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The Chrismukk-huh? - 4.07
aired 12/14/06


By Kasey 

Kirsten tries to hint at Ryan that he should invite Taylor over for Chrismukkah. Ryan agrees to do so, but worries that doing so will send Taylor the message that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Kirsten goes to answer the doorbell, and when Ryan looks through the day’s mail, he finds a letter from Marissa.

Kaitlin and Julie decorate for Christmas and Kaitlin protests having to visit family in Riverside. Taylor comes in and chats with them for a bit. After Julie invites Taylor to go with them to Riverside, Taylor declines, saying that she is sure that Ryan will invite her to the Cohen’s.

Ryan sits alone looking at Marissa’s letter. Taylor comes over and tries to give him his gift, but Ryan acts standoffish. He doesn’t invite Taylor over for dinner, even after Taylor basically invites herself. He tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to make her his girlfriend, and Taylor chases him onto the roof (where Ryan is trying to put up Christmas lights) to force him to accept it. The ladder that they are on topples over, and they both fall to the ground.

Kirsten and a delivery man comment about how a bad storm is coming. Kirsten thinks that the ham does not look very impressive.

Ryan and Taylor wake up on the porch. Ryan offers Taylor some ice, but she gives him his gift and storms off. Ryan goes to the pool house and finds it full of exercise equipment. When he comes outside, Kirsten confronts him and asks him where his supervisor is. Ryan is shocked that she doesn’t recognize him. Kirsten asks him to get out of there, and when Ryan inquires about Seth, she thinks that he is a friend of Seth’s, and tells him that if he sees him, he needs to tell Seth to come home.

Ryan finds Julie running a booth for homeless people at the pier. He is stunned to find that she doesn’t recognize him either, as she mistakes him for a homeless man.

At the comic book shop, Eric and Brad pick on Seth when Ryan comes in and breaks up the teasing. Seth thanks Ryan, although he does not recognize him. Eric and Brad point out that Seth’s “girlfriend” is across the street, and when Ryan and Seth look, they see her trying on a wedding dress.

Sandy is mayor of Newport! Ryan goes to him for help, but when Sandy thinks that Ryan is stalking him and his family, he has him kicked out.

Ryan wanders along the street alone. He sits down to think, and we hear Kirsten calling Ryan’s name.

Ryan is laying in a hospital bed asleep—he never actually woke up after he and Taylor fell off the ladder. Kirsten is sitting with him, and Sandy, Seth, and Summer join her. Kirsten fills them in on the situation, and we see that Taylor is laying in the hospital bed next to Ryan. Kirsten says that there is nothing seriously wrong with either of them, they just have to wait for them to wake up.

Back in Ryan’s dream, Taylor is the one person who recognizes Ryan. She runs up to him and hugs him, telling him that she failed him.

Ryan and Taylor discuss that they are in a parallel universe, and they can’t be dead or dreaming. Taylor says that they must have been sent there to fix something, as someone that they know is in trouble in this universe. Summer comes in the room and hugs Holly (Marissa’s enemy!) and the two discuss her engagement and her engagement ring. Taylor and Ryan are shocked to see how mindless and silly alt-Summer is. Che comes in and hugs Summer, and it is clear that Che is her fiancé, not Seth! Taylor says that it is clear that they have been sent there to fix that situation. She sends Ryan after Seth, and she is going to follow Summer.

Back in reality, the doctor says that Ryan and Taylor will be fine. She suggests that they surround Ryan and Taylor with familiar scents and sounds to stimulate them to wake up. Summer offers to call Taylor’s mom. Kirsten is going to stay with Ryan and Taylor. Sandy and Seth leave to get Chrismukkah dinner to bring it to Ryan and Taylor.

In the alternate universe, Taylor follows Summer, Holly, and Che out of the restaurant. She overhears Che on the phone, and it is clear that he is cheating on Summer.

Ryan goes back to the Cohen’s, and Kirsten tells him that he might be able to find Seth upstairs. Ryan begins to head up there, and then Jimmy comes out and kisses Kirsten—the two are married! Jimmy tells Ryan that Seth isn’t home. Ryan heads out to find him. Jimmy invites him to their party that night.

Sandy and Julie are married. As he heads out the door at their home, Julie and Sandy insult Kirsten, and Julie says that she can’t believe that Sandy was ever married to her. After Sandy leaves, Julie invites Che in— she is Che’s mystery woman. Taylor is shocked.

Taylor walks into the Roberts-Cooper home and spots a wedding picture of Sandy and Julie. She walks past the bedroom as Julie and Che get frisky. She walks into a bedroom, where a maid tells her that Ms. Cooper will be home from Berkeley later. Taylor is stunned to see a picture of Marissa, and it occurs to her that she is in Marissa’s bedroom—in a world without Ryan, Marissa would still be alive.

Taylor goes to visit with Ryan at the pier. They fill each other in on what is going on in the parallel universe, and Taylor tells Ryan that Marissa is alive here. Ryan says that he has to go. Taylor tries to convince Ryan that Marissa won’t recognize him, but Ryan says that if she is here, he wants to be here. Taylor tells him that he can go.

Back in the real world, Julie and Kaitlin continue to get ready for Riverside. Summer comes over and tells them about Taylor, and Julie says that they have to find Veronica before she flies out of town. Kaitlin is excited that this means that she doesn’t have to go to Riverside anymore.

A nurse gives Kirsten a piece of paper that had fallen out of Ryan’s pocket and gives Kirsten some words of encouragement. After the nurse leaves, Kirsten notices that the letter is from Marissa.

Back in the parallel universe, Ryan rushes to the airport. He thinks he sees Marissa, but it is Kaitlin—she is the Ms. Cooper coming home from Berkeley. Kaitlin doesn’t recognize Ryan, but when he mentions Marissa, she tells him that Marissa died three years ago of a drug-overdose in Tijuana. Kaitlin leaves, and Ryan realizes that he had actually saved Marissa’s life for some extra years, instead of ending it too early. Taylor tells Ryan that she is sorry.

Taylor tries to convince Ryan that he had given Marissa three more years. She tells Ryan that he has done good for everybody, giving Marissa more time, saving Sandy and Kirsten’s marriage, giving Seth a life, etc. Taylor tells Ryan that he needs to put any guilt that he is feeling about Marissa behind him. Ryan and Taylor agree to save the Cohens together.

Back in the real world, Seth tries to convince Sandy that Ryan and Taylor are in a parallel universe. The two laugh about the possibility. Kirsten calls Sandy and tells him that she thinks that she knows why Ryan isn’t waking up.

Back in the alternate universe, Taylor and Ryan hit up Kirsten’s party. Ryan goes to find Seth, while Taylor tells him that she is going after Kirsten. Taylor spots a male version of herself getting scolded by her mom.

Back in the real world, Kaitlin and Julie stop Veronica from leaving town by threatening to tell security that she has a bomb if she gets on the plane.

Back in the alternate universe, Ryan goes to Seth’s bedroom and convinces him that he is his adopted brother from an alternate reality. Seth buys it instantly. Ryan tells him that he is going to help him woo Summer.

Taylor approaches Kirsten and tells her that she is an employee of the mayor’s (Sandy) and she was let off work to come to the party. When Kirsten asks about working for him, Taylor tells her that the mayor is always moping and whining about how much he misses his ex-wife. Kirsten looks sad.

Taylor and Ryan meet up and discuss how their plan is going. Summer and Che arrive at the party, and Taylor and Ryan split up to do some more damage.

Taylor goes to Che and tells him that a red-haired lady needs his help with something, and she is in the master bathroom. Che invites Taylor along, but she declines.

Ryan goes to visit Julie, and he tells her that she needs to go to the master bathroom to meet someone. Julie quickly rushes off.

Taylor goes to Sandy and tells him that she has a question for him about relationships. She tells him that she works at the Newport Group and is always there to hear his ex-wife talk about their relationship. She reminds him of a memory of when they started dating, and he excuses himself.

Summer and Seth hit it off talking about plastic horses and The Valley.

Taylor and Ryan watch Sandy and Kirsten chatting together. They are convinced that they might actually pull things off. Taylor sees her mom scolding the version of herself, and she tells Ryan that she is going to talk to her as an adult. Taylor heads towards Veronica and tells her off, but when Veronica hurls insults at her, Taylor calls her a bitch and runs off.

Ryan comes to Taylor and asks her how she is. Taylor is amazed that she actually told her mom off. Ryan congratulates her. Taylor asks Ryan if he hears something—she thinks she hears rain in the distance (in the real world, it is pouring rain in Newport). Ryan leaves to get Taylor a drink.

Jimmy caught Julie and Che together in the bathroom and scolds Julie. He tells Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Summer what was going on. Summer confronts Che, but when she begins to buy his lies, Seth interferes. Instead of beating Seth up, Che decides to go hit on another girl. Summer thanks Seth for being so great. Sandy scolds Julie, and Kirsten and Sandy realize that they were both lied to by Taylor, who is watching nearby. Ryan brings Taylor a drink, and the whole crowd asks Ryan and Taylor to explain themselves. Taylor begins to feel dizzy, and she tells Ryan that he has to get everybody back together, since she has found her way home after standing up to her mom. Taylor wanders into the kitchen, and when Ryan follows her, she is gone.

In the real world, Taylor wakes up. She looks up at Kirsten and tells her that she needs to be with Sandy. Kirsten goes to get a doctor. Taylor looks at Ryan, who is sleeping, and she tells him to come back to her.

In the alternate universe, Ryan goes back to the crowd, who is still demanding explanations. He tells them that they all have saved his life in some way, and the way they are now is not how they are supposed to be. He tells everyone what they need to be doing to save themselves, and then Julie comes in with security and has Ryan taken out. As he is leaving, he yells at Sandy and Kirsten and Seth and Summer to promise to be together.

In the real world, Veronica, Julie, and Kaitlin arrive at the hospital. Kirsten tells Veronica that Taylor is fine, and Veronica is mad that she came there for nothing, Taylor comes outside and tells Veronica that if she leaves now, she can still make her flight. She hugs her mom and wishes her a Merry Christmas, and everyone is surprised that Taylor could be so nice. Veronica leaves, and Taylor says that she feels good. Taylor, Kaitlin, and Summer head into the room, and Kirsten gives Julie Ryan’s letter from Marissa. She leaves Julie alone to read it.

In the alternate universe, Ryan sits in jail with a Santa Claus. He is released, and finds out that Sandy has let him out. Sandy tells Ryan that a lot of what he has said made sense. Ryan asks him how his family fell apart, and Sandy tells him that after Marissa died, everybody became stuck and fell apart. Sandy invites Ryan over for dinner, but Ryan says that there is somewhere that he has to be.

In the real world, Sandy and Seth arrive at the hospital with Chrismukkah dinner. Julie tells them about Marissa’s letter, saying that Marissa said in it that the only way she and Ryan could get on with their lives is if she left Newport. Kaitlin comes out and grabs Seth and the food, and Sandy and Kirsten ask Julie how she is. She says that she is okay. She takes the letter and puts it by Ryan’s bedside.

In the alternate universe, Ryan goes to Marissa’s favorite hang-out spot on the beach. He opens Marissa’s letter and reads it. He leaves the letter sitting there and walks off.

In the real world, Ryan finally wakes up to find Taylor sitting next to him. The two discuss their weird dreams, and Ryan tells her that he is glad that she is there.

Everyone else notices that Ryan is awake. Kirsten tells Ryan that everything is going to be okay. Everyone begins chatting together.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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