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The Earth Girls Are Easy - 4.08
aired 12/21/06


By Kasey

Ryan and Seth clean off the car at a rest stop, as Ryan asks Seth what is going on. Seth avoids the question, despite Ryan’s threats, but we find out that it is New Year’s Eve and the two are headed to Las Vegas with their girlfriends.

Inside one of the restroom stalls, Summer and Taylor wait for the results to come back from a pregnancy test. They panic as they wait for the news.

Suddenly, we flash back to seven hours earlier…

Ryan tells Seth that he is surprising Taylor by taking her to Las Vegas.

Taylor tells Summer that she wants to surprise Ryan since he has a good surprise coming her way. Summer seems kind of distant, but comments that Taylor and Ryan seem pretty serious about each other.

Seth tells Ryan that couples who spend New Year’s together stay together, while Ryan worries that Taylor might find Las Vegas cheesy.

Taylor shows Summer some lingerie that she bought for Ryan. She worries that it might be too much, and Summer tries to calm her down.

Seth warns Ryan that he might come back from Vegas married. Ryan asks Seth what his plans for the night are.

Summer tells Taylor that she and Seth will just be having another typical night.

Seth tells Ryan that he and Summer have no plans, which is okay, since they will have enough time for responsibilities and worries when they are in college. Ryan wonders if Summer is okay with that. Seth assures him that she is. Ryan heads off to meet Taylor.

Taylor and Summer hug goodbye. Summer wishes her good luck for the night as Ryan comes up to them. He asks Taylor if she is excited for her surprise. She gives him his surprise—the lingerie, gift-wrapped. The two hug and Ryan says that it is going to be a good night.

Summer asks Seth what they are doing for New Year’s. He gives her a gift—a t-shirt that reads, “Jamaican Me Crazy.” She gets angry when she realizes that he made no plans for the night, and she says that she is done babysitting him.

Taylor packs up her stuff for the night. She looks at a package of tampons, and then opens a planner and begins counting the days since the last menstrual cycle. She begins to look concerned.

Julie talks to Spencer on the phone about the expenses of running their secret male-prostitution business. Kirsten watches Julie curiously from her desk. Meanwhile, another man watches Spencer curiously. Julie tells Spencer that she is worried about being able to hide all of the extra money that Kirsten doesn’t know about in the company books.

Kirsten tells Julie that Jimmy just called, and his boat might be out of range to be able to call Kaitlin that night. Julie is upset, and she says that Kaitlin really misses her father. Kirsten offers to help Julie with something, but she declines. Kirsten tells Julie that she probably has more experience with bookkeeping, and she should be able to help out, but Julie says that she needs to learn it herself. Julie asks Kirsten to get her some coffee. Gordon shows up and asks Kirsten to get him a latte while she is out. He invites Julie to his New Year’s party, but she declines, saying that she needs to work late that night. Gordon protests, saying that he thought he would get to see more of Julie, not less, by bankrolling her business. He looks at some of Julie’s receipts and realizes that she needs a bookkeeper. She insists on doing things herself, and she says that she will try to be at the party that night.

Seth tells Sandy about his problems with Summer. Sandy tells Seth that he should put some serious time and effort into making nice New Year’s plans. Sandy heads to work, but he tells Seth to be safe on New Year’s. Ryan comes in the kitchen, and after Sandy leaves, Seth invites himself and Summer along on Ryan and Taylor’s Vegas trip.

Spencer meets Julie in a parking lot. Spencer tells Julie that his booklet with everyone’s names and numbers in it is missing. Julie panics and says that this has to be a sign that they are doing something wrong, but Spencer convinces her that she needs the money. The two decide to have their last business dealings that night, and they agree that they will burn everything the next day.

The same man who was watching Spencer earlier sits in his hotel room looking at pictures of Julie. Someone knocks on his door—Gordon! Gordon calls the man Frank, and he tells him that it is good to see him. Frank says that he is in town to see if he can get a job from Gordon. Gordon tells him about Kirsten and Julie’s company, and Frank is interested. After Gordon leaves, Frank looks at a small booklet (Spencer’s!).

Taylor visits Summer and asks her to keep a secret—she thinks that Summer is pregnant. Summer admits that she is late for her period, and she also admits that she and Seth have had unprotected sex recently. Taylor asks Summer to take a pregnancy test, but Seth walks in the room. Seth announces that they are all going to Las Vegas together, and Ryan is in the car waiting. Summer and Seth begin to pack, and Taylor tells Summer that they might need the pregnancy test (which she calls toothpaste to fool Seth) later.

The gang drives to Vegas together, and Taylor continues to hint at Summer that she needs to take the pregnancy test. Summer whispers to her that Seth couldn’t handle the truth. Seth realizes that he forgot his toothbrush, and he looks inside Taylor’s bag and sees the pregnancy test. Taylor grabs it away and tells Seth that it is hers. She motions at him to keep quiet about it. Seth is shocked, and Summer is grateful.

Kaitlin and Gordon chat about Julie, and Gordon tells Kaitlin that he really likes Julie. He invites Kaitlin to his party, and Kaitlin tells him that he should ignore Julie, and get her help for her company. Gordon gives Kaitlin some money to buy a dress to come to her party.

At the rest area, Summer agrees to take her test as long as Taylor is with her. Summer heads on in, but Ryan stops Taylor and asks her if everything is okay, because she has been acting so weird. Taylor tells him that everything is fine, and when Ryan indicates that they will have a room alone together that night, Taylor tells him that they shouldn’t sleep together that night. She tells him that their first time should be special. Seth overhears, and after Taylor goes inside, he asks Ryan if he is sure that he and Taylor have never had sex. Ryan asks Seth what is going on.

Taylor and Summer try to figure out how the pregnancy test works. Meanwhile, a weird woman comes in dressed like an alien.

Julie comes to work and is shocked to find Frank there working on her books. Gordon introduces them and drags Julie out to his party.

Summer freaks out about the pregnancy test and begins to hyperventilate. Taylor puts the test in her purse and puts it on the floor to comfort Summer, and the weird alien woman grabs the purse and heads out. Taylor notices that the purse is gone, and she and Summer chase after her just in time to see her driving away. They tell the guys, and the whole gang chases after her.

As they drive after the alien woman, Seth asks if they can just cancel Taylor’s credit cards and buy a new purse. Taylor and Summer insist that she needs that purse to get a special allergy medicine that she has in there. Ryan is quiet, realizing that he is being lied to.

They follow the alien woman to a party. She parks and runs inside the party, and they follow after her. Unfortunately, when they get inside the party, they realize that everyone in there is dressed like an alien. They split up to try to find her.

Julie shows up at Gordon’s party and is upset when she sees that several of her clients are there with their “dates.” She and Spencer hope that Kirsten won’t notice. Julie asks Spencer if he’s found out any information on Frank. He says that there is no information other than that he is a friend of Gordon’s. Julie wonders if they could bribe Frank.

Also at the party, Gordon introduces Kaitlin to some Saudi princes.

Taylor and Ryan have no luck searching for the purse and the alien woman, and when Taylor suggests that they try to find Seth and Summer instead, Ryan tells Taylor that he knows about the pregnancy test. Before Taylor can explain, he says that he isn’t mad about her sleeping with someone else besides him, but he is upset that she didn’t tell him about her thinking she was pregnant. Taylor is furious that Ryan would think that she was with someone else, and she storms off.

Kirsten confronts Julie and asks her why all their clients are there with young guys. Julie tries to convince her that they had just met guys on their own. Frank shows up and says hi to Julie, and Julie introduces Frank to Kirsten as their new bookkeeper. When Kirsten asks Frank if everything looks okay, he says that it does, and their business is thriving. Frank heads off, and Julie comments that she feels invincible.

Summer tells Seth that they have to get Taylor’s purse because the pregnancy test is inside it and they haven’t seen the results yet. They have to see the results to start their New Year knowing what to expect of the coming year. Seth asks Summer for a high five, and he comments on how wonderful it is that they are looking for Taylor’s pregnancy test and not Summer’s. Summer is hurt, and walks off. Seth realizes that it is Summer’s pregnancy test after all. As Seth begins to follow after Summer, he runs into a fan of his, who is dressed up as Kid Chino. The man stalls him by wanting a picture with him. Seth notices the weird alien girl and runs after her.

Frank confronts Julie and tells her that he knows what is going on. He bribes her, telling her that he will keep quiet about her books if she sleeps with him. He leaves her his card. Kaitlin watches from a distance and seems concerned.

Sandy arrives at the party and Kirsten tells him that she feels weird because of Julie acting so strange and all their clients being with random people. Sandy takes her to dance, but he bumps into Frank on the way. The two introduce themselves, and after Frank leaves, Sandy tells Kirsten that he feels like he knows him from somewhere.

Gordon mingles with his guests while Kaitlin confronts Julie about leaving early to go meet someone. Kaitlin tells Julie that Gordon likes her a lot. Julie tells Kaitlin that this isn’t what it looks like, and she begs Kaitlin to not tell Gordon. Kaitlin tells her that she misses her dad a lot.

Ryan confronts Taylor about being the last to know that she might be pregnant. Summer tells Ryan that it is her test. With only minutes until midnight, Summer laments the fact that she is about to go into the New Year not knowing if she is pregnant or not. Summer grabs Ryan’s keys, and the two girls take off, leaving Ryan and Seth behind.

Ryan and Seth try to figure out what to do. They spot the alien girl again and chase after her.

Summer and Taylor drive home, and Summer cries about how far she has fallen. Taylor tells her that they have a new year and a fresh start.

The alien girl begins to make out with another guy from the party while Ryan and Seth creep into the room.

Taylor and Summer begin to feel guilty about leaving the guys. Taylor calls Ryan, but his phone goes off just as they are grabbing the purse from the girl. The two guys run out of the room while the alien girl’s boyfriend chases after them. The guys run into dressed-up Kid Chino, who offers to take them out of there. They escape just in the nick of time.

Sandy can’t shake the feeling that he knows Frank from somewhere. He tells Kirsten that he is leaving to check on a case, and Kirsten tells him that she will meet him at home.

In the car, Ryan tells Seth that he needs to be there for Summer. Seth realizes that he will still want to be with Summer regardless of what the pregnancy test says.

Kaitlin tells Gordon that her mom had a migraine and had to go home early. She asks him to teach her how to do a dance, and Gordon cheers up when he is dancing with her.

Ryan goes to visit Taylor and apologizes, telling her that he doesn’t care about anything she’s done before him. He also tells her that he doesn’t think she’s a whore. Taylor forgives him, and shows him that she is wearing the lingerie she got him.

Seth goes to visit Summer and shows her that they got the purse back. He tells Summer that he loves her and cannot imagine his life without her. He pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. Summer hesitates, telling Seth that he can’t go back, and she asks him if he wants to see the test first. Seth assures her that he wants to marry her, and doesn’t want her to always think that he popped the question just because she was pregnant. Summer agrees to marry Seth. The two look at the pregnancy test and see that Summer is not pregnant.

Julie goes to Frank’s hotel room and tells him that she isn’t trading sex for his silence. Frank tells her that he didn’t ask her there for that, and he asks her to sit down. Meanwhile, Sandy looks through his files at work and finds out that Frank is Frank Atwood—Ryan’s father!!! At the same time, Frank tells Julie that he wants information on the Cohens because he is Ryan’s dad.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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