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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Shape of Things to Come - 3.02
aired 9/15/05

Marissa and Ryan on the ferris wheel

By J. Scott

The show starts with Sandy, Seth and Ryan in the kitchen talking about what they were going to eat and also about Kirsten.   Seth says that Ryan will do the dishes if Sandy cooks and Ryan counters with Seth will do them, Sandy say he'll get the steaks. 


A knock is heard and Sandy goes to answer; it's Julie.   Sandy tells her that she has a lot of nerve coming there after what she tried, Julie informs him that they have a bigger issue on their hands, the parents of the Harbor High students have signed a petition to get Ryan and Marissa out of Harbor High, and they are motion to get Ryan and Marissa expelled.


Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer are at the diner talking about how its their last year and its gonna be the best year ever.


Sandy and Julie go to HH (Harbor High) to talk about the kid's possible expulsion.   Julie says that her daughter is not really what you would call "gangsta."


Marissa and Summer are now talking about the Kickoff Carnival, Taylor Townsend wants Marissa position as social chairperson.   She gets into it with Summer, Summer is taking up for Marissa… telling Taylor that Marissa is still here and able to do Social Chairperson.


Ryan and Seth talk about the food in their refrigerator spoiling and their relationships as well.


Kirsten's things are packed.  Charlotte comes in and tells Kirsten that if she is having second thoughts then she can go to her cottage in Lake Arrowhead.


Dean calls Sandy and Julie and informs them off the boards' decision.   Sandy is on the phone and we hear: "Is there a way to appeal?  You're making the wrong decision."  Sandy then goes outside and Ryan and Seth approach him.   They are wondering what's wrong.  Sandy says that he just got off the phone with the Dean and Ryan says he's expelled.   Sandy looks to him and says, "No, but Marissa is."


Sandy and Kirsten talk about the present of books that he has given her.   Kirsten wonders about the boys, she says she misses them.  Sandy says they miss her like crazy.  He notes that her packed bags must mean she's leaving.   Kirsten says yes then says no.  She tells Sandy that she is leaving but she is going to Lake Arrowhead.


Ryan, Marissa, Summer, and Seth at the Cooper-Nichol house plotting on how to get Marissa back in.


Julie talks to Jimmy about getting Marissa back into the school with… money.   100 grand to be exact.


Summer wants to be social chair.  So she can do something for Marissa.


Kirsten and Charlotte go to Lake Arrowhead.   Kirsten and Charlotte remark on how beautiful it is.  Kirsten and Charlotte go inside, Charlotte says she is not giving up on Kirsten.  Tells Kirsten where everything is.


Ryan talks to Dr. Kim about getting Marissa back in school, he talks about wanting to tell the whole story.   Dr. Kim tells him that they know the whole story; Ryan pleads.  Dr. Kim says that if he wants to they'd have to talk to the new Dean it's out of her hands.


Ryan and Marissa go to talk to the new Dean.   He calls them Harbor's most notorious couple.  Says he just moved here to Newport so he's still new.  But what he loves most about it, is that people love to talk, and Marissa is their favorite subject.   Marissa tells him not to listen to gossip.  He counters with chronicling the past two years.  Alcohol abuse, shoplifting, and her overdose in TJ and he tells her to stop him anytime its gossip.   Marissa then tells him that she did do those things but the shooting was completely different.  Dean says she almost killed another kid and he doesn't here remorse in her voice.   Marissa then gets defiant and says, "I have none.  I'm proud of what I done and she'd do it all over again." After that she gets up and leaves.   Ryan follows and the Dean talks, Ryan stops.  Dean says, " I hope she gets a long look at these halls because she'll never set foot in them again.


Seth and Summer talk about Taylor.   Summer wants to know the rules so she can spy on Taylor and see if she does something wrong, so she can call her on it.   Ryan walks in, brooding; Summer says to Seth to go talk to him.   Ryan and Seth talk yet again about Marissa.


 Seth and Summer go to the Carnival meeting, Summer steals the show with her ideas for a better carnival with her ideas.


Sandy goes to Lake Arrowhead.  He tells Charlotte what's best for Kirsten is to be home.  Charlotte counters and tells Sandy that it's best for Kirsten to stay there.  Kirsten comes back out and hugs Sandy telling him that she is happy he is there.   Charlotte looks on with a weird smile on her face.


Ryan goes to the Cooper-Nichol Villa and talks to Marissa about going to the Kickoff Carnival.   Marissa tells him that she doesn't need his protection not now and not then (meaning S1 and S2).  Ryan says it was between him and Trey and she shouldn't have gotten in the middle of it.   Marissa says that she was supposed to just watch him die.  She says I did what I did and she's ready to suffer the consequences.


Kickoff Carnival, girls from the meeting approach Summer for downing Taylor and setting off a kick-ass carnival.


Seth approaches Summer and he asks her why isn't she having fun.   She says she doesn't really want to enjoy it without Coop.


Jimmy and Julie are living the high life at a restaurant.   Jimmy says that he is never leaving their family again.  He tells Julie that he lost her once and he doesn't want to lose her again.  He opens a ring box, and inside is Julie's old ring from when she was married to Jimmy.  He asks her to marry him again and she says, "Of course."


Ryan and Marissa at the life guard station, and he tries to console her.   Talks her into going to the Carnival.


Seth and Summer are getting off an Umbrella ride and Seth notes his Jewish stomach was not a match for that ride.   Taylor spots Seth and Summer and heads over to them.  She taps Summer on the back, and she turns around.  She says that the KC was good and is just sad that Summer's best bud couldn't be here to see it.  Summer gives her a lashing.


Kirsten is walking out of the cottage and sees Charlotte drinking.   Charlotte tells Kirsten what is she going to do once she leaves.  She'll have a relapse.  Kirsten tells her that she is not leaving until Charlotte says she is ready.   Kirsten tells Charlotte lets go back.  Charlotte tells Kirsten to go ahead, she wipes her eyes and smirks; she then takes a sip of from the decanter and smirks again.


Ryan and Marissa show up at the Kickoff Carnival and Seth and Summer are surprised.   Summer and Seth rush over to them, they say lets get on the Ferris wheel.  The couples are separate by one other couple in the car after Ryan and Marissa.   Seth says that he may lose whatever he ate and for Ryan not to be alarmed.  Summer hits Seth and tells him to leave them alone because they are having a moment.   On their way down, the ride is stopped and the Dean tells Marissa to get off.  Ryan says that she is not on school property and that she is there as his date.   Dean says he doesn't care and grabs Marissa by her arm and proceeds to usher her out.  Marissa is telling him that he is hurting her and Ryan tells him to get his hands off her.   The Dean looks back and tells Ryan to shut up or he'll be gone too.  Marissa is still exclaiming that he is hurting her and Ryan grabs the Dean by the arm, turns him around and punches him in the face, he falls to the ground.   The Dean gets up and says he thought he was going to have to try extra hard to get him out of Harbor but Ryan did it for him.  He then says that they are both to never set foot on Harbor High.   They leave and Marissa looks back with tears in her eyes, Taylor is behind the Dean, so you know who told him Marissa was there rigggggght?

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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