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The Savannah Rumor Dept.

Will Savannah Be Cancelled?

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Some of you have left e-mail regarding some nasty rumors about Savannah being cancelled!

Well, I haven't heard anything from the network. What I HAVE heard is that The WB is waiting until May to announce whether or not the network will renew Savannah for another season.

There are, however, some interesting facts which would lead me to believe that we can expect another season:

  • It seems that Savannah has been doing fairly well overseas. This is a good sign.

  • Most syndication deals require a minimum of 50 episodes. Savannah is currently at 33. Clearly, it is over the hump. One more season would open up the incredibly lucrative syndication market.

  • Savannah has been able to draw a nice audience segment for the network different from the sitcom's core audience, thereby balancing out the overall audience of the network. This is valuable when it comes to upfront network advertising buys.

  • Let's keep our finger's crossed!

    If you have heard any rumors, or if you have any information to share with other Savannah fans, please post here. Thanks!
    What is your full name?
    What city are you from?
    What state are you from?
    What is your e-mail address? Very Important!

    Your comments, please:

    For those of you interested in sending The WB some mail regarding Savannah, or if you would like to write individual cast members, the address is:

    The WB Television Network
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Building 34 R
    Burbank, CA 91522
    Attn: Publicity

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