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The Savannah Rumor Dept.

Visitor Comments

Some of you have left e-mail regarding some nasty rumors about Savannah being cancelled!

Well, I haven't heard anything from the network. What I HAVE heard is that The WB is waiting until May to announce whether or not the network will renew Savannah for another season.

Here are some of your comments:

15 May 1997- I just called the WB in California, 1(818)954-6000. The lady said SAVANNAH HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! B U T, it's up to us fans to bring it back. What's going to happen is the new show that is going to replace SAVANNAH (nothing ever could though) if it gets lower ratings than SAVANNAH the WB will bring it back! Also the more calls they get 1(818)954-6000 and letters that might bring it back. Hey, if it worked for PARTY OF FIVE and The X-Files then it should work for SAVANNAH. Besides anything is worth a shot now!! Trent Bailey, Savannah, Georgia

May 13 I just heard the WB has cancelled Savannah. I am so disappointed. I am an avid 90210 and Melrose watcher, but Savannah ruled. Every episode was like a season finale, lots of cliffhangers. It's so frustrating to get involved in such a great series only to have it dumped. The WB must reconsider!! What should we do? Stacie Murphy, Boston, Massachusettes

May 12,1997: I just read off the Reuter's Newswires saying that WB plans to announce tomorrow that Savannah has been cancelled. This is too bad. I really loved the show.
Joy Keishian, Atlanta, Georgia

Well it's totally official -- Savannah was cancelled by WB. Now what are we supposed to do? Do we start a writing campaign or least try to get another TV carrier to show it? It was one of Spelling's better shows. It was even better than Melrose Place lately. Well let's start a campaign to get it back on.
Geraldine M. Broggy, New York, New York

Savannah's been cancelled according to today's NY Post. Michael Rand, Newburgh, New York

Finally, it's May...what's the verdict on Savannah? I've just emerged from hibernation and will surely remain a grumpy bear until I hear that Savannah has survived. It's been a bear of a winter without Savannah! So bad, in fact, that I've taken a "No WB for me" stance until Peyton, Reece and the rest of the gang return. Savannah's characters and great storyline hooked me from the debut...actually, it is the first primetime soap that has held my interest for more than one season. Both my husband and teenaged son agree with me...we're betting on smooth sailing for Savannah next season. P.S.: my VCR died during the first 10 minutes of the season finale. Will someone please recap the excitement for me and e-mail it, ASAP, to Many thanks, DJB.
Dana J. Barker, Redondo Beach, California

On my way into work today I heard the shows that WB plans to keep. Savannah was not among them. They did not say anything about cancellation however so maybe the jury is still out. I, however, do not understand what there is to deliberate about. Savannah is the best prime-time soap on the air. Its characters are so much better developed, and the acting is better than on Melrose. If WB does not want to renew it maybe they can move it to Fox's 9:00 slot immediately following Melrose.
Shelley Smith, New Haven, Connecticut

I've heard from inside sources that there is a 50/50 chance of Savannah coming back. WB executives will compare it to four new shows developed for next season and make a decision. So let's write to the network now to try and get it renewed.
Meredith Chapman, Los Angeles, California

A friend of mine phoned the WB station in Los Angeles and she said that the station *plans* on showing the next season of Savannah at its usual time slot later this year. They're waiting to hear from the producers if there will definitely be a show to run.
Patrick Keown, Prescott, Arizona

CANCEL SAVANNAH??!! Who do I have to kill? Peyton is nasty, and I love her (mmmm...)! Reece was just getting to less of a wimp, and I liked the new her. Please don't take away my Monday-night-gotta-watch-Savannah-so-don't-bug-me-cause-I-gotta-see-and-I'm-taping-it-to-watch-every-day-until-the-new-episode-next-week. Between my wife and I, and a few friends at the office, we LOVE Savannah and could not bear it if the last memory we have is the season finale. However, if Jamie Luner ends up out of work, I'll give her a job being mean and cold in my office!

Savannah fans UNITE and fight the power!
Ted Castaneda, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

I really love Savannah. I hope that the WB network does NOT cancel the very STEAMY show. I love all the stories that surround Peyton. She always gets what she wants. She's such a great actress. If Savannah does return it looks like Tom and Veronica may not return with the other characters because of the way the season finale ended. Well I hope it returns next season so that me and many of my friends that also watch it are satisfied with network for keeping it on the air.
Brandon Kring, Reading, Pennsylvania

They can't cancel the show. It's the best. A lot of people love it and I sure do. If we all write to the WB they should listen. What ever they do they can't cancel. It's a hit.
Shorty K., Mt. Lake, Minnesota

I think Savannah ended too soon, and it is far outweighing Melrose Place in content. I admire the way the writer don't sugar coat the women. It is high time women were afford the opportunity of being as ruthless as men, but with an air of gentility. Hurry and bring it back, We miss it!! Congratulations on the choice of cast. Each member is an outstanding actor. Please hurry back.
Camille Lorick, Ronkonkoma, New York

Here in Costa Rica, Savannah has caught fire. Even though it is shown on cable, Savannah has a great audience. I know many people who watched it every week. It is a very good show, and I wish the network picks it up because thats the only show on their whole schedule thatīs worth watching. I love Peyton and everything she does, she is so good at being bad. I would say to the WB Network that it would be a stupid decission to cancell it. Move it to another timeslot, another night. Remember what it did for you on its first season, donīt let Savannah go!!!
Danie Ulibarri, San Jose, Costa Rica

yes! comments... what is going on with Savannah? i've loved it since it began, especially this last season! they can't cancel it! the thing is, the ending was just so good that what else can possible happen to the rest of the show? except that maybe peyton will come back for revenge, but don't start involving divorces and all that! =P you've got to let us know what's going on with the show if you hear anything! arghhh...
Lisa Nguyen, Chino Hills, California

I have been a loyal fan of Savannah since the show premiered. I am a resident of a school dorm and it is very hard to find time to watch the show, but I find the time. I have seen a lot of shows come and go, but if this show were to be cancelled I would be very dissapointed in the station and the viewers. I love this show, and plan to watch it next season, because there is no doubt in my mind that this show will stay on the air for another season. I hope this comment wil demonstrate the popularity of this show. Thank You.
Tanya Laguerre, Cambridge, Massachusettes

First: A rumor! I heard from a friend who works at a car wash that George Eads frequents that he is making plans to move back to LA. WHY???? He says he is lonely, but I hope that it's not also because Savannah is being canned Secondly: They CAN'T cancel Savannah. It is the best show on television these days. I'm always kept in suspense about what will happen and always love all the one-liners. I look forward to this show every week. My life will be incomplete if I can't watch my Savannah this fall. I love it more than any other show on now.
Matt Lewellen, Athens, Georgia

Here, in Sweden, "Savannah" is very popular both among women and men which is quite unusual when it comes to so called soap operas. "Savannah" is really one of the best shows produced by Spelling Television where I have a good conection with. The address for Spelling Televsion (if anyone would like to even more push for the show) is:
5700 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3659
Mr.Alexander Boquist, Stockholm, Sweden

I love Savannah. I told some one that I like that show and she made fun of me. So then I told her to go watch it. Now it is her favorite show! I also got three other people into it. People just need to watch it and they will like it. All they have to do is give it a chance.
Karen Brenny, Edina, Minnesota

A great show, one of the most entertaining on television. I have a feeling it won't be back in the fall. The season finale was just too nice, wrapped up all of the loose ends...but here's to hope!
Earl Hayhurst, Watrous, Saskatchewa, Canada

Savannah is a great show, and it must not be cancelled. It is very successful here in Israel, and it is shown on prime time.
Itay Malinger, Holon, Israel

There may be some cast changes for Season 3 of Savannah. First, Beth Coleman (Veronica) and Paul Satterfield (Tom) may not appear in Season 3. They've probably been written out. Second, Russell Curry (Sam), Mimi Kennedy (Eleanor), and Taurean Blacque (Mike Wheeler) are probably going to be upgraded to regular cast member status.
Nicholas Cheung, Boston, Massachusettes

Let's tell everyone to email The WB network -- -- to tell them how great the show is, and we want it back next season! It had a better rating on Sunday night, so hopefully it will come back on a better night.
Meredith Chapman, Los Angeles, California

Thanks for the responses! To leave your comments, click here!

For those of you interested in sending The WB some mail regarding Savannah, or if you would like to write individual cast members, the address is:

The WB Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Building 34 R
Burbank, CA 91522
Attn: Publicity

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