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Episode #316 "The Heavy Lifting"

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Aired February 9th, 2006

(this still needs extensive proofreading)

Well, why wouldn't she date him? He's using her. Her father's the head of the board. When I'm not around you, I miss you. You do? That was save the last dance, huh? 43EC0FCD.JPG

That dance number at the end

was so inspiring. Eww. Me and you, we got unfinished business. Where's kaitlin? You're in love with her.

Just be careful

of that girl, man. I love you. And I think you love me, too. I need to know how you feel about johnny. I'm with you. But that's not the whole story, is it? Just come down, johnny, please. Okay, just be careful, all right? Johnny! Well, you know what they say, no news is good news. I'm not sure that's true about severe head injuries. We should have stayed at the hospital. Ryan: There's nothing we could do there. Doctors told us to go home, sleep, eat. Yeah, except I can't sleep and I'm definitely not hungry. Hungry? Come on, everyone needs to eat. Your friend johnny's gonna need you when he wakes up. If he wakes up. Marissa... you were there. Yeah, I was. You guys, he's probably gonna be fine. Trey was unconscious for, like, months and he was fine. He was shot. Seth: 43EC100C.JPGYeah, we waited around like this once before after a certain od in tj. I'm going to, um... go check on kaitlin in the pool house. How you doing, ryan? She's right. I mean, the way the doctors were talking, you could tell. They didn't want to get our hopes up. Yeah, well, doctors are idiots. You tell that to your dad? It's their job to be negative. It's called managing expectations. That's why it's our job to be positive. ( Cell phone rings ) johnny's mom. You think you ought to...? I don't know. Do you want me to? No, no, it's all right. ( Sighs heavily ) mrs. Harper? Hi, it's ryan. ( Door opens ) ( piano and acoustic guitar 43EC1062.JPG

strumming gentle melody )

california, here we come

right back where we started from



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[ ]

[ Ringing of cellphone ] Yeah? Oh! The east roof.

[ Chuckling ] 43EC1116.JPG

[ ] Hey. Thanks for coming by. No, I'm glad you called. Where's gwen? I finally got her to lie down. She started talking about the funeral and just lost it, you know? Well, what does she want to do? Who knows? She said no priest, no body, nothing depressing. I mean, it's a funeral, you know. Isn't it supposed to be depressing? Well, I mean, we could do something during the day. You know, maybe by the water. No one allowed to wear black. Or shoes. It sounds like what he'd want to do. I got to take this to mrs. H. Hey, I'll do it. Thanks. Ryan: 43EC1188.JPG

It doesn't seem real, man. Listen, man, you can't blame yourself. You tried. Yeah, and I failed. Well, don't beat yourself up. Ryan atwood versus himself is a very ugly cage match. I'm going to shower, try and get some sleep. So I guess you won't have to worry about johnny coming between you and marissa anymore, because... sudoku, fun to say, fun to do... too soon? Okay. Too soon. Kirsten: This just feels wrong. The kids are going through this awful thing and we're planning a valentine's day dance. All the more reason for them to focus on something good. I mean, it's not like we can cancel this dance now, if we wanted to. Although... the thought had crossed my mind. He hasn't asked you? Who? Dr. Neil roberts? Why, no, he hasn'T. Do you think he has plans with someone else? No. That I'm not valentine material? Julie. That I'm just a fun hang, not worthy of chocolates, flowers, and nice underwear. Well, sandy's no fan of valentine's day. I guess we should concentrate on hosting a great event, and we'll worry about our love lives when it's over. 43EC11CC.JPGOr I could invent a fake reason to go to his house and fish for information. Julie, last time you went on a stealth mission, you toppled the dessert tray. Yeah, but it got his attention. Thank you. Hi. Are you a friend of johnny's? I'm his cousin, sadie. Hi. My mom thought it would be a good idea if I came down here and stayed with my aunt for a while. How's she doing? Not so good, you know, but finally sleeping. You look like you could use a few hours yourself. Oh, I'M... I'm okay. Yeah? Yeah. I should probably go. I just got a lot of stuff to do. Hey, are you marissa? Yeah. Well, I wish it was under better circumstances, but, um, it's nice to finally meet you. You, too. ( Knocking on door ) justin, what are you doing here? Winter break is almost over. I thought you might want a ride back to school. You should have saved your gas money. It's a hybrid. It gets pretty good mileage, 43EC1223.JPGso gas isn't an issue. Last time you came to town, you wanted me arrested. That was my brother, and I was thinking, I was hoping that we could talk. About our relationship? Our relationship? Today's not a good day. Is there another day that would be better? I want you to leave right now. Kaitlin, are you okay? I'll see you then. Thanks. ( Knocking ): Hey, boss. Hey. You wanted to see me? Yeah, I just got off the phone with dr. Griffin, and he told me that the board has vetted the brea proposal, and they're ready to put a hole in the ground. But I'm going to meet with them one more time. Do you think you could call maya? I mean, with a few caveats? Name them. Don't lie. Don't lead her on. That's not a problem. I mean, the reason I went out with her when she called, is actually I really like her. Oh, boy likes girl. Girl has access to influential father. Boy's boss needs to close a deal. Has all the makings of a great romance. I'm glad you like her. Well, I'll give her a call. Let you know. Hi. 43EC1269.JPGHi. Marissa. How you holding up? I'm okay. I was wondering. There's all these forms from the hospital, and, well, johnny's mom can't really deal right now. It doesn't need a lawyer or anything... you know what, I actually know just the guy for the job. I practically majored in paperwork. Are you sure you don't mind? When it comes to mind-numbing bureaucratic busy work, matt is an ace. And here I thought you never noticed. All right, well, uh, I should get home, you know, shower. I've been in these clothes since you don't want to know when. I think you're doing great, kiddo. Oh, hey. Hey, what are you doing? Uh, nothing. Oh, well, if it's nothing, then you won't mind me looking, right? That's not porn. It's a list of my yakuza dvds sorted alphabetically by title and also by director. Making my inventories is sort of one of those things, kind of like masturbating or flossing my teeth, where even though you know I do it, I'd just rather you not witness it. 43EC12AE.JPGCohen... I found something in your drawer. You're not mad? Oh, no, I'm mad. I'm livid. Not about the pot, because, I mean, whatever, it's pot, right? And while marissa and i were hotboxing luke's car, you were at home making a manger for captain oats out of lincoln logs. You were a late bloomer, and I get that, but, cohen, you lied to me for, like, the gazillionth time about something important. Well, summer, I don't know what I can do, except say I'm not going to lie again, and then not lie. You just have to trust me. Yeah, well, I don'T. So you better think of something else. What happened to the crockpot? <



It broke. ( Knocking ) weird. Hi. Hey. Hi. Let me give you guys some privacy. That's all right, you don'T... I've tried talking to her. Well, give her some time. How are you doing? ( Cell phone ringing ) you know? Hi, mrs. Harper. Uh, sorry, hi. Yeah, I guess. Sure. Hi. Hey. Thanks for meeting me. Sure. No problem. So, uh, you're visiting. Yeah, from ashland, oregon. You taking some time off school, or...? No, actually, I just graduated. I started my own little jewelry making business, so... I've just been traveling, trying to get stores to carry my stuff. You know, I really need to be with my boyfriend right now. Your boyfriend? Yeah, ryan. He was with me, with johnny, when it happened. Oh, yeah, my aunt mentioned that there was another kid there. I just thought, um... this is really awkward, I thought that johnny was your boyfriend. Why would you think that? Because last week he called me and he asked me if I would make something for you. 43EC1335.JPGFor valentine's day. Here, I brought it with me. There is your birthstone and that's his, and in the middle there's an angel. An angel? Yeah, he was afraid you might think it was cheesy, but he said that's what you were to him.

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for blondes. 4 sadie: So johnny had this pair of power ranger pajamas that he absolutely refused to take off. I mean, he would literally wake up in the morning and put his clothes on top of his pajamas. And he'd go about his day wearing his two layers of clothing. Ryan, there's kaitlin. I should probably... no, it's all right, let me. Hey. What are you doing up here alone? What am I supposed to do? Just go down there and introduce myself? "Hey, I'm kaitlin. The girl who killed him." You didn't make him climb that rock, and you didn't make him fall. That's right... that was you. You know what, I'm not going to do this with you. Everybody's upset. Come on. No, you know what, ryan? You can't fix this. So just save the speeches for my sister, all right? All right, here you go. This is your fourth quarter bonus, by the way. Next time, I pick the sport. 43EC14A6.JPGHey, did you ever get in touch with maya? Yeah, but I kind of wish I didn'T. You see, when I didn't call her back, she took that as a sign of my lack of interest. And she's a smart girl, and now she's an angry one, too. It's not a typo. I need 10,000 cinnamon hearts, and please don't make them stale. Thanks. Hey, honey, are the kids home? No, they're on the way to the bait shop for the wake. Hey, matt, how's it going? Women troubles. Oh, well, maybe I can play cupid. That's a great idea. Really, sandy? And what is it that you say about valentine's day? That it's vacuous, a commercially-driven hollow shell of a holiday? Well, sometimes we all need a little vacuous, commercially-driven diversion, and this would be one of those times. What's her name? I'll have a ticket to the party delivered. It's maya griffin. Whose father is the head of the physician's board? I don't know. If anybody can do it, you can. This girl doesn't need my help getting a date. It'll never work. You know what, kirsten, don't worry about it. I'm sure that we can come up with 43EC14E0.JPGsomething else. I'll get maya to the party, if you try and embrace the holiday. No whining, no snarky comments. Candies, candles, lingerie. Nice lingerie, nothing red, see-through or remotely edible. Not even a little see-through? Death and valentine's day. There's an unbeatable combination. Yeah, this is the first one where marissa and i are actually together. Should be all time. Pressure's on for me to deliver. Summer found my stash. You don't have any visible bruises. She go for the kidneys? I wish. You and atwood make v-day plans? Actually, we haven't even talked about it. Really? It's the first valentine's day that you guys aren't fighting or kissing another girl. It could be special. This is special. All I'm saying is valentine's day might be canceled this year. Hey, sadie. What do you want? I just want to see how you're doing. ( Chuckles ) I mean it, okay? When was the last time you meant anything you said? Is there a problem here? Hey, man. This is a private party. It's okay, he was just leaving. Yeah. So you know him? Used to. 43EC153E.JPGSadie, right? I liked what you said at the beach today. Thanks. Speaking at funerals is something of a specialty. Not that it's anything to brag about. No one close to me has ever... ever died. Really? It feels like everyone close to me has. I mean, not everyone, but my dad-- cancer when I was 14. My dog rocky, like, a month after that. My best friend last summer. I'm sorry. For your cousin, too. I see that. It's a funeral. People say sorry before they say hello. But you really are, so thank you. Ryan, there you are. Hey. Hey, marissa. Hi. So seth and summer were looking for you at the car. Ready to go? Yeah, yeah, sure. So maybe we'll see you again before you leave? Sure. Yes, well, I think I might have left it somewhere around here at kaitlin's birthday party. Well, I haven't seen a cake knife anywhere, not that I'd know what a cake knife looks like. And are you really going to be baking? Don't you have your valentine's party tomorrow night? 43EC158E.JPGFrankly, neil, I'm surprised you remembered about my little dance or valentine's day. So are you working this weekend on call? You're such a busy man. No, I thought that I'd stay in and catch up on some reading. Oh. Because you're behind on work. There must be new techniques developed every day. Got to keep up. No, I thought I would get into the da vinci code. Have you read it? I'm waiting for the movie. Well, I don't see that knife anywhere. I suppose I should be going. Well, it's always good to see you, julie. I'll see you out. It's okay. I, I, uh, I know the way. Hey. Happy valentine's day. I figured you could use something to hug. Or at least if you throw him he won't break. Trouble at home? Shockingly, no. It's a boy. I mean, not like that. He... he died. And I was with him. And sort of helped it happen. What do you mean? We went to the beach, drinking, a bonfire, I thought it'd be fun. But he was really messed up. And by the time I called for help, it was too late. He slipped, fell on some rocks. Then it was an accident. 43EC1606.JPGYeah, but accidents don't just happen. People let them happen. I understand why it probably feels that way, but I'm sure if he were here, he'd be the first to take responsibility, and he'd thank you for trying to help him. You're like an adult. My parents are therapists. They're annoying, but pretty smart. Well, thank you. So I will see you back at santa barbara? Yeah. Okay. Bye. Dude, I can totally see you. Dude, right. Hey. How was the uh, how was the memorial? Can we talk about something else? Like why you're reading the victoria's secret catalog? You know what, speaking of underwear, I think I have sand in mine. Excuse me. Well, no, your mother gave it to me, with items marked and sizes circled. Does that mean you're embracing valentine's day this year? Yeah, I thought you weren't a fan. No, I made a deal with your mother, and I'm holding up my end of the bargain. Seth: Oh, my god. Wow. It's just, like, 43EC1663.JPGwhat's even the point almost, you know? I'm going to have to borrow that later. Thanks. Uh... we'll see. So what do you want to do? I'm doing it. I mean tomorrow, for valentine's day. Can we talk about tomorrow tomorrow? Not if you want to do something. I don't want to do anything. You don't want to do anything specific, or you don't want to do anything at all? Ryan, you've never liked valentine's day before. Okay? So don't suddenly act like it's your favorite holiday. I'm not. This is just really hard for me, okay? Yeah, well, it's hard for me, too. I can't explain it. I was there, marissa. What is it you think I don't understand? I'm going to go. 43EC16E6.JPG

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loaded with antioxidants. ˙˙Xx( knocking ) come in. So your girlfriend decided to cancel valentine's day, huh? Small town. Very good cell service. Well, yesterday it seemed like we were having a good day. At a funeral? Not a good day but, you know, we were good. Then she just kind of freaked out. Well, sudden death can do odd things to people. Remember my mom at caleb's wake? That was kirsten's dad. Johnny was marissa's friend. Her good friend. Too good. Well, the guy's dead, ryan. I think you can cut marissa at least a weekend's worth of slack. She told me flat out she didn't want to see me today. Ignore her. She was out of her mind with exhaustion and grief. Seemed pretty lucid to me. Trust me, man. No girl wants to be alone on valentine's day. And you know this because...? 43EC179C.JPGBecause inside my manly exterior beats the heart of a 14-year-old girl. ( Knocking ) hi. Sandy gave me your address. I thought you'd want these as soon as possible. Thanks. I'm sure johnny's mom will appreciate it. Yeah. So are we going to see you and ryan tonight at the party? I don't think so. We got in a fight.

I got in a fight. It was my fault. Well, I'm sure that ryan will accept your heartfelt apology. I was more going to give him a cooling off period. Well, hey, if you need anything else, paperwork related, or just to talk, let me know. Thanks. Happy valentine's day. You, too. Hey, it's ryan. Leave a message. Kirsten: 43EC17E3.JPG

Well, as I mentioned

on the phone, my friend julie and i have a dating service. And, uh... thank you. We're having a party tonight. And, as I mentioned on the phone, I don't need a service to get a date. Oh, I know. It's us who needs you. It would mean a lot to have someone like you-- who's young, and active in newport's business and social life-- to be a part of the event. Of course, if you have plans with someone special... you mean someone like matt ramsey? I know who your husband is, kirsten. And I seriously doubt this last-minute invitation is a total coincidence. Maya, I'm sorry. So just how badly does matt want to go out with me? You're not upset? I was, when I first realized why you were calling. But I've liked matt since college. And, as much as I won't admit it to him, I was disappointed he didn't ask me out after our dinner. Well, he regrets his decision. Fine. I'll go. I see you've picked up a little something for your lady, and I for mine. Uh... your lady is my mother, and I really don't want to talk about it. Women's underwear has 43EC182D.JPGgotten very complicated. Thongs, bikinis, briefs... who knew women's panties were such a minefield. Don't say panties. So? You and summer good? We will be. What did you do this time? A certain circumstance was not fully disclosed, and my omission was discovered. You got caught in a lie. In a nutshell, yeah, but I don't see why she's making such a big deal about it. It's not like it's the first time. Well, maybe she thinks of you as a man, not a kid. Kids lie all the time, but a man's only as good as his word. Well, summer deserves a good man. Summer has a good man. She does? Yeah. Why didn't you tell me? How long have you known? Just show her. I got to pick up a few more things for your mother. I promised her the best valentine's day ever. Hi. I'll give you a hand. No, I got it, thanks. It's you. What are you doing here? What do you want? Oh, thought I'd stop by, pay my respects. I didn't really get a chance to say anything to mrs. Harper yesterday. I know she'll want to thank you 43EC1872.JPGfor trying to help him. She's inside, if you want to go in. No. Let me help you. I got it. It's cool. Not cool. Thank you. You're welcome. I guess it's kind of an automatic reaction. You're carrying groceries or moving something, so someone offers to help and, sure, it's nice to share the heavy lifting when you're carrying a futon up three flights of stairs. But is it really worth enduring the awkward conversation? And they're doing you a favor, so you have to be all nice. So being nice, that's an effort for you? Kind of, yeah, when I'm carrying a futon up three flights of stairs. What are these for? I'm packing up johnny's room... so my aunt won't have to. All done? All done. You know, I might have to rethink my whole position on not accepting help from strangers. Okay. Upstairs. This isn't awkward, right? This isn't awkward at all. Oh! For you. Too bad you're already dressed. I was hoping you'd wear this. Oh! Is it the black one with the beige trim or the beige one with the black trim? Find out. 43EC18C3.JPGThis is a fantasy I'm not aware of. I didn't buy that. Ow! I... I didn't buy that. I can explain. You think the situation can be fixed with lingerie? No. Not even if it's very sexy, and it says so right here on the tag. The point is, I made a mistake. I will fix it. Cohen, our problem cannot be fixed with underwear-- not even age-appropriate underwear with the right cup size. How can I prove to you that I'm not going to do something I say I'm not going to do. Well, the pressure was on, and you needed to come with a revolutionary idea and rock my world! I think valentine's day is off. Fine. I got you a card. Deal with it, ramon. Death cab for cutie is playing the smog shop, and jake asked me to go. Oh! Playing death cab in the valley? Never listening to them again. I know. You look nice. Mom forcing you to go out? Well, I sharpened my bamboo sticks. Turns out no force was necessary. I'm just glad to get out of this trailer. You know, marissa, honey, 43EC1918.JPGit's not too late to change your mind. Fresh air, all the baked clams you can eat. Yeah, that sounds tempting, kI just need to be alone. Okay. ( Knocking ) hey. Hey. I wasn't expecting you. Um... hi. Hi. I was hoping I could convince you to join me at the party. Well, maybe we'll see both of you. Ryan: Yeah. Good night. Night night. Good night. I got you something. It's beautiful. Yeah. Well, put it on. Get dressed. Or not. Or not. Fine, forget it. Just hang here. Look, I know you're only trying to be nice. But I... I really need some time. That's fine, I get that. But is it more than that? I mean, when's the last time we actually hung out together alone? What, you mean without johnny? You're glad he's gone, aren't you? I'm not even going to answer that. Canadians everywhere are coming 43EC19AD.JPG

out for the great skate on sunday, february 19th - a day of family fun in support of canadian tire jump start, helping kids in financial need

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Colgate total. 0000101][8a41] So did summer give you back the bag? Uh, the conversation kind of went in a different direction after that. Oh. Seth: Hey. No marissa? Yeah. No summer either? No, she's over there with her date. Sandy: Valentine's day. There's too much pressure. There's matt. I wonder if his date's shown up. Oh, cool. Another dude. I gotta go do something. Are you going to try to act like this is a strange coincidence ? Not... anymore. Can I buy you a drink? I don't know, can you? Still got that fake id? Happy valentine's day, sir. I was wondering if I could maybe borrow your daughter for a moment? Cohen. I'm right here. What do you want? I wrote you something. A cocktail napkin? It's a confession. Read it. "To whom it may concern. "My name is seth cohen and I have a problem with flying." It says lying. The pen shook. I have lied about many things 43EC1AA9.JPGover the years. The most recent and troubling lies include, but are not limited to the following: There's a complete list on the back of the napkin. All my sins, very detailed. Cohen, I know all of this. I know, but if I ever screw up again, you give that to my parents. Hmm, that's pretty smart. You may have just rocked my world. I was hoping you'd come up with a half-court shot at the buzzer. Is that a sports metaphor? I don't follow. I'm wearing the thong. Oh, yeah, that'S... that's my mom'S. Eww. What are you doing? Getting wasted. You and me, marissa. We're the only people who understand what we're going through, you know? You might be right about that. You know this emotional connection might be a really good platform for a more physical one. ( Chuckles ) I'm not going to make out with you, chili. It's not chili anymore. I'm going back to dennis. Johnny never liked that nickname anyways. Oh, no, I don't do oysters. If I'm going to swallow something that disgusting there better be something in it for me. Hey, mom. Oh! Hey, baby, how are you? Um, I was thinking 43EC1B15.JPGabout leaving. Oh, well, then I'll see you back at the house. No, I mean, leaving newport. Going back to school. Tonight. Justin, he offered to give me a ride. Hello. Julie cooper nichol. Kaitlin's mother. Very nice to meet you. You have a lovely daughter. Mm-hmm. I'll drive under the speed limit, make sure she buckles her seat belt, stop for coffee several times... thank you, justin, I appreciate that. Well, I'll see you at parents' weekend, and promise me, you are definitely coming back. I promise. You'll be seeing a lot more of me. Kaitlin, I'm so sorry if this trip wasn't everything you hoped for. I'm a cooper, mom. I'll survive. Hi. Well, hello there. You look radiant tonight. Thank you. I was hoping that we could talk. Neil, you don't have to explain. No, I think I do. All this back and forth, coming together, pulling away again-- I think it's happening for a reason. We just don't belong together. We both have very complex lives, 43EC1B67.JPGwhich will make this very complicated. Right, I mean, who's looking to make life any more complicated... did you say "will"? I'm sorry it's taken me this long to ask you this. But I lost my nerve and I wasn't trusting my instincts. But julie, would you be my valentine? All alone tonight. Well, I guess that's to be expected under the circumstances. Marissa and I have been fighting a lot, mainly about whether johnny was just a friend or... or if it was more than that. She says it wasn'T. I don't think she's lying to me, but I think she might be lying to herself. Now that he's gone, how do we move forward, or if? Well, the night's not over. Maybe there's a little pit stop you could make on the way home. Yeah, actually, there is. Thanks. How's ryan? Oh, he has a lot on his mind, as usual. Oh, whoa, whoa, matt and maya seem to be getting along. Do you think they're talking about business? Yeah! I think right now he's saying how our design offers more space for emergency care and outpatient services. I think she's more concerned about wheelchair access 43EC1BC4.JPGin the lobby. Aw, she's a good soul. You leaving? Yeah, don't cry or anything. Look, I know this wasn't the best vacation you've ever had, but I really am sorry for everything. Don't be. Just figure it all out. Figure what out? What you really felt for johnny. What does it matter now? You keep telling yourself whatever you want, but it does matter. I'm really glad you came back. I kind of, sort of, maybe, might believe you. ( Knocking ) hi. Hi. I was wondering if I could give you a hand? No, no, I got it. Thank you. Okay, I'll just... I mean, really? Yeah, yeah, I figured you could use the help. If you want, I could make the conversation a little more awkward. Well, in that case, please. Thank you. Hey, kait, I think there's something in your eye. What... it couldn't be... is that a tear? Shut up. You know, as weird as it may sound, I think I'm actually gonna miss this place. ( Sobs softly ) what are you thinking? If I could have done or said anything that.... would have saved him. Mmm... 43EC1C8C.JPGwell, um, I think it's a hard thing to accept. That life is completely out of our control. But you were there for him at the end of the day. That's all we can really do for each other, you know? Just be there. And I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. Go away. Look, I just want to talk. There's nothing to say. You wouldn't have come here if you didn't want to see me. It's got nothing to do with you. Now I think you should leave before I start screaming for the cops. We both know you're not going to do that. What the hell is he doing here? Everything okay? It is now. You want tea? 43EC1CD5.JPG

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fox broadcasting company

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