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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Avengers - 4.01
aired 11/2/06


by Katie

Five months have passed since the season finale and Marissa’s death. In the opening scene of this episode, the season premiere, Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) is standing at a sink in a small dim room. He is washing his hands and even in the dim light, it is clear that his face and lips have been badly bruised. As he finishes at the sink, his cell phone rings and he digs inside a backpack to find it and answer it. Though the caller on the other end is not identified, Ryan tells whoever it is that he will be right there.

Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) pulls his car into a parking garage and walks past several young men, who regard him with suspicion and/or disgust. Sandy ignores them. Moments later, he is making his way through a crowded bar. He asks a nearby bartender, “Is he there?” but the bartender ignores the question. Sandy is not discouraged, however, and heads over to a nearby door. The door, it turns out, is the door to Ryan’s room, where he is once again standing at the sink. Sandy pleads with Ryan to open the door and talk to him because he misses him and just wants to say hello. Ryan’s facial expression turns to anger, and he grabs his jacket and bag. When Sandy opens the door and lets himself in, Ryan has already exited out the back door and climbed into his car.

Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) is in her bathroom, standing before the medicine cabinet. She looks very tired and her hair is a mess. She reaches for a bottle of pills, opens it, and pops one into her mouth. Down the hall, Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland) is trying on a pair of leather boots. Julie asks Kaitlin why she is not in school, and Kaitlin tells her mother that it is eight o’clock at night. Julie doesn’t seem fazed by this information at all, and tells Kaitlin that she is going out. Kaitlin gives Julie a strange look, and asks her where she’s going, reminding her mother that she is no longer supposed to drive at night. Julie’s only reply is, “Great boots, baby.” Kaitlin looks worried and offers to go out with her mother.

Outside of a seedy hotel called the Mermaid Inn, Ryan walks across a parking lot and knocks on a door labeled with the number 14. When the door opens, Julie Cooper is standing behind it, and she invites Ryan inside. Julie quickly glances outside to see if anyone has seen him entering and then shuts the door.

After the opening credits, the scene changes, and we revert back in time to events that happened 36 hours earlier. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) is sitting on the floor in his bedroom, talking on the telephone to Summer’s (Rachel Bilson) answering machine in her dorm room at Brown. Seth gives her (and the audience) an update on the various people in his life: Ryan has his own place and is making some new friends, some of whom look pretty questionable. Sandy is still “fighting the man” and “sticking up for the little guy.” Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) has been having parties with the other women of Newport, which Seth has started to attend. He describes these experiences as “not that bad.” Seth also mentions that he has been bonding with Summer’s dad. He says that he has been doing a lot of bonding with adults since she has been gone. He does see Kaitlin from time to time, but it seems that she is always half-naked and flirtatiously waving at him, which seems to make Seth pretty uncomfortable. Kaitlin has befriended Luke’s younger twin brothers, who seem to be a lot like Luke. Seth has also heard from Taylor, who is in Paris.

In Summer’s dorm room, the answering machine beeps and cuts Seth off because he has exceeded the time limit. Summer stares thoughtfully at the machine, indicating that she been listening to the entire message. An earnest-looking hippie-type student named Che (Chris Pratt of Everwood fame) makes his way down the hallway of the dorm and a moment later, knocks on Summer’s door. He tells her that they need to get out on the quad right away because “this thing is going down right now.” Summer asks Che what they are supposed to be protesting this time, and Che reminds her that it is “the chickens.” Summer asks him for one second, and even though Che is concerned that they could be losing more and more chickens with every second that passes, he gives her a moment. She grabs her bag and a sweater and, glancing quickly at the answering machine, deletes the message from Seth, and then leaves the room.

Back in Newport, Seth is now at work at a comic book store. A little girl stands by the counter, and he berates her for asking if he has any comic books based on The X-Men movie. The little girl runs from the store, obviously upset. As she exits, Kirsten enters, carrying a brown paper bag. Seth recognizes it as a care package for Ryan, as this is not the first one of these that Kirsten has prepared, but he tells his mom that he doesn’t think Ryan is going to want this one anymore than he has wanted the others. Seth says simply, “The guy’s changed.” Kirsten suggests offering Ryan an invitation to dinner, but Seth says that if he didn’t go to Marissa’s funeral, he’s definitely not going to want to have dinner with the Cohens. Kirsten looks upset, but does not argue with Seth’s logic.

Summer’s father, Dr. Roberts, enters the kitchen of his house with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. He is about to sit down and read the paper when he hears the sound of an electric saw. He looks out the window and sees that someone is in fact cutting the hedge. Julie emerges from behind the bush wearing goggles and a hat, and carrying the saw that was making the noise. After a pause, she starts in on the hedge again, which causes Dr. Roberts to make a face. He heads outside and interrupts her work. Julie asks if she is making too much noise, but then goes on to say that she was surveying the yard and thought more work could be done on it. Dr. Roberts asks her to stop and pleads with her to talk to him. Julie ignores his request for conversation and says that she will start the process for hiring new landscapers. Dr. Roberts stops her and says that he understands that all this busywork is her coping mechanism, but begs her to let him in and let him help her deal with her grief. Julie seems to hear him, but does not give in. Instead, with tears forming in her eyes, she announces that he can go ahead and call the landscapers because now she is going to go inside and plug in the glue gun, in order to finish the sea grass placemats she started the day before. She then picks up her saw and heads inside, leaving Dr. Roberts alone in the lawn.

Kaitlin Cooper is inside the house and has witnessed the conversation between her mother and Dr. Roberts. Dr. Roberts comes in and offers to drive Kaitlin to school, and in reply Kaitlin tells him that Julie’s behavior is nothing personal. Julie has been ignoring Kaitlin too. However, from Kaitlin’s point of view, this is a good thing.
At Ryan’s place, Seth knocks on the door. Ryan calls out, “Seth, go away, I’m sleeping.” Seth says he doesn’t see how that would be possible, unless Ryan is talking in his sleep. Ryan opens the door, takes the care package that Kirsten sent out of Seth’s hands and goes to close the door. Seth catches the door however and asks why he’s not being invited. He says, “So the utility closet is the new pool house. Things change. It’s the Seth/Ryan time that counts.” Ryan sighs, obviously annoyed, and says that he is tired because he works nights. Seth says that while he knows this is true, he has checked with Ryan’s boss, and he is not working tonight. Therefore, Seth thinks that Ryan should come over for dinner. Ryan begins shaking his head in protest, but when Seth says it would mean a lot to him and his parents, Ryan says okay. Then Seth asks what Ryan is doing, and wonders if he wants to go get some ice cream, but when Ryan gives him a look, Seth shuts up and walks away.

On the Brown campus, Summer and Che attend their protest. While Che makes a speech about the defenselessness of chickens, Summer hands out fliers to the students passing by their table. Summer’s cell phone rings. It is Taylor, calling from Paris. They chat for a few seconds, and Taylor says she misses Summer. However, when Che calls to Summer, asking her to come and photocopy some more fliers, she tells Taylor that she needs to hang up. Taylor says that she understands, says, “Vive la France” into the phone and hangs up. However, as she hangs up, she puts on a pair of dark sunglasses, and it becomes clear that she is sitting alone in a diner.

At the Cohens’, Seth sets the table for dinner. He sets out four place settings and then comments on how weird that feels. Sandy cautions Seth against expecting any miracles and tells him that tonight will probably be weird in general. Kirsten and Sandy say that all they are expecting from Ryan is a few grunts and maybe the occasional shrug. Seth says that it will be just like old times, then, and Sandy says he is looking forward to it. Kirsten says that Ryan will be there any minute, and she removes the pasta from the stove.

Ryan, however, is not on his way to the Cohens’. Instead, he walks into a dark crowded room where people are fighting in cages. A man approaches and tells Ryan he’s glad he made it, and that he was worried when he heard him making plans with Seth. But Ryan tells the man he would never miss this. The man tells Ryan he is going to be fighting a particular person, and points at him. But Ryan has someone else in mind: a bigger, taller person that is standing a few feet away from where the man has pointed. The man asks Ryan if he is crazy, but Ryan is insistent, and the man says, “Alright.” Ryan looks thoughtful, as he watches the men in the cage fighting. He then looks across the room at the man he chose to be his opponent. They make eye contact.

The Cohens have finished dinner, and Sandy paces the floor. Seth says that he thought dinner was excellent, but Kirsten is worried that something happened to Ryan, and asks Seth what he thinks. Sandy calls Ryan and leaves a message, saying that even if he doesn’t want to come over, he should at least call and let them know he is okay. Kirsten suggests calling the police and the hospitals, but Seth says that he is sure Ryan is fine. Kirsten says that even if Ryan didn’t want to come, he would have called, because he always calls. Sandy doesn’t say a word. He just picks up his car keys. Kirsten asks him where he is going. Sandy says he is going to talk to Ryan, but Seth says that he doesn’t think Ryan will be in the mood for one his pep talks, “as inspiring and motivational as they usually are”. Seth stands up and says that he will go. Sandy and Kirsten both want to know if he is sure, and Kirsten suggests that Sandy go along with him. But Seth simply says, “No. I got it.” Kirsten and Sandy watch with concern as their son leaves the house.

Kaitlin and the Ward twins are sitting outside in a crowded location, deciding whether or not to smoke pot. The twins are worried because there are a lot of cops around, but Kaitlin calls the rent-a-cops and says that what the twins gave her is barely pot anyway. The twins apologize, saying that the guy who gave it to them said it was all he had. Kaitlin says that they can blame it on their dealer all they want, but that it will be their fault if she doesn’t get an A in Chemistry. She tells them to stop whining and get back to her lab report, which they are apparently writing for her. Kaitlin looks over toward the parking lot and sees that Dr. Roberts is getting into a car with a blonde. She asks the twins who she is and they identify her as Gloria, Dr. Roberts’ former wife, and Summer’s stepmother. Kaitlin’s mouth hangs open as she says, “So that’s the step monster.”

Seth looks for Ryan. He asks a big, tattooed man if he has seen him and the man just shakes his head. Seth then takes out his phone and calls Summer. Summer’s dorm room phone rings and rings, but she does not answer because she is in another room, playing music with her hippie friends. Seth tells the answering machine that he is trying to hold it together. Then he says that he knows he is supposed to give Summer her space so she can do the college thing, and he hangs up just in time to hear a conversation between two men passing by. The first says, “I hear that kid from the bar’s gonna get his ass kicked.” The second one replies, “Yeah, just like last week.” Seth watches them walk off and with a concerned look on his face, follows behind them.

Inside, Ryan is now fighting his opponent inside the cage. Seth makes his way through the crowd and approaches the cage just in time to see Ryan being flung against it. Ryan and Seth make eye contact. Seth looks disgusted and worried as he watches Ryan’s opponent beating him. Ryan lies on the ground, bleeding and exhausted, while the crowd cheers around him.

Summer returns to her dorm room. She turns on the answering machine and it is Seth, who says that he hopes she is having a good time, but that he is in a sketchy neighborhood looking for Ryan. However, Che enters the room then, and Summer turns of the message. Che asks if Summer is okay, and she says that she is, but that when she left to move to Brown, life at home was kind of a mess. Che says that it is about to get worse, too, because if the polar ice caps melt, all of Newport Beach is going to be underwater. Summer says, “Right, well, it’s a little more than that.” She says that not everyone has moved on like she has, and she thinks her friends might need her. Che looks concerned, but then says, “Summer, wherever you go, there you are.” He then places one hand on his heart and the other on Summer’s forehead, breathing deeply. After a moment, he removes his hand and then walks out of the room. Summer nods slowly, and then starts the answering message again. Seth talks about how worried he is for Ryan. Summer just sighs.

Julie is trapped underneath a fallen bookcase. Dr. Roberts comes running to help her, asking if there has been an earthquake. Julie says there hasn’t, and then helps Dr. Roberts pull the shelf off of her body. She says that all she was trying to do was rearrange the furniture using some helpful hints from HGTV. She says that she had no idea that this piece of furniture was a built-in. Kaitlin comes running in and checks on her mother, and then says that she wonders why Dr. Roberts wasn’t there to help her. Julie turns to him and says, “Yeah. Neil, where have you been?” Dr. Roberts says he had a procedure and Kaitlin nods knowingly as she says, “Emergency tummy tuck.” Julie says she has no feeling in her extremities, and Neil says he is sure Julie has a pill for that. Julie tells him to back off and says she was nearly killed by his “heinous furniture.” Julie leaves and goes upstairs. Kaitlin just stares at Dr. Roberts.

Ryan gets paid for his fight, and his boss congratulates him for drawing in a crowd. Ryan doesn’t accept the money. Seth comes up to Ryan. Ryan quietly apologizes for missing dinner. Seth shrugs and says that he should be apologizing to his parents, and asks which one of them is going to tell Sandy and Kirsten about Ryan’s new job. Ryan says that he’s not going to tell them about it, and neither is Seth. He says that they just have to forget it. Seth says that since he has a really good memory, that’s not going to be so easy for him. Ryan says that the Cohens are better off without him, because of all the trouble he brings into their lives. He cites Trey and Volchok as examples. Seth says that none of what has happened is Ryan’s fault, and that they are not better off without him. Seth says he’s not going anywhere until Ryan goes with him. Ryan says, “What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fight me?” Seth starts to reply, but Ryan shoves him with one hand and walks away. The lights go out in the room and the scene fades to black.

Kirsten and Sandy make Seth’s favorite breakfast foods in an effort to bribe him into talking about Ryan. Seth has told them only that Ryan was working and is busy and forgot to come to dinner, but they want more details. Sandy wants to know how he looked. Seth tries to explain how he looked, saying that he has looked both worse and better, and that he might have cut himself shaving. Kirsten is alarmed and asks if he was bleeding, but Seth says that he had stopped bleeding. He then excuses himself to go work and says that he will tell them if he hears anything else. As he leaves, Seth says that it is probably best just to give Ryan a little more time. Kirsten worries that if they give him much more time, he won’t be able to be reached anymore. Sandy promises to check in on him right after work.

Seth walks to work, and looks up toward the comic book store. Standing there, calling his name is Summer. Seth slowly begins to smile and asks what Summer is doing there. She says he got his message and it sounded like an emergency. Seth tries to blow it off, and they share an awkward kiss. Summer says she is there to help. Seth says he is so glad she came home for him, and she says she came home for Ryan. Seth says that is what he meant. They hug, but the hug is just as awkward as their kiss.

Dr. Roberts works out at home. Kaitlin stands in front of him, staring him down. Dr. Roberts says he is trying to keep in shape, and Kaitlin says that she has heard that sex is a really good form of exercise. Then she says that she doubts Dr. Roberts has been getting any sex from her mother. Dr. Roberts tells Kaitlin that his personal life is personal. Kaitlin says that she is really only interested in the personal life he has with women other than Julie. Dr. Roberts stops his workout, and begins lecturing Kaitlin, calling her “young lady”, and saying he doesn’t know what she is talking about. He gets up to leave the room, but Kaitlin stops him, asking if he always does his consults down by the beach like he did the day before when she saw him. She goes on to ask if the lady he was with was the blonde he used to be married to. Dr. Roberts tells Kaitlin that what she thinks she saw is not really what was happening, and that adult relationships are too complicated. Kaitlin says that she would be perfectly happy to ask her mother about these complicated relationships, but she doesn’t want to upset her after all that has happened. She says she was also going to ask her mother about some boots she saw at the plaza. She then hints to Dr. Roberts that the only way to keep Kaitlin from talking to her mother about his secret is to buy the boots for her. She lets him know her size, and then heads outside, where the Ward boys are waiting for her once again.

As Kaitlin exits her house, Kirsten Cohen heads up the driveway and up the front steps. The Ward twins comment on how attractive she is. Kirsten asks Kaitlin how her mother is doing, and Kaitlin says she is still recovering from her run-in with the built-in. Kaitlin says that Kirsten is welcome to just go right in, since it’s not likely that Julie will know she is there anyway.

Summer and Seth walk around the plaza. Summer is disgusted by the high prices of shoes, as well as the lack of recycling receptacles at the plaza. Seth suggests that they call their local councilman. He is being sarcastic, but Summer doesn’t get it. Seth explains that it was sarcasm, but Summer says she doesn’t do sarcasm anymore because she is “post-ironic.” Seth says, “You mean earnest?” but Summer changes the subject, saying she isn’t there to save the environment, she is there to help Ryan. Seth says that Ryan doesn’t want their help, and instead offers to take Summer home so she can drop off her bag. Summer says she doesn’t want to do that, that she is only going to meet her dad for dinner and then come right back to the plaza. Seth asks if Summer is going to go home at all, and the question seems to make her uncomfortable. First she says that she’s not going home, but then she changes her story and says that of course she is. She says that she just doesn’t know if they’ll have enough time, since they have so much work to do. She says that traveling 3,000 miles at 30,000 feet gave her a lot of time to think, and she now has a plan. She tells Seth to round up his “geek army.”

Kirsten knocks on the door at Julie’s house. Inside, Julie is lying down in the dark with a mask on her face. Kirsten lets Julie know that it is her outside the door, and Julie tells her that today is a bad day. Kirsten says she knows that most days are bad for Julie, but that staying in the house isn’t going to make them better. Before Julie can reply to that, her phone rings on the bedside table. She removes her mask and answers the call, saying, “Oh thank God it’s you, I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.” Outside the door, Kirsten offers to sit outside with Julie so they can talk. Julie glances at the door, and then whispers into the phone, “Can I call you back?” Julie then goes to the door and tells Kirsten that her concern is very touching, but everything is fine. Kirsten is confused, since Julie just told her it wasn’t a good day, but Julie says that she meant it wasn’t a good day for visitors, because she has been so busy. She thanks Kirsten again for stopping by and gives her a hug. Kirsten looks very confused and a bit suspicious. Julie compliments Kirsten on her shirt and then shuts the door.

Summer and her father meet for dinner at the Newport Bay Yacht Club. Dr. Roberts requests a table for two, and Summer excuses herself to go and use the bathroom. As she walks to the bathroom, however, she sees Taylor at the bar, asking one of the waiters to hurry up. She accepts her bag of takeout from the waiter, who says he will put it on her family’s tab. Taylor says that she has no money other than Euros, so he will have to. She then turns around and comes face to face with Summer. She is so surprised to see her that she drops her bag of takeout on the floor. Summer says that she thought Taylor was in France, since she just talked to her. Taylor points out that Summer was also in Rhode Island at the time and comments that the world works in funny ways. Summer asks Taylor why she has come back to Newport, a question that seems to puzzle Taylor. Summer suggests that maybe Taylor is here to meet her mom, but Taylor says her mom is out of the country. This explanation is disproved however, when her mother walks by. Upon seeing her mother, Taylor tells Summer to pretend she never saw her, and she rushes out of the restaurant.

Alone once again in her house, Julie picks up the cell phone and dials. (What follows is a montage of the scenes from the beginning of this episode. As this scene unfolds, “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo plays in the background.) Julie is calling Ryan, who is standing at the sink in his apartment. Julie asks Ryan to meet her. She says it is important. Ryan then finishes at the sink and sneaks out the back door, just as Sandy opens the door and enters his room. Kaitlin puts on her new boots and watches as her mother leaves to go out. Ryan knocks on the door and enters the room where Julie is waiting for him.

Once Ryan is safely inside, Julie throws a red folder at him. Ryan wants to know what it is. Julie says the folder is the reason she needed to see him. Julie says that after “it” happened (“it” being Marissa’s death), she hired a private investigator to find out where Volchok went. The private investigator has located him and all of the information is inside of that red file. Ryan looks at the folder, then back at Julie, who tells him she is not going to share the information with cops. Instead, she is going to give the folder to Ryan. Julie says that he is the only person who can understand how she feels, and that she wants Ryan to do whatever he wants to Volchok. She holds the folder out to Ryan, who regards it nervously. After a moment, he says, “I don’t want it.” Julie is surprised. Ryan says he doesn’t care about any of it, including him. Julie says that she knows Ryan, and she knows that what he’s saying is a lie. Julie says that even if he didn’t come to the funeral or visit her grave, he still cares. Julie and Ryan stare at each other for a moment, and then Ryan pushes past Julie and goes right out the door. Julie sits down on the bed, stunned.

Back in his apartment, Ryan sits on his own bed. He appears to be lost in thought. He reaches under his bed and pulls out a box of mementos from Harbor, including a sweatshirt and some pictures of him and Marissa. He goes through the pictures and studies each one. Then when he is done, he takes the entire box outside and empties it into a dumpster.

The next morning Seth is with his geeky friends and Summer, supposedly working on the plan. He is drawing, but his friends and Summer are sleeping. He claps and throws things at them to wake them up and get their attention. They wake up, and Seth offers to take Summer home so she can shower. Summer says that is okay, she will just take a sponge bath in the ladies’ room. This surprises Seth, and he says that he remembers her being pretty rigorous about her bathing in the past. Summer then says that she is going to get Ryan. Seth is concerned that Summer hasn’t been home yet, but Summer tells Seth what Che told her: if the polar ice caps keep melting, Newport will be under water anyway, so what is the point of going home? Seth nods, but seems trouble by Summer’s new attitude.

Summer waits in the bar for Ryan. When he comes in from outside, she is sitting at the bar. He greets her, and then warns her that he doesn’t want to talk. Summer is okay with that. Summer tells Ryan that she likes what he has done with his face. He gives her a dirty look, but Summer doesn’t give up. She tells Ryan she needs him to come with her, but he says he has to work. Summer says that she doesn’t think wiping the tables is all that important. Summer starts to say that she just flew 3,000 miles to help him out, but Ryan cuts her off, saying, “I didn’t ask you to.” She admits that it was Seth who asked her to come. She says that Seth is worried about Ryan, and that he is not protecting the Cohens by staying away from them, that he is actually hurting them. Summer says that Seth keeps leaving her endless whiny messages, and they are clogging up her voice mail. Ryan listens and nods. Summer tells Ryan to take a deep breath and let her do what she does best, which is give orders. She tells him, “Just do what I say, Atwood, one last time.” Ryan looks pained by this request, but he does not say no.

Julie sits at her kitchen table, working on the placemats she has been making. She sets down her hot glue gun and then, in a fit of rage, throws the entire contents of the table onto the floor. Then she sits back down in her chair and takes a deep breath, just as Dr. Roberts enters the room. Dr. Roberts observes that Julie is giving him the silent treatment, and he guesses that Kaitlin has spoken to her about him. Julie has tears in her eyes, but she does not look at Neil as he tries to explain himself. He says he didn’t mean for this to happen, but that he needed someone to talk to. He says that at first, all they did was talk. He pauses then, saying that he doesn’t think Julie is listening to him. Julie turns her head in his direction. “What?” she asks, and Dr. Roberts gives her a knowing look and says, “Nothing.”

Ryan and Summer walk in the plaza, in the direction of the comic book store. Ryan wants to know why they need to go there, and Summer says it is because she said so and he agreed to it. Ryan starts to say that he doesn’t want to talk, but when he opens the door of the comic book store, Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Seth’s geeky friends are all standing there. Sandy tells Ryan that he doesn’t have to talk or listen, and as Seth’s friends lower a movie screen on the wall behind her, Kirsten adds that all he has to do is watch. As the lights go down, a comic book cover appears on the screen. The character on the cover resembles Ryan, and the title of the comic book is “Atomic County.” Ryan is skeptical and says, “You made me a comic book?” Seth explains that this isn’t an ordinary comic book, it’s an origin story. He says that Ryan may never save the planet, but he did save Seth and his family. Seth begins telling the story of how Ryan came into their lives. He sees that when Ryan first came to live with them, Seth had the power of being invisible, but he didn’t want it. Kristen appears as the prisoner of a force field, in which her cell phone was her only link to the outside world. And Sandy describes himself as “The Litigator”, a lawyer who was burdened by too much work, and never had time for his family. Seth begins reading the next page of the comic book, where “The Litigator” first brings the Ryan character home with him. Ryan stops him, saying, “It’s okay, Seth. I can read.” The comic book pages that follow show all of the things that Ryan and Seth have gone through together. This includes a scene of Seth and Summer kissing, which Summer seems somewhat sad about. Ryan watches the images go by, but his face never changes and he doesn’t say anything. Seth, who looks like he might cry, and his parents both look over at Ryan.

Sandy drives Ryan back to his apartment at the bar. Sandy thanks Ryan for taking the time to come to the comic book store and letting them all make fools of themselves. He says that it meant a lot to Seth and Kirsten. But then he says that he isn’t a softie, so it didn’t mean that much to him. Sandy tells Ryan that he’d better get going because he doesn’t want to be late. Ryan jokes that he hopes they don’t fire him. Sandy says that he’s sure they have great benefits, especially the accommodations. Ryan inquires about the pool house, wondering if it is filled with boxes. Sandy tells him that the pool house is exactly the way he left it, but that it is a little too empty. Ryan looks at Sandy and slowly nods. Ryan says it wouldn’t take him too long to pack. Sandy shrugs and says that Kirsten has some leftovers. Ryan simply says, “Thanks.” Sandy adds that he might be going too far, but that Ryan is never going to get over being with Marissa when she died. But he says that Ryan will get used to it. Sandy tells him to let himself feel what he needs to feel, even if it hurts. Ryan tells Sandy that he needs to take things one step at a time, and Sandy holds up a hand and promises to shut up. Ryan says he is going to give the guys in the bar some notice and pack his toothbrush. Sandy says he’ll buy him a new toothbrush. Ryan gets out of the car and then says, “See you at home.” Sandy smiles as he watches Ryan walk away.

At the Cooper/Roberts household, Seth tells Summer that it seems like Ryan really went for their comic book presentation. Summer agrees. Seth tells Summer he couldn’t have done it without her, and she takes credit for her idea and the fact that they pulled it off. Seth thanks her. Summer takes off her bag and puts it down on the couch. Seth and Summer stand in silence, looking at each other and shifting their weight nervously. Finally, Summer suggests that Seth go home and find out if Ryan is there. Seth goes to leave and then turns to ask Summer one last question: would she like to meet for breakfast tomorrow morning? Summer nods and says, “Sure.” Seth gives a weak smile and a small wave, and then exits the house. Summer then goes into Marissa’s bedroom alone, sits down on the bed, and looks at everything around her. While she is sitting there, she has a brief vision of Marissa fixing her hair, and quickly runs around the room, closing every door, and then rushes out of the room altogether. (Beginning here, “A Bad Dream” by Keane plays in the background, until the end of the episode.)

Ryan packs his bag in his room at the bar. He then reaches under the bed for the box, which still contains his Harbor sweatshirt. He holds the sweatshirt and just stares it for a moment, before he is interrupted by a knock on the door. The man at the door lets Ryan know the person Ryan fought the night before is looking for another round, if Ryan is interested. Ryan looks over his shoulder at the man.

Summer is in a cab. She leaves a voice mail for Seth, letting him know that she won’t be there when he gets back. She says that she forgot about an important protest and had to get going so she could check on Heather Mills McCartney, who will be at the protest, and see how she is doing after the divorce. She apologizes and says that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. She then says, “I love you. Give a hoot, don’t pollute, bye.” As she hangs up, Summer looks very sad.

Ryan visits Marissa’s grave. As he stands at the grave, Julie approaches it as well. Julie tells Ryan that she has been wondering when he would finally come. Ryan thanks Julie for meeting him, and Julie turns to him and says that she is there every day. Ryan asks Julie, “Do you have it?” and she produces the red folder, which Ryan now accepts. As he opens the folder and begins looking through it, Julie asks him what changed his mind. Ryan thinks of the fights he participated in while he was living at the bar. As he closes the folder and hugs it to his chest, he pauses for a moment. Then he says, “ I just realized…I have to do this.” The screen then fades to black.

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