cries when they tell her how much they missed her. The next morning, Lane, Reese and Cassie fix breakfast. Reese thinks there was no will. They discuss Aunt Lottie and realize there is a portrait of her hanging in the dining room. They cut the back open and find the will.

Reese goes to Burton Industries to tell Edward she owns half of the company, found the will and knows he sold equipment to Eleanor. She tells him there will be "big changes". She sees Veronica and finds out she didn't lose an earring.

Cassie and Frank watch a guard leave the warehouse, then break in. They almost get seen by two other guys. They look inside the crates until they find one that has tons of counterfeit money in it. Meanwhile, Lane and Dean are driving to the warehouse when they realize someone's tailgating them. The car them off the road. Dean hits his head on the steering wheel. He looks unconscious and bleeding from his head slightly. Lane is woozy.

Reese looks for Nick at the riverboat. Tom tries to talk her out of it. She tells him she just wants to talk to him. Peyton and Nick have sex a few times. Expecting pizza, he opens the door to find Reese standing there.


Savannah Summary 11/25/96 by Suzanne Lanoue

Peyton hides under the bed while Reese visits Nick. She apologizes for mistrusting him. He covers badly, especially when the pizza arrives. He insists they go out. Reese reminds him to lock the door as they go out, trapping Peyton inside. They go to eat. He is still annoyed that she didn't trust him (or at least pretends to be). She apologizes and explains she had bad relationships with men. He forgives her but says they should take it slow. They kiss and make up. She wants to go to bed but he says they shouldn't. Later, Nick looks for Peyton on the riverboat. They go to his office to chat privately. She says she got out of his apartment through the fire escape. She laughs about almost getting caught by Reese. She asks if he told Reese about them but he says it wasn't the right time. He starts to tell her how he feels about Reese but she laughs that there's no way he could be serious with Reese since he just slept with her. He tells her he's back with Reese, anyway. She leaves, teasing him slightly with her body to give him something to think about. Tom asks Peyton if she's seen Reese. She tells him she's back with Nick. She rails about Reese and he notes she must be jealous.

Lane gets a cast and pain pills for a fractured wrist. Wheeler walks by and Lane tells him that Dean is getting a cat scan, and that a "drunk" ran them off the road. The nurse insists she take her pain pill prescription when she leaves. A doctor questions Dean, who's still a little out of it. He doesn't remember the accident. The doctor won't release him for 24 hours because of his "confusion". Wheeler tells Dean that the car that rammed them was stolen. They found it with no prints on it. He says maybe it wasn't an accident. Dean tells him about Lane's story. Wheeler goes to check out the warehouse.

Eleanor tells Edward she's worried that Reese will find out about Orozco Ltd. now that she's co-owner of Burton Industries. He reassures her that won't happen. He calls his lawyer to try to break Katherine's will. The lawyer tells him there's no way. Edward raves about how Reese isn't fit to run the business. He says it's his late wife's "revenge".

Cassie calls some guy to say they found the counterfeit money in one of Edward's warehouses and that it is being shipped out tomorrow. He tells them to keep watching it. She goes home to rest while Frank takes the first shift. She gives him her cell phone to use.

Lane fills Cassie in on the accident and Reese tells her about making up with Nick. Cassie doubts Nick's sincerity and seems cynical about men. She tells them she has a sore throat and is going to the doctor so she can't sing on the riverboat tonight. Lane types on the computer, using the pain pills so she can use her broken wrist.

Peyton gets all dolled up while Reese gets ready for her date with Nick. Peyton answers the door when Nick arrives. She tells him she has a date. Reese comes in and they leave. As he's going out the door, Nick catches a glimpse of Peyton straightening her stockings in a sexy way. She tells Lane her date canceled. Then she notices Lane taking the pain pills. Lane says she's supposed to take them every 4 hours but it's only been 3--she takes them anyway. At work, Peyton pretends to be talking on the phone to someone about her stockings, playing it up for Nick's benefit. He makes a comment, but she tells him to mind his own business as long as he's "spoken for". The bartender confesses to Nick that he fantasizes about Peyton. Tom comes up and gives Nick a hard time about not working.

Frank is watching at the warehouse when Wheeler comes up behind him. Frank tries to quiet him but some guys catch them. Wheeler pulls out his badge. Cassie goes to the warehouse and finds the cell phone but no Frank. She talks to her boss, telling him the phone was crushed. He doesn't want to blow the operation just to rescue Frank. He says they'll have to wait until 11:00. Also, he takes her off the case since her cover might be gone. Dean goes to work and the cops tell him that Wheeler never showed for their poker game the night before. Dean comes looking for Cassie. He tells her Wheeler went to the warehouse; she worries and tells him she works for the U.S. Treasury Department.

Lane visits Reese at work, where she has no furniture yet. Lane asks to look at the "River Run files". Reese says she'll help her do it. Nick phones her and flirts. He invites her out and she suggests a dance club. Peyton overhears so she knows where they're going. She goes to Tom and flatters him. She offers to out with him to make Reese jealous. He accuses her of wanting Nick, but she denies it. Reese leaves for her date but lets Lane keep snooping. Lane falls while reaching for a file and hurts her wrist some more. She takes more pills. Reese and Nick run into Tom and Peyton at the Cotton Gin. They are seated at the same table, in fact, because it's so crowded. Tom and Peyton are all over each other, especially on the dance floor. Their plan works as Reese and Nick look bothered. Nick asks Reese about her engagement to Tom. She says they're "great friends now".

Dean looks for Wheeler and Frank but can't find them. He tells Cassie everything in the warehouse looks the same as she described it. They decide to look for them at River Run. We see that Frank and Michael are tied up inside.

Nick and Tom leave Peyton and Reese alone at the table. Reese asks her about dating Tom. Peyton makes it sound like they're "serious" and says they've been dating awhile on the sly. Peyton goes on about Tom's charms to Reese. Reese and Nick get ready to leave while Peyton and Tom continue to rub against each other on the dance floor. They gloat at how well their plan is working. Tom kisses her passionately and Peyton is blown away by his kiss. They wonder why they ever stopped "dating". They decide to keep dancing and kissing even though Nick and Reese have left. Later, they go to bed.

Lane keeps working and taking more pills. She phones the doctor's service to get more pills. Later, Reese comes home. Lane tells her that her wrist is hurting but the doctor won't give her any more medication. Reese says she should be resting so Lane snaps at her. Then she apologizes. Reese tells her how jealous she was about Tom. She says she's "stuck on two guys". Meanwhile, Nick tells the bartender the same thing, he's "hung up on two women".


Savannah Summary Monday 12/2/96

Peyton says it's a shame that she and Tom will have to stop sleeping togehter, now that he'll be back with Reese, his "true love". He tells her he's not in love with Reese, just her money. She reveals that she's also after Nick for his family's money. Tom declares, "We're a perfect match" and they kiss passionately. Reese calls around trying to get Toni Braxton tickets. Peyton says Tom loves the singer, too. Peytons goes on about Tom's charms and how he was "right under my nose this whole time".

The bad guys make Wheeler and Frank dig their own graves. Dean and Cassie go to River Run looking for them. They find evidence that someone was tied up there. The bad guys threaten to shoot Frank or Wheeler if they don't keep digging, and one fires a warning shot. Dean and Cassie hear it and follow the sound to the bad guys. Wheeler hits one of them with a shovel while Cassie and Dean take care of the others. One gets away, however. Cassie runs to her father, who wonders why she's there and how she learned to shoot so well. Frank tells him she's a "treasury agent". He's annoyed that she kept it a secret, but Dean reminds him that she saved his life.

The Treasury Department grills Edward, who doesn't seem to know about the money. He makes a comparison to a dog pooping in his yard, meaning that just because it was in his warehouse doesn't mean he knew about. The agent utters the immortal line, "We're not talking about dog droppings, Mr. Burton". Edward stands up to the agent, telling him to go after Eleanor. She is shocked, too, when they question her with Charles and her lawyer present. They find out Edward accused her. Afterwards, she and Charles fight with Edward about it and vow to get even. Eleanor tells Edward that if she gets in trouble, the whole world will find out about his part in Orozco, Ltd.

Lane goes searching for pain killers. Dean asks her about setting a date for the wedding, but she pushes him away. He thinks she's "having second thoughts" because she's so irritable, but it is because of her addiction. She tells him her arm hurts and the doctor won't give her a prescription. The doctor x-rays Lane and tells her she's apparently very sensitive to pain but she's "healing beautifully". He gives her more pills but tells her to only take a pill. However, she takes it all.

Peyton and Tom kiss publicly on the riverboat. Nick and Reese talk about them and get into an argument over whether Tom is okay or not. Peyton tells Tom that he needs to get tickets to the Toni Braxton concert for Reese.

The Treasury guy yells at Cassie for not following "procedure", so the one villain got away and "warned the counterfeiters". When they tried to arrest them during the buy, they couldn't. He fires her and she quits, too. Wheeler is outraged that they fired her but he's "proud" of her. Cassie tells Peyton, Reese, and Lane what she was really doing in town. They're impressed that she's led such a "glamorous life". She plans to leave, since she lied to them, but they tell her they want to stay. Peyton tells Cassie she can't go to her concert because Tom got them tickets to Toni Braxton's concert. Reese is confused.

Charles phones Eleanor to say he has to fly to Japan. He tells her it's business but as he talks, he is packing two big suitcases full of money. When he hangs up we see a scantily clad bimbo sitting on a bed. She asks him if that money is the counterfeit, but he says it's the real thing.

Lane goes to a housewares store to register herself for the wedding. She is cranky and bitches at the poor woman who works there. She takes another pill. She sees Eleanor, who tries to buy something but her credit card won't go through. The second one doesn't, either. Lane confronts her and offers to pay her cab fare home. Eleanor haughtily refuses. Later, the bank manager tells Eleanor that Charles closed all their accounts yesterday. She's stunned. She tells her attorney she wants to hire a private eye to track down Charles, but he says that would take a lot of money. She doesn't care, even if she has to sell her house. The phone rings and he gets it. He tells her the coast guard called to say "Charles is dead". His plane crashed with him and a "passenger". Later, Eleanor drinks heavily and talks to herself and Stella, her dog. She says Charles "cashed in his life insurance" and that his passenger was a stripper. She's starting to realize her sorry state of poverty.

Peyton calls Nick and tells him she's sick. He makes comments about her and Tom. She asks him to take some tax records to their accountant. He doesn't want to, but she guilts him into it. Tom comes by to pick Peyton up for their concert date but she pretends to be sick. She suggests Reese go in her place. Tom suggests she call Nick so she'd be more comfortable. He's not in, so Tom insists she take both tickets anyway. Peyton says they can go together, so Reese gives in and rushes to get ready. Later, Peyton is watching TV when Nick calls. She tells him Reese went with Tom to the concert and where it is. She explains the situation but he hangs up. He tracks them down during intermission. He's hostile and rude. Nick takes Reese aside and chews her out, then demands she leave. Tom brings them water. He sees Nick is angry and tries to explain. He offers to let Nick take his place for the second half. He says he should check on Peyton anyway, so he gives Nick his ticket and leaves, making Nick look like a jerk. Reese is not happy.

Lane and Dean go out for dinner. She has a "double bourbon". He asks her what the doctor said and she complains about the doctor. When he comments on the pain pills, she snaps at him.

Wheeler tells Cassie she's great at both singing and law enforcement, but he thinks law enforcement is a more stable career choice. He says she can get a job on the force. She knows he's right and says this is her last singing gig. A good-looking guy watches her sing, along with Wheeler, Dean, and Lane. They all tell her how much they liked her singing after the concert. The guy asks for her CD and is surprised to find she has no CD and no manager. He gives her his card, saying he's a record producer. He has a heavy accent. Wheeler tells him this was her last concert and she has another job. The guy says that's a shame but wishes her luck. He kisses her hand and leaves.

Tom visits Peyton and fills her in on what happened at the concert. He's proud of himself for being the good guy. He wonders if Peyton should date Nick because he's such a "jerk". Peyton and Tom get passionate again, this time on Reese's couch. After the concert, Nick and Reese are cool to each other. At Reese's door, Nick asks to go in but she says no. He says next time they'll see "the whole concert" together. She is noncommital. He calls her on the carpet for being so cool and says he was only jealous because she was on a date with her "ex-fiancee". She says he doesn't trust her. She goes inside and apologizes to Tom, saying she and Nick don't agree. Peyton and Tom both try to take the blame for their arguing but she won't let them. After she goes into her room, they nearly jump for joy that their plan is working. But they regret they "can't stay together" since they make such "a good team". They kiss.

Edward and Veronica are awakened by a call from his lawyer. The DA is planning to indict both him and Eleanor. The lawyer says Eleanor is in worse shape since "she owns Orozco Ltd." But Edward should be okay as long as he has nothing to do with the company. When Edward is quiet, the lawyer asks if he's told him everything. Edward just thanks him and hangs up. Edward visits Eleanor the next day as she is letting her staff go. He offers his "condolences" but she yells at him. He says they're "in this together" and apologizes for telling the feds about her. He tells her what a great friend she is, so she's suspicious. He proposes marriage, ring and all, so they don't have to testify against each other.

Lane goes back to the hospital doctor who helped Dean after the accident. She says her back has been hurting since the accident, but her own doctor won't do anything about the pain. He tells her he can't give her a prescriptions and she yells and cries. He is firm and leaves. As she leaves, she steals his prescription pad.


Savannah Summary Monday 12/9/96 by Suzanne Lanoue

Peyton practices telling Reese about Tom so Reese will go out with him again. Tom coaches her. They end up laughing and rolling around on bed. Later, Peyton tells Reese that she broke up with Tom because he still loves Reese. Nick visits Reese in her office, bringing flowers, and apologizes. She doesn't quite accept it and they argue more. She says he has a "bad temper" so he provokes her into getting angry. This makes her realize that maybe she was wrong about him. So they kiss and make up. Peyton calls to get information about Nick from his high school classmates.

Eleanor attends Charles' funeral, playing the grieving widow. She goes out a back way, avoiding a subpoena, going right to the chapel to get married to Edward. The DA is upset that Edward and Eleanor walk into the room together. He is even madder when he learns they're married. Their lawyer informs him that they won't be testifying against each other.

Lane's case is off, and she tells Peyton, Reese, and Cassie that she's quit taking her painkillers because they made her grouchy. She dumps in the trash in front of them. On the phone, Reese tells Lane that the Atlanta paper scooped her on the River Run story. Lane throws her computer on the floor in a fit of anger, then rants rudely before hanging up quickly. She starts to dig her pills out of the trash when Dean comes in, wondering what the noise was. She tells him she "dropped" the pc. He kisses her and says they should go shopping for wedding china. She tries to start an argument but he won't be deterred. They look at china in a shop. He can't decide but doesn't really care, so they argue. She is bitchy and walks out in anger.

Lane comes home and tells Cassie she's been fighting with Dean about wedding stuff. She finds out the trash has been taken out so she makes an excuse to go outside. She makes a big mess and then finds the pills in muck but takes them without washing them (Ugh). Lane watches TV during the day, sitting in her robe. Dean calls and apologizes. She lies to him that she has a job interview. Then she goes to sleep.

Edward invites Reese over to tell her something important, not realizing she also invited Peyton. He introduces Eleanor to them as his wife. They don't believe it. Peyton asks if she's "pregnant". Veronica shows up suddenly from being out of town and goes ballistic when Peyton purposely breaks the news. Veronica starts throwing things at Edward and yelling at them all. Then she leaves. Peyton laughs and leaves. Reese looks hurt and embarrassed, and she, too, leaves.

Peyton tells Tom that Nick has a checkered past: he got arrested a lot as a teen and entered the navy because the judge gave him a choice between that and jail. His daddy payed off cops and judges so he doesn't have a record. They think about how they can tell Reese the news without doing it directly. Later, talks to a sobbing customer who's upset because she gambled away all her money during her honeymoon. She's afraid to tell her husband. Peyton is sympathetic and then gets an idea. She tells the woman not to worry. She has the woman chat with Reese at her manicurist appointment. The woman says she's form Spur, Texas. Reese says she's "dating a guy from Spur". When Reese says his name, the woman tells her he has "a reputation" for killing someone. Reese goes to Nick and questions him about it. He explains that a guy in a bar came after him with a knife when he was drunk. Reese knows he was sleeping with the guy's wife. He claims he "didn't know she was married" and he "didn't mean" to kill him. He says he was a different person then. She wonders why he never told her. He catches her a little off-guard by agreeing she's right, he should have told her. She leaves, saying she needs time to think. He's angry and frustrated.

Cassie meets with Benny Serna, the record producer. She explains why she didn't become a singer before, because of her father's disapproval. He gets a call and goes where she can't hear him talk. He tells "Howard" he'll have "the money in a week" because he found a great new singer in Savannah. Later, Cassie introduces him to Lane and Dean. The latter has heard of his work. Ben says Cassie will be a big star. Dean and Lane go to sit down and he goes to call some record companies while Cassie starts her show. Cassie sings while he makes calls. He calls one person who won't take his call; he says, "Sorry about the lawsuit". He talks to someone else about Cassie but the guy won't talk to him, either, because of the lawsuit. Dean notices Lane taking pills but she claims they're "aspirin".

Edward visits Veronica, begging to explain. He apologizes and tells her he had "had to marry Eleanor". He shows her a diamond necklace but she's sarcastic. He offers to "take care" of her and says he loves her. She tells him off and makes him leave, but grabs the necklace before he goes.

Peyton tells Tom that Reese and Nick has a big fight but they're not quite broken up yet because she thinks people should be given a chance to change. She tells him she's invited Reese to coffee so she can cry on her shoulder about Nick. He phones to leave a message for Nick to meet him at the same restaurant. When Nick gets there, Tom doesn't really have a reason. Reese isn't happy to see him because she's trying to avoid him while she figures things out. Tom taunts Nick about his relationship with Reese, how Reese doesn't like his temper and he has a "reputation". He says he told Reese about Nick's past and calls him "psychotic". Nick, who doesn't see Reese there, punches Tom. Reese rushes up and gives her sympathy to Tom and tells Nick "it's over" because he's "sick". He leaves. Peyton winks at Tom, who smiles. Reese tends to Tom's wounds and beats herself up for trusting Nick. He kisses her hand in sympathy.

Edward and Eleanor look over their company's books. The lawyer calls to tell them that charges won't be pressed--their plan worked. They decide to celebrate with champagne.

Lane continues to bum around at home. She runs out of pills and has to write another fake prescription. But then she spills soda on it, ruining the pad. Now it's worthless so she cries. Dean knocks and she lets him in, still upset. He wants to talk about the china. she claims she's upset because she spilled her purse. He says the wedding is causing her nerves. She cries in his arms while he tells her everything will be okay.

Peyton joins Nick for a drink and comes on to him, pretending to be down in the dumps about Tom. But he brushes her off and leaves. He visits Veronica and sympathizes with HER breakup. He says he can help her pay back Edward if she helps him "nail Tom". She lets him in.


Savannah Summary 12/16/96 (sorry this is so late; thank goodness the last two weeks have been reruns!)

Reese, Cassie and Peyton jokingly harass Lane on her wedding eve morning. She's groggy and phones in a prescription refill when they leave. Lane picks up her prescription but is surprised by Dean and Jason as she is about to take a pill. Jason notices she's hiding something and she claims it's a "present". They talk about the wedding. When they leave, she takes a pill.

Veronica and Nick plan how they're going to make Tom and Edward pay. Veronica phones Edward, who has to pretend he's talking to an assemblyman because Eleanor is in the room. She offers to buy him lunch and he agrees to meet her at a remote place. Eleanor suggests he invite the "stuffy assemblyman" over to the house for lunch. He makes an excuse to get out of that, though. She reminds him that they "have a meeting with the Hondurans' people at 3".

Peyton tells Tom that she's annoyed that he got Reese but she didn't get Nick. She refuses to give up, though. He teases her about having lost her touch so she kisses him passionately and they end up in bed again, but she brushes him off to prove her point. Peyton greets Nick at the riverboat. They flirt. She asks him to escort her to Lane's wedding but he turns her down flat. Peyton visits Nick at home while he's packing. She uses the excuse of giving him a new key to the liquor cabinet. She hints that she wants to stay but he brushes her off again. She wonders why he keeps doing that. He says he has to "catch a plane". She asks to where and he gives her an obvious lie. Nick visits a blode woman named Madeline Stewart. He wants to tell her about Tom, but she doesn't recognize the name. He shows her a picture and she says, "I've been looking for that [SOB] for three years".

Benny visits Cassie and raves over Reese's beautiful house. He says he has "bad news", but when he hears about her rich friends he tells her it will just take a few weeks before she can get a "meeting with a record company". He suggests they record a demo CD. She's impressed when he says he'll pay for it. He goes to pawn his watch so he can pay for it. He gets a band on the cheap to back her up during the session. She arrives and he compliments her. Then he helps her be less nervous. Cassie sings in the studio. Benny tells her she was "fabulous". He also tells "I get pleasure from being near you" and kisses her. She enjoys it but has to leave.

Lane tries on her wedding dress. She takes another pill and washes it down with vodka, disguised in orange juice. Dean arrives to take her to get a blood test done. She balks but can't come up with a good excuse not to go, so she goes. She is nervous and Dean thinks she just doesn't like needles. She asks what they test the blood for and is told they just check for "RH factor compatibility" and VD. The woman says she can test for other things so Dean suggests they get their cholesterol checked, too.

Dean and Jason prepare their place for Lane with "welcome" signs and decorations. Jason suggest they get a puppy for Lane and asks Dean about love. Later, they get the car ready with "Just married" signs, with the help of Michael. Jason hints again about the puppy.

Lane's friends have a bridal shower for her, complete with male stripper. Lane is high and drunk. Peyton flirts and dances with the stripper. Lane takes a pill then gets up and dances wildly with the stripper, practically having sex with him until Reese and Cassie put a stop to it.

The next day, the girls go to the hotel where the wedding is taking place. Lane is very hung over. They see Edward's car and wonder why he's there, speculating about him and Eleanor. Meanwhile, Edward and Veronica have a cozy lunch in the dining room. Edward explains to her why he married Eleanor (although not the details, and does sorta imply that Veronica isn't the right sort of person for a politician to marry). He assures her it was a "marriage of convenience". She pretends to forgive him and says she's "missed" him. She suggests they go upstairs and shows him a key. They go up to room 222.

Reese takes pictures as Lane gets ready. They tease Cassie about Benny. Peyton complains they all have beaus except her. Lane wants champagne but they keep her from it. She takes more pills in the bathroom and washes them down with vodka. She gets very drunk but no one seems to notice. She drinks more in the restroom. The girls think she's nervous. Peyton gets a message to go to a room for a "free foot massage" and knows it's from Nick. She makes an excuse to sneak out to room 225, across the hall from Edward and Veronica. Nick is waiting for her in bed with a rose. He flirts with her and teases her about throwing herself at him. They kiss and end up in bed.

Lane continues to drink. She tells Reese she has a big run in her stocking so Reese has to run out and get more. Lane goes out and wobbles down the hallway to get more ice for her drink and locks herself out. She gets the maid to let her back in but it's the wrong room.

Peyton comes back to an empty room, grabs her bouquet and runs out. Everyone waits at the church. Cassie and Peyton wonder where the others are. Cassie sings, stalling, while Peyton leaves to find Reese and Lane.

Edward and Veronica chat after sex; she makes an appointment with him for tomorrow. They try to leave and narrowly avoid Peyton, so they have to run back in. Then the same thing happens with Reese. Peyton and Reese meet up and can't fathom where Lane might be. Edward phones Eleanor and tells her he can't make the meeting.

Cassie finishes and Benny compliments her. He asks her to introduce him to Reese, and she agrees. Jason wonders where Lane is so Dean leaves to find her. Madeline sits next to Tom and says, "Hello, scum". He greets her uncomfortably. Peyton and Reese search the hotel fruitlessly, then run into Dean. They explain they "lost Lane". Meanwhile, Lane is passed out in the room with the empty bottle of pills.


Savannah Summary 1/6/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lane wakes up in her wedding dress in the strange hotel room and rushes out to meet everyone. She walks down the aisle to Dean but soon realizes it's all a dream. She wakes up to some man telling her she's in the wrong room. She notices it's 9 pm and runs out. Back at her house, her roommates sit around while Dean phones looking for her. She comes in and they all start to question her. She explains she went to the wrong room and fell asleep. Dean is angry and she apologizes. She says she "took a pill to calm down" and he gets suspicious. He starts yelling at her and says she's "hooked on drugs". She denies it, but he calls off the wedding.

Dean goes home to check on his son, Jason. After the babysitter leaves, he sits on the floor and weeps. Later, Jason blabbers on about love and the wedding. Dean tries to explain that Lane is "sick".

Madeline visits Tom at the riverboat. She slaps him and tells him how poor she's been since he married her, stole her trust fund, and left town. She demands her money or else she'll tell Reese all about it. Madeline meets with Nick and Veronica; she explains that Tom doesn't seem fazed by her threats. She shows them her marriage certificate.

Lane's roommates throw away drugs and alcohol in the house so she won't get to it. They think she's sleeping but she walks in and catches them. She denies she has a problem. She wants to go out, but they inform her that from now on one of them will be with her until she's "better".

Tom tells Peyton about Madeline, who wants $75,000. He suspects Veronica is behind her visit. Peyton suggests that Tom tell Reese the least about Madeline.

Benny plays Cassie's recording for her. She's impressed and he continues to flatter her. He tells her that the major record labels want to sign her but suggests they produce the record themselves. He tells her it will cost $50,000 but he'll pay half. She doesn't have it but he assures her they'll "find the money somewhere". They kiss. Cassie tells Reese the good news but she worries about the money she needs. Reese offers to invest in her so Cassie thanks her.

When Dean goes to work, some guy is parking in his place and he has to tell him to move. When he gets inside, Michael Wheeler tells him that he's been promoted to Lieutenant so Dean will have a new partner. He meets the new guy, Sam Lucas, and is annoyed to find out it's the guy from the parking lot.

Dean phones Reese, really down. He's worried about Lane. They check on her and think she's sleeping. She gets up and phones the pharmacy to try to get more pills. The pharmacist won't refill her prescription so soon so she hangs up.

At lunch, Nick tells Veronica that Tom saw a newspaper article that convinced him to pay Madeline--he has 24 hours. They laugh because they know Madeline will tell Reese either way. Veronica, who's dressed in a sexy short dress, tells him she's going to visit Eleanor to implement her plan against Edward. To begin with, she will lose her Second Chances job. Eleanor is cold when Veronica visits. Veronica apologizes for her last visit and insists on seeing Edward about Second Chances. Eleanor thinks she's there for personal reasons and tells her off. Veronica says something rude so Eleanor slams the door in her face. Edward comes out and Eleanor gives him some papers Veronica left. She tells Edward she doesn't want him to see Veronica anymore.

Sam and Dean bicker on the job. Sam is from a Chicago and gets on Dean's nerves comparing Savannah to that big city. They continue to argue later so finally Wheeler calls Dean into his office to ask him what's going on. Dean confides that he's really worried about Lane.

Peyton tells Tom to stop pacing; he's worried about losing Reese's money. She gets an idea. He visits Madeline and says he told Reese about her. He says Reese has forgiven him and goes to call her to prove it. She thinks he's bluffing so she phones Reese, using the number Nick gave her. She makes a date with her to have lunch. Madeline meets Peyton, who pretends to be Reese, complete with blonde wig. Peyton pretends to be angry at Tom. She finds out that Nick is working with Veronica. Meanwhile, Tom and Reese roll around on the bed in his room. He asks her to marry him but she says it's "too soon".

Veronica and Edward have another tryst; he suggests she quit Second Chances and offers her a big sum of money. She agrees and asks him to replace her with someone "reputable".

Lane sneaks to the kitchen and drinks some cough syrup. While Cassie is watching her, she goes to the bathroom and phones the drug store to have more cough syrup delivered.

Nick and Veronica meet an old friend of hers at the bus station. She is now going by the name of "Rita" for their scam; Veronica gives her new identification. Rita has long legs and big, wide eyes. Nick worries that if she's arrested they might find out she's a hooker; they assure him she has no record. They plan for her to go to Second Chances and get Edward to take advantage of her.

Edward makes Eleanor director of Second Chances. Reporters cover the announcement. Rita shows up and acts very grateful to Edward and Eleanor. Edward seems to take note of her.

Benny and Cassie get the money from Reese. He plans to fly to Miami to use the studio there. Cassie offers to take him to the airport but he makes an excuse. She offers to go down with him, but he says she would be too distracting and he'll send for her in awhile. Cassie meets him at the bus station where he's about to board a bus for L.A. He makes excuses but she doesn't believe him. She knows he's a con artist because she checked around and found out he owes a lot of money. He apologizes sincerely. She demands the money, which he gives her, and then she makes sure he gets on the bus.

Lane distracts Reese so she can get the drugs that were left on the porch for her. She hides them on the couch behind a pillow. Dean visits to check on her; they think she's asleep. While they talk in the kitchen, Lane grabs the bag and heads to the bathroom. They follow and try to get her to come out. She drops a bottle of it and they start to worry what she's doing. Dean breaks the door down and they find her on the floor trying to clean up the mess of the broken bottle and syrup. She wails, "I need something!". She finally admits she has a problem and begs for help.

Madeline phones Tom, who pretends to be angry for what she told "Reese". She leaves town. Peyton applauds his performance. He asks her to marry him.


Savannah Summary 1/13/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

In line at the courthouse, Tom and Peyton talk about getting married. She shows Reese's birth certificate at the counter. She is concerned that Nick is still crazy about Reese. She and Tom plan to get Reese drunk so she won't know what's going on.

Reese and Tom make love at her place. He bugs her about getting married. They joke about it. He suggests a "romantic getaway weekend" and she agrees.

Nick and Peyton make love at his place. He invites her back that night after work. He asks her to go for a picnic the next day but she lies that she is being audited so has to meet with her accountant.

Dean takes Lane to a 12-step program meeting. She feels bad because she was always an "over-achiever" before. He offers to stay but she says she must go it by herself. She looks nervous after he leaves.

Edward visits Veronica. He complains about Eleanor being a busy-body into his business. They make love. She puts on the radio. Meanwhile, they are being videotaped from behind a painting. Later, Veronica shows the tape to Nick and "Rita". Nick asks if Edward noticed there was "a different bedspread", but he didn't. Rita is taking it back to her room at Second Chances. She undresses and gets in the bed, mimicking Veronica's movements with Edward, while Nick films her.

As Reese gets ready for her weekend trip, the other women help her out; Peyton pretends to be supportive of her relationship with Tom. Lane comes in and talks about her meeting. She didn't mind it too much and says she has a sponsor. They grill her about the sponsor, especially Peyton. Lane admits he's "handsome" so they tease her. Peyton helps Reese pick out a very sexy red dress for her weekend. Later, Peyton goes to buy the same dress.

Tom and Reese go to their hotel; he's sent flowers that are there waiting for her. They make love again. He takes a shower and suggests slyly that she dress up for the big fancy lunch he has planned. She puts on the red dress. At lunch, he encourages her to over-indulge. He orders expensive champagne, even though she doesn't want him to spend so much. She gets drunk so he orders another bottle. She goes to the ladies' room but is so drunk he has to tell her where it is. Meanwhile, he makes a phone call to Peyton, who's on her way. Later in their room, he makes it seem like Reese asked him to marry her. She doesn't know up from down. She passes out. He steals her driver's license.

At the riverboat, Peyton pretends to leave for her meeting. Nick offers to go with her but she turns him down, making excuses. He is suspicious but not overly so. On her way to meet Tom, she stops at a gas station and changes into the red dress. She has trouble with her car starting but she gets going. Later, her car breaks down on the road.

Dean and his partner argue about everything, including what they eat for lunch. Lane comes by to visit him and he complains about his partner. She talks about her meeting a little. She goes to the Savannah Dispatch and tries to sell a story; she confesses that Eleanor has kept her from getting a job anywhere else in town. She needs the money so she tells the editor he can print her article without her name on it. He agrees. Eleanor comes in and Lane pretends she just stopped by to say hello. But Eleanor spies the story. The editor suggests they run it but Eleanor wants an apology. It looks like Lane is about to apologize but then insults her more instead. Eleanor tears up the article. Lane stops to buy coffee and finds a pill in her purse.

Veronica tells Nick she got the delivery of a disk. They go to a computer and Nick digitally puts Rita in Veronica's place in bed so that it looks like Edward slept with Rita. He prints out color copies of the photo on his printer.

Rita meets with Edward to thank him some more; she puts on a fake southern accent (a really bad one, too). After leaving his office, she makes herself look disheveled. Another woman from Second Chances sees her and she acts upset like he may have attacked her or something. Rita practices her story, about Edward forcing her to have sex, on Veronica and Nick, who asks her tough questions. She claims that she went to Eleanor but she didn't care. She goes to Michael Wheeler and shows him the photo and tells her story.

Lane phones Dean to tell him she found a pill and she's upset. She says she needs to meet with her sponsor tonight instead of have dinner with Dean. He is very understanding but looks kind of worried.

Eventually Peyton ends up where she's supposed to be; she had to hitchhike to get there! Tom meets her and they get in his car and drive off. Peyton puts on the wig and they go to get married, but the church is closed. They go to another chapel but it's late and they were closing. Peyton starts to cry and weave a story about why they HAVE to get married tonight. The old couple falls for it; Peyton gives Reese's driver's license and fills out paperwork. Peyton is not happy that the woman takes their picture at the wedding. They make sure the vows are short, because now they're in a big hurry. They rush out to get back before Reese wakes up. Tom goes through the pictures and picks out one that shows Peyton from behind and looks like Reese. Tom sneaks into bed with Reese. Back at the chapel, the minister's wife finds she has one more photo so she decides to mail it to Reese.

Dean wants to work late on paperwork but his partner Sam has plans. They argue; Dean tries to be nice so they can get to know each other but Sam turns him down anyway. When Dean finally leaves, Michael questions him about why he's still there. When Dean tells him what Lane's doing, they both seem to worry about the sponsor being a man. Dean is lonely and no one can hang out with him. He goes to eat dinner alone and runs into Lane. She is meeting her sponsor, who's Sam. Dean is not thrilled to find that out.


Savannah Summary 1/21/97

Reese wakes up with a bad hangover. He "reminds" her that they're married now. He lies that they got married and points out the wedding ring. She is in disbelief but he shows her the pictures and the wedding license. She is upset that she was so drunk she doesn't remember. She makes sure they still used a condom when they had their wedding night sex. She suggests an annulment and he asks her to "give it a chance". She intends to call her lawyer anyway. She goes in the shower. Meanwhile, the preacher's wife, Emma, sends that one photo she found to the happy couple at Reese's address.

Rita tells Veronica and Nick that the police won't prosecute Edward because it's not illegal. Nick is annoyed that Veronica that she didn't check the laws. But she says that "filing the police report" is enough for them to start gathering evidence for her story. Veronica phones another Savannah newspaper so that Rita can tell them what happened.

Lane tells Cassie and Peyton that she has a job interview at the Savannah Weekly, the same small paper that Veronica phoned. Reese comes in and tells them about her wedding and how it happened. But she tells them she's getting it annulled; Peyton protests. She argues that Reese really wanted to get married but the alcohol just allowed her to act on her true feelings. She urges her to think first, but Reese insists on calling the lawyer.

Dean harasses Sam about being Lane's sponsor, but when Sam suggests he get her a new one, Dean says that he wants him to stay as her sponsor. Sam is confused. Michael asks Sam into his office. Sam thinks he's found out he's a recovering alcoholic but Michael just wants to fix him up with Cassie. He gives him her phone number and Sam finds out it's his daughter.

On the riverboat, Nick claims to Peyton that he's not upset about Reese being married because he has Peyton now. She finds out, though, that he thinks it's important to live together before you get married. Peyton and Tom discuss their next move to keep Reese from annulling the marriage. She suggests he charm Lane and Cassie. She also tells him what Nick said; she plans to find a way to live with him. Tom think it's too "risky" because Nick might decide they're "not compatible". But she says she'll do whatever it takes to convince him so he'll marry her. First, though, she has to convince him that his place is "a dump" so they can find suitable living quarters.

Lane interviews at the Weekly. The editor likes her work but wonders why she left the Dispatch. She tells him it was because Eleanor hates her and fired her. That impresses him so he hires her. He gives her Rita's story to investigate.

Peyton goes into a bad section of Savannah and buys a small bag of something from a kid on a bike. Later she and Nick are getting romantic at his place. He breaks out the wine while she gets her little bag. It has a huge dead cockroach, which she puts on the bed. When he comes back, she puts the wine aside and they get on the bed. She screams and he sees the bug. He gets rid of it but she leaves, disgusted.

Reese gives Tom the annulment papers to sign. He is very disappointed. She gives back his ring but feels bad about hurting him. They argue about who's going to pay for the legal fees and he finally wins. He signs them and they walk to the mailbox to mail them. He kisses her to distract her so he can pull the stamp off the papers. Then he mails it.

On the riverboat, Tom tells Cassie how great her singing is and then acts like he's upset about the marriage. He plays on her sympathies and romantic feelings, even pretending to cry. Then he asks her not to tell Reese, but of course she does. Reese is touched and admits she's "crazy" about him, too. Reese double-thinks the marriage idea.

Lane tells Dean about her story. He reveals that a woman filed a complaint about him at the station. Later, Rita shows her the pictures. Lane asks who took the pictures and she makes up a lie. She pleads with Lane to do something to stop Edward from taking advantage of others. She shows them to Edward, who denies that it happened. He is angry so he rips the picture in half and threatens to sue the paper. Lane asks his secretary if she's seen her but Edward tells her to get out before the woman can answer.

Other cops tease Sam that Cassie must be a dog if he's got a blind date with her. Dean comes in so Sam asks "What's she like?"; Dean replies that "she's nice" so Sam is convinced she's ugly. He goes to tell Michael he can't date her but he's on the phone to Cassie. Michael forces him to talk to her but Cassie doesn't want to talk, either. Michael suggests sushi and sets up the date despite both of them protesting.

Lane tells Cassie she'll love Sam but Cassie is annoyed at Michael so she's not interested. Lane goes to her editor and tells him her opinion about what little she's found out. She wonders if Rita is lying but just then Edward's secretary comes in and confesses that she saw the woman in the picture coming out of his office upset after just delivering something. The editor tells Lane to go ahead with the piece.

Peyton tells Tom that talking to Cassie worked; Reese is wavering. Peyton phones Edward and invites him and Eleanor over for dinner Sunday. He is suspicious. She drops the bomb about Reese being married to Tom. He is furious. Peyton predicts that Edward's anger will make Reese want to be married to Tom to spite him.

Peyton suggests to Nick that they leave early and he wants to go to his apartment. She refuses but shows him she got a "suite" at a hotel. Meanwhile, Tom breaks into Nick's place and burglarizes it. When Peyton phones the next day, Nick is ready to move to a new place. Tom gives her half the money he made selling the stolen goods from Nick's apartment.

Sam phones Cassie pretending to be sick to get out of the date. Dean listens nearby, knowing he's lying to her. He forces Sam to ask for a new date tomorrow, but she tells him she doesn't want to go out, either. She tells Lane her good news; she is thrilled because she wants to see "Casablanca" at the local theater. Lane shows her the article she wrote, which is on the front page.

After reading the paper, Eleanor slaps Edward and asks him, "How many women from Second Chances are sleeping with?" He claims it's not true. When he gets to the office, Veronica comes in and does and says the same thing. Reese storms in and demands an answer but he counters about Tom. She reminds him he didn't ask her "permission" to marry Eleanor, either. He demands an annulment so she tells him where to get off, saying that she may not annul the marriage after all.

Lane gives Reese the returned annulment papers with no stamp. Tom suggests it's a "sign". She decides he's right and they should give it a try. He returns her ring, which he just happens to have in his pocket. They kiss.

Peyton and Nick find a new place for him. The apartment manager has to leave but Nick wants to look some more so he leaves them alone. Peyton suggests they try out the bedroom. She tells him Tom is moving in with Reese so she wants to move out, too. So he falls for it and asks her to move in with him. She accepts and they seal it with a kiss.

Cassie is annoyed when she gets to the theater and Casablanca is not being shown, after all. She talks to Sam, who is also there and bummed out about it. They start chatting about the movie. A woman tells them it will be showing at 9pm. She is going to eat at the sushi place and he knows the name of it. They introduce themselves and realize who they are. She teases him about lying to her. So she suggests they go for sushi and he can "make it up to" her. She goes home and she and Tom congratulate themselves on how great their plans have worked.

Meanwhile, Nick gets a visit from Sonny Lee, an old flame. They kiss passionately. As Reese clears out closet space for Reese, Lane gives her a "letter" for "Mr. and Mrs. Tom Massick" Reese asks her to put it aside for now.


Savannah Summary 2/3/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Nick and Sunny Lee catch up. He tells her "that night" changed him. She is the one whose husband he killed. His father shipped him out right after. She tells him she's there because she is marrying his father. Nick's dad walks in right after.

At Reese's house, the picture and letter sit on the desk waiting for her. Peyton and Lane look for her. Peyton accidentally knocks the letter on the floor when she picks up Reese's sweater. Tom cooks breakfast for Reese. Peyton comes in with only a skimpy robe and her underwear and pretends to cover up. When Reese's back is turned, she shakes her semi-naked body provocatively at Tom. Lane and Cassie come in for breakfast. They tease Tom and Reese for being "lovebirds". Lane and Cassie say they should get their own place. Lane informs Cassie that Peyton is moving in with Nick.

At work, the bartender asks Nick why he's down and tells him there's a sexy blonde named Sunny Lee waiting for him in his office. She wants to explain why she's marrying his father. He's upset that she's back to rip his heart out. They yell at each other. He accuses her of being after his father's money. She claims that everyone has "tormented" her because of her husband's death. Peyton knocks and enters and is not pleased to meet Sunny Lee, even if Nick does introduce her as his "future stepmother".

Burton is barraged by reporters outside his business building. He claims he's innocent. Inside, he talks to a PI that he hired to find Rita. He tells him money is no object.

Veronica meets with Rita; they decide that Edward's PI should be able to easily find her.

Nick, Peyton, Sunny Lee and his father have lunch on the riverboat. His dad sends his steak back because it's not rare enough. Sunny Lee chides him for eating like that when his doctor warned him not to. Nick's dad blames Nick for the food and is cold to Peyton when she tries to charm him. Peyton and Sunny Lee go to the restroom. Sunny Lee questions her about her relationship with Nick; when Sunny Lee talks about the Corelli fortune, Peyton feigns ignorance. Peyton asks about her relationship with the two Corelli men, suggesting that she is marrying Martin (Nick's dad) for his money. The two women are all smiles but each thinks the other one is a "golddigger". Meanwhile, Nick and his dad have a strained chat about Sunny Lee. Nick is still angry and jealous. His father relates that his relationship with Sunny Lee took him by surprise. He gives Nick a hard time about staying in Savannah when he could be making so much money back home. He thinks it's Peyton that keeps him there but Nick sets him straight that he wants to stay away from his father.

Cassie and Lane talk about their guys; they can't figure out why they don't seem to like each other. Cassie knocks something off the desk so she finds Reese's letter. She takes it into the kitchen where Lane is on the phone getting another story assignment from her paper. She is supposed to go to Poncee's, a hot club, to check it out. Cassie thinks maybe she should go there to see if they need singers. They plot to make it a double date with Sam and Dean.

Peyton brings Nick some food because he didn't eat much earlier. They discuss his father. They argue because she thinks he should make up with his father (since he's rich) and he thinks his father doesn't care about him. When she tries to make him see reason he reminds her about Edward. She points out that Edward doesn't want anything to do with her whereas his wants him home near him, despite his other faults. "It's all about family, Nick!" she yells at him.

Later, she tells Tom, "This isn't about family, sugar, it's about family fortune". She's concerned that Sunny Lee will take all the money. They hatch another plot together.

Reese wakes Tom up the next morning. He wants to spend more time with her since he works at night and she works during the day. She suggests she cook dinner for him later. After she leaves, Tom looks through her stuff and finds her banking information. He phones the bank about putting her accounts into both their names.

Lane tells Dean about her new assignment. He agrees to go with her but she tells him about Sam and Cassie going, too. Meanwhile, Cassie tells Sam the same plan. Sam and Dean object but are talked into it by their women.

Nick's father gambles on the riverboat. Sunny Lee is at the bar. Tom introduces himself to her and offers her a drink. He makes the "mistake" of thinking she's waiting for Nick, not his father, so she corrects him. He notes that Nick is still hung up on her, which surprises her. He charms her into thinking he really cares for her, not Peyton. He offers to arrange a secret meeting with Nick behind Peyton and Martin's backs. Peyton implies to Martin that Tom is hitting heavily on Sunny Lee. He looks jealous.

Lane runs into Eleanor at a store. Lane tells her she's working at another paper, showing her that national papers have picked up her story about Edward. Eleanor is humiliated and storms off.

Edward's PI brings Rita to him, saying she was trying to skip town. Edward pays him off and he leaves. Rita refuses to talk. He offers her a lot of money to tell him who's behind the scandal. She asks for $20,000, which he gives her. She claims that Eleanor paid her to do it because she was mad at him for sleeping with Veronica. She is trying to divorce him and get a lot of money. She predicts that Eleanor will pretend to be angry about the "bad publicity".

Tom gives Sunny Lee his key to his room so she can meet Nick and she thanks him. Martin comes up and asks her if Tom was "bothering" her. She suggests they leave. Tom phones Peyton to tell her their plan is working. Tom plans to show up instead of Nick and then they'll bring Martin there so he can dump her. Later, they synchronize their watches. Since Reese won't be home for awhile, they kiss passionately and head for the bedroom. Tom picks up the envelope to Reese but puts it down again, uninterested.

Eleanor shreds the newspapers she brought home so people can't buy them. Edward comes home and they start bickering. He tells her to drop the act, he knows the truth. She wonders what he's talking about. He calls her "a golddigging wife with an ax to grind" and a "Judas" when she walks off to call her lawyer. He looks at the photo again in the paper and puts one hand over Rita's picture. He looks thoughtful.

Peyton answers the phone when Reese gets a phone call. She writes a phone number on the back of the envelope. Reese comes in so she gives him the envelope with the number.

Sam, Cassie, Lane and Dean have their double-date. Sam goes on about how great Chicago is. Lane talks about New York. Cassie loves Los Angeles. Dean has only lived in Savannah so he can't relate. "The big city" doesn't interest him. He and Sam seem to have nothing in common. Sam goes off for a moment, then Dean goes to the restroom. Lane and Cassie realize this was a bad idea. Dean runs into Sam, who's watching the basketball game in the bar. They find they have that in common.

Tom tells Reese he has to go into work; Reese is disappointed because she wanted her insurance agent to meet him. He is more interested when she tells him her insurance agent is the one who "handles" most of her "investments" and she wanted Tom to get involved. He looks at his watch and says he can squeeze it in.

Veronica meets Rita again, this time at the bus station where Rita is leaving; they are happy their plan has worked. Rita offers part of her money to Veronica but she turns it down.

Tom is late meeting Sunny Lee but Peyton is right on time with Martin. She tells him that she hopes Martin and Nick can get along better. She asks where Sunny Lee is and he says she's at the health club. She plants the idea that Tom and Sunny Lee are meeting for a late-night tryst. He invites her along to find out. Meanwhile, the bartender tells NIck that he thinks Tom is going to meet Sunny Lee. So Nick goes to Tom's room and finds Sunny Lee there. She insists on talking to him. She tells him that she doesn't really love Martin, she still loves Nick. He kisses her.

Tom finishes his meetings with Reese and her agent and rushes off. Nick and Sunny Lee are getting passionate. Martin and Peyton head toward Tom's room; he is angry. He busts the door down and punches Nick. Peyton is shocked. Nick and his dad get in a fist fight; of course the younger man wins. Martin tells Nick he's cut off forever. Nick is "out of the will". Martin and Sunny Lee leave.

Edward explains to Veronica how Eleanor set him up. She gives him a drink and pretends to have an upset stomach. He asks for chicken soup and asks her to go get it for him. After she leaves, he searches for where the camera must have been and finds the hole behind the picture on the wall, which leads to the camera in her closet.

Reese finds that her agent left his glasses so she gives him a call. She looks at the envelope its written on and realizes it's unopened, so she opens it. She sees the photo with Peyton and Tom.


Savannah Summary 2/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sunny Lee tries to explain to Martin what was going on; he doesn't believe her. She claims she wanted to know how she felt about Nick and he falls for it.

Peyton chews Nick out for punching his dad and kissing Sunny Lee. He claims he "got carried away" with Sunny Lee and she forgives him. But when she asks him to apologize to his dad, he refuses. He tells her he doesn't "care about his money". No matter what she says, he won't relent. He storms out in anger.

Tom comes home to a depressed Reese. She's been looking at the picture of him and Peyton (posing as her) but she doesn't tell him. He starts to kiss her but she gives him an excuse. She promises, "After my meeting tomorrow, I'll give you a night you won't ever forget". The next morning, Reese heads to South Carolina.

Nick confronts Sunny Lee, asking her what she was doing in Tom's room. She tells him she was there to see him and tells him what Tom did. He is suspicious. She leaves, afraid Martin will see them together.

Lane and Cassie visit Dean and Sam at work. Sam suggests they go again the next night but Cassie has to sing so she invites him for that. Lane and Dean admire the new couple. He thanks Lane for changing his mind about Sam. The women leave. Sam tells Dean how much he likes Cassie. Sam gets a call from someone named "Robert Webber" that he doesn't take.

Edward pretends to Veronica that he's worried about Eleanor divorcing him and taking him for a lot of money. She advises him to hide his investments. He likes the idea. Reese goes to the woman who married Tom and Peyton and questions her about the night they were married. She is shocked when the woman tells her the woman was expecting.

Peyton chews out Tom for messing up their plan last night. Nick comes in and blames Tom for messing things up with his father and Sunny Lee. Tom admits it to a "shocked" Peyton. He claims that he did it for Peyton because he knew Nick still "had a thing for" Sunny Lee and didn't want her hurt. He claims he tried to reach Nick but couldn't. After Nick leaves, Tom advises her to dump Nick.

Peyton visits Martin to talk to him about Nick. She turns on all her charm when she tries to explain what happened. She asks him to make up with Nick. He calls Nick "a little pissant". She tells him Nick doesn't know she came so he thinks she's concerned about the money. She claims she's only interested in their family "relationship". He tells her his mind's made up; he's made a "codicil" to his will that Nick is out of it. He gets very angry and then has an attack and falls on the floor. Peyton thinks quikly and starts to grab the codicil but he is on top of it and too heavy. Then Sunny Lee walks in and Peyton has to stop trying to get it. They rush him to the hospital. Peyton tells the doctor that Sunny Lee is not "immediate family" so she can't go with Martin when they take him to be examined.

Dean and Sam investigate a robbery. They figure out that it is an insurance scam by the owner of the place. Dean gets paged and phones in to answer the page. Meanwhile, the owner tries to bribe Sam. He says that since Sam is so nicely dressed he must be on the take. Sam gets really angry and grabs him, threatening him. Dean interrupts and arrests the guy. He questions Sam, who doesn't have a very good explanation as to why he overreacted.

Nick is at the hospital with Peyton and Sunny Lee; he feel slightly guilty for what happened to his father. Peyton advises him to make up with Martin if he is conscious but he is not sure. Sunny Lee phones Martin's lawyer and asks about the codicil. She finds out that the codicil takes Nick out of the will but she is not specifically mentioned, only "his wife".

At home, Reese goes through Peyton's closet and finds the red dress; Peyton comes in wondering what she's doing. Reese chides her for borrowing her dress but Peyton confesses that she bought one just like it. Reese tells her she could have borrowed hers and that since they are "sisters" they can share everything...except "husbands", she jokes. Peyton laughs nervously Reese asks her where she wore it. Peyton says she didn't. Reese leaves muttering, "What a backstabbing piece of white trash".

Martin wakes up in the hospital where Sunny Lee is holding his hand. She asks him to marry her right away. He laughs that she's only interested in his money, but it doesn't bother him.

Edward meets with his banker after putting something in a safety deposit box. Veronica is nearby watching. Later, Edward and Veronica have sex. While he pretends to sleep, she sneaks away to look in his jacket picket for the safe deposit key. She makes a quick impression of it. Edward smiles.

Cassie worries to Lane what to wear because Sam will be there watching her sing. Sam phones to tell her he can't make it; he doesn't give any reason. Cassie is very disappointed. lane phones Dean to ask if he knows why, but he doesn't. He tells her he's been acting strange since the previous day, very down.

At the hospital, Peyton suggests to Nick that he go visit his dad rather than just hanging out in the hallway. He finally gives in, reluctantly. His father is hostile to him and repeats that he's "out of the will". He suggests Nick is illegitimate. Nick say she wishes he'd hit him "harder" and leaves. Martin yells for a priest so he can marry Sunny Lee. Peyton watches, dumbstruck.

Peyton goes to the only priest in the hospital chapel and asks him to hear her confession. She insists on going somewhere else more private. She just misses Sunny Lee, who comes looking for him. Peyton occupies the priest by telling her the truth about Travis and Reese. However, he is paged and must go, even though she has plenty more sins to confess. He advises Peyton to say "a lot of Hail Mary's". The priest questions Martin briefly before marrying Him and Sunny Lee. Peyton watches helpless while the ceremony is performed. Before he can say "I do", he has another heart attack and flatlines. Peyton looks satisfied. The doctor tells Nick and Sunny Lee that Martin is dead. Sunny Lee runs to him crying. Peyton tries to comfort Nick, who is upset. He walks away. Peyton asks about Martin's personal effects and finds out they're at the front desk.

Veronica goes to a key place but the guy won't make a key for her because the key impression says "Do Not Duplicate". She claims it's her key and she lost it so he says he'll do it for $1,000; she bargains him down to $750. Meanwhile, Edward tells Eleanor that Veronica made an impression of the key; their plot is working well.

Cassie tells Lane she doesn't think Sam likes her that much. Lane suggests she call Sam and ask him, so she does. She asks Sam why he canceled but he doesn't really give her a straight answer, plus he turns her down for the following night. He says he likes her but "can't get together". She is very upset. Sam leaves work. Dean answers Sam's phone; it's from Robert Webber, who he finds out is Sam's "father-in-law".

Reese takes the picture to a lawyer and asks her to put the annulment through. The lawyer tells her that Peyton and Tom are married, not her and Tom. Reese laughs.

Peyton signs for Martin's personal effects but can't find the codicil. Meanwhile, Sunny Lee phones Nick (she's wearing a sexy negligee and he's wearing a towel and nothing else). She tells him she can't go home and wants to stay in Savannah. He says he doesn't mind. After they hang up, she burns the codicil.


Savannah Summary 2/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Reese talks to her lawyer about suing Peyton and Tom. She is definitely not legally married to Tom. She refuses to press charges because she wants to get even in a more personal way.

Peyton tells Tom that she is annoyed that she can't find the codicil to Nick's dad's will. They are kissing when Reese walks in; she just misses catching them. She tells Tom she's going to work on being "a good wife". She has plans for "a special dinner". In the kitchen, Reese takes out a can of dog food. She makes chili, takes out a bowl for herself, then adds the dog food and tons of salt to the chili. Then she adds a whole bottle of Tabasco Sauce and stirs it all together. She fixes a bowl for Tom. Reese serves the chili. She chatters on while Tom eats and tries not to show how bad it is.

Sonny Lee writes a fake Dear John letter to Martin, Nick's father, saying she can't marry him because she loves Nick still. She puts it in an envelope, then calls Nick. She tells him she needs to get Martin's things out of room but she can't bring herself to go there; he gallantly agrees to clear out his father's things for her. She leaves the letter inside Martin's briefcase. She dumps the ashtray (with the burned codicil) in the toilet and flushes it.

Cassie tells Lane she couldn't sleep, worrying about what she did to scare off Sam. Lane tells her it's not her fault, it's Sam's. Meanwhile, Dean tells Sam that Robert Webber phoned for him. He asks Sam if he's married and Sam says, "Not anymore". Dean doesn't buy it; finally Sam angrily admits that Webber was phoning to tell him that his soon-to-be ex-wife has died.

Veronica goes to buy luggage for a long trip; she looks at steamer trunks. Meanwhile a private eye watches her. Eleanor nags Edward about putting her real jewels in the safety deposit box instead of fake ones. Edward wants Veronica to pay big-time so she has to steal a large amount of real jewels. The private eye Marshall Davis phones Edward to keep him updated. Veronica's at the travel agency trying to decide where to go with their money once she steals the jewels and sells them.

Nick phones Deke to ask his help for the "funeral arrangements" and tells him he's going to have his father's things sent down to Texas. Peyton is there and wonders why Sonny Lee's not doing that. She offers to go with him and persuades him to let her go. At Martin's, Peyton looks around for the codicil while Nick puts his father's things together. He finds the letter in the briefcase. Peyton starts to read it but he prevents her from finishing it and puts it away. She is in the bathroom and notices a charred piece of paper near the toilet and sees another one inside the bowl. She has a flashback to Martin signing the codicil. She wonders what Sonny Lee's got planned.

Lane is interviewing a bartender when she notices Sam at the bar looking at a scotch. She goes over to support him so he won't start drinking. He tells her he wants to forget that he killed his wife, then he walks out. Later, Cassie visits Sam at home. She knows what he told Lane. She demands he "respect" her by not turning away from her. He tells her about his wife, who was also a cop. He'd found out she was crooked. When she got caught, he started the divorce. She died last week in a knife fight in prison. He blames himself for not lying to protect her. Sam and Cassie kiss passionately.

Tom goes to get dressed and finds that his underwear has all been dyed pink. Reese says she accidentally mixed them with her sweater. Then they hear the smoke alarm go off (Reese is making breakfast).

Nick confronts Sonny Lee about the letter. She lies that she was going to leave and mail Martin the letter but he found it and begged her to stay. She says she went for a walk and when she came back he'd had the heart attack and Peyton was giving him CPR. He asks why she wanted to marry him in the hospital; she says she felt guilty because he was dying. She cries and he consoles her. They kiss and hug. She smiles behind his back.

Tom and Peyton complain about their problems. He's had it with Reese's cooking. Peyton knows the letter is a fake because she would have done the same thing. She tells him about the codicil being flushed. She theorizes that she's after Nick and his money, so she had to destroy the codicil. Tom says that she's good so Peyton replies, "Yeah...but I'm better".

Sam and Dean do paperwork at the station. Sam's mood has improved, thanks to Cassie. He thanks Dean for helping, too. Sam finds a letter and opens it. Inside is a piece of paper with the word GUILTY written in big red letters.

Davis phones Edward to tell him that Veronica's in the bank. He and Eleanor rush out. Veronica is walking out of the bank when they come up to demand she be arrested for stealing. She claims the box in her hand is hers and acts outraged to the banker. Michael Wheeler is also there, called in by Edward. They all argue about it; Edward demands she open the box. Veronica is upset and tells Edward "You don't want to do this" but he is insistent. She opens the box; inside is a book and some papers. Eleanor searches it and yells that the jewels are gone. Michael asks what the book is. Veronica says it's her "personal journal". Michael also finds a check receipt from Edward. She also has a copy of the check he wrote to Rita. Veronica explains that Edward "bought her off so she wouldn't testify against him". Edward balks. Michael finds a shell casing and Veronica it's from their faked assassination attempt. She also tells him all their plots are in the book, as well as information about him burning down the riverboat. Eleanor is aghast and Edward is fuming. Michael borrows the journal from Veronica and tells Edward he wants to question him downtown. Eleanor says she wants her jewels back.

Sunny Lee and Nick are going into his office kissing when they notice a man. He introduces himself as a Texas lawyer, there about Martin's will. He informs Nick that he will inherit $40,000,000 but that Martin owed a lot so he'll only get $25,000 in the end. Sunny Lee is horrified. Nick is tickled that his father wasn't such a hot businessman after all. Later, Peyton runs into Sonny Lee, who is packed and leaving. Peyton calls her a golddigger. Sonny Lee tells Peyton she can have Nick. Nick phones looking for Nick and finds out she's checked out. Peyton pays off the man she hired to play Martin's attorney.

Veronica waits for Eleanor, who's holding her jewely in a bag, outside the bank. They exchange barbs. Veronica offers to trade Eleanor's dog for her jewelry; she holds up Stella's collar as proof and taunts her with it. (Awww...for once I feel sorry for Eleanor)

Sam gets another note that says GUILTY and also another note that says, "You should have been the one to die in Joliet". Later, he shows the notes to Dean and tells him about his wife. He left Chicago because the other cops were on his case about his wife being dirty. He thinks someone's come there to kill him.

Reese comes home to find Tom cooking dinner. She pretends to cry, thinking she's a terrible cook. He consoles her. She reveals that she also dyed some other clothes of his pink. She says that he regrets marrying her because they were drunk. So he suggests they get married again. She insists on a "real wedding".

Edward comes home from being interrogated by the police, very annoyed. Eleanor sits there quietly with her dog while he rants. He finally notices how quiet she is and asks about the jewels. She tells him, "Better pour yourself another drink, Edward". Meanwhile, Veronica rides in a limo to the airport and looks at an expensive ring and her airplane tickets.

Cassie finishes her set. Meanwhile a young African-American man asks the bartender about Cassie. He informs him that she's dating a cop already. The man says he's from Chicago. He plans to get to know Cassie and her boyfriend.

Peyton comes to see Nick, who's depressed. She tells him she hired the fake lawyer so he'd figure out what Sonny Lee was really after. He's annoyed but she tells him she was "looking after" him. She tells him to go ahead and call Sonny Lee if he wants. They make up and he kisses her. He asks her to move in again.


Savannah Summary 2/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue


Reese tells Tom she had an argument with her father about paying for the wedding. When she suggests that it will cost too much, Tom says he'll pay. She smiles wickedly. Then she tells him that she saw her lawyer. He thinks she wants a prenuptial agreement but she assures him she doesn't. She just wants to pool their finances. He agrees. She tells him she doesn't want them to sleep together until they're remarried, to make their wedding night "that much more romantic". She won't even kiss him. He is all hot and bothered because she's been teasing him in a nightie the whole time they talked. Reese meets with her a man in government, a friend of her father, about the license for the riverboat.

Nick and Peyton start to make love but he gets a phone call from Deke. Nick tells her that in 90 day she'll inherit all his father's estate. He implies that she's only interested in his money so she gets angry and storms out, saying she won't live with him anymore. Later, Nick brings her a pizza and apologizes. She remains cold. He doesn't understand why she's so angry. They argue about it. She tells him "it's over". Tom sees the scene and wonders what's going on. She says it's all part of her plan.

Later, Peyton, Nick, and Tom discuss the letter she got that says they won't get their license renewed because Tom has a record. Nick and Peyton are very upset. Tom remains calm and leaves to find an answer. Nick invites Peyton to dinner but she turns him down.

Tom talks to Reese about the license. He tells her he'll probably just sell his share to his partners. She suggests he sell his share to her and still stay in business. Later, Tom worries to Peyton about how expensive the wedding will be. Nick phones for her and asks if he can come by. She hangs up on him. Tom thinks she's overdoing it. She phones and orders a big bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her at work. The next morning Nick brings her flowers but they are small in comparison to the ones she sent, which she claims were sent by "a friend".

Lane's editor tells her she has a new story: a citizen group's petition to recall Edward. Later, her editor praises her on her article about Edward and offers her a permanent job. She gets her own desk and is pleased.

Edward is very angry about losing all that money because Veronica kidnapped Stella. He and Eleanor argue about Stella. Eleanor points out Stella saved his skin, since Veronica left town so she won't be able to testify against Edward. Later, he is livid over Lane's article. "I am the Dick Morris of Savannah!" he rails. They are accosted by a woman trying to get him recalled who doesn't recognize him. She lists his nefarious misdeeds. He sticks up for himself and throws her out. Edward and Eleanor vow to get revenge on Lane and her paper.

Eleanor walks in and tells Lane that she's the new owner of the Savannah Weekly. She introduces herself to the editor and fires him. She also fires a reporter who wrote nasty things about her and Charles, and of course Lane. She tells everyone else she's selling the building.

Veronica has the jewels appraised and is pleased at their worth. Meanwhile, Edward ransacks Veronica's apartment looking for clues. He uses the redial on her phone to call a hotel in Barbados. They haven't heard of her. Veronica them checks in under the name Ellen Hedges. The hotel clerk receives a faxed picture of Veronica from Edward.

Cassie sings "What's Love Got to Do With It" on the riverboat. A man who introduces himself as Bill Webber introduces himself and invites her for a drink. She declines because she's supposed to see Sam. He says he knows Sam. He says his sister Anita was Sam's wife; he claims Sam "set her up". Cassie goes to Dean and tells him what Bill told her. She wonders if Bill is right that Sam took bribes to support his drug habit. Dean promises to investigate. Later, he tells Sam what's happened and that he talked to an Internal Affairs guy in Chicago. Sam gets angry and runs out to look for Bill. He goes to see Cassie, who asks why he lied to her about being investigated by IA. They support what Bill said. Sam says that she covered for his wife at times because he thought she was pregnant and going to the doctor when really he was getting payoffs. Cassie's not sure what to think. After her show, Bill comes up to greet her. Sam comes up, too, and the two men go outside. Bill blames Sam for his sister's death and vows to follow him wherever he goes to tell "the truth". He makes vague threats about Cassie so Sam grabs him. Cassie comes out and breaks them up.

Tom and Reese are signing the papers to transfer ownership of the riverboat and combining their monetary assets when Reese notices Tom's name is spelled wrong. On the riverboat papers, they're spelled right, so they sign that one. The lawyer says they can sign the rest in two weeks.

Peyton gets dressed up and plans to finally give in to Nick. She gets the super to let her into Nick's apartment. The super tells her Nick was headed out to meet a woman. Later, Nick finds her; she thinks he had a date. He asks her to marry him, now, to prove she's not after his money (since they won't know for 90 days whether he'll really be rich or not). He pulls out a ring and she is overcome with emotion. She tells him she's packing the rest of her stuff while he gets champagne. She goes to Tom and shows him the ring. They are happy that they're both getting what they want. Tom agrees that they can have a double wedding. Meanwhile, Nick shares a glass of champagne with Reese; they have set Tom and Peyton up.

Veronica is being massaged when her masseuse is replaced by Edward. He is angry for her stealing the jewels and she is angry that he dumped her. She slaps him and then they make up passionately. Later they are sipping champagne in the tub together. She says she can't give the jewels back because she sold them. He doesn't care, he just wanted "revenge" but now it's okay. To make it up to him, she gives him the proof that the whole thing with Rita was a setup. He realizes how much she loves him. Later, he goes home and tells Eleanor he found Veronica but couldn't get the jewels. Instead he shows her the computer disk that will prove he's innocent of harassing Rita. She's very excited.

Sam phones Cassie, worried that she's in danger. She's concerned about what he might do to Bill in anger. Meanwhile, Bill meets a guy in a bad section of town. He pays him to beat him up badly. He goes to the police station and tells Michael that Sam beat him up.

Reese, Tom, Nick and Peyton stand in front of a reverend and do a rehearsal. He asks Reese to tell Tom what she thinks of him. She tells him about her "deep feelings", thinking of how much she hates him. Tom tells her she's the "woman" of his "dreams" and thinks about her money. Peyton tells Nick how lucky she is and how much she loves him, but thinks of his fortune. He tells her he can only hope to prove himself "worthy" but in his head calls her a "phony bitch".

Lane and Dean walk to the library with Jason and wonder why everyone's getting married but them. Jason suggests they do and they can't think of any good reasons why not. Jason goes into the library and they talk about it. Lane doesn't want to have a big wedding, just the three of them. Dean says they need a license so they plan to get married later that day. They get their license and head toward the justice of the peace's office, but Dean is beeped by the station.

Peyton and Reese tell Edward and Eleanor they're invited to their double wedding. They ask him to walk them down the aisle, but he refuses. He puts down Tom and Nick. Eleanor takes him aside and tells him what great publicity the wedding would be for him. He agrees, reluctantly.

Michael tells Bill there's no proof that Sam beat him up and suggests he leave town. Bill doesn't do anything but annoy him when he suggests that Cassie might be in danger from Sam. Sam phones Cassie to make sure they still have their date. She is reluctant to go out and he gets angry and hangs up. She talks to Reese about her feelings. She is scared of Sam's anger and still concerned that he lied to her.

The reverend calls Reese to say he might not be able to marry them because of a family emergency. He recommends his cousin to marry them. She agrees and asks if they can come to the riverboat to meet everyone. After he hangs up, we see that his cousin is the same minister who married Peyton and Tom the first time.

Peyton flirts with Tom on the riverboat until she sees the couple that married them. They wonder what to do. Peyton realizes they won't recognize her with red hair so she walks up and welcomes them. But the woman recognizes her anyway. They know that they're getting married again with the other couple and Peyton realizes why they're there. She takes them on a tour of the most remote parts of the boat. Peyton goes into a coughing fit when she sees Nick and then goes over and diverts him away from the couple, using wild excuses. While she takes Nick away, Reese sees the woman, who recognizes her as Peyton Richards. She introduces her to her husband. Reese takes them elsewhere, too. She finds out, too, that they're the ones performing the ceremony, so she rushes off. Peyton returns to find them gone from where she left them.

Bill hires a prostitute and makes her wear a wig like Cassie's hair. He orders room service and has the her make a fake phone call saying she's "Cassie Wheeler" while the waiter is in the room.

Reese goes to get Nick and then gets an idea. Meanwhile, Peyton gets Tom. Reese gets the reverend and tells him that Nick is her brother, the priest. Tom and Peyton find the reverend's wife. They wonder if her husband has been kidnapped, playing up the story they gave them when they got married about Tom being in the secret service. The minister and his wife leave the boat in a hurry. Peyton picks another minister out of the phone book.

The next day, they all make wedding plans. Tom plans to go to Paris with Reese, and Peyton plans to go to Hawaii with Nick. In his cabin, Tom gives Peyton a wedding gift of a really expensive pen (so she can sign Nick's checks). She gives him a really nice wallet. They kiss and lament that they won't be living together anymore. They have a free hour so they have sex.

Lane and Dean prepare to get married, too. Dean can't find the license; they are both disappointed. At Peyton and Reese's wedding, Eleanor shows Lane the new headline of her paper that says Edward was "exonerated". Dean and Jason show up to join her. Sam came to see Cassie because she's been avoiding him. He asks her to reconsider so she asks him to stay for the wedding, but he has to go to work. He kisses her.

Peyton and Reese get ready in their wedding dresses. Reese feigns sisterly devotion to Peyton and they hug. Edward walks them down the aisle; he tries to talk Reese out of marrying Tom and insults Peyton. Nick and Tom trade barbs at the altar. When the minister asks if anyone has any objections to them getting married, Reese speaks up, then says "Oh, never mind". Then Nick pipes up. He and Reese whisper to each other. Nick says Tom and Peyton have been "up to some shenanigans". Reese steps out to address the audience and says they're not there for a wedding. She tells them she knows the truth, that Tom and Peyton are "already married" and she has the photo to prove it. She tells them Tom was after her money and calls them "liars and conmen" and that they tried to take advantage of her and Nick. She walks off. Peyton slaps Nick and also walks off. Edward is ecstatic.

The bartender gives Cassie a message that Sam wants her to meet him at his house.

Tom is drinking heavily in his cabin when Peyton comes by to see him. They are both very upset. He is especially angry that he lost all his money. She says she's sorry for him but he's not sorry she didn't marry Nick because "He's an idiot" and she "deserves better". They exchange sweet words. He invites her to go Paris with him for a honeymoon. They kiss.

Dean, Lane and Jason drive home in the rain and stop for gas. She's beginning to feel like they shouldn't get married. Jason draws a nice picture of them and they see it's on the back of their marriage license. They see the minister and his wife who are stuck there while their car is being fixed. They think it's a "sign".

Cassie goes to Sam's and walks in when a voice tells her to "come in", but Bill's there and he shuts the door behind her. He pulls out a gun and tells her Sam will be there soon. It's Sam's gun he has on her and he wants her to tell Sam they're "lovers" so he'll get violent and attack him, so he can shoot him "in self defense". He tells her how he set it up with the hooker so he can later prove they were sleeping together. The door comes open but no one is there. Instead, a trash can comes flying in the window. This distracts Bill so Cassie attacks him. Sam and Michael come in the door with their guns drawn. Bill has his gun on Cassie but they tell him it's "over". He gives up the gun, knowing he's licked. Sam handcuffs Bill while Cassie hugs her father.

Tom is getting a fax when he gets a phone call from Veronica in Barbados. They chat pleasantly. She tells him about this woman they once ripped off and the fax is about how the woman is down in Barbados. She asks him to help con the woman again. His ears perk up when he finds out the woman is worth 10 million dollars. But he has to go right away, Veronica tells him.

Peyton goes by Reese's house so she can get her coat. She taunts Reese about going to Paris with Tom and how she shouldn't have let Tom go. Reese tells her never to come back. Peyton finally tells her why she hates her; how she's been jealous of her all these years. Reese whines that she was never mean to Peyton, who had a loving mother, which is what she always wanted. Reese guesses that Peyton and Tom slept together. They insult each other some more.

Veronica phones Edward to tell him that Tom fell for their plan. She has to leave quickly so that Tom won't find her there, though. But she tells Edward she knows he'll never leave his wife, so they're through, too. She is crying as she hangs up on him. She says to herself, "I love you, Edward". He looks sad, too.

Nick visits Reese who is about to take her rented wedding dress back. She tells him she is not really that happy about taking revenge on Tom and Peyton. She feels "empty and lonely inside". He holds her to comfort her; he tells her that he'll be her "friend".

Tom tells Peyton they're not going to Paris together. He says he has to leave because of a money opportunity. She asks him to take her but he says he can't. He says they both know she wouldn't want him without any money, but she knows he's leaving for good. She is hurt but wishes him luck. He kisses her but we can tell her heart is breaking.

Dean marries Lane outside the garage/gas station. They kiss for a long time while the minister's wife takes pictures and Jason watches, happy.

Peyton vows to make Reese "pay".


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