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Episode #313 "The Pot Stirrer"

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Aired January 26, 2006

(this still needs extensive proofreading)

43D98CC0.JPGPreviously on the O.C.: Oh, my god, Kaitlin cooper? So how l in love with my sister? I don't have feelings for Johnny. Last one in... Kaitlin! I could really go for a drink. You read my mind. Actually, I was hoping that you might have dinner with me sometime. Neil, I would love to. You disrespected me, and the company I'm trying to build. That guy from brown, he didn't say that they couldn't take more than one student.

Summer: This might be the year.

Seth: 43D98CD2.JPGThat's right. Hey, baby, have you seen my lucky tie? I got it dry cleaned. Oh. You're an angel. Big day? Well, I got to sign some papers, make a few calls, build a hospital. Building a hospital, wow. Well, Caleb deserves most of the credit, I just inherited the project. So who's paying for it? The board of the Newport Laguna medical center. They commissioned a proposal from us and from a firm in Brea, and today we're both presenting. And they're going to pick you. Well, now that I got my lucky tie. Hey. Hello. Hi. Are you okay? You seemed a little distracted last night. Uh, yeah, no, I'm fine. I don't think that convinced anyone. I was leaving school yesterday and Mrs. Rushfield said that some brown rep called and wants to interview me on Sunday. That's great! Why didn't you say anything? I don't know, I guess it just needed to sink in. Did summer get an interview? I forgot to ask, actually. I was just kind of spinning. Well, you want me to help you out, maybe uh, ask you a few questions? Yeah. Sandy: Listen, matt's waiting 43D98D18.JPGfor me right now. But when I get back, let's talk. We'll practice, whatever you need. Yeah. I got to go. I better go, too-- Julie and I have a meeting with a new client. I am so proud of you. Thanks. Sure you're all right, man? Yeah, it's just kind of weird. It's like, there I am, I'm all ready to go, and I've got my watch set to east coast time and then I get this interview, and it just kind of hit me. I'm leaving Newport. Well, so, you're having second thoughts. Dude, I planned my first escape on an etch-a-sketch. This is my dream. It's just, I don't know, now it's real. Well, why don't you talk to summer about it? I mean, I'm sure she's freaking out a little bit, too. No, I'm fine. Seriously, this is just my process. Fair enough. You're pouring coffee in your cereal. ( Grunts ) ( sighs ) ( sighs heavily ) Newport, I hardly knew ya.

Cohen! I got one! Hey, summer. My interview with the brown guy! Mrs. Rushfield just told me and that you got one, too! Oh, yeah, that's great. Great? Mrs. Rushfield said they only interview people that they're serious about. This like totally increases our chances of getting in together. Show some excitement! No, it's amazing. It's just... are you feeling any anxiety at all about this? About what? About leaving Newport and your friends and family and going somewhere completely new in September? Yeah, honestly, I was. Really? 'Cause... but then I talked to colonel Flynt. Who's colonel Flynt? He's my boot camp instructor. He's a former delta. He says you can either ride change, or change rides you. And also, there's no room in the trenches of life for whiny little babies. Ah. Want to see my war face? That's not necessary. I got to go. But, um, it's not September. Freshman orientation starts august 25. Oh. Bye. Bye. Situated as it is, the hospital will provide ready access 43D98E6D.JPGto Newport's affluent and less affluent neighborhoods, servicing the whole community. There's more detailed budgets and schedules in your folders, along with copies of the permits that we pulled. We know you have another proposal to hear today. You should know we're ready to start any time. Just give us the green light. Well, speaking for all of us, you two have done a great job. I only wish Caleb could have been here. Thanks, bill. This project was close to his heart. He did have one, as it turns out. We'll contact you as soon as we've made our decision. Now we wait. What? I took a look at Brea group's plan this morning. I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't want to spook you before a presentation. So? It's good. Better than ours? They're both excellent. But the Brea group has been wining and dining bill Merriam and the board for months. I mean, dinner, concerts, cruises. Well, we offered them bagels when they came in. I'm worried that we've handicapped ourselves. When I got into this, I said I wouldn't do business by plying people with meals and gifts. And I respect that. I do. 43D98EAE.JPGBut what it could all come down to is who bill Merriam likes more. Well, hopefully he'll appreciate the fact that we appealed to his intelligence and not to his taste for pinot. Here's a picture with Kaitlin. But what's wrong with this horse? That's china. She has alopecia. Oh, she looks like a giant Chihuahua. Hey, what's up? Hey. So Kaitlin turns 15 this weekend and I'm putting together an album for her. Oh, that's nice of you. Yeah, well, she hasn't been home for one since she was 12, so I've got a few to make up for. Well, as long as it comes with two carat diamond earrings, I'm sure little Kaitlin will be happy. My parents kind of went overboard on Kaitlin's birthdays when she was little. It always made summer a little jealous. I need a coffee. Anyone else? What is it? It's just looking at these old photos. I mean, is this really the same girl who stole money from a fraternity and then lied about paying for an abortion? I feel like I don't even know her anymore. Well, families can be like that. People change on you. 43D98EF3.JPGMaybe this is your chance to get to know the new Kaitlin. I guess. I mean, otherwise she goes back to school and I have to go to college and that's it. Cirque d'Soleil? Yeah, what's wrong with that? Most people I know just had a clown at their birthday party. My mom went all out. We had presents, games, a petting zoo, and honestly the best part was always the after party. The whole family together. We'd stay up late and eat cake and watch the sound of music. Sing along. Oh, you mean, like, um...

I'm 16, going on 17? Yeah, except however old I was turning, we'd always put in the ages. I guess as long as we still do that, the rest doesn't really matter. So have you told Marissa that we're hanging out? No. You're not going to tell her, are you? Not much sense to that. Now that she's at harbor, I haven't even talked to her since your mom's party. You mean, since we had our midnight swim? You mean since you had your midnight swim and I got you a towel? Most guys would have taken advantage of me. Yeah, I guess I'm old-fashioned. That's what I like about you. Let's talk about what you're going to get me for my birthday. Julie, I am so sorry 43D98F57.JPGto keep you waiting. A procedure ran long. Oh, no, no, it's fine, Neil. It's just... I have to pick up Marissa from school in a few minutes. Oh, no. Well, let's enjoy the time that we have. I'm just happy that we're finally meeting. After you postponed twice, I thought maybe you changed your mind. No, I just kept thinking about the fact that our daughters are best friends, I'm a recent widow, you're just out of a marriage. So what finally tipped the scale? I felt something. Me, too. I'M... I'm so sorry. I really have to go. No, no, no, I got this. Julie, how about dinner on Sunday night? I know this terrible burger joint, even the owner avoids it. We'll be totally alone. Sunday then. ( Knocking ) hey. I came to see how you're doing. Hi, dad. It's amazing to think that you'll be leaving in a few months. Yeah, and I'm freaking out. For years, I've been talking about how much I want to get out of here, and then, soon as it's time, 43D98FA3.JPGI'm all like, "no, no, I'm not ready." No, what you're feeling is totally natural. I felt it. Leaving the Bronx for California? I was terrified about fitting in. I spent a month practicing how to say "dude." You still say it, kind of... look, you're about to begin this great adventure and you have no idea what's going to happen. Yeah, I just don't really feel like it's the beginning of anything. I feel like ( phone ringing ) more things are coming to an end. I'm sorry. It's the hospital board. Bill, how you doing? Uh-huh. I'm going to go take a walk. Good idea. Clear your head. I'll talk to you when you get back. I'm sorry. So... are we building a hospital? Hey, Kaitlin? Anyone home? Me and mom got takeout. Hey, sweetie. Did Marissa tell you we got Thai takeout? We're doing dinner ą la Cohen. That sounds great. I love Thai. Oh, you know what? I also picked up a menu from this Armenian place. I thought you guys could order from there Sunday night. I have a business dinner. 43D98FED.JPGIt's totally annoying. Sunday? Um, mom, we've got plans Sunday, remember? What are you talking about? We don't have plans on Sunday. Yeah, we do. We were going to order in food,

watch the sound of music. The sound of music? Why would... oh, my god. Baby, I totally forgot. Sunday's your birthday. Yeah, but hey, if it's business, you can totally reschedule, right? I can totally reschedule. You know what? Why bother? Kaitlin. No, seriously. I hardly even remembered myself. I'm going to go meet a friend, because I'm not even hungry. Kaitlin, wait. Oh, sandy, you want to tell the boys that dinner's almost ready? Well, sure, but Seth's taking a walk. He'll be back soon. What's wrong? Oh, bill Merriam called. It looks like they're going with the group in Brea. Oh, I'm sorry. I just really wanted this project. Is it too late for a new approach? We took our shot. Plus, I don't want a contract if we have to get it by plying some guy with Kobe beef. If that's what you 43D9903A.JPGthink would convince him, I think you're selling yourself short. What do you mean? I just know that when you wooed me, there was no caviar and champagne, and you did all right. I should take bill Merriam out for pizza and bad wine in the back of a mail truck. I mean, show him who you are beyond schedules and budgets. And who knows, maybe he loves pizza. ( Sniffling ) hi. Kaitlin? What are you doing here? Are you... are you smoking pot? Yeah. Why? You a cop? No, but I... you know, I mean... relax. Nobody here is gonna bust me. You want some? No, I'm okay. I'm good, thanks. You sure? It helps take the edge off, and I could tell you could use it. Yeah, well, I was saving the whole drug thing for college. Plus, my dad smoked pot at Berkeley, so it... it's pretty much ruined for me. Where'd you get that? School. This girl grows it in her closet. What made you decide to, uh...? My mom forgot my birthday. Wow. Yeah. That whole time that I was gone, I kept telling myself that you're paranoid. They're not gonna forget 43D99092.JPGabout you. Wrong. Well, you know what? I'm sure your mom feels really bad. But that's not the point. Can you imagine growing up with Marissa cooper as your older sister? My birthday was the one day I could count on people actually noticing me. Not anymore. Kaitlin! Please don't say anything. Yeah. Hey. Hey. We just bumped into each other. Two ships passing. Um, come on. Please, can we go home now? Mom feels terrible. Okay. Bye. See ya. Offer stands. You know where to find me. 43D990EB.JPG

( Phone ringing ) Kaitlin, your phone! Johnny? Oh, Marissa, hey. Hey. Were you calling Kaitlin? No, I was calling you, um... but... your phone didn't ring, so I figured I'd give hers a try. Oh. What are you doing? Hey, it's Johnny. It's for me. Hey, what's up? You know, it just seemed like we hadn't talked for a while. I know. What are you doing tonight? 'Cause we were all gonna go out. Oh, uh, thanks, but... I'm gonna be with a friend. Um... hey, listen, my mom needs me. Let me, uh, call you later? Okay. Bye. So anytime a guy calls, it's for you? What are you talking about? I mean, it was for me. Forget it. Look, Kaitlin, I know you're upset about last night, but... no more talking about it. Okay, well, um, we're all going out tonight to the bait shop, if you want to come. I can't. I'm meeting friends. I'm going to go take a shower. Hello? 43D991EB.JPGSo, how do you feel about going to the bait shop tonight? Julie. What a surprise. Come in. Hi, Neil. Is summer here? No, I think she's at Seth's. Oh, okay. Well, is there any chance that we could have dinner tonight instead of tomorrow night? Unfortunately, I'm working. You're not going to cancel on me, are you? Well, tomorrow's Kaitlin's birthday. I can't believe it slipped my mind. I'd like to give her a small party. I guess it'd have to be small. I live in a trailer. I hope you understand. Oh. Well, why don't you have it here? What? There's plenty of room. Girls can use the pool, and I get to see you. What do you say? I say... wonderful. Here is a key. You can let yourself in, do all the prep that you need. I've got a couple of minutes, why don't I give you a tour? Come on. Ryan: 43D9921C.JPG

All right, summer, this one's for you. Ready? Yeah, I'm listening. Okay. Who's been the greatest influence in your intellectual development? Um, Miuccia Prada. You probably want to say somebody more like Einstein, or... so, you want me to, like, lie? No, I just... I don't think that, uh, Prada is the answer that they're looking for. Well, this interview could, like, determine the rest of our lives, right? Well, if I say something that I don't believe in, I could end up with the wrong life. How awful would that be? She has a point. I have to go get a man and pedi. Summer. Cohen, if you want to memorize answers you think that they want to hear, that's fine, but I believe in being myself. And by the way, Miuccia Prada combines styles from time periods in ways people never even imagined possible. Her clothes teach you to change your perspective. I think she'll be fine. So where do you see yourself in ten years? Where do I see, uh, myself in ten years? That's a good question. Okay, uh, well, I guess more than anything, 43D99257.JPGyou know what I would like? I would like the happiness that I have right now. Although, I guess, what are the chances of that? I mean, you go through your life, and you're probably only going to be able to look back and pinpoint, like, two or three times where you were genuinely actually happy. And then, of course, in those moments, you wouldn't have even appreciated it anyways, because who does, right? So, where do I see myself in ten years? Um, I guess what I would like is, uh... I would like to be right here. You know what I mean? Right now, in this moment, and, uh, not because I'm afraid of uncertainty, because I'm not. It's just, you know, I was taught that when you have something good, what you're supposed to do is you hang on to it, you know? You hang on to it with both hands, and if somebody tries to take that from you, what you should do is you should make sure that they pry it from your cold, dead fingers. Yeah. Let's take a break. Oh, god. I'll get you some water. Hey, I told you to stop coming in on Saturdays. Look who's talking. Hey, listen, give bill Merriam a call 43D99299.JPGand tell him we'd like to take him out tomorrow. This is a good idea. I know that they officially haven't given Brea the word yet, so what should I do, uh, set up a tee time? Reservation at the arches? You ever eaten at el Pavo loco? No. Is that a new restaurant? It's a burrito stand. I thought we'd take him on a walking tour of the neighborhoods around the hospital. You're kidding. The Brea group's hospital is smack in an exclusive area. Ours would serve more people. I want to bring that home. Sandy. I know it's not how the rest of the world does business. Okay. I'll tell bill Merriam that he'll have a day he'll never forget. Cheers. Cheers. How's it going with Kaitlin? Well, I mean, she was pretty upset. I invited her out. Kaitlin? Oh, my god, Marissa, I totally forgot you were going to be here. Oh, hey. Well, what are you two doing? We're just hanging out. So don't freak out or anything. Yeah, we probably should have mentioned it. So, you two are just hanging out? Well, yeah. He took me home from 43D992F0.JPGthe party, remember? And then we had a chance to talk, went for a swim. Actually, uh... oh, so I asked you to drive my little sister home, and you guys went for a midnight swim? No. Look, I just got her a towel. Who were you really calling this morning, me or her? Look, I knew she was going to freak out like this. Marissa: I'm not freaking out. I just don't like being lied to. Whatever. Kaitlin: Can you take me home? I don't feel very well. I'm sorry. You all right? Yeah, I just... I don't see why they couldn't tell me the truth. ( Truck engine rumbling ) Kaitlin: Come on, watching Marissa get jealous? Admit it felt good. Johnny: She wasn't jealous. She was so jealous. Seeing us together... Kaitlin, I'm not sure about this. But... I thought you liked me. I do... but... okay, look, even if you weren't Marissa's sister, I'm 17, you're 14. 15 tomorrow. Still. Fine. I get it. No, look. I want to keep hanging out, 43D99347.JPGbut as friends, okay? It'll make Marissa mad. I can live with that. Hey. Oh, my god. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I know it seems weird. Uh, me loitering in the shadows... it's okay. I had a feeling you'd come around.

( knocking ) hey, top of the morning. Hey. So today's the day, huh? Yeah. Interview's not till this afternoon. Well, your mother's making pancakes. Come on down. You know, I already ate, plus I just want to... kind of go over some of this stuff. At a certain point, cramming becomes counterproductive. Do something to relax. I was thinking that myself. You're going to do great. Happy birthday. Look, Kaitlin, I know you think I overreacted or whatever, but, I mean, Johnny's just a lot older than you, and I don't want to see you get hurt. Oh, please. Like that's really why you got mad. What's that supposed to mean? ( Door opens ) whew! 43D99491.JPGHey. ( Panting ): Oh... look at that. My two little girls-- or should I say, two young women. Happy birthday, sweetie. Oh, gross, mom, you're all sweaty. Oh, I know, I'm sorry. I was running. You know, after years of doing cardio bar and yogilates, I forgot how good this feels; I got three honks. That's great, mom. Okay, so tonight? Not only have I planned an amazing dinner, but dr. Roberts said that we could have it at his house. Whoa, dr. Roberts offered you his house? Yeah, well, I ran into him yesterday, and I mentioned that it was Kaitlin's birthday, and, voilą*, he couldn't take no for an answer. He's so generous. Whoever gets him is a very lucky woman. You know I don't want a birthday dinner. What are you talking about? He even said that we could watch the sound of music on his plasma. Maybe next year. Oh, honey, I am so sorry that I forgot your birthday. Ever since Caleb's death, things have been a little crazy. But we really need this. As a family. Please? 43D994D1.JPGOnly if I can invite a friend. No. I mean, isn't it better if it's just our family and the Roberts'? Well, it's Kaitlin's birthday, she can have whoever she wants. Oh, maybe we should invite your old friends from the equestrian club. Sure. Sounds great. Bye. Okay, bye, honey. ( Sighs ) oh, Marissa, I'm going to need you to help me set up. Please, I need to make this up to Kaitlin. Fine. Okay, thanks. Oh, sorry about the sweat.

I am 16, going on 17... knock, knock. Hi. Hmm. You and Marissa. Looks like the perfect couple. You know, people used to say that about her and Luke. Life's weird, huh? Yeah. What's up? I need your advice. My mom's throwing a party for me tonight. Of course you're invited. But do you think that Marissa would mind if I invited Johnny? No, why would she mind? Well, she seemed a little weird when she saw us together last night. But they're just friends, so why would it matter 43D99519.JPGif we're hanging out-- if they're just friends? Kaitlin, what are you trying to do? Just make everybody happy, I told you. Because it seems like you're mad at Marissa, and you're... I don't know, you're looking for a way to hurt her. What are you talking about? Marissa's my sister and I love her. Then why don't you talk to her instead of trying to stir something up? You know, I'm sorry that you feel that way. But Johnny's my friend, and I want him at my party. It's just that look on her face when she saw us together. But I don't have to tell you about that, do I? See you tonight. Thank you so much for your help, Kiki. God knows I have my talents, cooking is not one of them. Well, it was nice of Neil to lend you his house. Yes, he is a gentleman. Is he? Kirsten, please. We've hardly had a real date. We haven't even kissed. But he offered his house for Kaitlin's birthday. I'd say that's a good sign. It is a beautiful house. Although I was thinking you could change out the marble in the entrance hall, and some of the furniture... 43D99557.JPGJulie? Since you haven't kissed yet, you might want to hold off on the redecorating. Oh, yeah. Just making conversation. Should I take this out? Yeah. Please. Great, thank you. Here you go. Newport's finest churro. Thanks, sandy. I don't remember the last time I walked this much. Well, the hospital would service a wide variety of neighborhoods. I wanted you to get a sense of that. Mission accomplished. And I told you how the free clinic might operate? Twice. But if you don't mind, I think I need a little break from the hospital. All right, we're losing him. Let's do it your way. Yeah? You sure? The truth is, the tour worked more on me than it did on him. I'm not going to rob this community of something it needs just... just so I can sleep easier. So come on. Bill? It's almost dinner time. Where would you like to go? Marissa, you should come in. The water's great. Yeah, I'd love to, but I'm helping set up for your party. And I'm so grateful. 43D995AC.JPGJulie: Marissa? Kaitlin? Look who's here. Hi, dr. Roberts. Hey, Marissa. Julie: Kaitlin? Don't you think you should say thank you for dr. Robert's hospitality? Oh. Thank you so much for letting me use your house for my party. You are so welcome. Johnny! Julie: Oh... my little girl is growing up. And she wants everyone to see it, too. Mom, this is Johnny. Of course. This is dr. Roberts. This is his house. Hey, Johnny. Nice to meet you. Hey, Marissa. Hi. Oh, look, I got you all wet. I'm sorry. I'm going to go see if Kirsten needs help. ( Knocking ) oh... Ryan: Seth? Yes? Hey, man. ( Knocking ) yes. Com... geez, man, I'm coming. Something's blocking the door. Okay! Just calm down. 43D995E6.JPG"I got to get in right now." Coming. I've got... to do something real... yeah, that's perfect. Seth? Okay. God. Listen, hey, man. I'm sorry, there was A... there was a laundry build up right there. Geez. It's almost 3:30, isn't your interview at 4:00? What are you talking about? Hey, how'd that happen? Well, are you ready? Am I ready? Do me a favor. Go ahead and feel that. Feel that puppy right there. No, dude, no. Okay, you don't want to touch another man, I get it. I get it. You find my slender swimmer's body, um... intimidating. Something smells. No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't, but they say the first sign of, um, a brain tumor, is a phantom smell, so you should lay down. Hey. Hey. You've solved it. You've figured it out. That's... you're a mystery solver. You're like encyclopedia brown. Remember... when encyclopedia 43D99628.JPGbrown, he went on down to Texas to solve the mystery of the great shootout? Hey, how about this for a change? How about in a cage match: Encyclopedia brown versus the great brain... to the death. Are you high? Am I high? No! No, come on, man. I love when you go for the comedy. But I would not quit your day job beating up, uh, people. I wouldn't. I don't know how that got there.

Hello? Hey, summer. Are you at the interview yet? Um, yeah, I'm about to go in. Can you stretch yours out a little bit? Seth's going to be late. Sure. What happened? I just need to bring him down to earth a little. We'll be there soon as we can, okay? Okay. Bye. Seth? Hey, man. Got some coffee for you. I want you to drink it, okay? Dude, I am not stoned anymore. Okay, then, uh, why are you in my shower? Whoa. How'd that happen? Just drink the coffee. Dude, all right, I'm fine. The guy's going to think I'm Rupert the monkey boy. How long you been doing this, man? Oh, god, it's pot. Aren't you overreacting 43D9973C.JPGa little bit? You were doing it alone and in secret. It's a little bit different. Well, this is the first time, I swear. And this is really just stress about the leaving? Two years ago this miracle happened to me, okay? You showed up and summer started talking to me, and my life changed. And I'd be leaving that for someplace new. And it'd just be real easy for things to go back to the way they were, and I just can't do that. Well, it wasn't a miracle. You're the one who got up on that coffee cart and told summer you loved her. You've changed, you know? You're going to be fine, wherever you go. Now tell me you weren't stupid enough to buy the pot down at the pier. Cause you know half those guys are narcs, right? No, it was nothing like that. Uh... hey, don't get her in trouble with Marissa, but actually, I got it from Kaitlin. Thank god. You guys, do you realize I have been in there for an hour and a half? What took you so long? He just needed to calm down. Why don't you 43D9976B.JPGhead on in and just meet us at summer's when you're done? Oh, okay. Yeah, no pressure. But if you mess it up, our future together is ruined. Hey. People I know. Hi. After Kirsten left, I had no one to talk to. This is a good turnout though. Yeah, well, my mom invited Kaitlin's old riding club. She probably shouldn't have bothered. Summer. Oh, excuse me, you guys. ( Julie chuckles ) hey, sweetheart, how'd your interview go? Everything all right? Yeah, well, remember when I said I wanted to get to know Kaitlin? Be careful what you wish for. In that case, there's something I should tell you about her and Seth. What are we doing here? I told you. Looking for my presents. Your presents are all downstairs. Not all of them. Kaitlin, look, I told you... that you're 17, and that I'm 14. But I'm not 14 anymore, remember? Okay, but look, someone could come in. We should just... you want to lock the door? What are you planning on doing to me? 43D997DA.JPGVery funny. Or is it that you're afraid that Marissa will come in? She sees you with her little sister, and then you really don't have a chance. What are you talking about? Look, you said that you liked me. Now we're only two years apart. So unless there's something else... I'm not interested in Marissa, all right? Then prove it. One birthday kiss. You know, I think we better get back to the party. You can't stop me. I let this go far enough as it is. Marissa, loooo I know you need to talk to her, but... come on, it's your sister. It's still her birthday party. Hey! I'm back! From my interview for brown, which I went to. Okay. You told her, didn't you? Okay, first of all, don't blame Kaitlin. Fat chance of that. Where have you been? Oh, Johnny gave me my present. Shh. So, looks like lily and bill are hitting it off. Yeah, I balked at taking him out to dinner, but I'm totally cool about turning your apartment into the playboy grotto. Bill, here you go. Thanks, sandy. Dry martini for you, lily. I've got to tell you, 43D99839.JPGI'm glad I didn't go home. So am I. Well, this may not seem fair, but I think I'm going to have to talk to you a little bit more about the hospital. Sandy, that won't be necessary. Excuse me, please. I'm in. You're in? Honestly, I didn't see the difference between the proposals. You're trying to take care of me. The least I can do is take care of you. I mean, that's business, right? Caleb would have been proud. A martini... and scotch for the lady. So what he say? We got the hospital. Really? Really. Sandy, that's amazing. Beach volleyball a little later? Woman ( laughs ): Sure. Where are you going? Leaving. Would you tell mom? You're leaving your own birthday party? I need to talk to my sister. Listen, Marissa... look, I really don't feel like hearing it right now. What's wrong with you? Here we go. Kaitlin, you gave Seth pot. You stole money from a fraternity. I don't even know who you are anymore. Do you want to just spare me 43D99882.JPGthe concerned sister bit? We both know this is about Johnny. You don't know what you're talking about. Look, Marissa, anyone can tell that you like him. You don't think Ryan can? I love Ryan. Yeah, you love Ryan. You guys are soul mates, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't mean that you don't like Johnny. I don't. Really? Well, then you wouldn't mind that I just made out with him upstairs. Yeah. You may not know me, but I do know you. Hi. There you are. You all right? No. It's Kaitlin. Julie: Hey, Marissa, honey. Where's Kaitlin? It's time for the cake. She's gone. What? What do you mean she's gone? Of course she's not gone. I mean, she wouldn't just leave her own party? Yeah, well, we got into a fight. You got in a fight at her birthday party? What about? I don't want to go into it, okay? How could you do this to your little sister, Marissa? Do you even know what's she's been through being away for so long? This was a very important birthday for her. For all of us. Look, mom, no offense, 43D998CC.JPGbut I don't think a party is really going to fix this family. Excuse me? You know what, I should just go. Okay, I'm sorry. Um, bye, dr. Roberts. I'll take you home? No, I... I want to walk. I need the fresh air. ( Nervous laugh ) I don't know what to say, Neil. It's fine, Julie, it's fine. You know, I just wonder... oh, no. No, I think that you were right to be cautious. We both have very complex lives, and maybe we should consider all of the implications before going further. ( Pager beeps ) I'm sorry, it's one of my nurses. 43D99926.JPGThey said they'd beep me if I was needed. I hate to leave you like this. Oh. No, it's fine. I'll just give these kids some cake and send them home. You're right about the other thing, I completely agree. So we'll talk. And you can leave the key on the dish when you leave, all right? ( Sighs heavily ) ( knocking on door ) come in. Hi, Cohen. I'm looking to see if brown has a course in human sexuality. Because no offense, you are so taking that. Summer... hmm? Oh, my god, I'm such an airhead. How did it go? Please tell me it went okay, please? It went great. We totally bonded. That is amazing. This means we're going to be together 43D99983.JPGnext year. Mm. Come here, let's pick out our schedule. Okay. Where's the rest of it? Oh, I threw away the boring courses. You know, like history, English, health, science. That was probably a good idea. Oh, hey. When'd you get home? Just a few minutes ago. I thought you might be sleeping. No, I waited up. How'd it go? Well, we made our case... and we got it. Sandy, that's wonderful. And you did it your way. Yeah. When are you coming to bed? Soon. Bill Merriam is coming by tomorrow, and I thought I should prep a little. Well, I'm very proud of you.

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