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The My Two Dads - 4.09
aired 1/4/07

Summer and Taylor

By Kasey

Summer tells Taylor that she is engaged. She tells her that she isn’t sure about getting married right now. Taylor tries to convince Summer to tell Seth this, but Summer doesn’t have the heart to, thinking that Seth has his hopes set on marrying her.

Seth tells Ryan that he is engaged, and he also says that he regrets getting engaged so soon. Seth doesn’t have the heart to tell Summer, though, thinking that she has her heart set on marrying him.

Ryan and Taylor tell each other that Seth and Summer aren’t ready to get married. Seth and Summer ask them to be their Best Man and Maid of Honor, and Ryan and Taylor hesitantly agree.

Sandy and Frank meet up at the pier. Frank tries to convince Sandy to allow him to meet up with Ryan. Meanwhile, Julie tells Kirsten about Frank, and she tells her that she believes that Frank has legitimately changed after having been released from prison six weeks ago.

Ryan tries to convince Seth to tell Summer how he feels about getting married so soon. He calls Seth a chicken, and he says that if Seth doesn’t tell Summer how he feels, he will force her into saying something first. Ryan thinks Seth should, “smoke her out.”

In English class, Kaitlin has to give a presentation on a book. She goes right after a top student, Will, and gives a joke presentation. The teacher holds Kaitlin after class and tells her that she is failing English. Will comes back to class to get his books, and the teacher asks him to help Kaitlin revise her speech.

Sandy visits Ryan at work and he tells him that Frank is in town. Ryan is shocked, and says that Frank feels like he is from a past life. Sandy tells him that he can keep Frank in the past if he wants. Ryan says that he doesn’t want to see him at this point in his life. Sandy tells him that he will tell Frank that, and Ryan doesn’t have to explain himself. Ryan asks how Frank seemed, and Sandy tells him that he seemed good. Ryan goes back to work.

Sandy calls Frank and tells him that Ryan doesn’t want to see him. Frank seems hurt. After he hangs up, we see that he is dining with Julie. She asks him what he is going to do.

Seth goes to Summer and gives her a cookbook and tells her that he’s signed her up for cooking lessons. He also tells her that she will be converting to Judaism.

Summer tells Taylor that Seth is trying to smoke her out. She says that she wishes she’d thought of it first, and instead of backing out of the wedding like he wants her to, she’s going to go Bridezilla on him.

Sandy comes to visit Kirsten and work and is alarmed to find Frank there, and to see that Kirsten and Julie have been crying. Frank tells Sandy that he is not leaving Newport. Sandy reminds him that that is what Ryan wanted. Frank tells Sandy what he just told Julie and Kirsten—he is dying.

Kirsten tells Sandy that she is feeling guilty not telling Ryan the truth about Frank. Sandy tries to convince Kirsten that Ryan has no interest in Frank, but Kirsten insists that they should tell Ryan that Frank is dying of lung cancer. Sandy is not sure that he believes Frank. Kirsten begs to be allowed to talk to Ryan about it.

Summer visits Seth and tells him that she has presents for him too. She gives him a brochure on the Four C’s of engagement rings and she also gives him her bunny, Pancakes, saying that she wants him to take care of him for a bit. Unfortunately, Seth does not seem bothered by her new demands.

Kaitlin visits Will and wants him to do her homework for her. She tells him that if she fails, he fails, since the English teacher asked him to help her. Will tries to convince her that he isn’t like the other guys, and he tells her that she’s not as stupid as she wants to be.

Kirsten visits Sandy at work and asks him again if they can tell Ryan the truth. Sandy tells her that he has called the prison to look into Frank’s medical records. If he is wrong about Frank and he really is sick, they will tell Ryan. If he’s right, they won’t tell him.

Taylor visits Ryan at work and the two talk about Frank. Taylor tells him that she would want to see a long-lost parent, just to get her feelings about him off her chest. Ryan admits that that might feel good. Taylor also confesses that her dad has been absent from her life, as she has never gotten to spend more than twenty minutes with him since second grade. Ryan tells her that she doesn’t know his father, though, and Taylor says that Ryan doesn’t really know him anymore either.

Julie helps Summer work on her Hebrew and cooking. Summer tells Julie that she is engaged, and doesn’t want to call off the engagement to give Seth the upper hand. Julie tells her that she has come to the right person for help.

Kirsten meets with Frank, telling him that someone is there who wants to meet him. To Frank’s surprise, Ryan is standing by the car. He asks Frank to grab some coffee with him.

The next day, Ryan tells Seth that things with Frank went fine. He advises Seth to call off the engagement with Summer, but Seth won’t hear of it.

Will gives Kaitlin her speech, much to Brad and Eric’s surprise. The teacher asks Kaitlin to present it. When she gets up front, though, she is surprised to see that Will set her up and gave her a bad speech. She wings it and ends up impressing Will, Brad, Eric, and her teacher.

Taylor and Kirsten get ready for dinner with Frank, and Taylor confides in Kirsten that she is nervous about being prepared to help Ryan through the situation. Kirsten tells Taylor that the fact that she is there will mean the world to Ryan. The two hug. Sandy comes in and Taylor tells him that they are getting ready for Frank. Sandy is angry and leaves the kitchen.

Kirsten chases after Sandy and tries to explain to him the situation. She tells him that nothing will be able to change his relationship with Ryan, and Sandy softens. He is still not sure about Frank, though.

Frank meets with Julie and she gives him a pep talk about going to the Cohen’s. She assures him that he will be fine.

Summer visits Seth and tells him that she wants a small wedding—in Vegas, that night! Seth agrees that the plan sounds good.

The Cohens, Frank, and Taylor all eat dinner together. Frank charms everyone by telling them stories about Ryan as a child. Ryan and Sandy take the dishes in the kitchen and talk about how different Frank seems. Sandy says that Frank is winning him over. Ryan heads back to the table and Sandy gets a phone call. It is the doctor, calling to tell him if Frank is really sick or not.

Seth and Summer drive to Vegas when Seth stops the car and says that he cannot marry Summer—without her dad’s permission. Summer says that they will go home and get his permission.

Sandy joins the whole family at the dinner table and asks Frank if he can speak to him privately. The two head inside and Sandy confronts Frank—he is not really sick. Sandy asks Frank who should tell Ryan. Ryan, Taylor, and Kirsten come into the room and ask what is going on. Sandy tries to get Frank to tell Ryan the truth, but Frank won’t do it. Sandy tries to force Frank out of the house, but Frank won’t leave, either. Sandy punches Frank, and Frank tells him that that was a mistake. Ryan grabs Frank and asks him to come talk to him outside. The two head outside and Sandy tells Kirsten and Taylor about Frank.

Kaitlin tells Will that she respects him after the prank he pulled on her. He tells her that he respects her after her good speech. He asks her if she wants to do anything later, but she teases him about it.

Frank and Ryan argue about Frank’s lie. Frank says that he wants to do better and asks Ryan for his help. Ryan says that it is too soon for him to be able to get too close to Frank. The two hug, and Frank apologizes for what happened with the Cohens. Ryan tells Frank that he will call him. Frank gets in the taxi and leaves.

Ryan comes inside and Taylor asks him how he is. She tells him that his family (the Cohens) are pretty close to perfect, and she leaves to let Ryan spend some time with them.

Ryan comes and visits with Sandy, who is busy icing his hand. Sandy apologizes for losing his cool, but Ryan says that it is okay. Ryan tells Sandy that he is his dad.

Frank and Julie stroll down the street and Julie asks Frank where he is going to go. He says that he will find something through Gordon and will be okay. He gives Julie her books back and kisses her.

Seth comes home and the Cohens tell him about what happened with Frank. Seth tells them that he will be visiting Summer’s dad soon. The four sit down together for some family time.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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