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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 3.18
aired 3/23/06

Ryan, Summer, Sadie and Seth

By Kasey

Sadie, Ryan, Seth, and Summer hang out, and Sadie beats Seth at video games while Summer tells Ryan that she is cool with his new relationship. Seth tells Ryan that Sadie is a keeper. The doorbell rings, and Ryan answers it. It’s Jess. She gives him a birthday present from Trey, and when Sadie interrupts, Jess tells him to call her if he wants to talk. 

Ryan looks at his gift from Trey—a matchbox Camaro. Seth joins him, and Kirsten comes in to announce that breakfast is ready. Ryan and Seth tell Kirsten about the new Jess situation, and Ryan says that he wants to leave Trey out of his life. 

Volchok tries to leave Marissa’s watch on the porch, but she hears him outside. Volchok is shocked that Marissa is home. After accepting her watch, she declines Volchok’s invitation to meet him at the beach that night. 

Seth tells Summer that his interview with Brown went well. After Seth leaves to call his parents, Taylor congratulates Summer, and when she wants to make plans with them, Summer says that she and Seth are going to hang out alone. Taylor inquires as to if they’re going to have sex, but Summer says that they will be doing other things. When Taylor seems concerned and suggests that Seth and Summer might not maintain a good relationship in college without intimacy, Summer insists that her sex life is just fine.  

Sadie visits Ryan and sees Ryan looking at his toy car. She asks if it is from the girl who stopped by, and tells him that she will listen if he wants to tell her anything. Ryan remains silent, and Sadie leaves. 

Dr. Griffin visits Sandy and tells him that there have been complaints about Matt’s party-life, and the board wants Matt off the hospital deal. Sandy begins to refuse, but Dr. Griffin says that if Matt remains involved, the hospital deal will fall through. 

Ryan tells Seth that he needs to know if Trey is okay. Seth encourages Ryan to live in the present and give Sadie a call, instead of visiting Jess. 

Marissa sits at the beach late at night staring at her watch. She wants to call Volchok, but decides not to. 

Marissa visits Matt and tells him that she’s going crazy being all alone. Matt tells Marissa to make herself at home, and offers his apartment as a crash pad for her for the weekend. Marissa takes him up on it. 

Summer and Seth hang out, and when Summer awkwardly tries to seduce Seth, they decide to watch a movie instead. 

Ryan leaves Sadie a message and tells her that he is going to swing by her house later. He visits Jess, who tells him that Trey misses him and is dealing Black Jack. She tries to get Ryan to stay so she can tell him more. 

Ryan hits his punching bag while thinking of Trey. Kirsten interrupts, and after talking about Trey for a few seconds, she asks him if he is trying to save Jess. She reminds him to not let Jess get in the way of his relationship with Sadie. 

Sandy swings by Matt’s and is surprised when Marissa answers the door. He tells her that she can always stay at their house, and that she doesn’t belong there. Marissa tells Sandy that Matt is in LA, and Sandy says that he is going to track him down. 

Summer picks up food while Taylor comes by and asks her about her and Seth’s sex the previous night. When Summer dodges her questions, Taylor realizes that they didn’t have sex, and as Summer runs off, Taylor tries to scream after her that she can help her. 

Ryan visits Sadie, who asks him to take her out to dinner in exchange for her forgiveness about skipping out on her the previous night. Ryan says that he will do so the next night. 

Marissa hangs out at the trailer by herself and tries to call Summer. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that Matt should have known better about Marissa. Kirsten reassures Sandy that things will be okay. Ryan and Seth join them, but Ryan gets a phone call from Jess. Ryan rushes out of the Cohen’s. Kirsten chases after him and asks him why he is doing this, but Ryan tells her that after this, he’s done. 

Marissa and Summer hang out, and Marissa tries to counsel Summer through her problems with Seth. She spots Volchok, and while the two stare at each other, Summer asks Marissa what is going on. Marissa asks Summer if she is ready to go, and the two leave. 

Ryan goes to Jess’. She has just broken up with her boyfriend and now thinks he’s stalking her. The ex-boyfriend shows up, and Ryan gets rid of him. He asks Jess if she’ll be okay, and she assures him that she will be, and that he doesn’t have to stay. As Ryan heads out, he spots a picture of Trey with Jess’ things. He goes back to her.

Ryan and Jess drink coffee the next morning, and when Jess gets a phone call from Trey, she hands the phone to Ryan. Ryan doesn’t take the phone, and Jess tells Trey that she’ll call him later. Jess tells Ryan that she is trying to change, but she isn’t sure if she can stay away from Trey. Ryan encourages her to have some friends over to distract her, and he leaves. 

Sandy tries to call Matt. He encourages Seth about Brown and his relationship with Summer. Kirsten comes in and observes that she doesn’t know where Ryan is, and when Sadie stops by with bagels, she doesn’t know where he is either. Sandy and Kirsten leave, and Sadie asks Seth if Ryan went to be with Jess. Seth doesn’t know. Sadie observes that Ryan might have too much drama for her, but Seth encourages her to give him a shot. Sadie asks Seth to not tell Ryan that they talked. 

Taylor visits Summer and asks for her help with planning prom. Summer agrees.

Sandy tells Matt about their problems, and confronts him about Marissa, but Matt begs Sandy to tell Griffin that he is going to keep him on the project.  

Summer shows up to help with prom, and Seth shows up too. The two realize that Taylor set them up. She tries to correct their intimacy, but when Seth and Summer can’t conjure up feelings for each other based on the tricks Taylor gives them, she informs them that she can also do break-up counseling. 

Sadie and Ryan get dinner together, but Ryan gets a phone call from Jess’ friend who begs him to come help, as Jess is drunk and about to be confronted by her ex-boyfriend. Ryan agrees, and while Sadie does not understand, she tells him to go. She goes ahead and leaves. 

Marissa goes to the Bait Shop and runs into Volchok again. He tells her that he can help her with her loneliness, but Marissa says that she is doing fine on her own.

Ryan goes to Jess’ house, where he finds her crying. She tells him that she wants to be alone with him, and he is the only man who can take care of her. When Ryan hugs her, Jess begins to kiss him, but Jess’ ex-boyfriend barges in and confronts them. Ryan asks him to talk outside, and while the two head out, Ryan tells Jess to lock the door. 

Ryan and Jess’ ex fight, and Ryan tells him to stay away from Jess, as she is trying to start over. Then Ryan leaves. 

Jess chases Ryan out, and Ryan tells her to stop dating guys like her ex and Trey, and Ryan says that he is going to stop dating girls like her. 

Taylor visits Seth and tries to give him some more sex-education from the Karma Sutra in an attempt to improve his and Summer’s relationship. 

Dr. Griffin and Sandy get dinner, and Dr. Griffin says that his wanting Matt out is really about Mya and how hurt she was by Matt. He asks Sandy again to choose between Matt and the hospital. 

Marissa calls Summer, and Summer tells her that Seth is coming over to talk, and so she thinks that he is going to break up with her. Summer tells her that she can’t hang out, and Marissa says that she understands.  

Sandy tells Kirsten that things went fine. He sees that Matt is calling him, but doesn’t answer.  

Kirsten visits Ryan, who says that he thinks he has learned his lesson, but now things might be too late. Kirsten tells Ryan that things are never too late, and he just has to talk to Sadie.  

Seth goes to see Summer, and the two begin to have sex. 

Ryan visits Sadie and begins to tell her about his history with Trey. He tells her that he wants to start over with her, and the two kiss. 

Summer and Seth make a pact to fight everyday in college so they can always have good sex. 

Ryan and Sadie get hot and heavy. 

Marissa comes back to her trailer, where Volchok is waiting for her. She leaves the door open, and he follows her. The two also begin to make out and strip off each other’s clothes.

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