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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Shake Up - 4.14
aired 28/07

Summer and Taylor

By Kasey

The Cohen’s house is seen at nighttime. Everything starts to shake and rumble, with windows busting, etc. Then, the screen flashes to, “72 hours earlier…”

Summer asks Taylor what she can get her for her birthday, since she and Ryan are throwing her a party. Taylor tells her that she just wants Ryan to tell her that he loves her and wants her to come to Berkeley with him. She is worried about going to a different school than Ryan and that ending things. The two grab coffees together and spot a newspaper, which says that a major earthquake is about to hit. The girls scoff at the idea, and Taylor says that since it never actually happens when predicted, she kind of wishes that it would.

Ryan comes out of the pool house the next morning and finds Taylor waiting with breakfast. She thanks him again for throwing her a birthday party, and begins to hint at wanting him to ask her to come to Berkeley. Ryan doesn’t take the hint, and when he asks her what she is talking about, Taylor says that she is just feeling sentimental about her birthday.

Kaitlin is grossed out when she comes in the kitchen to find Julie and Frank making out. She throws some insults Frank’s way, and says that Frank might as well move in with all the conjugal visits he is making. Frank laughs her off, but Julie is very angry. Frank leaves to go to a job interview, and as Julie walks him out she tells Kaitlin that they will talk later. Kaitlin looks at Frank’s bag as if she is about to begin snooping.

Kirsten goes to a prenatal yoga class and is greeted by Holly, who just found out that she is pregnant. Holly introduces her to two friends, and all three girls seem to be preoccupied with their bodies and not letting their fitness go. Kirsten seems very uncomfortable with their immaturity.

Summer goes to visit Ryan at work on her way to pick Seth up for a date. Ryan tells her about his gift he is giving Taylor—a collection of poems. Summer says that while his gift sounds romantic, nothing is more romantic than telling a girl that you love them. Ryan asks Summer if Taylor said something to her or if she is expecting to hear that soon. Summer says no, but she is not a good liar.

Kaitlin meets Frank at a restaurant, and Frank asks Kaitlin to give him a chance. She accuses him of being boring, but Frank insists that he makes Julie happy. Kaitlin says that that is only the case because he is sleeping with Julie. When Frank continues to plead with Kaitlin, she (sort of) agrees to give him a chance.

Julie finds Frank’s bag in the kitchen and sees some magazines sticking out. She grabs them and finds out that they are clown porn.

Summer and Seth hang out at their date. They are at an art and movie exhibit sponsored by GEORGE. All the movies are about saving the planet and environmental causes, and Seth is less than impressed by them as film work. Summer challenges him to make an environmental film that is better.

Kirsten visits Sandy at work. She is discouraged from her prenatal yoga class, and she tells Sandy that the people in Newport are horrible. She wonders if they can really raise another child around these people. Sandy says that they have always managed just fine. He tells her that a friend, Jason Spitz, has invited them over for dinner the next night, and they should go to restore Kirsten’s faith in humanity. She agrees.

Ryan and Taylor watch a movie, and Taylor laments that the main character is never going to tell his girlfriend how he feels. Ryan takes the hint, but chickens out before he can tell Taylor that he loves her. Taylor is hurt.

The next morning, Summer and Taylor chat about Taylor and Ryan’s relationship. Taylor tells her that she is writing a letter to Berkeley declining their scholarship offer. Summer is surprised that Taylor is giving up, and she suggests “loosening up Ryan’s tongue” a little. Summer says that she should take Taylor to the wine cellar to demonstrate what she means.

Sandy watches Seth setting up a video camera outside and wonders what he is doing. Ryan joins him in the kitchen, and Sandy chats with him about his problems with Taylor. Ryan says that he is scared, and not sure yet how he feels for Taylor. Sandy encourages him to tell her how much he cares for her, even if he can’t tell her yet that he loves her.

Ryan goes outside and finds out about Summer’s challenge to Seth as Seth films his art film. Seth also informs Ryan that Taylor called and wants him to join her for dinner.

Julie confronts Frank about the clown porn. Frank tells her that it isn’t his, and it dawns on Julie that Kaitlin set him up. She begins to get angry, but Frank says that it will be good for Kaitlin to see that she can’t faze him, and that things will blow over. Kaitlin overhears this, and she seems upset.

Summer and Seth watch Seth’s film that he made of the Cohen’s pool. Summer is less than impressed—especially when she finds out that the film is six hours long! She tells Seth that he needs to make a film of something that engages him in the world. She says that it is important to her.

Sandy and Kirsten meet Jason and his wife, Carrie, for dinner. They are surprised to find out that Carrie is every bit as shallow as all the other Newport women. They ask Carrie if she was raised in Newport, and she says yes.

Taylor serves Ryan a romantic dinner and fills his wine glass to the rim in an attempt to get him drunk. Ryan tries to talk to her about their relationship from the start, but she insists that they hold off on serious conversations until after dinner.

Things go from bad to worse on the Cohen’s double date with the Spitzs. Carrie talks about getting drunk (even when she was pregnant) and does not seem to respect Kirsten’s having been an alcoholic. The Cohens are alarmed to find out that the Spitzs have their baby sitting with the nanny at a nearby table, especially when Carrie calls the baby a “thing.” The Cohens quickly skip out, but not before Carrie offers Kirsten baby advice any time. After the Cohens leave, Carried remarks about what losers they are.

Ryan carries a completely drunk Taylor into her bedroom. She admits that she wanted to get Ryan drunk so that he would admit to loving her. Ryan laughs, but then he tells Taylor that he does love her. She is surprised, and tells him that she loves him too. The two hug, and Taylor casually mentions that she got into Berkeley and now they can go together. She then passes out asleep. Ryan is shocked.

Seth videotapes Ryan for his new art film—an expose on the emotions of Ryan. Ryan talks to Seth and his camera about the gift that he got Taylor, and he admits that he has told Taylor that he loves her.

Taylor tells Summer about her date with Ryan. She tells Summer that Ryan told her that he loves her—she thinks so, anyways.

Ryan tells Seth (and his camera) that Taylor applied to Berkeley without telling him, and now he is wondering if they should slow down their relationship a little bit.

Taylor continues to wonder if Ryan actually said that he loves her. Summer suggests that she tell Ryan she loves him after she opens his gift, and if he said it last night, he will say it again. Taylor says that the plan is genius, but there’s just one more thing…

Seth tells Ryan that since it is Taylor’s birthday, she will be interpreting everything Ryan says. Seth wonders if Ryan should give Taylor the poems, since it sends a clear message that he wants to be with her forever.

Summer and Taylor wonder if Taylor mentioned anything to Ryan about Berkeley. Julie comes in and tells Taylor that she dropped off her letter to Berkeley for the mailman to get. Taylor panics and runs outside just in time to stop the mailman and beg to get the letter back. At first he is resistant, but after Taylor gives a moving speech about her relationship with Ryan, he agrees.

Frank visits Ryan and asks for his advice for how to win over Kaitlin. Ryan tells him to just be patient. Frank and Ryan begin talking about Taylor, and Frank calls Ryan romantic when Ryan tells him what he got Taylor for her birthday. Ryan remarks that it’s not that romantic (seemingly getting cold feet).

Summer and Taylor come to Taylor’s party, and Taylor is amazed at how nice it looks. She thanks Ryan for setting everything up, and there is some tension between them. Ryan excuses himself to get Taylor a drink.

Seth films everything going on at the party.

Also at the party, Sandy notices that Kirsten seems mopey. He suggests that they could move. Kirsten says that she does not want to move, because she wants for Ryan and Seth to be able to return home to that house when they are grown up and gone.

Taylor opens her gifts. She gets to Ryan’s, and he begins to protest at her opening it in front of everybody since it is personal. She opens it anyway, and finds that it is… a dictionary. She is upset, and everyone else tries to play it off as if it is a good gift.

Julie goes to the bathroom and notices that a poster has been put up of Frank’s mug shot with a statement, “THIS GUY LOVES CLOWN PORN!” Julie rips the paper off the wall.

Summer and Kirsten chat together about Seth. Summer says that she wants Seth to get excited about something, because he seems a little lost. Seth overhears, and seems impacted by what she has said.

Julie finds Kaitlin putting up more posters. She snatches them away and confronts Kaitlin. Kaitlin tells her that in the past year they have lost Jimmy, Marissa, Neil, and Gordon—what makes her think Frank will be any different? Kaitlin says that Frank is not family, and the two of them are. Frank comes outside and tells them that the cake is about to be cut. Julie asks Kaitlin to excuse them, and Kaitlin heads back inside.

Taylor tries to comfort herself when Ryan comes up and apologizes. He says that he meant what he said about loving her, but he is not so sure about them going to college together. He says that it is a big step. Taylor says that she applied to Berkeley before she and Ryan got together, and she wonders out loud if Ryan would have said that he loved her if he had known. He thinks about it, and when he doesn’t reply, Taylor runs back to the party. Everyone is waiting with the cake, and when they prompt Taylor to blow out her candles, she can’t do it. Excusing herself, Taylor runs from the party.

Sandy tells Ryan that he and Kirsten will wrap everything up at the party so that Ryan can go take care of things. Ryan begins to head out, but he spots Kaitlin and goes to talk to her. She points out Frank and Julie arguing, and says that while she had nothing against Frank, she doesn’t want to rush into another family, because this one wouldn’t last long either. Ryan says that you can never know, as he and the Cohens are proof. Kaitlin wishes that there were a way you could tell. After Frank leaves, Julie calls Kaitlin to come talk to her. Before Kaitlin leaves, she tells Ryan that if he does not confess his love to Taylor, he’s an idiot. Julie agrees.

Summer is horrified when Seth shows her his video where he captured her telling Kirsten that she wants him to be passionate about something. Seth tells Summer that he gets it, and he wonders if he could be a film critic, since he is so passionate about movies and discussing what’s wrong with them. The two head off to go rent a movie.

Julie tells Kaitlin that she and Frank have decided to slow things down so that she can devote more time to Kaitlin right now. She says that Frank is not going away permanently.

Taylor watches Korean movies and talks to a psychic on the phone. Ryan comes over and gives her her real birthday gift. He tells her that he loves her and is willing to put everything out on the table to be with her. The two kiss. Suddenly, things begin to shake, and the two look around, confused.

Kaitlin and Julie eat ice cream together on the pier when they notice the shaking too. Julie says that it is an earthquake, and the two run back into the ice cream shop.

Ryan and Taylor take cover on Taylor’s bedroom floor, Seth and Summer take cover in Seth’s car, and Kirsten and Sandy take cover in the middle of the pier. Taylor’s bookshelf falls over, almost hitting her and Ryan. A telephone pole falls over, almost hitting Seth and Summer. Lots of things almost hit Sandy and Kirsten.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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