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The  - 4.10
aired 1/11/07

Ryan and Taylor

By Kasey 

Taylor meets with Ryan at his work and tells him that she has the perfect Valentine’s Day present for him. She presents him with a scrapbook that she made him of their relationship. She spots something at the bookstore and wraps up her conversation with Ryan so she can go investigate. She is horrified to see a new bestseller—A Season for Peaches, by Henri-Michel de Momourant (her ex husband, and “peaches” was his nickname for her breasts). She grabs a copy and finds out that the plot is all about her and Henri-Michel’s romance.

Seth gets ready to go to Seattle to ask Neil’s permission to marry Summer. Ryan tries to talk him out of it, reminding him that Neil just might say yes, and then Seth would be caught in a difficult situation. Seth doesn’t think he has to worry about that. Seth leaves and Taylor stops by to visit Ryan. She tells him the whole situation about the book and begs Ryan not to read it. Ryan agrees not to, but jokes that a movie might be made about it. Taylor says that that would never happen, and she puts the book away, saying that she and Ryan will never have to deal with it again.

Julie and Spencer meet together to discuss their gigolo business. Their conversation is cut short when Kirsten comes to the office. Kirsten asks Julie what Spencer was doing there, and she seems suspicious of Julie’s explanations.

Taylor tries to talk Summer out of getting married. She convinces Summer to meet up with Holly, since she just got married over the past summer and can give Summer an idea of what life will be like as a young married woman. Summer agrees. Summer notices A Season for Peaches and tells Taylor that she is reading that book right now, and that it is a really dirty novel. Taylor gets defensive.

Sandy visits Ryan at work while a nearby customer reads Henri-Michel’s book. When Sandy says that Kirsten is reading that book and he begins to discuss a part of the story with the customer, Ryan tells Sandy that it is about Taylor. He is surprised.

Kaitlin and Will study together at school. Kaitlin invites Will to her house the next night, and after Will teases her a bit for asking him out, he agrees. Brad and Eric come by as Will is leaving and they talk about how dorky Will is. Kaitlin defends him. Brad and Eric ask her if she likes Will, which she denies.

Summer and Holly look at Holly’s wedding album, and Holly tells Summer that she never had any doubts about getting married. She invites Summer to hang out with her and some other newlyweds the next day.

Ryan goes into the bookstore and opens up a copy of the book. He finds out that the author, Henri-Michel, is there to sign copies of the book. When Henri-Michel asks Ryan what his girlfriend’s name is, he says Taylor. Henri-Michel looks stunned.

Taylor visits Ryan the next morning and finds out that he has read the book and met Henri-Michel. Ryan tells Taylor that he isn’t sure where they stand now.

Seth visits Neil at work and asks his permission to marry Summer. Neil asks Seth if he loves Summer, and he asks if she is pregnant. Seth says that she is cool and no, respectively. Neil has to go help a patient, but he tells Seth that he will finish his conversation with him later.

Taylor goes to visit Henri-Michel at his hotel. She tells him that if he is there to try to get back together with her, she will not fall for it, and she will be furious if she looses Ryan because of his book. Henri-Michel offers to take them out to dinner to make amends and to help Ryan to not be threatened by him.

Kirsten confronts Julie and tells her that because Julie loves her job, she doesn’t want to see her jeopardize it. She has noticed how jumpy Julie is. When Julie gets distracted by a phone call, Kirsten grabs Julie’s cell phone and hides it.

Summer gets together with Holly and her friends the next day.

Taylor comes to visit Ryan at work and tells him that she knows something that will help him get over everything.

Summer hits it off with Holly’s friends. She starts to get very tipsy and imagines that she sees Che.

Kaitlin and Will watch cop shows when Julie comes in and gets to meet Will. She tells them that they look cute before she heads to the office. Will and Kaitlin get in an argument when she tells him that she doesn’t consider this a date, and Will wonders how Kaitlin will act around him at school when she can’t even act normal around him with her mom there. She offers him drugs, and Will says that he has to go. He tells Kaitlin that he was wrong about her.

Ryan and Taylor have dinner with Henri-Michel. Ryan begins to feel very awkward when Taylor and Henri-Michel seem to have a lot of chemistry and begin to discuss their French history together. He says that he is tired, and leaves.

Taylor chases Ryan down outside, where Ryan tells her that he isn’t okay with things anymore. He drives away.

Ryan reads about French philosophy when Sandy comes into the kitchen. Ryan tells him about his situation, and Sandy assures Ryan that Taylor thinks he is wonderful and cares for him even though he might not be as elite as Henri-Michel.

Julie searches frantically for her cell phone. Kaitlin comes into the kitchen, and when she calls Will a dork, Julie tells her that she thinks Kaitlin really likes him and will be able to fix whatever problems she is having with Will.

Kirsten goes through Julie’s cell phone. She calls a number and tells a client that she is going to have to reschedule a date that night.

Ryan visits Taylor, who doesn’t want to see him. Ryan tells her through the door that he is just intimidated because he feels like he is out of her league. Taylor lets him in. She tells Ryan that he is smart, and she doesn’t want him to be anybody other than who he is. She tells him that she is going to be on a French talk show that night, and Ryan tells her that he wants to come and see her do that.

Neil and Seth get lunch together the next day. Neil tells Seth that he doesn’t really appreciate Summer, and he cannot bless their union because of that. Seth assures him that he does appreciate Summer and goes on to describe how much he loves Summer. Neil tells Seth to talk to him after college when he has a chance at supporting her.

Summer hangs out with Holly and her friends and continues to imagine Che, who asks her if this is really the life she wants. The other girls notice that Summer is drunk and tell Summer that she can try on Holly’s wedding dress.

Ryan watches Taylor and Henri-Michel doing their talk show. He is impressed by how well Taylor does.

Summer tries on the wedding dress when imaginary Che tells her to save herself. Summer sees the girls about to dye Pancakes pink, and she stops them, telling them that everything is all wrong.

Taylor wraps up the talk show and hugs Ryan. She goes to talk to someone, and Henri-Michel tells Ryan that he can’t wait to talk to him about his studies. It becomes clear to Ryan that Taylor has exaggerated his knowledge quite a bit to try to make him more “acceptable” to her French friends.

Ryan pulls Taylor aside and confronts her. He says that he thinks Taylor wishes her lies about him were true. Taylor insists that that is not the case, but Ryan says that he thinks he should go.

Kirsten goes to the hotel where the date was supposed to occur that night. She knocks on the door but begins to walk away when a guy comes out and asks her if she is Mrs. Jacobson (the client who Kirsten cancelled on).

Julie gets a phone call from Spencer and finds out that Mrs. Jacobson got cancelled on—by Kirsten! She is horrified.

Kirsten pretends to be Mrs. Jacobson and chats with the gigolo. She finds out what Julie is up to when he describes the process to her. She excuses herself, saying she has to go to her car to get something.

Will helps out with a clothing drive at school. Kaitlin comes and visits him, telling him that she likes him and hopes that she hasn’t messed things up. Will tells her that he likes her too, and he tells her that he will call her when he gets off work at the clothing drive.

Kirsten confronts Julie about the prostitution ring. Julie asks for them to act like it never happened, but Kirsten tells her that she wants her out of there by Monday. She says that she won’t contact the police, or tell Sandy, but Julie is officially on her own.

Che (for real, this time) calls Summer and asks her how she is. She tells him that she is engaged, but she isn’t sure what she wants. Che tells her that she must be whole before committing herself to someone.

Sandy checks up on Ryan, who isn’t sure what to do about Taylor. Sandy reminds him how different he and Kirsten are. Ryan asks how to tell the difference between being a “good” different and a “bad” different. Sandy says to separate on what holds them together.

Summer throws away her bridal magazines. Seth comes over and tells her that Neil did not give them permission to get married. He tells her that he knew that going up there, and was hoping to get out of things. Now, however, he realizes how much he loves Summer, and he wants to stay engaged so that they can get married someday. Summer tells him that she has no idea who she is, and she has to figure that out before committing herself to marrying Seth. In other words, she doesn’t want to be engaged. She gives Seth the ring, telling him they might need it again someday.

Ryan looks through his and Taylor’s scrapbook. He imagines himself running to Taylor and kissing her, but ends up going to bed.

Taylor sits with Henri-Michel looking miserable. She tells Henri-Michel that she is okay, but that she should go home. He asks her to stay with him longer, and she agrees to do so.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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