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Episode #312 "The Sister Act"

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Aired January 19, 2006

My girlfriend got a near-perfect score on her SAT, but we've never been happier. Seth, it's senior year. It's supposed to be a best year ever. No, you should know better. Every time things are going to well around here, it's when doom comes a-knocking. Doom? A-knocking. Mm-hmm. (Doorbell ringing) or a ringing. Right on time. Don't answer it. It's probably a flaming bag of crap. Or FedEx. Yeah. So, I show up at my house to surprise my mom. And this Persian dude answers the door. Uh, I'm sorry? I figured he was the new butler. But then I saw his shoes, Prada. I thought, "maybe he's my new stepdad." And I was about to, like, hug him and then his wife shows up. No matter how rich the guy is, my mother would never join a harem. Uh, I don't... so I was like, "Persian dude, what are you doing at my house? And where is my mother?" And he was all like, "who's your mother?" So I told him. 43D052A9.JPGAnd he tells me that my mother moved and that all the mail is being forwarded here. Uh, I think that you may... are you gonna invite me in or what? Geez, Ryan. I see Newport hasn't improved your manners at all. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Kaitlin cooper? Weird neighborhood kid, hi! You've, uh... I mean, you've grown... boobs? No, I... oh, it's a-knocking.

(Kids television show) c'mon you two, let's go for a walk! Ah mom, do we have to? We're just watching "Dexter the dog".

(Dog barks) Dexter... walk. Dexter... walk. Dexter... walk. That's two against one. Come on. 43D05360.JPG

Kaitlin cooper? It must be two years since she's been back. Did she mention why she's home in the middle of a semester? We never really got past where home was. Oh, Julie wants us to wait till she gets here before we tell Kaitlin... that her family's a prime candidate for pimp my double-wide? Hey, guys. Good morning. Good morning. You ready to go? It's the third day of the pride 43D053BA.JPGand prejudice miniseries in English class. Summer, the show you're about to see has all the makings of a classic Jane Austen novel. You've got sisters, lies and bosoms. Kaitlin's back. Mini-cooper? Mini-coop not so mini. Julie: Kaitlin? Where's my baby? She's getting herself together. The kid's a little confused. I don't know what I'm gonna tell her. I mean, I just wanted to protect her from everything that's gone on around here. Shootings, funerals, public school. Well just explain it to her. She'll understand. Honey, you might've understood. You're your father's daughter. Kaitlin's me. She's not gonna want our life. Sandy: She came home. And that means she wants her family more than anything. Kaitlin: Mom? Oh, baby. Hi. Hi. Sweetie, what are you doing here? Do you even look at my calendar? It's mid-winter break. I knew that. It's just, I figured... isn't it fashion week? I thought you'd be in Paris with Alex, 43D053FA.JPGlike last year. Front row at Chanel. I saw the photo on wire image. I thought that you'd be happy to see me. Well, I am. Of course. Hey, we're so happy to see you. So that guy, Caleb, said that you moved. I think we're gonna be late for school, guys. We're so gonna be late. Sandy, can I talk to you about the launch party? Oh, I love discussing a party. You know, I'm actually gonna be late for school, too, but let's do something later and catch up, okay? Bye. Bye. Okay, so what's going on? Okay, do you remember that e-mail that I sent you about Caleb? There were some financial complications afterwards. Kaitlin: 43D05423.JPG

Oh, my god. We live in a trailer. Well, yes. But, live. Um, we're more like refugees. We're only half a mile from the beach, and well, it's tiffany blue. Oh, honey, this is so temporary. Once Kirsten's and my business is up and running, everything's gonna be just like it was. Hmm... so let's go inside. And then you pull it open like this... and... voila! It's a bed. Wow... that's versatile. Oh, honey. I'm sorry. I know this isn't what you're used to, but think of it as a life experience. And this is exactly the kind of place Britney spears is from. Mom, it's okay. Really. I mean, it's like a slumber party. The three of us. Here. Oh, you still have this puppy Marissa gave you. Although you didn't really care for him until you found out he was a purse and you could put your pretend credit cards in his belly. Yeah, it was that summer in Tahoe. The whole family together. I guess it's sentimental. Hmm. 43D0546D.JPGI know, let's get our nails done. I want to hear everything you've been up to in Montecito. Although I'm supposed to be helping Kirsten with our launch... but she'll understand. You got a message? Somebody from school? (Gasps): A boy? Hmm...? Oh, my little girl's growing up. I'm gonna call Kirsten. Man: Hey, it's me. I can't believe you just took off like that. Don't think just because you left town, I'm not gonna... (hangs up phone) Marissa:

It's just the Kaitlin I know is obsessed with her hairless pony. I feel like I missed this whole part of her life. What, puberty? And it's all my fault. Nah, what are you talking about? Well, I mean, it's not like I ever tried to keep in touch. In fact, we were never really close. It was always her and my mom versus me and my dad. Well, she's home now. You can fix that. Are you talking about Kaitlin's transformation from horsy-tweener to lanky-limb jail bait? Cohen, one more perky word about coop's not-so-mini-coop, and I may have to 43D054B4.JPGstaple your tongue to your collar. Hey, there you are! Hi. Hey, Taylor. Oh. Thanks so much for everything at that meeting last week. Oh, of course. You were lonely at that school. You had no friends, no one to talk to. Kind of like Charlton Heston in planet of the apes. I think that was mark Wahlberg. Actually, I had a couple good friends. But not like our group here. Right? I should get to class. Uh, me, too. The poor thing. It must be really hard for her, readjusting. Kind of like coming back from 'Nam. Thankfully she has us. (Sighing) hey, you all right? Taylor can be a little Taylor. No, she just made me realize I haven't talked to Johnny since I got here. I mean, I've left him messages. The tour starts soon. I hope he hasn't left yet. Nah, I don't think he'd do that. Why don't you try, uh, what's-his-name, bizarro Seth. Chili? Well, I could. Thanks. Yeah, no problem. All right, see you at lunch. Dude, will you please just call her back? This whole sacrificing-your- happiness-for-hers thing 43D054FD.JPGclearly is not working. No, it wasn't a sacrifice, all right? I just thought my life would be simpler without her. Yeah, it's real simpler. You're miserable. Dude, will you please (phone ringing) just take my phone and call her? It's like I summoned her. Marissa? Hey, chili. Have you seen Johnny? As a matter of fact, Harper is right next to me. Hey, Marissa. Hey, I called you a few times. Did you get my messages? Yeah, sorry. Um, I've just been really busy. Of course, packing and stuff? Yeah, packing. Okay, well, my sister's in town. I'd love for you to meet her before you leave. Oh, yeah, I don't know. Um, maybe if I have time. Come on, you're not really gonna leave without saying good-bye? The diner... 4:30. Please? I'll see you there. Veronica? What are you doing here? Hello, Kirsten. I hear you and Julie are starting a new dating service. I want you to set me up with the delicious dr. Neil Roberts. The father of Marissa's best friend? The girl you called little miss columbine at last week's board meeting? Do you really think 43D0554D.JPGhe'd go out with you? Of course not. If, however, I could talk to him, say, over a candlelit dinner, I'm sure I could convince him that I was just a concerned parent looking out for her daughter. And that's where you come in. And why would I help you? Marissa's back at harbor. But her involvement in after-school activities-- senior day, prom, graduation-- is yet to be determined. And I carry a lot of weight with the parents' association. You might say I am the parents' association. You're gonna hold a 17-year-old girl hostage for a date? A good man is hard to find, Kirsten. I'm free tomorrow if you're wondering. Oh, you'll have the contracts by Friday. Yeah. Oh, it's great, Sid. I'll talk to you then. Well, this is a wonderful surprise. I wish it was. Sandy, I have a problem. Veronica Townsend came by to see me this morning. She wants me to set her up with Neil Roberts. Good luck. And she threatened to make Marissa's life a living hell at harbor if I don't. And she can do it. We can't give in 43D05594.JPGto threats like that. We don't negotiate with the newpsies. I know, but Marissa's been through a lot, and all Neil has to do is take her out for dinner tomorrow night. Well, so, what do you want me to do about it? You're the one with the dating service. Neil isn't a client. And I'm not an employee. No, but you are sandy Cohen, professional persuader. You guys play golf together, and you're...guys. And I'm calling in a wifely favor. Just call. Shopping was such a good idea. Yeah, even if I was at a thrift store. Hey, vintage is very in right now. So who am I meeting again? Oh, my friend Johnny, from Newport union. I guess he's going away on this surfing trip, and I just don't want to lose touch, you know? Do I know about losing touch? Hmm? Kaitlin... mom, in her own deranged way, was just trying to protect you. And I was... I don't know, but it won't happen again. Yeah, I know. It's just I'm not a little kid anymore, you know? I know. There they are. Kaitlin: Which one's Johnny? Perfect bone structure 43D055DB.JPGor carrot top? Hey, you're definitely not a kid, huh? Hey, guys. Hey. So, Kaitlin, this is chili and Johnny.

It's nice to meet you. Hi. Hey, Marissa. Hey. Thanks for coming. So, uh... when do you leave? April. Next week. Right. He leaves next week for training. Tour starts in April. Um... dude, did I lock my car? I think I forgot to lock it. There's been a lot of thefts in the area lately. He's got a bunch of cassette tapes in there. Can you excuse me? Um... much coffee, small bladder. What's going on? Marissa, do I have to spell it out for you? Okay, guess I do. Look, he knew that you weren't going to go back to harbor while he was still there, so... he told me that he was leaving. Oh, my god. Johnny! Oh, hey. So, how long have you been in love with my sister? We're just friends. Good. Because I'm sure, as you know, she's not available. Unlike, say me. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi, uh, is this the Cohen house? It is. Can I help you? 43D05640.JPGI'm looking for someone. I guess I had the wrong address. Uh, a Persian guy said I could find her here. Kaitlin cooper? You a friend of hers? I really need to get ahold of her. Is she here or not? Look, man. I haven't seen Kaitlin since she was 11 and rode a pony. All right. Well, if she shows up, call me. It's important.

 43D05692.JPG[ Barking of dog ]

Hey, Ryan. What's up? Your sister around? No, she went out. Can I help you? Maybe. There's this guy... showed up at the house last night, looking for you. Justin? You know him? He's from Montecito and he goes to... I met him at a mixer. 43D0575C.JPGIs he your, uh, boyfriend? I barely even spoke to the guy. And he kept on calling me. Coming by my school. I finally told my dorm mother, and it got him in trouble. And now he's like, "you're messing up my chances in Princeton. I can't believe that he showed up here. I mean, I had already changed my cell phone. (Sighs) all right, I'll take care of it. And you won't tell Marissa? I mean, we're just starting to get to know each other again. And I don't want her to think that I'm some stalker magnet. And I don't want her to worry. (Knocking) hi. Hey. So, chili... told you? Yeah. He was never one to keep a secret. Well, what you did was pretty amazing. I just wanted to thank you. Yeah, I'm a real martyr. Uh, so what are you gonna do now? Since you're not going on tour. I hadn't really thought about it. Well, I mean, you could always apply to college for next January. No, I don't think so. I could help you. Listen, Marissa. It's not your problem anymore. You know, you're back where you belong, 43D057B0.JPGand... you know, my life, maybe it's not to tour the world to surf, but... I don't need you saving me. It's just that you did this incredible thing for me and I... is that what you think? I needed you to leave. So, I'm back at harbor, but what are you saying? That you don't ever want to see me again? Yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying. Right now I just need you out of my life. Okay. (Dialing phone) Neil (on phone): Hello? Neil, hey! It's sandy. I-I hope I'm not interrupting. No, no, no. Not at all, sandy. How can I help you? Well, there's a bit of a situation with Marissa. Anything I can do? Marissa and her mom mean a lot to me. Well, this is awkward. You know veronica Townsend? Do I know veronica Townsend? Sandy, I know every former a-cup in this town. Well, what would you think about having dinner with her tonight? You mean a date? Look, I know she is a bitch on wheels, but she wants to go out with you and she's willing to make Marissa's life at harbor very difficult if it doesn't go through. Oh, come on sandy. That's preposterous. I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't think she'd follow through on this. Look, it's one dinner. 43D0580B.JPGCrowded restaurant. Meet there, Kirsten and I'll pick up the tab. How horrible can it be? Trust me, it'll be horrible. I owe you. Thanks. Good, you're here. Where's Kaitlin? She came with you, right? Nah. I didn't think that was a very good idea. Look, best thing for you to do is get in your car, go back where you came from, put this behind you. I'm not going anywhere without the $1,500 bucks she stole from my brother. She says she barely knows you. We've been going out for like a month. I wanted her to meet my brother, Sam. He's a gamma tau at UCSB. They were having a party, so I brought her along. And then she, uh, ditched me, ran off with the door money and left town. Three guys are stuffing a gym bag and take off. So I'm supposed to take the word of three drunk frat brothers over a 14-year-old girl? Fourteen? She told me she was 16. Like I said, put this behind you. I'm trying to help her. All right, it's not my money, and now it's out of my hands. I had three messages from Taylor this morning. I told you she has abused puppy syndrome. If you show her the 43D05867.JPGtiniest bit of affection, she's gonna follow you around for the rest of your life. I know, but she's kind of our responsibility now. (Taylor screams) Taylor: I found you! Summer: Oh, my god! (Taylor clapping) um, who let you in? I speak fluent housekeeper. Guess what? My mom's getting set up with your dad! (Screams excitedly) oh, my god. I know, if they get married, we could be sisters. Okay, so I'm gonna go take a quick spin around and see which room I might want. Okay? I'll be right back. (Excited squealing) okay. She is so going back to the pound. Veronica: 43D05889.JPG

No, no, no. The football players are the real pussycats. It's the female tennis players that will kill you in your sleep. You know in Russia, rumor has it that Sharapova's rep is former KGB. I had no idea being a sport's agent was so dangerous. (Soft chuckle) mom, this place is way too expensive. Oh, but, honey, it's your homecoming. It's a special occasion. Mom? You know where we should go? Here, you just said so. The crab cooker. We haven't been there in years. It'll be so fun. But... okay. Mm-hmm. Hey. Hey. Oh, I'm almost ready. Take your time. The movie doesn't start for a while. Okay. You all right? I'm trying to find my stupid jacket. I'll help you. It's brown with dings on it. And it's stupid. I got in a fight with Johnny. He lied about the surf tour. He was never going. You knew, didn't you? Yeah, and I should've told you, but I mean, the guy did a good thing. He did it to get rid of me! And, I mean, even though he's not going now, he still says he doesn't ever want to see me again. 43D058DB.JPGOkay, but he's in an awkward position. You gotta respect that. Give him some time. I know. Look, you, uh... you got your sister back here. Yeah, I think I do have a great boyfriend. You have a great boyfriend, too. And I'm just getting to know my sister. So, life could be worse.

Hey, what's up? Hey. You seem pensive. Scoot down. So, Kaitlin is up to something. Dude, I told you, doom. I know. All right, hit me with it. What is it? All right, so this guy showed up looking for her. And when I asked her about it, she said he'd been stalking her, right. But when you went to give him the get-out-of-town speech... he said she stole money from some frat party. And then I found this bag he described in the trailer. Oh, she's jimmy cooper's daughter. Theft is in her blood. I want to give her a chance to explain, but... hey, good morning. Seth: Hey, I love how people just come in now. No more of that useless back and forth through the front door. So, we're going to go get pancakes. You guys want to come? Uh, actually, Marissa, I'm going to need to borrow you for a second. 'Cause we're going to have to work on summer's birthday present. Her birthday's not for like eight months. What to get the girl that has everything? We need to plan early. So, I went to see Justin yesterday. Oh, my god. Thank you so much. 43D05A15.JPGHe said you stole some money? What money? I don't know what you're talking... I found the bag in your stuff. Okay, so I took it. But it was for a good reason. Please. Justin's brother Sam is dating my friend, Megan. He seemed like the perfect guy, right? Till she told him that she was pregnant. Okay, and then what happened? So she asked him for some money to, you know, take care of it. And he said it wasn't his problem. So I took it. Do you want to call Megan and ask her how her abortion went? Whatever happened, you need to tell Marissa. Okay? You know I can't tell her. You know how she is. Seth, I'm sure whichever action figure you choose, summer will be equally thrilled. Can we go? You know, I lost my appetite. Can you guys just drop me off on the way? Yeah, sure. Is everything okay? Morning, sweetheart. Late night last night? Actually, I wanted to tell you I went on a date. With veronica Townsend? How'd you know? Word gets around when orange county's Cruella nabs her next puppy. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I thought it would just be that one dinner. What do you mean "you thought"? One dinner I get. One dinner is a man 43D05A6C.JPGon the rebound with a severe lapse of judgment. All right, that's enough. She happens to be a misunderstood woman. Dad, she is an evil bitch. Her daughter was picking out paint chips for her new room. Which is your study by the way. Summer, I am taking veronica to the launch party at the Cohens' tonight, and I expect you to at least be polite to her. Fine. (Knock at door) Gus, I'm sorry. My mom said I can't open the door for you again. Even if you actually have candy. It's Johnny. Oh. Hi. Hey, um, is Marissa here? How come nobody ever comes knocking on this door looking for me? Sorry, I just... I said some stuff to her yesterday. I wanted to apologize. I'm afraid she's not here. Oh, okay. But... my mom's having this launch party tonight for her new company. It's at the Cohens'. She'll be there. Maybe you should stop by. I don't think that's such a good idea. Come on, I'm inviting you. So at least there's one person there that's not totally lame. Maybe I'll stop by. To apologize to Marissa. So, tell me. Is it that obvious? Well, I mean, you barely 43D05ACF.JPGtouched your short stack. I can tell when something's up. It's Kaitlin. There's this guy looking for her. Says she stole money from his brother. She stole from another kid? No way. She admitted it. But she says she took it because the brother got her friend pregnant and she needed it. I can't believe it. Well, I mean, it doesn't make any sense. Why would he come after her if her story is true? So you think she's lying? I don't know. I think you need to talk to her. And accuse her of being a thief? I mean, after everything we put her through, that'll really build her trust. Well, I don't think the guy's going away without his money. All right, well, I'll talk to her after the party. Till then we'll just have to keep an eye on her. Uh, check the propane. Thank you. How's it going? Great. I've done maybe 12, and I've got about a hundred to go. Make that 102. I've added Neil Roberts and veronica Townsend to the guest list. You've got to be kidding me. Did sandy... what? Tell me they were dating? No. I had to find that out myself 43D05B17.JPGlast night at the yacht club. It's just... what is it? Well, for the past few weeks Neil and I have gotten quite close. And sure, the man is a real catch. A wealthy doctor, estate with pool and tennis court, but I was just grateful that he's been so kind to Marissa and then last night I saw him with veronica and it hit me. I think I have feelings for him. Romantic feelings. Now he's with that witch who tried to harpoon Marissa and they're coming to our launch party. I'll be okay, Kiki. I'm like the gulf region. At this point, what's one more hurricane? I'm telling you it'd work. We're not starting a rumor that my dad has genital warts. Hey, Seth, how about lending your mom a hand downstairs? Actually, uh, dad, we're kind of busy right now. We're trying to figure out a way how to break up my dad and some skanked-out ho bag. Veronica Townsend? See, everyone knows. You've got nothing to worry about. It's a long story, but last night's date, one-time thing. Really, because, I mean, he's bringing her to the party tonight. He's going on a second date with her? 43D05B58.JPGMm. Oh, sandy, there you are. I have to talk to you about veronica Townsend and you-know-who. Now we have a quorum. What happened? There are factors of which I was not aware when I had you set them up. Wait, you set them up? Veronica wanted to go on a date with summer's dad. And she threatened to make Marissa's life hell if we didn't set them up. Neil agreed as a favor. Look, Neil's a smart guy. If he wants to go on a second date with her, maybe he sees something in her that we don't. Huh? What the hockey? No, no, no. Okay, okay, fine. But we have to make sure that she's the one who ends it. If Neil starts pulling away, she might take it out on Marissa. Genital warts is the answer. Seth! You've got a dinner to set up. You two keep working on a plan, I'll keep thinking. We can do this. Okay, we got to make veronica Townsend not want to date your dad, so tell me the most shameful thing you know about your father. Marissa: I'm just not sure which is harder to believe: That she stole the money or that she paid for some other girl's abortion. 43D05B94.JPGEither way, that girl is not my sister. (Doorbell ringing) I'll get it. Hey, you brought friends. Is this the guy who knows where she is? Hey, look, no one's getting anything. Get out of here. I'm not going anywhere. And which are you-- the stalker or his brother who got a 14-year-old girl pregnant? What the hell is she talking about? Has anyone seen the cocktail napkins? Give me my money back, bitch! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Kaitlin! Kaitlin, Kaitlin. Go to the pool house. Get out of here or we're going to call the cops. Look, I've been trying to do Kaitlin a favor. She won't help herself. If you want to call the cops, go ahead. I'll call them myself. No, no, no, no. It's fine. Marissa, just go talk to her, please. Maybe we can settle this. Give them a second, all right? Kaitlin, these guys are... Kaitlin?

Looks like she already planned her getaway. Going somewhere? Like anyone would notice. Oh, I think those boys you stole the money from would. I told you not to tell her. I knew she was going to act like a self-righteous princess. You're blaming me? Hey! Why don't you two just talk to each other? You should just let me help you. Now, I'm supposed to believe that you care? I do care. Yeah, that's why I spent the last two Christmases with complete strangers. Strangers who don't 43D05CBC.JPGeven have a nice tree. And I want to make that up to you. But you have to start being more honest. I have to start being honest? Look around, Marissa. You and mom have been living a giant lie. Hey, I just found out about the trailer. Mom said she was renovating a condo. And you believed her? My friend Hadley's dad owns this property. When he heard about his new tenant, he called me right away 'cause he couldn't believe it. Julie cooper Nichol? Isn't that Kaitlin's mom? Why would she be living in a trailer park? I can't believe you knew. My whole school knew. So, why did you steal the money? Because I wanted to come back home. What, to find out if the rumors were true? No, to make sure that you and mom were okay. I'm sorry... but we really were just trying to spare you. From what, being a part of this family? 43D05CFB.JPG (Laughs) Come here. Look, if you stick around long enough, you might find out what that's really like. Ryan? I only wanted enough for the car to get here. I'm sorry for all the lies. I'll tell the cabbie he's not needed. Well... I guess, unfortunately, you have to go to mom's launch party. Only if I can borrow something to wear. Where is she? Don't worry, Taylor will be here. I can't believe I told you that about my dad. Seth: It does kind of make me see him in a new light. Uh, hi, everybody. Welcome. Thanks for coming. I'm Kirsten Cohen. And I'm Julie cooper Nichol. Thank you. Uh, well, tonight, we launch Newport's first exclusive dating service, new match, because, well, whether you're gay, straight, single, divorced, nearly divorced, in a world of wealth and luxury, 43D05D57.JPGthe only thing really worth pursuing is a soul mate. (Sighs from the crowd) so drink up, enjoy and flirt.

(Applause) if I didn't already have the perfect woman, I would sign right up. Will you two excuse me? Don't worry. The plan is in motion. Taylor, you're here. Great. Oh, it's good to see you, too, Seth. Yeah, so... now, don't make a pass at me. I don't want you coming between sisters. Okay. Come here. Listen, uh, how serious is your mom about dr. Roberts? Well, let's put it this way. When my mom decides she wants something, she gets it. Like when she wanted my dad, she got him. And when she wanted all of his money and the house in the divorce, she got that. And now she wants dr. Neil Roberts. Well, there's just something I think you should know about him. Here it is-- most of it, anyway. Thanks. So, uh, where's Kaitlin? Uh, with her sister. Why? Why do I get the feeling this isn't just about the money? Just thought Kaitlin might come by with you. To apologize or something. 43D05DC2.JPGThe least she could do is apologize. So she didn't say anything to you about me at all? Like...? I don't know. (Laughs) you're in love with her. Maybe I thought I was, but... but what? Just be careful of that girl, man. She's... amazing.

Thanks. You know, I used to always lie awake, so jealous that you, mom and dad were at one of these things. (Sighs) A Newport party. Yeah, well, you're finally here. Yeah. Well, what I had in mind was way cooler than this. Well, how'd it go? Watch and see. Neil, maybe we should go somewhere a little bit more private and have a drink. That sounds like a good idea. Hi, um, I'm sorry. Mom, could I just talk to you for a second? Um, Taylor, dr. Roberts and I are trying to have a private conversation. This is just gonna take a second, though. It's okay. Go ahead. 43D05E0B.JPG

(Whispering) What? Who told you that? Is everything okay? Uh, yeah. Uh, Neil, uh, we'll have to do that drink another time. Uh, Taylor's not feeling well. Uh, I'll just talk to you later. All right. Huh? My, god, that is amazing. All you did was tell her he voted for john Kerry? Yes, that is exactly what I said. You told her he had genital warts?! That Kerry thing wasn't going to work! Come on! Neil! Neil: Hey, sandy. You're all alone. Yes, yes. Veronica's daughter wasn't feeling well. If you ask me, you dodged a newpsie bullet. You're probably right. I think I've been out of the dating pool so long, I was momentarily polite. Well, I think it's time for me to be getting home. I think there's someone here who wouldn't mind your company. Hey, Kaitlin. You leaving? I wish I could. Party that good, huh? Just got a little bit more interesting. 43D05E5C.JPG (Laughs) I'm going to find Marissa. Excuse me. (Sighs) hey, there. Where's veronica? She left. Alone? Really? You two seemed to be getting along so well. Hmm. Actually, I was hoping that you might have dinner with me sometime. Neil, I would love to. Ryan... oh, sorry. I walked into that. No, um, what are you doing here? I'm not staying; I just, um... I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I don't know why I said those things when they're not even true. I guess I just, um... I missed you. Apology accepted. I missed you, too. Look, I know we both have our own lives now; just... don't be a stranger, okay? And speaking of strangers, have you seen my sister? Yeah, she's out front. Seemed a little bored. Yeah. You think maybe you could drive her home? Sure. Um... I'll take her for ice cream or something. Of course I didn't mean to hit you. I know; I just find it interesting how your hand collided with my face. 43D05EBE.JPGTaylor: Summer. Taylor, I thought you left. Oh, I did. I told my mom I had to come back. Listen, I am so bummed that it didn't work out between our parents, but... if you don't mind, I would still really like to think of you as my sister. Yeah, me, too. Really? Mm-hmm. Oh! Okay, that's great. That makes this all worthwhile. Okay, so, I got to go, but, um, I'll see you tomorrow in school, sis. Okay. Okay. Bye. Bye. What, you want another black eye? 43D05F0B.JPG (Whistles) hey. Hey. How'd it go? Good, I guess. Well, was he okay about the money? I don't think it was the money he was after. They were seeing each other. What? You're kidding. Mm-mm. He's, like, our age. And she lied about hers. Well, it's not that big of a surprise, I guess. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. I mean, you were what, a year older than Kaitlin when I met you? I know what it's like to fall for a cooper girl. Yeah, I guess you do. Where is she now? 43D05F58.JPGOh, well, Johnny took her home, so hopefully, by now, she's safe in bed. Thanks for getting me out of there. No problem. You know how people say that you can't go home again? I'm never sure if that means that the place has changed or you have. Well, what do you think? I think this place is exactly the same as I left it. And you? Pull over. No, we're gonna stop... I don't want ice cream. Just stop the car. I feel like a swim. Now? Yeah. So... you scared? No, but... come on! Kaitlin! Last one in! Kaitlin, wait!

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