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The Swells - 3.06
aired 11/10/05


By Kasey  

Marissa has nightmares about Trey trying to rape her and her having to shoot him. She wakes up and calls Ryan, who tells her that she should go back to sleep. After she gets off the phone, Summer comes and comforts Marissa, telling her that she is there for her. Marissa comments on how thatís all she wanted to hear from Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan considers calling Marissa back, but decides not to. 

Sandy and Kirsten get Ryan ready for school and tell him to not get into any trouble on his first day back. Ryan promises that things will be okay. Sandy and Kirsten head outside, where Sandy tells her that he may have found a buyer for the Newport Group. Kirsten tells Sandy that she is ready to let the company go. 

Seth and Marissa talk about Ryan and Marissa while Summer comments that she feels like Ryan and Marissa will break up soon. Summer says that they need to have some couple-time, otherwise their group will shrink to just the two of them. Ryan comes up and the three go to get coffee. Summer tells Ryan that they need to all have dinner together at the Cohenís that night, but Ryan says that he should give Marissa some space. Summer disagrees, and Ryan agrees to come. Taylor comes up and tells them that there is a mandatory lock-in the next night that they have to come to, much to the chagrin of Ryan, Summer, and Seth. Taylor also tells them that Ryan and Seth need to come and help out the next day with set-up, since she helped Ryan get back into school. 

Casey, Johnny, and Chili tell Marissa that they want her to come along with them while they surf over the next two days. Casey and Chili head to class, and Johnny asks Marissa how she is doing. He guesses that she has been having nightmares, and Marissa tells him yes. The two head to get some food. 

Charlotte and Julie meet for lunch and Charlotte suggests that they throw a partyóa black-tie benefit, to be exact. When Julie hesitates, saying that she canít do things like that anymore, Charlotte says that it will be easy with her and Kirstenís help. Julie is intrigued. 

Summer invites Marissa to dinner at the Cohenís, and Marissa agrees. She tells her that she is going to hang out with Johnny first, and Summer is surprised to hear about Johnny again.  

Marissa meets Johnny at the beach. The two watch Chili surf, and Marissa decides to stay and chat with Johnny instead of going to the Cohenís. 

Summer shows up at the Cohenís and tells Ryan that Marissa is hanging out at the beach with Johnny instead of coming over. Ryan is visibly upset, despite the Cohens trying to reassure him. 

At the beach, Johnny confides in Marissa that he hasnít seen his dad for years. He also tells Marissa that his dad was a drunk and abusive to his mom, and Johnny had beat his dad when he found him hurting his mom. Marissa is shocked but sympathetic, saying that she knows what he means. Johnny tells Marissa that she is the first person he has told. Casey arrives and sees the two standing together, with Marissa comforting him. 

Summer wakes up Marissa the next morning and accuses her of being unfaithful to Ryan. Marissa says that she would never be unfaithful to Ryan, and tells Summer that she and Johnny just have a lot in common. Marissa invites Summer to come to the beach with them later before Summerís lock-in, and Summer agrees, but tells Marissa to apologize to Ryan. 

Seth and Ryan get ready for the lock-in when Marissa shows up and apologizes to Ryan for ditching them last night. Marissa tells Ryan that she is still dealing with the Trey issues, but before Ryan can say anything, Taylor tells him to get back to work. Marissa tells Ryan that it is okay, and she leaves. 

Sandy meets with the potential buyers for the Newport Group and asks them to not tear down the low-income housing units if he sells them the company. The buyers give Sandy their word, but Sandy is suspicious when one of the men will not look him in the eyes when he shakes his hand. 

Taylorís mom shows up at the school and gives her supplies for the lock-in. As Seth watches and overhears, Taylorís mom tells her that it is pathetic to lock up her classmates just so she doesnít have to spend another night alone. Taylorís mom tells her that if she loosened up a bit, she would have friends. As Taylor comes back in the school, Seth ducks out of sight. 

Marissa introduces Summer to Johnny, Chili, and Casey. As they are talking, a guy named Volchok comes up and says hi to Johnny, while eying Marissa and Summer and making them feel awkward. Volchok notices Johnny and Marissa getting close, and tells Casey that he thought that she was dating Johnny. 

Kirsten, Charlotte, and Julie hang out in the Cohenís kitchen. Charlotte and Julie tell Kirsten about their plans to throw a charity event and ask her to help. Kirsten says that she is taking time off from that sort of thing right now. Charlotte talks to Kirsten privately and asks her to reconsider for Julieís sake. When Julie walks in, Kirsten tells Julie that she will help out. Julie and Charlotte are thrilled. 

When Summer and Marissa go to a party at Chiliís with Johnny and Chili, Summer sees Johnny and Marissa walking off together. Summer asks Chili where Johnnyís girlfriend is, but is left standing alone when Chili greets some other friends. 

Johnny takes Marissa to Chiliís room, where the two fight over a picture of a younger Johnny that Marissa wants to see. Summer sees the whole thing, and is concerned when she sees how flirtatious the two are being. 

Summer calls Seth and tells him to come to the party, because there is an emergency. Before she can elaborate, Taylor confiscates Sethís cell phone. Ryan asks Seth what is going on, and thinking something might be wrong with Marissa, he heads out. Taylor tells him that if she isnít back by nine oíclock, he is in trouble. 

Chili and Summer watch Johnny and Marissa. Summer tells Chili that she is already dating a dork when Chili flirts with her. Casey comes up to Johnny and seems frustrated with him. Summer is worried, but calls Seth and tells his voicemail to not send over Ryan. But as she is leaving the message, Ryan shows up. She tells him that she was worried about Johnny and Marissa, but Ryan does not seem too concerned when he sees Johnny and Casey together. When Marissa and Johnny come outside, Summer tells Marissa that Ryan had come to pick her up for the lock-in. Johnny takes Ryan inside to get a drink. 

Sandy meets again with one of the potential Newport Group buyers. He confesses to Sandy that his boss is not honest and will tear down anything that does not bring him a profit. Sandy thanks him for his honesty, and the man asks him for a shot to help Sandy run the company. Sandy seems intrigued when he hears the manís pitch, and tells him that he will talk it over with Kirsten. 

Charlotte and Julie discuss the plans for the benefit, when Charlotte excuses herself to talk on the phone. A restaurant employee brings Julie the check, and Julie looks in Charlotteís purse for Charlotteís debit card. Julie is surprised to see that there are several different names on several different cards in her purse. Julie puts the cards back and pays with cash instead. 

At the party, Marissa tells Ryan that she can talk to Johnny about Trey. Ryan is upset that she canít talk to him about it, but Marissa tells him that she has tried. Ryan tells Marissa that there is nothing that he can do about it. Summer interrupts the conversation, and Marissa heads back to the party while Ryan heads to the lock-in.

Seth calls Ryan (on a pay-phone) and asks him to get over to the school soon. As Ryan is leaving, Summer asks Ryan to head back in and make up with Marissa first.

Marissa tells Johnny that she and Ryan had a fight. Johnny tells her that she should call him. Marissa asks Johnny if she can go somewhere quiet to call him, and Johnny leads her to Chiliís room. Casey and Volchok are making out on Chiliís bed! Casey runs off, and Volchok rubs his conquest in Johnnyís face before leaving too. Ryan and Summer come up to see a devastated Johnny and Marissa. 

Chili, Marissa, Ryan, and Summer try to comfort Johnny. Casey comes over and tells Marissa that Johnny is falling in love with her, and she couldnít just sit around and watch that happen. Chili tells everyone that Johnny is goneóhe has probably gone after Volchok.  

Julie asks Charlotte who she is, telling her how she saw the credit cards in her purse. Charlotte does not deny it when Julie tells her that she thinks she is going to scam her by running off with all the money given to charity. Charlotte asks Julie to join her, offering to split the money. 

Kirsten is stunned when she hears that Sandy wants to take over the company. She tells him that she does not mind if this is what he wants to do. 

At the lock-in, Taylor bosses everyone around. Seth tries to kiss up to her to get her to show Summer and Ryan grace if they are late, but Taylor tells him that it is not happening. When Taylor begins to butcher the lock-in, Seth goes up front to help her out so that the school will turn on him instead. Taylor thanks him. 

Johnny goes to the beach to confront Volchok. When Volchok and his friends start to turn on Johnny, Ryan and all of Johnnyís friends show up and pull Johnny out of it. Ryan punches Volchok, but Volchok lets them go without getting into a bigger fight.

Sandy meets with his potential new business partner, Matt. Sandy tells him that he has to take his job seriously, and the two toast to their new endeavor.

Taylor thanks Seth again for leaping to her defense. She offers to give Summer and Ryan grace when they show up, and asks Seth if she can join him for pizza. Seth agrees. 

Marissa brings Summer to the lock-in, and the two discuss how it is best for Ryan to stay with Johnny. Summer says that she might miss it too, and asks Marissa to wait for her. Summer goes and pounds on the door, but cannot get in. Taylor comes to the door, but when she hears that it is Summer, she yells out that she cannot hear who it is, and leaves Summer pounding on the door while she joins Seth. 

Ryan and Johnny hang out at the diner, and Johnny thanks Ryan for jumping to his defense with Volchok.  

Marissa and Summer walk along outside, while Marissa apologizes to Summer for making her miss the lock-in, saying that it is her fault, along with everything else going on. Summer tells Marissa that Johnny is obviously falling for her. They see Ryan and Johnny hanging out inside, and Summer comments on how difficult things will be for Marissa now.

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