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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 4.02
aired 11/8/06

Sandy and Kirsten

by Katie

Ryan is packing a bag. He calls Julie. When she answers, Ryan says he is leaving, and she asks Ryan if he needs anything. He says he doesn’t.

Seth is on his cell phone in his bedroom, asking when Summer’s plane is due to land. He hangs up the cell phone when the cordless phone starts to make a chirping noise. He picks it up, ready to answer it, but instead hears Julie’s voice on the other end explaining how it took the private investigator 6 months to find Volchok. Julie warns Ryan that this may be the only chance they get. Ryan promises Julie that Volchok will not get away. Seth looks at the phone with worry and disgust and when Julie and Ryan hang up, he does also. He then begins jotting down a note, which begins with the word “Angry”.

In the pool house, Ryan finishes zipping up his bag, as Seth comes down the stairs, passes through the kitchen and heads outside. Seth greets Ryan, who doesn’t want to talk. Seth comments that he is up early, and Ryan’s only reply is that he is late to the gym. As Ryan rummages through the fridge, Seth asks if he will drop him off at the store. Ryan says he can’t because the gym is in the opposite direction of the comic book store. He walks away from Seth, who then admits that he overheard Ryan and Julie on the phone. Ryan accuses Seth of spying, but Seth denies it and then asks Ryan what he is doing. Ryan says it is none of Seth’s business. Seth says that if Ryan knows where Volchok is, they should just call the police, but Ryan is adamant: “No, I’m not calling the police.”

Seth pulls the note he wrote in his bedroom out of his pocket, leaves it on the table just inside the door of the house, and follows Ryan outside. As Ryan throws his bag in the car, Seth comes out the door and announces that he can’t let Ryan go. Ryan tries to argue, but Seth climbs right in the car with him and says that Ryan leaves him no other choice but to go with him. Ryan tries to reassure Seth, saying that he is going to tell the cops after he has a chance to see Volchok. Seth tells Ryan that nobody believes that story. Ryan continues, saying that he needs to be there to see him arrested, and that the only way to do that is to be there before the cops come. Seth says he is coming with him, that he will stay out of his way, and that it won’t be a big deal if all Ryan is going to do is see Volchok. They stare at each other for a few moments, and then Ryan gives in. He tells Seth, “Okay. You have to do everything I say.” Seth tells Ryan he is the boss, and then asks where they are going.” Ryan slides into the seat next to Seth and reveals their destination: Mexico. Seth replies, “Great! I need Chiclets.”

On the Brown campus, Che is outside, in front of a huge tree, addressing a group of students when Summer walks by. Che calls out to her, asking where she has been. Summer explains that she had to go home for an emergency, and that it was hard to be there. Che compliments Summer on her “amazing spirit” and says that in a past life, she was probably “an eagle soaring through mountain passes.” He asks if she ever dreams of flying, and Summer says no and changes the subject, asking what is going on by the tree. Che tells her that the administration is planning to cut it down, and that he and his friends are trying to save it. Summer is upset, and Che goes on to explain that the tree is especially important because it was there through the formation of the United States, and that he doesn’t think it should be cut down just so “some hung over sophomore can get to poli. sci. ten seconds faster.” Summer asks Che what the plan is, and he says that there is a petition for students to sign, and he and his friends are planning a 24-hour tree sit. Summer says she will join them, and Che gives her a big, overpowering hug that lasts for a long time. He then returns to the tree and tells everyone, “Summer’s with us!” an announcement which is met with applause from everyone.

A few minutes later, Summer returns to her dorm room. She presses the button on her answering machine, but the automated voice tells her there are no new messages. However, a voice on the other side of the room interrupts to say that Seth called and left a message the night before, but that it got erased by accident. Summer goes to her bed, which is where the voice is coming from, and she discovers that Taylor is in it, and has been sleeping there. When Summer asks her what she is doing there, Taylor asks if she wants to get in and snuggle. Summer says no, and she demands to know what Taylor is doing there and why she is listening to her messages. Taylor sits up and asks if Summer has an espresso maker. Summer comments on the pajamas (basically just a negligee) Taylor is wearing, even though Taylor insists she always sleeps in them. Summer gives Taylor a sweater to put on and then asks her again to explain what is going on. She doesn’t understand how she could have arrived at Brown before Summer did, and she asks, “Do you have a secret twin? Because that would explain so much.” Taylor tells Summer to sit down, and that she will explain everything. Taylor tells Summer that “something huge” happened when she was in France and that she came back to tell her mom about it, but then got scared and couldn’t tell her. Taylor says that she knew Summer would be the only one to understand, and she starts to reveal her news, when she realizes that Summer’s legs are hairy and that her toe nail polish is chipping. Taylor is horrified, but Summer calmly explains that she doesn’t “do that stuff anymore.” Taylor tells Summer she has hobbit feet. At that moment, Che bursts into the room, telling Summer that there are two men with chain saws out by the tree and that “this thing is going down right now.” Summer rushes out of the room, telling Taylor that they will talk later, as she leaves her standing there alone.

At the Harbor School, Julie Cooper has been called in to talk about Kaitlin, who has been missing a lot of school. As the Dean of Discipline talks to her, Julie stands by the window, fiddling with her cell phone and trying to get a signal. When she is unable to get any reception, she asks the headmaster how many bars she has. The Dean tells Julie that Kaitlin has been flirting with a teacher, but Julie comments that the teacher is short, and Kaitlin must have thought he was a student. The Dean says that parents don’t get called in to talk about discipline simply because of misunderstandings. Julie points out that Kaitlin tests in the top 3% of her class and that she is a natural leader, and the Dean says that those are even more reasons why she should not be allowed to mess up her life. Then the Dean asks Julie how things are at home. Julie says things are good, but when the Dean looks at her, Julie says she doesn’t know what to say. Then she admits that things have been difficult, but they are doing their best. She explains that Neil works a lot and has to travel, but says that Kaitlin and Neil are good friends. The Dean asks whether Julie and Kaitlin talk at all, but Julie says she is just glad that she hasn’t found any voodoo dolls of herself in Kaitlin’s room. The Dean mentions that Harbor is having a clothing drive to benefit refugees. Julie says she will make sure Kaitlin gets involved, and then asks the Dean if she thinks cell phones work in Mexico. The Dean ignores the question and announces that she wants both Julie and Kaitlin to work at the clothing drive.

At the Cohens’, Sandy and Kirsten find Seth’s note and attempt to decode it. The note says, “Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love.” They question whether Nudfo is a word, but come up with nothing. Kirsten says she has tried calling the boys, but neither has answered. She believes the note is a coded message, but Sandy thinks it is the name of a band that Seth stuck in his pocket and forgot about. As Sandy attempts to calm Kirsten’s fears, however, his cell phone rings, and Seth is on the other end. Seth asks if they got his note and explains that it had to be written in code in case Ryan found it. Sandy holds the note in his hand, but still can’t make sense of it. Seth starts explaining that Ryan has said he’s not going to do anything to Volchok, and Sandy stops him, obviously confused. Seth is annoyed and says that he thought they had gotten the note. Sandy says the only note he got was something about “Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love”, and that he didn’t get anything about Ryan and Volchok. Seth explains that the note was an anagram, and that the letter G is only in Ryan’s name because he was in a rush when he wrote it, and he had to add some letters for it to make sense. Sandy says that the note was about as clear as mud. Kirsten looks at the note again and reads, “Ryan found Volchok” Sandy asks Seth where the boys are, and Kirsten says that they had better be in Newport. Seth admits that they are at a gas station in Mexico, outside of Ensenada, and Kirsten can tell from Sandy’s face that they are not in Newport. Sandy says that he wants both boys to come home now. Seth says he doesn’t think that is going to happen. Sandy asks to talk to Ryan, but Seth tells his father he has to go and that he will call them later.

Unfortunately, Ryan sees Seth with the phone. Seth tries to cover, saying he was leaving a message for Summer, but Ryan sees through the lie. He asks Seth what he told Sandy, and without waiting for an answer, takes Seth’s phone and chucks it across the parking lot. Ryan demands to know whether Seth told his parents about Volchok, and Seth admits that he did, and that he’s glad he did, because Ryan is beginning to scare him. Seth says that he knows Ryan wants to kill Volchok. Ryan says that he wants to, but is not going to do so and that Seth either trusts him on that or he doesn’t. Seth says that he does. Ryan says, “Then let’s go to Ensenada and find him. And I can’t keep watching you to make sure you’re not calling your dad.” Seth points out that calling anyone would be difficult now that he no longer has his phone.

In Kaitlin’s room, Eric Ward shaves his brother, Brad’s chest. Kaitlin says that they are “gayer than their dad,” but they argue that they are just following the water polo coach’s orders. When Kaitlin still insists that it is gay, Eric points out that Kaitlin’s mom slept with their brother. Kaitlin tells the boys that this was a good try, but that “Gay dad always trumps slutty mom.” Eric asks if Kaitlin has talked to her mom about Dr. Roberts and the blonde woman that he was with, but Kaitlin says she couldn’t because he is supposedly alone at a conference in Seattle.

Julie enters the room. She starts getting ready to lecture Kaitlin, but is then distracted by the boys’ shaving. Julie asks Kaitlin what they are doing, and Kaitlin explains it simply: “Their dad’s gay.” The twins give Julie an awkward hello, and then Julie begins her lecture to Kaitlin again, telling her that thanks to her, she is now stuck working the clothing drive. Kaitlin laughs and makes fun of her mom, but then Julie lets Kaitlin know that she is also expected to be there. Before she leaves the room, Julie adds one more warning for her daughter: “Stop hitting on Mr. Castle.” Kaitlin sighs and lies down on the bed.

Kirsten gathers clothes to give to the clothing drive. Among them are Ryan’s and Sandy’s leather jackets. Sandy enters the room and says that Ryan won’t be happy when he sees that his jacket is being given away. Kirsten is worried because the boys haven’t called. Sandy tries reassuring her, saying that Seth will call again and they will get some real information, but Kirsten is not convinced. When Sandy offers to help her carry the clothing drive donations, she refuses, and she leaves the house, obviously still upset.

In Ensenada, Ryan and Seth are in a hotel room, where Ryan says they will have to stay until they can go see Volchok at a bar, where he works nights. Ryan also says he doesn’t want them to be seen wandering around during the day. However, Seth goes to use the bathroom and when he returns, Ryan has disappeared. Ryan is at the bar. When he enters, a large man asks him what he wants, and Ryan asks if Volchok still works there. The man says that he was fired. Ryan wants to know if anyone would know where he went, but the man says nobody knows and asks Ryan to leave.

At Brown, Summer’s roommate, Amber, enters the dorm room and clears her throat to let Taylor know she is there. They introduce themselves and then start to talk about Summer. Taylor expresses her concern that Summer hasn’t hung up any pictures of her friends, and admires a wall on which Amber has hung a bunch of pictures of guys. One of them is her boyfriend, she explains, but the others are just guys she knows, and has apparently fooled around or slept with. Amber is very surprised when Taylor mentions that Summer also has a boyfriend, and assumes that Taylor must be referring to Che. “Who’s Che?” Taylor asks in disgust.

Seth now enters the bar in Ensenada. He tries to ask a waitress for help in finding Ryan, but when she blows him off, he has to resort to asking some marines. The marines are obviously drunk and immediately drag Seth into their circle to join them in doing some shots and getting tattoos. Despite his attempts to leave, the marines are stronger than Seth, and he is stuck sitting with them.

At the clothing drive, Kaitlin shows her mom some fancy clothes that she likes. She asks her mom to try them on, but Julie reminds her that this is not a sample sale. Kirsten comes along and tells Julie that the boys went to Mexico without telling anyone. Julie is alarmed and asks, “Seth went too?” She quickly tries to cover up that she knows anything, but Kirsten eyes her suspiciously. Ryan calls then and tells Julie that Volchok was fired. Julie is obviously upset, and Kirsten tells Kaitlin she hopes everything is okay.

Che and Summer are under the tree, and Taylor walks up. Taylor demands to talk to Summer and wants to know what’s going on with Che. She asks if Summer has called Seth back, but it is clear that she hasn’t. Summer says she is busy and will call him later, when they decide not to cut down the tree. Taylor hands her a phone and forces her to call right then, but Seth’s phone is answered by someone who speaks only Spanish. Taylor takes the phone back and begins talking to the person in Spanish.

The marines still won’t leave Seth alone. They are giving him noogies and giving him shot after shot. Seth is drunk, but they won’t let up.

Sandy and Kirsten are in bed, worrying. Sandy says that he believes they are doing the right thing by trusting Ryan and Seth because they are adults now and they couldn’t stop them if they tried. After a moment, though both parents decide they are going to Mexico.

After finally escaping the marines, Seth approaches the large man behind the bar. He says he is looking for Ryan, who is looking for Volchok. Seth says that Volchok killed Ryan’s girlfriend, and the man asks him to leave. Seth is still drunk, so in response, he shows off his tattoo. A girl has overheard their conversation, and on Seth’s way out, the girl approaches him and asks if it is true that Volchok murdered someone. When Seth says it is, she admits that she knows his whereabouts.

Sandy and Kirsten have arrived in Mexico and try to decide how to find the boys. Kirsten wants to know how much longer they are going to keep rescuing the boys, and Sandy says that it is part of their job.

In the hotel, Seth calls the front desk and asks about Ryan. When the person at the desk doesn’t know where he is, Seth asks if he can place a call to America.

At Brown, Taylor is still talking to the Mexican guy who has Seth’s phone when Summer comes in from the tree sit. Taylor has been giving him relationship advice, but now that Summer is back, Taylor is heading back to Newport. She has realized that Summer has so many problems of her own, she needs more help than Taylor does. Taylor says that she supports Summer’s new interests, but she is upset with her for choosing Che over Seth. Summer gets defensive and says that she doesn’t do love triangles anymore, but Taylor says all she is doing is hiding from Seth. Summer denies it, but Taylor urges her to write a letter to Seth so he can understand what she is going through. Then Summer blows up at Taylor and accuses her of avoiding her own secret. Taylor says that Summer is going to lose Seth, and then, as she is leaving, she admits that she got married in France and had to come home to get divorced.

Ryan arrives back at the hotel. Seth asks him if he killed Volchok, because he knows that was the real plan, regardless of the lies Ryan might have told. Ryan says that if Seth doesn’t want to be there, he can go home. Seth says that isn’t the point. Ryan admits that he didn’t find Volchok, but adds that he is not leaving until he can find him. Seth wants to know if Ryan’s just going to stay in Ensenada forever. When Ryan doesn’t answer, Seth says, “If I tell you where he is, will you promise not to kill him?” Seth begins to explain how he got the girl from the bar to give him the information, but Ryan cuts him off, demanding to know where Volchok is. Seth pulls a slip of paper out of his shirt pocket and hands it to Ryan.

Julie is watching TV. Kaitlin comes to let her know that she hasn’t moved in 18 hours and wants to know if anything is wrong. When Julie doesn’t seem very responsive, Kaitlin tells her that is going to the clothing drive without her, because she still wants to have a life. “You know,” she reminds her mother, “some of us are still alive.”

Ryan enters a restaurant in Ensenada, which is the location Seth had written on the paper. He knocks on a door. Volchok is inside of a small room. He hears a knock on his door. Ryan barges in, but there is no one there. Seth has not given him Volchok’s true location. Volchok opens his door, and there is Seth asking to talk to him. Seth warns Volchok that Ryan is in Ensenada, but that he gave him the wrong address. Volchok starts packing to leave, but Seth suggests that he stop running and turn himself in. Volchok is worried about prison and decides to leave anyway. Seth says that he knows Volchok didn’t mean to kill Marissa, but Volchok knows she is dead anyway, and “that is all that matters.”

Ryan runs into Kirsten and Sandy at the restaurant. Ryan is upset that Seth set him up, and Kirsten and Sandy say that he was just worried. They ask Ryan to return home with them, but Ryan doesn’t want to pretend everything is like it used to be. Sandy says that it never will be, but that they are still a family no matter what. Ryan says that Sandy doesn’t understand: Volchok is there in Ensenada. But at that moment Seth shows up to say that Volchok is gone. Ryan glares at Seth with a stony expression on his face.

Taylor is waiting for her plane when Summer walks up to her and apologizes. The girls make up and agree to stop fighting. Summer admits that Taylor was right, that she might not be dating Che, but she is avoiding Seth. Taylor assures her that Seth will understand if Summer just tries to tell him what she is going through. Summer asks Taylor how she managed to wind up married, and Taylor admits that she has no idea. One minute she was meeting him, and the next, she was married to him! Summer is impressed when Taylor says that Ethan Hawke was at her rehearsal dinner. Taylor has to board her flight, but she makes Summer promise to write to Seth, and she says she will. Taylor leaves then, with the parting words that Summer’s roommate is a big slut.

Kaitlin and the Ward twins are at the clothing drive, when Julie shows up, saying that Kaitlin was right. Even if life is shitty, Julie says she should be trying to live it. She asks how she can help, but Kaitlin says they have everything covered. At that moment, the Dean of Discipline arrives and takes Julie aside. The Dean tells Julie that some items from the clothing drive have shown up in used clothing stores. Julie is confused at first, but then realizes that Kaitlin has stolen these items.

Back at her dorm, Summer tries to write to Seth. However, after many attempts and a lot of wasted paper, she gives up, saying aloud to herself, “Seth, I still love you. I really really still love you, I just can’t.”

Sandy and Seth drive home in one car, and Kirsten and Ryan drive home in the other. Seth feels like he ratted on Ryan, but Sandy tells him that he did the right thing, and that he might have saved Ryan’s life. Kirsten tries talking to Ryan. Kirsten tells him that one of her worst fears when Ryan came to stay was that Seth would follow Ryan somewhere and get hurt. Ryan apologizes for letting Seth join him, but that is not Kirsten’s point. Instead, what she is saying is that now she worries about both of them as though Ryan is also her son.

After giving up on her letters, Summer grabs a pillow and leaves her dorm room. She runs into Che and tells him that she is ready to go save the tree. But Che tells her the tree has already been saved. Summer seems disappointed, and then suggests that they stay outside by the tree anyway, in celebration of their victory. Che and Summer spread out on the grass beneath the tree. Che puts his head in Summer’s lap and tells her that he could learn a lot from her.

Seth shows Sandy his tattoo and explains that he had some help from some marines. Sandy and Seth agree that the tattoo has a certain gay vibe. Sandy says that they will have to wait and see what Summer has to say. Seth doesn’t reply. Sandy changes the subject. He says that it has been bothering him that Ryan knows where Volchok is. He knows that it would have involved a private investigator, and he can only think of one person who would have hired one.

Julie lectures Kaitlin about her stealing. Kaitlin tries to defend herself by saying that poor people don’t need last season’s Manolo Blahniks and that they already have so many items to donate, that taking some of them doesn’t matter. Julie says she can’t keep the family together if Kaitlin is going to act like “Miss Clockwork Orange.” She says that she needs her daughter’s help. Kaitlin asks if Julie really believes that Dr. Roberts is really at a conference by himself. Julie doesn’t. Kaitlin offers to make some ice cream for her mother, but just as Julie says she would like some, the phone rings and she says she needs to leave. Kaitlin waits for her mother to leave and then begins stripping – beneath her jacket are layers of stolen clothing.

Julie meets Sandy for a drink. Sandy says that he figured Julie would want to know that Ryan and Seth are home and Volchok has disappeared. Sandy says that telling Ryan to look for Volchok was a new low for her. Julie tries to leave, but Sandy says that he should call the police on her. Julie says he won’t because he wants to protect Ryan. Sandy says that she put his kids in danger, but Julie’s reply is that at least Sandy still has all of his kids.

Seth and Kirsten chat in the kitchen. Seth wants to know if Ryan said anything about him on the ride home, like “maybe a rant about Judas.” Kirsten says “Of course not!” Seth asks if his mom is okay, and she says she is and that she is glad her son is home. Seth goes outside to the pool house, but when Ryan sees him, he just stares. After sharing eye contact for a few more moments, Ryan pulls the shade so he can’t see Seth anymore. Seth just stares at the closed shade.

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