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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 4.11
aired 1/18/07

Julie and Kirsten

By Kasey

Seth whines to Ryan about the awkwardness between him and Summer, and Ryan and Taylor both whine to Seth and Summer about their awkwardness after Taylorís lie. Summer gets a phone call from Che, which she ignores. Henri-Michel tries to call Taylor, which she ignores. Taylor tells Summer that Henri-Michel is moving to Newport and has asked her to move in with her. She is considering it. Summer says that Taylor needs to call Ryan, just as the guys determine that they should probably call their girls.

Summer visits Ryan at work and tells him that she needs to talk to him. She asks how Seth is doing, since he hasnít contacted her. Ryan lies and says that Seth has had pink eye. When Summer asks why he hasnít called Taylor yet, Ryan says that he is waiting for Henri-Michel to leave town. Summer tells him that Henri-Michel is planning on staying in Newport.

Seth comes to visit Summer and finds Che hanging out at Summerís house. Che says that he was waiting for Seth, and he tells him that Summer told him about rejecting the proposal. Seth is hurt, but Che insists that he wants to help. Summer comes home and asks Seth about his pink eye. Seth is confused, but he plays along. Summer tells Seth that they are going to have a romantic date that night. After Seth leaves, Che says that he thinks Seth is stronger than he thought. Summer tells him to not leave town just yet.

Henri-Michel tells Taylor that he was willing to move to Newport to win her heart back. Taylor is impressed that he would make such a bold move for her, and she says that things never would have worked out with Ryan.

Will and Kaitlin hang out at school when Kaitlin notices another girl watching them. Will introduces Kaitlin to the other girl, Lucy. She is in band with Will and helping him to run a bake sale that Friday night. Kaitlin notices that Lucy has a crush on Will. Will invites Kaitlin to come to the bake sale, but she says that they will do something afterwards instead.

Julie calls Kirsten, who hangs up on her. Julie calls her again, but Kirsten reminds Julie that she has a legitimate business to run.

Ryan goes to visit Taylor. Kaitlin tells him that she is not there, but she might be with Henri-Michel. She reminds him that he needs to bring Taylor a gift to apologize if he expects to be able to fight Henri-Michel for her heart.

Summer and Seth go to her bedroom for their date. She has set up video games for them to play, brought some of his favorite records in, and set up Thai take out for them to eat. She reminds Seth that she really loves him and wants to marry him someday, just not right now. Seth says that he has to get some water and excuses himself.

Downstairs, Seth runs into Che again. He asks Che for help fixing him. Che says that they will begin healing the next morning.

Summer calls Seth the next morning to see how he is doing. She finds a note addressed to herself and opens it. It is from Che, who is informing her that he is taking Seth into the woods to become a better man. Che says that he will be able to help Seth, but Summer needs to help herself as well.

Che and Seth get ready to hike through the woods.

Ryan comes to Henri-Michelís hotel with a little teddy bear for Taylor. Henri-Michel tells him that Taylor is out shopping for furniture for their new home. He tells Ryan that they are moving in on Monday. Ryan begins to leave, but Henri-Michel stops him to ask him about the teddy bear. Henri-Michel tells him that it will be more fulfilling to win Taylorís heart if Ryan wants to be his competition. He takes the teddy bear, telling Ryan that he will give it to Taylor.

Spencer calls Kirsten asking to speak to Julie. She tells him that Julie does not work there anymore. Spencer tells Kirsten that one of his friends has chlamydia, and she needs to notify all of the people he slept with. Kirsten refuses. Spencer reminds her that if Julie is not working there anymore, it is Kirstenís responsibility.

Lucy and her friends confront Kaitlin in the bathroom and tell her that they will beat her up if she comes to the bake sale. Kaitlin decides to go just to spite them.

Taylor joins Henri-Michel at his hotel. He shows her Ryanís teddy bear, which she throws away. She says that it makes her feel nothing. The two kiss.

Kirsten calls Julie and tells her about the chlamydia. Kirsten wants Julie to take care of it, but Julie says that it isnít her company anymore. Julie ends up talking Kirsten into driving her to all the womenís homes so she can break the news.

Summer calls Taylor and asks her to come over and join her for a gourmet dinner. Taylor agrees to do so. After she hangs up, we find out that Ryan is with her. Ryan wants to be able to tell Taylor how much he loves her. Summer reminds Ryan that he is not the most expressive man in the world, and she tells him to not choke.

Seth and Che continue hiking through the woods. Seth seems to be having a miserable time. Che tells Seth that they will be spending the night in the forest. Seth is angry, but he has no choice but to comply.

Taylor comes over to Summerís and cannot find her. Instead she stumbles on Ryan. Ryan apologizes to her and says that heís made a mistake. Taylor reminds Ryan of how much heís hurt her. Ryan says that he thought their differences were too big to overcome, but he has realized now that how they feel is what is most important. Taylor asks him how he feels. Ryan begins to stumble and canít answer. Taylor says that Henri-Michel is much more expressive, and she leaves.

Seth and Che wake up the next morning, and Seth is crankier than ever. Che reminds Seth that he has to break him down before he builds him back up.

Julie is all smiles after meeting with her first client. Kirsten realizes that it is too good to be true, and she runs up to the client and tells her that one of Julieís guys has chlamydia. The woman is furious, and she tells Kirsten and Julie that they will be hearing from her lawyers. Julie tells Kirsten that she will do better with the next client.

Taylor confronts Summer, who says that she did what she thought was right. Summer tells Taylor that she is thinking about starting a non-profit business. Taylor switches the conversation back to Ryan, saying that he bought her a stupid teddy bear. Summer is surprised, and tells Taylor that that is the nicest gift Ryanís ever given someone. Taylor is shocked. She leaves.

Ryan and Sandy meet up at the beach. Ryan tells Sandy about his problems with Taylor. Sandy encourages Ryan to do something before it is too late.

Taylor runs into Henri-Michelís hotel room and goes to the waste can. No teddy bear. Henri-Michel confronts her, and says that there is nothing wrong with wanting a mementoóbut is it really Ryan that she wants instead? Taylor says that she just wants to be with someone who loves her and is not afraid to express it. Henri-Michel tells her that his poem that he wrote her will do just that.

Che and Seth start a fire, and Seth tells Che that he found some berries that tasted good. Che begins to laugh, and says that there is no problem with thatóyet.

Kaitlin comes to the bake sale. Will is elated to see her. Lucy? Not so much, but she puts on a smile anyways. Kaitlin asks Will to get her a drink, and when he is gone, Kaitlin says that she is there because they donít want her to be. The girls continue to threaten her, but Kaitlin teases their outfits in response. When Will comes back, they tell him, but Will admits that the band outfits are silly as well. Lucy runs off to the bathroom, feeling sorry for herself.

Che tries to help Seth embark on his spirit journey. Seth imagines himself at home alone. He opens his bedroom door and finds that it is leading to the backyard. An otter is in his pool, and he promises it that he will help him find his way back to the ocean. Seth wakes up and says that he has to get home to Summer. Che asks Seth what his spirit animal was, and Seth says that it is an otter. Che says that that is amazing.

Henri-Michel reads his poem for Taylor at the bookstore. Afterwards, Ryan goes up front and announces that he has a poem to read too. After he reads a little, he chickens out, but Taylor grabs his poem and reads the rest. She loves it. Henri-Michel disappears, and Taylor goes chasing after him, leaving Ryan hanging.

Julie and Kirsten go to dinner after a long day of telling women they might have chlamydia. They run into Spencer, who admits to Kirsten that Julie made him tell her that, and it is not the truth. Julie admits to Kirsten that she did it because she misses Kirsten so much and just wanted to spend the day with her. Kirsten is furious.

Kaitlin follows Lucy into the bathroom. She tells her that it is not her fault that Will likes her instead of Lucy. Lucy tells Kaitlin that she has been in love with Will ever since Will came to Harbor. She says that if Kaitlin really cared for Will, she wouldnít tease the things that Will likes, and because of Kaitlin, Will doesnít want to be himself. Kaitlin is hurt. She walks outside and realizes that Lucy is right. She heads out of the bake sale early.

Taylor comes to Henri-Michelís hotel room and finds it empty, with only a note and Ryanís teddy bear left. Henri-Michel tells her that he does not want to be alone in love, and he is leaving.

Kirsten calls Sandy and tells him that she is having dinner with Julie. She says that she will never go into business with Julie again, but she is the best friend she has.

Will and Kaitlin hang out at the beach, and Kaitlin tells him that they are not a good fit, especially since he is such a dork. She tells him that Lucy is a better fit for him. Will is insulted, and when Kaitlin tells him that sheíll see him around, he says that she wonít.

Julie comes home and finds Che still at the mansion.

Seth tells Summer that he has found his spirit animalóan otter. Summer tells him how cute otters are and that she wants to start a foundation to save them.

Che tells Julie that he had a dream where he, a frog, found happiness with an otter. Julie doesnít quite know what to say. Che says that he has to figure out how to tell the otter now.

Taylor comes to visit Ryan and tells him that Henri-Michel is gone now. But she says that the words ďI love youĒ have way too much power over her, and she needs to figure out how to be a stronger individual before being with anyone. Ryan tells her that that makes sense. Taylor leaves.

Che looks at a picture of Seth.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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