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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 4.12
aired 1/25/07

Ryan, Seth and Sandy

By Kasey 

Kaitlin calls Taylor and finds out why she isnít there to go to dinner with them. Kaitlin also asks her if she is going to go to Kirstenís 40th birthday party that night, but Taylor declines, saying that she is giving Ryan space. After Taylor hangs up, she continues spying on Ryan at work, until a security guard asks her to leave.

Kaitlin and Julie sit down to dinner, but when Julie gets a phone call, she leaves the room. She discusses with the person on the other end that they are going to have to meet secretly.

Che meditates when Summer comes into the room and asks him what he is doing. Che says that he knows who his soulmate is, but the situation is complicated. Summer encourages him to spend time with the person instead of meditating, not realizing that Che thinks his soulmate is Seth. Che also tells Summer that he plans to free Newport Chuck, Newportís groundhog, on Groundhog Day.

Seth, Ryan, and Sandy head out to the movie theater after Kirsten declines to join them. After they leave, Kirsten calls a doctor, asking him to see her, saying that she has an urgent problem. In the car, Sandy tells the boys that Kirsten is just down about turning forty. He also tells them that Kirsten does not know about her birthday partyóitís a surprise!

Seth wakes up the next morning and finds Che in his bedroom. Che wants Seth to help him in his mission to save Groundhog Day.

Kaitlin hangs out with Eric and Brad, and she writes an email to Gordon pretending to be Julie. In the email, she tells him how much she misses him and his butt.

Sandy meets with Ryan in the pool house and asks him to go with him to get Kirstenís birthday present. Ryan agrees, and he tells him that he is trying to stay busy without Taylor, and he says that he doesnít miss her. After Sandy leaves, though, Ryan pulls out the scrapbook that Taylor made him and begins to look through it.

Taylor visits a counselor, saying that she is having an emotional crisis. She needs to figure out her life, and she needs to stop stalking Ryan. The counselor warns Taylor that her methods will be very aggressive, which Taylor says is fine.

Julie takes down pictures to sell. Kaitlin asks her why she is doing that, since her boyfriend is a billionaire. Julie accidentally slips that he is not, and Kaitlin asks her if she is cheating on Gordon. Julie says that they were never officially dating, but Kaitlin tells her that Gordon is coming home that day and thinks that they are still together. The doorbell rings, and Kaitlin goes to answer itóit is a delivery man with flowers for Julie. Believing them to be from Julieís mysterious suitor, Kaitlin tosses them in the garbage bin.

Kirsten meets with her doctor and tells her that she has been weak over the past few weeks. The doctor says that they will do some blood work.

Seth panics when he realizes that Che wants him to help release Newport Chuck. Che is able to guilt him into helping out though, and Che is pleased when Seth says that he feels like they have a connection.

Kaitlin talks to Gordon on the phone and tells him that she has something she wants to tell him about Julie. Gordon tells her that he is going to propose to Julie, and so Kaitlin keeps her mouth shut about Julieís mysterious boyfriend. She urges Gordon to pop the question and gives him ring suggestions.

Taylor clears out all of her things that remind her of Ryan. Summer challenges her to sort out her problems with Ryan instead, saying that she might lose Ryan for good by pushing him away. Taylor says that she has to do it this way, otherwise, she will definitely lose Ryan anyways.

Kaitlin and Ryan run into each other at the pier, and Ryan asks Kaitlin how Taylor is doing. Kaitlin says that Taylor is normal/weird. Sandy tells Ryan that his gift for Kirsten has been lost. After Sandy and Ryan leave, Gordon comes to Kaitlin and shows her the ring that he bought for Julie. The two head off to discuss the proposal.

Che and Seth plan out how to steal Newport Chuck. Seth tries to convince Che that their plan will never work, but Che is not swayed.

Taylorís counselor shows up on Ryanís doorstep and gives him Taylorís box of things that remind her of him. Ryan notices Taylor in the car, and he comes out and tries to convince her that they should work out their problems together. Taylor cannot have direct contact with Ryan, though, and through the counselor, she asks Ryan to trust her. Taylor and the counselor leave.

Che and Seth break into the building and steal Newport Chuck. They run up to the roof, but then Che realizes that he forgot the rope to lower them down inside. Che goes to the roof door to go back down and get it, but the door is locked.

The next morning, Che, Seth, and Newport Chuck are still on the roof. Che tries to tell Seth about his feelings for him, but the two are interrupted when a cop comes outside and confronts them.

Sandy wishes Kirsten a happy birthday. He offers to make her breakfast, but Kirsten says that she isnít in the mood. Sandy tries to cheer her up, reminding her that soon the boys will be gone and they can live like kids again. Kirsten tries to tell him something, but then Ryan comes in the kitchen and wishes Kirsten a happy birthday too. Kirsten gets a phone call and runs out of the kitchen. Sandy tells Ryan that he thinks Kirsten really needs this party.

Kirsten talks to the doctor, asking her if she can just tell her over the phone what is wrong with her instead of her going into the office. The doctor insists that she must tell her in person.

Julie heads to her date, but Kaitlin calls her and pretends that she thinks her appendix is bursting.

The counselor tries to comfort Taylor, saying that she will be able to be with Ryan soon, but first, Taylor has to take care of herself. After the counselor leaves, Taylor spots Ryan and Sandy hanging out in the distance. She bumps into several guys wearing groundhog suits, and she seems to have an idea.

Julie rushes to Kaitlinís side, who tells her that she is fine. Instead, Gordon comes out of the next room, gets down on one knee, and tells Julie that he wants to marry her. Julie is stunned. She tells Gordon that she isnít sure what to say, despite Kaitlinís insisting that this is a great thing. Gordon asks her about all the emails that she has sent him, and after he reminds her of the last one, Julie looks directly at Kaitlin. Kaitlin realizes she just might be in some trouble.

Che calls Summer (from jail!) and tells him that he was unable to release Newport Chuck. He tells her that it is her destiny to free Newport Chuck instead, and Summer says that she will see what she can do. Seth goes to make his phone call.

Summer, at the Groundhog Day ceremony, asks a woman in charge about all of the people who get to be on stage. The woman mentions all of the people who are up there dressed as groundhogs, and Summer gets an idea.

Julie confronts Kaitlin. Kaitlin tells Julie that she does not just want her to marry Gordon because he is rich, but also because he would make an amazing stepfather. Julie realizes how much Kaitlin seems to care for Gordon. Julie tells Kaitlin that she has to tell him the truth, and she also says that she doesnít know what she is going to say to Gordon. Kaitlin tells her to make up her mind quick, and she says that she is taking Gordon to Kirstenís party.

Kirsten comes home from the doctorís office. Julie calls her and tells her that Gordon proposed, and she isnít sure what to do. Julie says that she has been seeing someone in secretóKirsten will never believe who! But Kirsten tells her that she is going to lie down, and she hangs up.

Sandy tells Ryan that he has found a replacement gift for Kirsten. The whole thing should be fine now. Sandy asks Ryan about his relationship with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor, dressed in a groundhog suit, approaches the two men. Sandy gets up to accept a phone call, and she continues to approach Ryan. Ryan sees her, and when Taylor turns around to run away, she trips and her mask falls off. Embarrassed, Taylor tells Ryan to forget he ever knew her. She runs away.

Seth and Che watch the news from prisonóas it turns out, a woman was arrested while trying to steal Newport Chuck at the ceremony. Newport Chuck got away, however. Seth tells Che that Sandy will be there to get them soon. Che begins to tell Seth about his dream and his belief that Seth is his soulmate, but then the woman comes to the prison. When she takes off her mask, it is love at first sight for Che. He realizes that his soulmate is a groundhog, and not an otter. The two instantly pair off. An officer tells Seth and Che that their bail has been posted, but Che says that he is not going until his girlfriend is free. Seth leaves.

Sandy calls Kirsten and asks her to meet him at the Yacht Club. She asks him if he has planned anything big, but he dodges the question. After he gets off the phone, Seth is released to him.

Kirsten answers the door. It is a chauffeur, there to take her to her husband.

Seth and Ryan chat about Sethís misfortune. Kirsten arrives, and the two boys help her out of the car. Sandy arrives, driving a mail truck just like the one they had such fond memories of! Kirsten is surprised. Sandy gives her an envelope with her real presentóaround the world tickets for the two of them. Kirsten says that she can top that gift, and she pulls Sandy aside. She tells him that she is pregnant. Sandy is thrilled, and he tells her that he loves her. The two hug.

Later that evening at the party, Kaitlin and Gordon hang out when Julie comes and joins them. She tells Gordon that she cannot marry himóhowever, she wants to get to know him better, and if she grows to love him, then she will gladly marry him. Gordon and Julie kiss, and then the three have a group hug.

Sandy and Kirsten break the news to Seth and Ryan. The two congratulate them. Sandy and Kirsten head into the party, and Seth and Ryan leave (Seth to pick up Summer and Ryan to tell Taylor that he loves her).

Summer gives Newport Chuck to Che and his girlfriend so the two can go release it in the wild. As it turns out, the mayor granted them both amnesty, since he loves groundhogs as well. Seth joins them, and after Che and his girlfriend leave, Seth tells Summer about Kirstenís pregnancy. The two head off to the party.

Taylor cries in her bedroom. Ryan calls her and pretends to stalk her. He comes into her bedroom, and the two kiss. Taylor tells him that being separated was a terrible idea, and the two joke about taking turns stalking each other.

Julie giggles while she watches Gordon and Kaitlin dancing together. She then observes several other couples dancing together. She goes outside and calls the mysterious boyfriend, and then she breaks things off with him, saying that being with Gordon will be better for her family. She apologizes. After she gets off the phone, we find out that her boyfriend was Frank! He sadly sits in the dark, looking at the engagement ring that he had bought for Julie as well.

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