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The  - 4.06
aired 12/7/06

Sandy and Kirsten

By Kasey 

Ryan daydreams about Taylor, and the Cohens notice that he is acting spacey. Seth comes in and announces that he is going to head to Rhode Island to get ready for school and visit with Summer. When Ryan insists that he has to talk to Seth, Seth tells him to call.

The dean tells Summer that she is going to be suspended from Brown until the next fall. Summer is stunned—she doesn’t know where to go now.

Summer packs up her dorm room. Che comes to visit her, and Summer reminds him that it is his fault that she is getting kicked out of school.

Ryan daydreams about Taylor some more. Kirsten comes in and says that she wants to be the new Seth—Ryan can come to her and talk about his issues now that Seth is leaving. Ryan tells her about his Taylor-situation, and Kirsten encourages him to move forward and let something good happen to him.

Spencer visits Kaitlin and gives her her racket back. He tells her that she should chase after someone her own age when she continues to hit on him.

Ryan gets a visit from real Taylor when he is out and about. She apologizes for kissing him when he acts awkward and begins to run off. Ryan tells her to not worry about it, and he ends up asking her on a date for that night. Taylor is elated. She asks him to meet her at the comic book store.

Kaitlin goes to a waterpolo team match and says hi to Eric (one of Luke’s brothers). Some girls oversee and begin asking Kaitlin about Eric, then they ask her if she is Kaitlin Cooper. The girls introduce themselves as Olivia and Leah, but before Kaitlin gets to hang out with them, a girl named Riley demands that they get back to her house to help plan a party. Kaitlin suggests that the girls not go, but they say that everyone who’s anyone will be there.

Ryan and Seth chat on the phone, and Ryan tells Seth that things are about to get weird, but doesn’t elaborate about his date.

Julie and Kirsten deal with a frustrated client at work. After she excuses herself, Gordon stops by and asks Julie out to dinner. Julie declines, but Gordon tells her to call him.

Taylor and Ryan watch some anime together, and Ryan begins to lean in to kiss Taylor. Before he can do so, he stops himself, saying that it would be too weird. He apologizes, but Taylor is hurt.

Summer shows up at the Cohen’s to visit Seth. She gets a phone call from him at the same time, and they are surprised to have completely missed each other. Seth is sad to hear that Summer got kicked out of Brown, and he says that he is going to get revenge on Che.

Sandy goes to Ryan and offers to be the substitute Seth instead of Kirsten. Ryan tells him that he’s handled the Taylor situation, but he is worried things will be awkward. Ryan thinks that the problem might be him, though. Sandy encourages Ryan to tell Taylor that he wants to keep things casual for now. He says that Taylor will understand if it is the truth. Ryan agrees to give it a shot.

Seth goes to Che’s dorm but cannot find him. He finds a DVD with his name on it and when he watches it, it is a message from Che saying that he will not find him, as he is hiding out. Summer, on the phone with Seth, encourages him to come home, since she needs him and he will not be able to find Che. Seth agrees to come home.

Julie comes outside and is shocked to find out that Summer has been sleeping in her backyard. Julie offers to talk to Summer if she needs it.

At Harbor, Riley invites over several girls to her party. Olivia and Leah are shocked when they don’t get an invitation. Kaitlin announces that she will be throwing a party at her house that night, and anyone can come.

Kirsten and Julie are shocked when they get a handful of new customers—Spencer and his young guy friends. Gordon calls Julie and tells her that he orchestrated their wanting to join. He asks her to come on a thank-you date, but she continues to refuse him, saying that she is going out of town to help celebrate Kirsten and Sandy’s anniversary with them.

Ryan visits Taylor at work. He apologizes to her, but is taken aback when he sees that Taylor is with another guy, Roger. Taylor accepts Ryan’s offer to be friends, and declines his offer to ride her home.

Seth calls Summer and tells her he is on his way home. She tells him to get home soon. After they hang up, she goes to answer the door—it’s Che! He tells her that he is back to atone for his sins.

Kaitlin tries to plan her party, but she wonders how she is going to get her mom out of the house. She is happy to find out that Julie is going out of town with Sandy and Kirsten, but shocked when Julie announces that Summer is back and will be in charge of the house.

Summer scolds Che for being a coward, even as she lets him in the house for a drink. Che insists that Summer talk to him, but when she refuses, he handcuffs himself to her.

Sandy and Kirsten meet up with Gordon for dinner as they are out celebrating their anniversary. Julie tells them that she owes them big time, and both of the Cohens seem surprised when Gordon tells them how honored he is to be there for their recommitment ceremony (a lie that Julie had told him).

Taylor introduces Roger to Summer and Che. Summer tells them to ignore Che and she also tells Taylor that she has been demoted to a guest bedroom. The conversations come to a halt, however, when they hear some loud noises downstairs. They come downstairs to find Kaitlin, Eric, and Brad (Luke’s other brother) bringing in kegs for Kaitlin’s party. Taylor and Summer insist that Kaitlin cannot have a party, but Kaitlin ignores them both.

Ryan watches TV and continues to daydream about Taylor. Seth comes in and says that he is going to go visit Summer, and when Ryan thinks that Taylor might be there too, he asks to come along. He confesses to Seth that he likes her.

Kaitlin’s party is a hit, with a lot of people at the Roberts-Cooper house partying. Summer and Taylor look for Kaitlin everywhere.

Meanwhile, Kaitlin is upstairs regulating a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. She ends up getting to make out with Connor, Riley’s boyfriend! All the other girls are amazed, and say that it is bad enough that Connor didn’t go to Riley’s party. In the closet, Kaitlin wants to make out with Connor, but when he keeps trying to chat with her, she concludes that he is gay.

The conversation with Gordon gets awkward, and Sandy and Kirsten excuse themselves to go to bed. Julie tells Gordon that he is an idiot, and she excuses herself to try to salvage her friendship with the Cohens.

Seth and Ryan arrive at the Roberts-Cooper house and split up to look for their girls. Ryan heads up to Summer’s room, where he finds Roger and Connor in bed together. He confronts Roger for leading Taylor on, but Roger says that Taylor was paying him to pretend to like her in front of Ryan. Ryan concludes that that sounds like Taylor, and he heads off to keep looking for her.

Seth spots Che at the party and confronts him. He then sees Summer but, not realizing that Summer is handcuffed to Che, he pushes Che (and Summer!) into the pool.

Riley comes to Kaitlin’s party, crying and apologizing since nobody came to her party. Kaitlin tells her that she doesn’t want to be the school socialite, she just wants Riley to be nicer to her friends. She also tells Riley that Connor is gay. Kaitlin then calls the cops on her own party.

Che cries about his many faults while Seth and Summer insult him. Summer finally forgives him, though, saying that she should have known the consequences of her own actions. Che unhooks their cuffs, and Seth and Summer ask him to leave. They find out that he is the son of a pharmaceutical company owner, and after he is gone, the two conclude that he was not only a liar and a cheat, but a hypocrite as well. Summer tells Seth how happy she is to be home, but Seth is sad, since he now has to leave.

Ryan confronts Taylor and asks her why she was renting out a friend to pretend to be interested in her. Taylor admits that it is weird, but she says that she is weird too. Ryan says that he is not ready for a relationship right now, and Taylor agrees that she feels the same way. She says that whatever happens, happens. Ryan begins to lean in to kiss her, but Taylor asks him if he has ever played Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Julie tells Gordon that Sandy and Kirsten have headed home because of him. Gordon apologizes and says that he acts like an idiot around her because of how nervous he is. He offers to buy her breakfast the next morning to make up for things, and she accepts. He kisses her hand and excuses himself.

Kirsten and Sandy are surprised when a Justice of the Peace shows up to help them renew their vows. He tells them that he was hired by Gordon.

Kaitlin watches her party get cleaned out by the cops. She scrubs off Brad’s face, as some kids wrote all over him when he was passed out.

Julie sits alone in the bar and gets a call from Spencer, who just had a great date with Julie and Kirsten’s dissatisfied customer. The customer then calls Julie and tells her that she will be recommending the business to all of her friends.

Kirsten and Sandy renew their vows by their pool.

Ryan and Taylor make out in the closet.

Seth tells Summer that they could try to have a long-distance relationship. When Summer seems hesitant about both that and moving to Rhode Island with him, Seth says that he could put off college until the fall. Summer is surprised that he would do that for her. She introduces him to her bunny, Pancakes.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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