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The Case of the Franks - 4.13
aired 2/1/07

Seth and Summer

By Kasey  

Taylor is hurt when Ryan tells her that he doesn’t think they should celebrate Valentine’s Day together. She asks him about a mysterious address that he has on a piece of paper next to his bed. He says it is nothing, and Taylor says that they are fine. Ryan heads to work.

Taylor goes to the address and knocks on the door. Frank answers the door, and both are surprised to see each other.

Frank is happy to hear that Ryan kept his address. Taylor tells him that she is willing to help get Ryan to reach out to him, and Frank is all for the idea.

Kirsten stands in the kitchen and has flashbacks of her and Jimmy when they were much younger. Sandy tells Kirsten that he can’t believe they are having another child. Kirsten says that she has lost her appetite, and excuses herself from the kitchen.

Gordon surprises Julie with roses. Julie reminds him that it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet, and that she hasn’t yet agreed to be his wife. Gordon says that he knows, but is willing to fight for her. He casually mentions that he has $900 million and doesn’t want a pre-nup. He also asks her to “seal the deal” on their relationship that night. Julie seems less than enthusiastic about the idea, but she is touched when Kaitlin comes home and she sees how well Gordon interacts with her. Julie tells Gordon that she will see him that night.

Summer talks to Seth about her campaign to save the otters, and it becomes clear that she has forgotten about Valentine’s Day. The two see a psychic, who tells Seth that he will go to Rhode Island and study art the next year. Summer and Seth are impressed, and Summer asks the psychic to give a reading on her as well. The psychic says that she should beware of falling objects, she will be on the news with Justin Timberlake, and her true love’s name is… George. Summer and Seth are a bit upset, and as Summer tries to correct the psychic, a skateboard (from Brad and Eric) falls from the upper-level and hits the ground right where Summer was standing.

Ryan and Taylor go to the Yacht Club, where Frank is waiting for them. Ryan pulls Taylor aside to ask what she is doing, but she convinces him that this will be a good thing. The three sit down to dinner together.

Summer comes to the Cohen’s to get a picture of Kirsten and Sandy for a collage that she is going to make Seth for Valentine’s Day. When sorting through pictures, Kirsten and Summer come across a lot of Kirsten and Jimmy. Summer asks Kirsten if she ever thought that Jimmy was the one, and Kirsten says that she did, but they grew up. When Summer asks how she knew that she should be with Sandy, Kirsten tells her that if she and Seth are meant to be together, it will happen. Summer admits that patience is not her strong suit.

At dinner, Taylor asks Frank about his love life. Both she and Ryan notice that he blushes, and they ask him if he is in love. Gordon and Julie come in the Yacht Club, and when they come up to say hello, both Taylor and Ryan notice the tension between Frank and Julie. Gordon and Julie wish them a goodnight and go to their table, and Taylor asks Frank if he is in love with Julie.

The next day, Taylor tells Ryan that she thinks Frank and Julie would be romantic together. Ryan insists that the relationship would be inappropriate, and he reminds Taylor of how his dad treated him and his mom. He says that Julie could do better.

Kirsten looks through her pictures of her and Jimmy again. She has another flashback, remembering her and Jimmy at a high school party, where Jimmy says that the two of them would be together always. Sandy interrupts Kirsten’s daydreaming, saying that he has made a dinner reservation for them. Kirsten tells him that she was looking at baby pictures of Seth, and after she leaves, Sandy notices that the pictures are actually of her and Jimmy.

Seth tells Ryan about what the psychic said, and Ryan tries to comfort him. Seth says that he is sure that Summer is, “the one,” and he flashbacks to Summer’s elementary school poem about being a mermaid. He says that it was at that moment that he fell in love with her.

Taylor confronts Julie about having feelings for Frank. Julie admits her feelings, but she says that she is staying with Gordon. Julie is touched when Taylor tells her that Ryan is concerned for her.

Seth visits Summer, and the two are surprised to see Summer on the news. The newscaster announces something about Justin Timberlake at the same time. Seth and Summer are amazed, but Seth insists that he, and not some guy named George, is Summer’s true love. He gives her her poem about being a mermaid, which he had framed for Valentine’s Day. He tells her that it was at that moment that he fell in love with her. Summer confesses that she did not actually write that poem, and she flashbacks to her in fifth grade, where she had forced Taylor to give her her poem! Summer wonders if they are really meant to be. Seth admits that he doesn’t know anymore either.

Julie visits Ryan at work and thanks him for his concern for her. She tells him that while things are over between her and Frank, she has been with her fair share of bad guys, and Frank is not one of them.

Ryan calls Taylor and the two decide to fix things up between Julie and Frank. Taylor says that they will have to get her out of her plans with Gordon. After they hang up, Taylor notices that Kaitlin is standing right there. The two threaten each other, but Kaitlin says that she and Gordon will win.

Kirsten brings Seth breakfast in bed and assures him that he is meant to be with Summer because of everything she has done to convince him of that since they started dating. Seth is reassured. He asks Kirsten what happened to her and Jimmy, but she says that it doesn’t matter. After she leaves, she has a flashback of her breaking up with Jimmy because she wanted to go to another college. In the flashback, Jimmy is hurt and leaves, and then we see Kirsten going into a women’s clinic.

Summer chats with Pancakes about her relationship with Seth. A man named Paul comes in and offers her a job for GEORGE (The Global Environmental Organization Regarding Greenhouse Emissions) after having read her blog. Summer is stunned.

Kaitlin tells Gordon that he has to step up his game to win Julie’s heart. She tells him that he has to have the most extravagant Valentine’s Day ever planned. She sees some airplanes outside the office, and when she asks Gordon if one of them is his, he says that two are.

Taylor and Ryan meet with Frank and they decide to play the emotion card to challenge Gordon and Kaitlin’s expensive card. Frank has a hard time putting his feelings for Julie into words, and Taylor remembers that he is, in fact, Ryan’s father! Frank says that he and Julie are from the same world.

At dinner, Sandy asks Kirsten what is bothering her. She tells him that there is something she has never told him. When he asks if it is about Jimmy, she says that they should go home and talk about it.

Julie shows up at the Yacht Club for dinner with Gordon. Kaitlin tells her that there has been a change in plans, but Ryan shows up and asks Julie to come with him to meet Frank instead. A limo shows up to give Julie a ride, and Kaitlin insists that Julie get in the limo instead. Julie tells Ryan to tell Frank that in another life, she would meet Frank. She gets in the limo and drives off. Kaitlin tells Ryan that she always wins, but what Kaitlin doesn’t know is that Taylor was driving the limo! The real limo shows up seconds later. Kaitlin begins crying when Ryan rubs it in her face, and Ryan begins to comfort her. Kaitlin jumps in the limo to follow the decoy, and Ryan jumps in his car to follow her.

Julie arrives at the destination—a fake hot dog stand, with Frank waiting there for her. Frank tells her that tonight is about where they came from, but he wants to show her where they can go. He shows her the diamond ring he bought her, and says that it is not much, but he wants her to have it. Kaitlin shows up and tells Julie to come on, because Gordon is waiting. Julie tells Frank that she has one daughter left, and her daughter loves Gordon, even if she doesn’t. She gets in the limo with Kaitlin and leaves a dejected Frank behind.

Kirsten tells Sandy about her abortion from dating Jimmy that happened just a month before she met Sandy. The two have a flashback to when they met at college, and the two talk about how grateful they are that they met and have their life together.

Seth goes to visit Summer and tells her that she is better than the girl he fantasized about in elementary school. He tells her that he loves her now. She tells him about the opportunity at GEORGE, and she says that if she took the job it would mean pushing off Brown for another year and not being able to see Seth. She says that she thinks Seth is her destiny, but she just doesn’t know if he is her only destiny. She gives him her collage for Valentine’s Day, and says that one day they can put their picture in the middle.

In the limo, Kaitlin tells Julie that Gordon is waiting with his plane to take her anywhere in the world for Valentine’s Day. Julie just acts remotely interested, and Kaitlin realizes that Julie is heartbroken.

Kaitlin and Julie arrive at the airplane, and Kaitlin gets out alone. The limo takes off. Gordon comes out and asks Kaitlin where Julie is, and Kaitlin says that maybe she and Gordon will have to be friends instead of step-dad and step-daughter. Gordon is sad, but the two say that they will have a good friendship.

Frank, Taylor, and Ryan hang out at the make-shift hot dog stand. Ryan apologizes to Frank for how things went down with Julie. Frank says that things are good. Julie comes back, and Ryan and Taylor step aside for the two to be able to be together. Ryan and Taylor decide to take the limo on a drive as their Valentine’s Day date.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 3/15/11 


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