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The Sister Act - 3.12
aired 1/19/06

Marissa and Kaitlyn

By Kasey

Seth tells Ryan that things are going too well for them. The doorbell rings, and its Kaitlin Cooper, back from boarding school. She invites herself in, and the boys are stunned to see how much sheís grown up. 

The Cohens talk about Kaitlin, saying that they canít tell her anything about Julie until Julie shows up herself to tell her. Summer comes in and hears that Kaitlin is home right before Julie and Marissa show up as well. Marissa tells her mom to be truthful, since Kaitlin will understand. Julie isnít so sure, although Kirsten and Sandy assure her that she will want to be with her family. Kaitlin comes in the kitchen, and reminds Julie that it is her winter break. When Kaitlin inquires about where Julie has moved to, everyone else in the kitchen excuses themselves.  

Julie takes Kaitlin to see her trailer, and Kaitlin is less than impressed. Julie tries to assure her that the trailer is temporary, and it will be a life experience. Kaitlin tells her that it will be okay to be there, kind of like a slumber party. Julie offers to take Kaitlin out to get their nails done, but Kaitlin gets a phone message. Julie excuses herself to call Kirsten, and Kaitlin listens to her messageóit is from a guy who is upset with her for skipping town. 

Marissa tells Ryan that she has missed out on Kaitlinís entire life. Seth and Summer show up to hang out with them, followed by Taylor, who makes herself at home amongst the group. Ryan and Marissa leave, and Taylor tells Seth and Summer that it is good that Marissa has them. 

Marissa tells Ryan that she needs to get in touch with Johnny.  

Chili tells Johnny to call Marissa, but Marissa calls instead. Chili hands the phone to Johnny, and Marissa asks him to meet her and her sister at the diner at 4:30 so she can say goodbye. Johnny agrees. 

Mrs. Veronica Townsend pays Kirsten a visit and asks to be hers and Julieís client in their dating companyóshe wants to be set up with Neil for a date. She threatens Marissaís standing at the school unless she does so, telling Kirsten that she is available the next night. 

Kirsten visits Sandy at work and lets him know her situation. She asks him to persuade Neil to go on a date with Veronica. 

Marissa and Kaitlin head to the diner to meet Johnny and Chili after shopping. Marissa tells Kaitlin that Julie was just trying to protect her, and apologizes for being so out of touch. Johnny and Chili show up, and the four head into the diner. 

Johnny and Chili get their dates mixed up for when theyíre heading on the tour, and continue to act strangely. When Johnny runs out to ďmake sure his car doors are locked,Ē Kaitlin excuses herself too, and Chili tells Marissa the truth.  

Kaitlin chases Johnny down outside and asks him how long heís been in love with Marissa. Johnny says that they are just friends, and Kaitlin tells him that Marissa is not availableóunlike her. 

A mysterious man shows up at the Cohenís looking for Kaitlin. Ryan lies, telling him that he hasnít seen Kaitlin for years. The man gives Ryan his phone number, asking him to call him if he does see Kaitlin. 

Ryan visits Kaitlin at the trailer the next day and tells her about the stranger showing up at the Cohenís. Kaitlin calls him Justin, and says that he is from another school and has been stalking her for some time. She acts surprised that he would show up in Orange County. Ryan offers to take care of it, and Kaitlin asks him to not tell Marissa. 

Marissa visits Johnny and tells him that Chili told her the truth. She thanks him for what he did. Marissa asks Johnny what his plan is, and tries to convince him to apply to college. Johnny tells Marissa that things are not her problem anymore, and he doesnít need her to save him. Johnny tells Marissa that he needs her to be out of his life right now. Marissa leaves. 

Sandy calls Neil and asks him to have dinner with Veronica. Sandy tells him about Veronicaís threats, and offers to pick up the tab if he takes her out. Neil agrees. 

Ryan meets Justin at the Bait Shop and tells him to get out of town. Justin tells him that Kaitlin stole his brotherís money and ditched them. He is shocked to find out that Kaitlin is only fourteenóhe thought she was sixteen. Ryan asks him to put the situation behind him, but Justin tells him that he has been trying to help Kaitlin. Now, the situation is out of his hands. 

Summer and Seth complain about Taylor when she shows up and tells them that her mom is getting hooked up with Summerís dad. She runs around the house to see which room she might want if she and Summer get to be sisters, and Summer complains that they are going to have to ditch Taylor. 

Neil and Veronica chat about sports on their date, and when Kaitlin and Julie show up, Julie spots Neil. She turns Kaitlin around and says they should go somewhere else. 

Ryan visits Marissa at the trailer, who tells him about Johnny. Ryan tells her to give Johnny time, and Marissa agrees. She finds the jacket she was looking for, and after she leaves the room, Ryan searches one of Kaitlinís bags to see if there is any money in there. Nothing is found. 

Ryan tells Seth that Kaitlin is up to something, filling him in on the situation. Marissa and Kaitlin show up, and Seth pulls Marissa out of the room so Ryan can talk to Kaitlin. When confronted, Kaitlin tells him that she took the money because Justinís friend was dating her friend, knocked her up, then wouldnít pay for the abortion. Ryan tells Kaitlin to tell Marissa the truth, whatever happened. When Marissa and Seth come back, Kaitlin says that she wants to be dropped off at home instead of eating with them. 

Summer is angry at Neil when he tells her that Veronica is misunderstood, and he will be taking her with him to the Cohenís for the launch party that night. Neil tells Summer to be nice, and she reluctantly agrees. 

Johnny visits the Cooperís and asks for Marissa when Kaitlin answers the door. Kaitlin tells him to come to Julieís launch party that night, as Marissa will be there. When Johnny protests, Kaitlin tells him that she is inviting him, and he says that he might be there. 

Ryan tells Marissa about Kaitlin, and tells her to talk to Kaitlin. Ryan tells Marissa that the guy wonít go away until the situation is resolved. Marissa says that she will talk to Kaitlin after the party.  

Kirsten and Julie get ready for their party. Kirsten tells Julie that Neil and Veronica will be coming, and when Julie is upset, she admits that she has feelings for Neil and is saddened that he is seeing Veronica. 

Seth and Summer plan how to break up Neil and Veronica. Sandy and Kirsten join them, and Seth and Summer get to hear about the circumstances surrounding the two getting together. They all agree that the two have to be broken up, and when Sandy and Kirsten head back to setting up their party, Seth asks Summer to tell him the most shameful thing she knows about Neil. 

Marissa and Ryan keep on talking about Kaitlin when Justin and his friends show up demanding to see Kaitlin. Marissa tells Kaitlin to go to the pool house, and while Ryan distracts the guys, Marissa goes after Kaitlin. She is unable to find her. 

Kaitlin headed back to the trailer, and Ryan and Marissa catch up with her while she packs. Ryan tells the girls to talk to each other. Marissa asks Kaitlin to let her help her. Kaitlin tells her that she has never cared about her, and all she wanted to do was come home to be with her family. Marissa and Kaitlin make up, and Kaitlin gives Ryan the money to give back to the guys. 

Summer and Seth spy on Veronica and Neil as they wait for Taylor to arrive. Summer comments on how she canít believe that she told Seth something about her dad. 

Julie and Kirsten welcome everyone to the party, and when Sandy congratulates Kirsten on a speech well done, Julie excuses herself. Sandy tells Kirsten not to worry, as the plan is in motion. 

Seth greets Taylor, and pulls her aside. He tells her a secret, and Taylor is surprised. 

Ryan meets Justin at the Bait Shop and gives him the money. Justin is surprised that Kaitlin didnít come or say anything to Ryan about him. Ryan asks Justin if he is in love with Kaitlin, and Justin just says that he thought he was. He tells Ryan to be careful, and that Kaitlin is amazing. 

Kaitlin talks to Marissa about the fact that she is finally at a Newport Party. 

Summer asks Seth if the plan worked, and the two watch Taylor making a beeline for her mom. Taylor tells Veronica the secret, and when Neil asks what is going on, Veronica says that she has to take Taylor home, since she isnít feeling well. Seth and Summer watch in amazement. Summer asks Seth if all he told Taylor was that Neil voted for John Kerry, and is shocked to hear that Seth actually told her that Neil has genital warts. 

Sandy visits Neil, who is ready to head home. Sandy points out that Julie wouldnít mind his company. 

Johnny shows up at the party and bumps into Kaitlin. Kaitlin flirts with him, but he leaves to find Marissa. 

Neil approaches Julie and asks her to have dinner with him sometime. Julie says that she would love to. 

Johnny finds Marissa and apologizes to her, saying that he misses her. Marissa accepts his apology, and tells him to not be a stranger. Marissa asks Johnny to drive Kaitlin home, and Johnny offers to also take her out for ice cream. 

Taylor tells Summer that she is bummed out that things didnít work out between their parents, but she would still like to think of Summer as her sister. Summer agrees, and Taylor hugs her before heading out. 

Ryan tells Marissa that Justin and Kaitlin were dating. Ryan says that he feels sorry for the guy, as he knows what itís like to fall for a Cooper girl. Marissa tells Ryan that Johnny took Kaitlin home. 

Kaitlin asks Johnny to pull over when he drives her home. Johnny pulls over at the beach, and Kaitlin says that she feels like swimming instead of getting ice cream. She runs towards the water, as Johnny calls after her.

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