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The Metamorphosis - 4.04
aired 11/16/06

Sandy and Ryan

By Kasey 

Summer meets with a school counselor to discuss how much she misses Marissa. The counselor observes how Summer is going through the five stages of depression. At the end of the week, Summer has made tremendous progress, but the counselor makes her promise to take things slow when she says that she wants to get back to her old life.

Seth calls Ryan from the Rhode Island airport (he is there to visit Summer) and speculates that Summer is going to break up with him. He is stunned to see Summer arrive, looking just like she used to. Summer kisses him, and Seth is thrilled that the old Summer is back.

Ryan works out at the beach and joins Sandy. The two discuss Ryan’s new job that he is about to have at a Mexican restaurant. Sandy reminds him that it will not be forever, since Berkeley has accepted him for the next year. Sandy says that he is glad Ryan is getting back to his old self, and he tells Ryan to hang in there.

Seth tells Summer that he thought she was going to break up with him, and Summer talks to him about how she was just acting different to try to cope with Marissa’s death.

Kirsten and Sandy chat about Ryan. Kirsten suggests to Sandy that he should hang out with his old friend, Jason. Sandy seems to be pleased with the suggestion.

Julie hangs up after talking to Neil on the phone. Kaitlin asks Julie what is going on, and Julie tells Kaitlin that Neil is going to let them stay in the mansion as long as they want. Julie tells Kaitlin that she is going to give up men. The two make a deal—if Julie stays away from men for a week, Kaitlin will stay out of trouble. Taylor comes in and thanks the Coopers for letting her stay with them, and Kaitlin gives Taylor a piece of mail that arrived for her from her French husband.

While Ryan works at the restaurant, Taylor walks by, and Ryan says hi. She asks him for a favor—her French husband, Henri-Michel, is coming to Newport, and she needs Ryan to be with her when she sees him so that he can’t persuade her to come back to France. Taylor tells Ryan that she has nobody else to turn to, and Ryan agrees to be there.

Summer redecorates her dorm room. Che comes to visit her and Summer opens up about who she really is. Che assures her that he is happy for her. Seth comes in, and Che says hi. He leaves to go to a rally, giving Seth and Summer some alone time.

Sandy asks Jason if he wants to get together to do something that weekend. It is an awkward moment, and Jason tells Sandy that he will get back to him.

Seth and Summer watch The Valley. Summer leaves to get a magazine, but she is saddened when she sees the flier that Che gave her earlier for his rally.

Ryan and Taylor wait for Henri-Michel to arrive. Taylor tells Ryan that what she had with her husband wasn’t true love. Henri-Michel’s lawyer arrives and tells Taylor that Henri-Michel will not grant her a divorce, and he wants her to come back to France. Unless one of them has been unfaithful, they have to remain married. Taylor tells the lawyer that she is Ryan’s lover. Ryan stands there, unknowing, since Taylor and the lawyer are speaking in French.

Summer asks Seth to give her some privacy so she can try on clothes. When he leaves, she calls Che and gets an update on how his rally went.

Julie tells Kirsten that she is giving up men. She also says that she wants to focus on their business now. Kirsten tells Julie that the dating service is open to her whenever she wants it. Taryn stops by and tells Julie that she should sue Neil for leaving her. Kirsten gets a phone call from Sandy, who is heading out to hang out with Jason. Taryn tells Julie that she is dating younger men and having a lot of fun. She invites Julie to hang out with her the next night, but Julie declines, saying that she is trying to be a role model.

Kaitlin tells Luke’s brothers that she will get a fake ID with them after they finally convince her that she won’t get caught.

Taylor visits Ryan at work and asks him to sign a paper for her. When Ryan observes that it is all in French, she says that it is just to attest to her character.

Seth hangs out with Che, and the two overhear Summer making a speech. They walk in and find her making a passionate speech about solar panels in the dormitories. Che and everyone else cheers, while Summer seems awkward when she sees Seth watching her.

Ryan tries to learn French while looking at Taylor’s papers. Seth calls him and tells him that he thinks Summer might have legitimately changed. Summer overhears, and tells Seth that she is still going to have bits and pieces of her old self as well as her new self. She assures him that she is still going to be the best girlfriend she can be.

Seth visits Che, who is playing guitar in the nude. Seth feels awkward when Che plays him a song and gives him a hug.

Sandy and Jason play golf together, and talk about how little time they have for friends nowadays.

Kirsten asks Julie to hang out with her that night. Julie agrees. Her phone begins to ring, and Taryn asks her if she is going to come hang out that night. Taryn reminds her that she will not be as hot as she is now forever. Julie tells Kirsten that she is getting sick, and won’t be able to hang out that night.

Kaitlin and Luke’s brothers go to get their fake IDs. The guy who gives them the IDs tells Kaitlin that he is available, but she declines.

Julie and Taryn get drunk together at a club, and Julie begins dancing with a guy.

Taylor visits Ryan at work again, and Ryan tells her that he has figured out what the papers say—they are a statement that they have been having an affair. Taylor tells Ryan that he is all she has, but Ryan refuses to sign the papers. He tells Taylor that the only thing that he can handle right now is his job. She leaves.

Seth and Che join Summer at a rally, and Seth shows off his newfound knowledge of the green lifestyle. They all begin to head into the rally, but Seth is denied entry since he is not a student. He tells Summer that he understands, and everybody needs her. Summer tells Seth that he is the best boyfriend ever.

Sandy introduces Ryan to Jason. Sandy tells Ryan that he is glad to see him doing better, and tells him that his lifestyle of helping people is just what he does. Ryan remembers Taylor and tells Sandy that there is something he has to do. Ryan leaves.

Kaitlin and Luke’s brothers go to a bar, but only Kaitlin is permitted to enter. Kaitlin is amazed at the whole atmosphere—until she sees her mom dirty dancing with a guy. Julie spots Kaitlin as well, and excuses herself. Kaitlin begins to head off.

Kirsten calls Sandy to check up on him. He tells her that he is having a great time, and Kirsten tells him that Julie cancelled on her.

Ryan goes the Yacht Club, where Taylor is trying to convince the lawyer that she doesn’t want to go back to France. Ryan kisses Taylor passionately, and asks the lawyer where the paper is for him to sign. The lawyer says that it will not be necessary, since he knows love when he sees it. He says that he will go back and tell Henri-Michel immediately. Taylor is very grateful.

Summer leaves the rally to find Seth sleeping outside. She tells him how great things are going, and Seth tells her to get back in there.

Taylor visits Ryan and gives him peach torte to thank him for helping her out. Taylor tells him that everything she expected is out the window. She says that that could be a good thing, and it is clear that she is hoping for a relationship with Ryan. Ryan tells her how good the torte is.

Seth goes to the airport to head home, and finds out that no flights leave until the next day.

Sandy comes home and kisses Kirsten, and the two play strip poker together.

Julie and Kaitlin quietly sit down to some ice cream together.

Taylor leaves the poolhouse grinning ear to ear.

Summer goes back to her dorm and finds a cute drawing of herself that Seth did, and a message saying that he is leaving to give her some space for herself. He says that he loves her.

Seth lays down to sleep at the airport.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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