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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Cold Turkey - 4.03
aired 11/9/06

Seth and Summer

by Katie

Kirsten and Sandy are worried that Ryan has not spoken to them or to Seth in days. Kirsten says that he is turning himself into an island, and Sandy adds that this island is “right in the path of Hurricane Julie.”

Ryan and Julie are talking on the phone. Julie says she is banned from the Cohen house, and Ryan admits that nothing has been the same since he and Seth returned from Mexico.

Kirsten tells Sandy that it has never been this bad before, and that she feels bad for excluding Julie from Thanksgiving. Sandy says, “When you send our kids on a murder mission, you get knocked off the guest list.”

Seth calls Summer to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. Summer is in her dorm packing up some of her things and listening to his message, when she sees the comic book Seth made for Ryan, along with some of her old pictures. Seth explains that he and Ryan have never been in a fight before, but that he really wants things to blow over because it’s Thanksgiving. After seeing a picture of herself with Marissa, Summer stops the answering machine and erases Seth’s message.

Sandy tells Kirsten that he thinks the family will come together for the holidays. Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan run into one another in the kitchen, where everyone stands in awkward silence. Kirsten offers coffee, and Ryan accepts. The coffee isn’t ready, so they all stand waiting for it. Sandy’s phone rings. He asks, “Where are you?” Seth, Ryan and Kirsten still stare at the coffee maker, until Kirsten announces that this is crazy, and they need to put what happened behind them and move on so they can enjoy Thanksgiving. Seth says it won’t be easy, but Kirsten doesn’t care. She tells Ryan and Seth that they are going to the grocery store together, and when they get back, she is going to cook the turkey with them and Sandy. Sandy says he has to go to the office for a few hours. Kirsten says that is okay, but that everyone else has to report in an hour. Sandy asks Ryan if he is okay, and says that there isn’t any point to anything if he can’t put aside his anger even for one day. Ryan says he isn’t angry, he just wishes Volchok was dead.

Sandy picks up his phone again and dials. “Are you still there?” he asks. The person he has been speaking to is Volchok, who says, “Yeah. I’m here.”

Volchok waits for Sandy on the beach. Finally, Sandy pulls up in his car and climbs out. Volchok gets in the car and thanks him for coming. Sandy says he will help him get through this, but that Volchok should avoid talking.

Seth comes into his bedroom and says he brought a bagel. Taylor pokes her head out from under his blankets. She has been hiding out in Seth’s room. Seth tells Taylor that she should leave so that he can get it on with Summer when she gets home. Taylor says she understands, especially since he has said their relationship is hanging by a thread. Seth says that he has never said that and asks Taylor if something happened during her visit to Brown. Taylor denies it and says that Summer is the same. Seth says he wouldn’t know because they haven’t spoken in weeks. Taylor says that everything will be fine.

Summer calls her father and says she doesn’t think she is coming. Her father says he has a lot to tell her, but she says she can’t support Thanksgiving because of the slaughter of innocent turkeys. Summer and Dr. Roberts hear a dog barking. Dr. Roberts puts Summer on hold to go investigate, and discovers that Kaitlin has found a dog. The dog has chewed Dr. Roberts’s 700 dollar shoes. Dr. Roberts glares at Kaitlin and then returns to the phone. Summer asks if her father really needs her there, and he says he does.

Julie is also on the phone, but when Dr. Roberts enters the kitchen, she hangs up quickly. Dr. Roberts says he has been trying to talk to Julie since he got home. He wants to go for a walk, but Julie says that she has to cook. Dr. Roberts doesn’t understand – he thought they were going to the Cohens'. Julie makes a lame excuse and then heads out to the grocery store.

Seth and Ryan are also in the store, and as they shop, they run into Julie. Seth thanks Julie for the Cohen family vacation to Ensenada, but Julie tells him to save it. Julie asks Ryan to join her in some samples and Seth takes off, leaving them alone with the samples and the store salesperson. Julie and Ryan each eat a piece of cheese as they discuss their plans. Julie is waiting to hear about Volchok’s new location and will call Ryan in the morning. Until then, she wants him to act normal.

Kirsten calls and leaves Sandy a message as she walks into the kitchen. She is surprised to find Taylor sampling the stuffing on the stove. Taylor tries to explain why she is not in France, but then tries to flee from the room. Kirsten stops her and says that something must be wrong if she is stealing stuffing. She encourages Taylor to tell her what is going on, and Taylor says they can talk somewhere more private, like the living room.

Julie and Ryan still discuss their plans. Julie tells Ryan that the Cohens will be watching him like a hawk, so he has to be careful. Ryan says that Sandy already knows that he hasn’t given up on Volchok. Julie asks him to lie so Sandy will no longer suspect anything. Ryan says he will stop by his office on the way back.

Taylor tells Kirsten the story of her marriage in Paris. Kirsten says that Taylor is usually so responsible. Taylor says she is afraid to tell her mom, but Kirsten says she has known her mom a long time and she will understand. Taylor suggests that Kirsten should tell her, but Kirsten says that is Taylor’s job. Kirsten will only agree to put her in the right frame of mind for Taylor to tell her, and in exchange, Taylor will have to help her cook.

Seth waits at the airport for Summer, who looks less than thrilled to see him. They share yet another awkward kiss, and Seth presents her with flowers.

Sandy and Volchok are in Sandy’s office. Sandy says they are going to see the DA and get him sentenced. Volchok says that he thought Sandy was going to help him. Sandy says that he is helping, by turning him over to the authorities. Sandy says he is going to get him a hotel room. He says that the sooner Volchok is off the street, the sooner Ryan will be able to get on with his life. Ryan arrives looking for Sandy, just in time to see Sandy and Volchok drive by in Sandy’s car.

Ryan returns home briefly, to see if Kirsten knows where Sandy is. Kirsten and Taylor are working on the turkey. Kirsten tells Ryan she’s not sure what Sandy is doing, and Ryan runs out the door, just as Seth and Summer enter. Kirsten says that she will go with Taylor now to see her mother, leaving Seth and Summer to contend with the turkey. Summer comments that she hasn’t been in this house for a long time. Seth says that he and his house have both missed her. Summer says that she needs to get home, but agrees to give Seth five minutes of her time to go upstairs to his bedroom.

Julie tries cooking a turkey. Dr. Roberts is surprised that she hasn’t cooked a turkey before, and he wonders why they can’t just go to the Cohens’. Ryan comes to their door, hoping to see Julie, but Dr. Roberts doesn’t want him to come in. Ryan says that Dr. Roberts doesn’t understand, and Dr. Roberts agrees with that, but he says that Ryan can come back and talk to Julie after the holidays.

Kirsten and Taylor go to see Taylor’s mom, Veronica Townsend. Kirsten starts talking about the fact that this is Veronica’s first Thanksgiving without Taylor. Kirsten says that it important to forgive their kids for what they do. Veronica says that with her own kids being the way they are, Kirsten would know that. Kirsten keeps trying to talk, but Taylor comes up behind her and Veronica sees her. Taylor tells Kirsten she can leave.

Seth and Summer are in Seth’s room, and Summer is doing yoga. Her only reaction to Seth’s tattoo is that he should get it removed. Then she asks him if it hurt, and Seth says he was with his marine buddies, so he barely felt a thing. Seth tells Summer he is glad that she is home and she says, “Me too.” They kiss, but out of the corner of her eye, Summer sees the comic book cover Seth did. She focuses in on the character based on Marissa and pulls away. She starts to explain what is wrong when she says, “I get upset when…” but then goes onto talk about Americans wasting food instead of her real feelings. She suddenly decides that they are going to the soup kitchen to feed the homeless. As they head to the door, Sandy comes in and greets Summer, who spouts off a bunch of statistics about hunger. Seth is obviously annoyed, but he follows her out the door and says they will be back soon.

Sandy tells Kirsten what happened at his office with Volchok. He says he’s not going to tell Ryan until Thanksgiving is over, but it’s too late. Ryan enters the kitchen and says that he knows Sandy was waiting until Volchok was in jail so that Ryan wouldn’t go after him. Sandy admits that the thought crossed his mind. Kirsten says that they would only do what is in Ryan’s best interest. Ryan says that they should just leave him alone then. Sandy goes after him, but by the time he gets outside, Ryan has pulled away in his car.

Ryan goes around town asking Volchok’s old friends if they have seen him. One friend gives him the number for a girl named Heather, who might have spoken to him. The girl meets Ryan, greeting him with an apology for the night Marissa was killed. Ryan doesn’t want to hear that. He is only interested in Volchok’s whereabouts. Heather says that Volchok thinks she is also gone and that he has not contacted her. Heather suggests that Ryan should put things behind him and let Volchok go. Ryan walks away.

Kirsten calls Sandy to check in and see if he has found Ryan. Kirsten wonders if they should call dinner off, but Sandy has another idea of where he is. Kirsten looks up and Taylor is there. She hangs up the phone. Taylor’s mother called her irresponsible and fat and told her she is no longer welcome in her house. Kirsten says she can stay with the Cohens for the night, and they will find somewhere for her to stay tomorrow. Taylor and Kirsten share a hug and then Taylor starts trying to control the dinner preparations again. Kirsten says not to worry, as there are only five guests, but then Seth and Summer come in with a group of homeless people that they have invited for dinner. Kirsten tells Seth they can’t stay, but Taylor volunteers to help them with personal hygiene, while Seth keeps them entertained. Kirsten reluctantly agrees to share Thanksgiving dinner with them.

Sandy calls Julie as a last resort for finding out where Ryan might be. He is surprised when he realizes that Julie had no idea Volchok was in custody. Julie says, “So it’s really over.” Sandy says he sure as hell hopes so, as Julie hangs up the phone, looking troubled and shocked. As Julie stands against the kitchen counter, Kaitlin comes in to the room and asks if her mom is okay. She says she doesn’t know. Kaitlin asks if she wants to lie down and Julie says the last thing she wants is to be alone in the dark with her thoughts. Kaitlin walks away and says she is going to find her dog. Dr. Roberts enters the room and Kaitlin tells him she is having a meltdown. Dr. Roberts tries to talking to Julie, but she asks him to get out of the way because has to baste a turkey.

Ryan comes out of a hotel, where he has just been told that no one named Volchok is staying there. When he goes to get back in his car, Sandy is leaning against the door. “Close,” he says, but Volchok is not there. Ryan says he will keep looking, but Sandy asks Ryan to come with him instead. Ryan says he doesn’t want to go home for one of Sandy’s lectures, but Sandy says they are beyond all of that now. Ryan asks what Sandy wants then, and Sandy tells Ryan he should find out by going with him. Ryan hesitates, and then gets in the car with Sandy.

Seth wants to talk to Summer, but she is busy trying to find enough seating for all of their homeless guests.

Julie also won’t talk to Dr. Roberts, saying that she has to mash potatoes. She asks him to hand her the cream, but he says no. He doesn’t want anymore distraction tactics; they both know what is going on here. Julie storms out of the kitchen and confronts Kaitlin, telling her to get rid of her dog. In disgust, Kaitlin goes outside and announces that she is going to the Cohens. She tells her mother, “They don’t hate the whole family!” They are only mad at Julie. Dr. Roberts runs outside after Julie and he says that he loves her, but she is acting insane.

Seth has apparently also called Summer insane, because she is denying that accusation. Summer says that she used to be insane, when all she did was hang out with her best friend and go tanning and shopping. Seth asks Summer to stop and think about what everything is about.

Dr. Roberts asks Julie not to run away, but she is insistent upon finding her keys. Summer, too, is making excuses as she walks away from Seth. She says she has to go home and see her dad. Seth pleads with her not to go.

Julie tells Dr. Roberts that he is the one who walked away from her by having an affair. Dr. Roberts swears that nothing happened, but Julie says she wants Dr. Roberts out of the house. He points out that it is his house, but she says they will have to see about that and drives off. Summer closes the door on Seth as she leaves the Cohens’.

Sandy and Ryan pull into a parking lot in front of a hotel. Sandy tells Ryan that Volchok is inside. He gives him the room number. Ryan says that if this is a dare, he isn’t taking it. Sandy tells Ryan he trusts him, and Ryan gets out of the car and heads inside. Volchok stands up when Ryan enters. He says, “You’ve been waiting a long time for this, I bet.” Ryan stares at him for a moment, and then attacks Volchok. Volchok asks him to kill him because nothing matters anymore. Ryan lets him go, and the two have an actual conversation about the night Marissa was killed. Ryan says that Volchok didn’t try to stop or help or anything. Volchok says he was scared and freaked out. Ryan says, “And she died on the side of the road.” Volchok says that he thinks about that night every day and starts to apologize. Ryan doesn’t want to hear the apology; he just wants to know why Volchok did it. Volchok says he doesn’t know, and that he was coming after Ryan, not Marissa. He says he just wanted Ryan to pull over, but then it got out of control. Ryan says that means it was all an accident or a mistake, and Volchok says that if Ryan wants to kill him, he can go ahead. Ryan says he won’t be doing Volchok any favors and comes out of the hotel room. Sandy is with the police in the parking lot. They all wait to see if Volchok will emerge. When he does, Sandy sighs in relief. He tells Ryan he is proud of him. Ryan simply says, “Sorry,” and when asked if he is hungry, he adds, “Starving.” Ryan watches as they take Volchok away and then gets in the car with Sandy.

Summer enters her house, to find Julie alone at the table. She asks where her dad is, but Julie says he is gone. Summer sits down beside Julie. Julie says that they can’t go on like this anymore, and Summer agrees. Summer takes Julie’s hand.

Seth is in the kitchen at the Cohens’ trying to call Summer. Taylor takes his phone away and says that if Summer is freaking out, that is a good thing. She needs to do that before anything else. Kaitlin tells Seth and Taylor that it is time to eat, just as Ryan and Sandy walk in. Kirsten hugs Ryan, and they all go to the table. Sandy asks about their new guests, but Seth says it is a long story. At the table, Sandy recognizes one of his clients. Another of the homeless men sees Kaitlin with her dog and realizes that it belongs to him.

Summer is at the airport and she calls Seth to say she is heading back to Providence. She says that she needs to handle what is going on on her own. She starts crying when she says she misses her friend and then says that she will call him when she gets her head straight. Dr. Roberts wants to know if she reached Seth, but she shakes her head. Then he says that Seth has grown on him, and he thinks they will be fine. Dr. Roberts also says that thinks he will be taking a job in Seattle, at Seattle Grace hospital (which is a nod to ABC’s hit show Grey’s Anatomy). Summer says she is sorry that her dad and Julie broke up, and he admits that it’s not the Thanksgiving her had in mind. Summer says she could take a later flight and that it’s not too late to have Thanksgiving. Together, they walk into Chili’s.

The doorbell rings at the Cohens’, and Sandy answers it. It is Julie. He says that she will have to wait because they are eating Thanksgiving dinner. Julie says that she just came over to say she is sorry. Sandy notes that she has never said that before, and Julie says it is because she never meant it. Kirsten says they should pull up a chair, but Julie only wants to see Ryan. Every one watches as they go into the pool house. Julie sits down, asking Ryan to tell her about Marissa. Ryan joins her on the bed and starts to describe the first time he saw Marissa at the bottom of the driveway on his first night in Newport. Julie laughs when Ryan calls her hot. Julie says that Marissa had a beautiful smile. They continue reminiscing as the scene fades to black.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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