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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Sleeping Beauty - 4.05
aired 11/30/06

Sandy, Kirsten and Seth

By Kasey 

Ryan and Seth hang out late at night watching Bollywood. Seth falls asleep, and after Ryan leaves him on the couch, Kirsten finds him there the next morning. Sandy joins them in the kitchen and talks to them about an event he has coming up soon, and Kirsten chats about her dating business and her need for a slogan. Taylor comes over and gives Kirsten some of Julie’s files that she had in her car. Taylor offers to take some coffee out to Ryan, and the Cohens notice that she is dressed to impress.

Taylor gives Ryan his coffee and tells him again how thankful she is. She says that she will do anything he wants. She tells him that in some cultures, she would be bound to him for eternity for saving her life. Ryan just asks her for his t-shirt.

Taylor comes back into the Cohen’s and comments on how she never noticed how funny Ryan was. After she leaves, Sandy thinks it is funny that anyone would find Ryan funny.

Julie kicks a guy out of bed in the morning so that Kaitlin won’t know he was there. The guy tries to sneak out, but Kaitlin spots him, and doesn’t believe him when he says that he is Julie’s personal trainer. After he leaves, Julie tries to give her the same lie, but she still isn’t falling for it.

Taylor visits Seth at work to try to persuade him to help her to get Ryan to fall in love with her. Seth thinks it’s a little pathetic, but he agrees to find out if Ryan is ready to start dating again.

Seth calls Ryan at work and asks him if he’s ready to start dating again. Ryan says he isn’t sure. Seth tells Taylor that she probably doesn’t want to get involved with Ryan, since he’s a mess right now. Taylor just finds the information interesting.

Summer and Che go to a school science lab pretending to be janitors. The scientist in the lab asks them to come back later, but by that point, Che has already grabbed some keys in the room.

Kaitlin gets some tennis instructions from a man named Spencer, and she tries to convince him to date her. Spencer insists that she is too young. Julie sees them together and is very attracted to Spencer. She tells him that she is thinking of getting into tennis.

Sandy visits Kirsten at her new office. Kirsten tells him that she doesn’t think her business will be able to get off the ground, as a large portion of the clientele they were counting on might fall through. Sandy tells her that he could talk to an oil tycoon that he’s about to play golf with to see if he could help. Kirsten accepts the offer.

Che and Summer go back to the lab at night and break in. They open up all of the bunny cages in an attempt to free them. Their plan is to take the bunnies to the forest.

Ryan gets a phone call from Taylor late at night. She offers to help him learn how to sleep better. Ryan agrees to meet her in the morning to discuss his sleep problems.

Ryan and Taylor meet at the diner and Ryan tells her that he is exhausted. Taylor convinces him that he has insomnia. After Ryan tells her that it’s not related to Marissa, and happened after Thanksgiving, Taylor thinks that Ryan’s insomnia is caused by Volchok’s having turned himself in. Ryan says that he hadn’t thought about that, and he thanks Taylor.

Julie and Kaitlin get ready for their tennis lesson. Kaitlin is angry by how much attention Julie is demanding of Spencer and how much flirting she is doing with him. Kaitlin pitches Julie’s tennis racket over the wall.

Gordon (the oil tycoon) and Sandy play golf together. Sandy tries to convince Gordon to invest in Kirsten’s company, and invites him to come to their event the next day. He tells Gordon that Kirsten’s business partner, Julie, is newly single, and Gordon asks if she is hot.

Seth chats with Ryan about Summer. Taylor arrives and gets Ryan’s keys so she can set up his bedroom. Seth is confused, and she tells Seth that she is Ryan’s sleep therapist. Seth tells Taylor that she is crazy, and Taylor says that just because she isn’t Marissa doesn’t mean that she can’t be good for Ryan.

Summer’s roommate tries to convince her to not call Seth so she doesn’t look needy. She also tells her that the dean’s office called and wants to see her the next day. Summer panics. Che comes to visit and tells her that they just need to be cool. He doesn’t seem to care that they might get kicked out of school, but Summer is worried. After he leaves, Summer looks at one of the bunnies under her bed that she kept.

Kaitlin and Luke’s brothers walk past the tennis courts and Kaitlin sees Julie making out with Spencer. Kaitlin is really hurt, and she storms off.

Ryan comes home to find his pool house completely decorated with candles and other things to relax him. Taylor is there in her pajamas, and she tells him that he will sleep better if someone else is with him. Ryan asks Taylor if she is interested in him, but she says that she is not. He believes her, and gets ready for a massage.

Seth is shocked to find Taylor in the pool house the next morning when he brings Ryan some coffee. Ryan comes in from his morning job and insists that it isn’t what it looks like. After Seth leaves, Ryan tells Taylor that he should work on his sleep issues alone from now on.

Julie chats on the phone with Kirsten and is stunned to hear that Sandy was trying to set her up with someone. When she hears how rich Gordon is, though, she seems okay with it. Kaitlin comes in the room and asks if she can go to Sandy’s party that night, too. She says that she will be able to get a date. Julie thinks that that is a good idea.

Summer meets with the dean and some other people on the board and confesses to having freed the bunnies. When they ask who else was involved, she cannot give up Che. She tells them that she cannot cross that line. They also tell her that there is one more missing bunny that they need to find, but Summer lies and says that she doesn’t know anything about it.

Kaitlin asks Taylor if she’s okay. Taylor tells her how stressed out she is, because she likes a guy who doesn’t like her back. Kaitlin gives her several words of wisdom, including dressing up really nice, touching him, making eye contact, etc. Taylor is inspired, and asks for more help.

Sandy welcomes everybody to his event. He and Kirsten wonder how Julie and Gordon are doing, and they watch as Gordon tells Julie tales about his hunting.

Taylor arrives at the party looking stunning. She walks up to Ryan, who thinks that she looks really nice. She asks him to dance with her, and he accepts.

Julie tells Kirsten that Gordon wants in on their business. Kirsten is thrilled. Kaitlin shows up with Spencer, and when Julie is surprised to see him, Spencer is surprised—he thought that Julie wanted him to come, since that was what Kaitlin told him. When Gordon comes up to them, he is shocked to see Spencer, too—Spencer is his son! Everyone is surprised.

Sandy and Seth chat outside. Seth really wants to call Summer. Sandy tells Seth that he supports Ryan and Taylor being in a relationship, even though they aren’t the most obvious couple. Sandy is surprised that someone would find Ryan funny.

Ryan and Taylor dance and chat together. They seem to be hitting it off. After the song ends, Ryan offers to get her a drink. Seth approaches Ryan and tries to encourage him towards dating Taylor, but Ryan tells him that he will not be dating Taylor. The two are surprised to notice that Taylor is standing right behind Ryan. Hurt, Taylor runs out of the party.

Ryan chases Taylor out of the party. He tells her that she’s not crazy, and she tells him that she cares about him and wants him to be happy. She confesses that she does have feelings for him. Ryan is shocked when Taylor begins to talk about things that he is feeling that he didn’t know how to put into words. Taylor tells him that it is because she thinks about him.

Julie and Kaitlin argue about boys. Julie realizes that Kaitlin has a point, and she apologizes for acting so slutty. Kaitlin asks Julie to pick a guy and stick with him—preferably, one that she doesn’t have a crush on.

Summer is angry when Che says that he threw her under the bus when he met with the board of directors. He blamed everything that he did on Summer, since he viewed himself as too important to the social activism movements at Brown. Summer tells Che to stay away from her.

Kaitlin tries to convince Gordon to invest in Kirsten and Julie’s business. Gordon says that he is just looking to have some fun. Kaitlin says that knowing Julie, it will be the best investment he’s ever made. Gordon seems intrigued.

Kirsten and Sandy catch up at the end of the party, but Gordon steals Kirsten away for a minute.

Julie and Kaitlin get ready to leave when Kirsten tells them that they are back on with Gordon, thanks to Kaitlin.

Seth comes home and finds Taylor in his bedroom. She gives him Chinese tea to help Ryan sleep better, saying that she is too embarrassed to give it to him herself. Seth tells her that she should give it to him, or she is a quitter. Taylor is persuaded to go to Ryan herself. After she leaves, Seth talks to Summer on the phone, although Summer avoids the main issues and tells him about her new bunny.

Taylor visits Ryan and gives him the tea. She begins to leave, but Ryan tells her that she is amazing and she doesn’t have to trick people into liking her. Ryan says that he wishes that he did feel something for her. Taylor asks Ryan to kiss her, because she does think that there is something there. She says that if he feels nothing for her, she’ll never bother him again. Ryan agrees, and the two kiss. They stand in silence for a minute before Taylor apologizes and runs out. Ryan sits down and says, “Whoa.”

Summer thanks Seth for talking to her.  They tell each other that they love each other.

Seth goes to visit Ryan, but finds him fast asleep in the pool house. Ryan’s tea, however, is still completely full.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 2/8/11 


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