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The Secrets and Lies - 3.19
aired 3/30/06

Ryan and two dudes

By Kasey

Seth and Summer spy on Ryan and Sadie at the Bait Shop. Ryan and Sadie come up to them and tell them that they’re leaving early. Summer tells Seth that she is happy for them. They discuss that they feel kind of bad for Marissa, but then they spot her there making out with Volchok. Summer and Seth are both kind of disgusted. 

Summer pounds on Marissa’s trailer door the next morning, waking up Marissa and Volchok. Marissa begins to clean and asks Volchok to hide. She opens the door for Summer, and before Summer can confront Marissa about Volchok, they both get phone calls from their parents asking them to meet them for dinner. Summer waits for Marissa to get ready for school, and Marissa tells Johnny that he’s going to have to go. 

Ryan tells Seth that they are going to have to go to the Bait Shop more often, but Seth says no (hoping to conceal Marissa and Volchok’s relationship from him). Sandy and Kirsten come into the kitchen, and when Kirsten reminds Sandy that they have a hot date that night, Sandy cancels on her, saying that he wants to be in the right frame of mind when they go on their date. After he leaves, Seth comments on how much Sandy’s been working, and offers to hang out with Kirsten instead. 

Ryan and Sadie kiss before Ryan heads to school. The two agree to meet that night. 

Summer and Seth decide to not tell Ryan about Marissa and Volchok. 

Matt comes into Sandy’s office, and Sandy tells him that he is firing him. Matt says that he is being made the fall guy, and accuses Sandy of hiding behind the hospital every time he wants to do something immoral. Matt says that he had plenty of dirt on Dr. Griffin, and will share it—along with news about Sandy—to whoever will listen. 

Julie and Neil tell Summer and Marissa that they are engaged. Summer congratulates them, saying that she is supportive of their decision. Marissa looms in the background, barely saying a word. When Julie asks her opinion on the engagement, Marissa gets a phone call and tries to rush off. Julie and Summer chase after her, and Marissa tells Julie that she has to go help out her friend, and she isn’t going to mess up her golden ticket. Summer walks outside and sees Marissa getting on Volchok’s motorcycle. Marissa sees Summer watching her, but she leaves anyways. 

Seth and Kirsten head back from the movies and discuss going on a second date together when Summer calls Seth and tells him that they have to stop Marissa—thus, they have to get Ryan involved. Seth agrees to talk to him. 

Ryan and Sadie make out in the pool house when Seth interrupts, yelling through the door that Marissa and Volchok are hooking up. Ryan comes to talk to Seth, and Sadie leaves. 

Ryan and Seth talk about Seth’s interruption of Ryan and Sadie. Ryan tells Seth that Marissa is not his problem anymore, and he is going to reschedule with Sadie. 

Kirsten and Julie talk about Julie’s upcoming wedding as Julie packs her trailer belongings. Julie tells Kirsten how much she loves Neil, and that she has no agenda— she would live with him in the trailer if he wanted. The two have a run-in with Gus, and Kirsten says that Julie definitely has to get out of there. 

Ryan watches Marissa at school and comes up and says hi. She drops something, and when she leans over to get it, a flask falls out of her purse. Ryan hands it to Marissa, and she excuses herself. 

Sandy tells Dr. Griffin about Matt’s accusation, and when Dr. Griffin gets upset, Sandy just asks him to say it isn’t so, and he will not think of it anymore. Dr. Griffin denies the allegation again, and the two shake hands. 

Julie moves into the Roberts’ house. 

When Summer finds Marissa drinking at school, she confronts her about Volchok. The two get into an argument, and after hurling insults at each other, Marissa leaves. 

Sandy gets ready to leave work when he hears something. Upon investigation, he finds Matt taking files from his former office. Sandy accuses Matt of trespassing, and Matt accuses him of trying to hide. As Matt takes the files, he tells Sandy, “Game on.” 

Ryan and Sadie hang out at the diner when some of Volchok’s friends come in, loudly talking about Volchok and Marissa’s relationship. Sadie runs out, and when Ryan chases her, she tells him that they should stop trying to create the perfect night, and just let it happen naturally. Ryan agrees, and before driving Sadie home, he goes back inside and tells Volchok’s friends to tell him to meet him the next morning. 

Ryan waits for Volchok the next morning. When he shows up, Ryan just tells him that he is done worrying about Marissa, and she can see whoever she wants to. Ryan tells Volchok that Marissa has a drinking problem, and tells him to treat her right, since she deserves it. 

Marissa and Summer share a very unfriendly breakfast before Julie and Neil show up. The two try to chat with them, but Marissa and Summer end up fighting yet again and head off. 

Ryan visits Sadie, who tells him that she has sold her aunt’s house. Sadie tells him that there is no reason to stay, as she never planned on being in Newport that long. When Ryan protests, she begins to speculate about the future if she were to stay, and when Ryan says that he hadn’t thought that far ahead, she says that it is because he isn’t ready to. She says that she can’t be with someone who is distracted. 

Ryan tells Seth about Sadie, and Seth says that he should get Sadie to stay. When Ryan says that that would put pressure on the relationship, Seth tells Ryan that he is only happy when he is being pressured. Ryan agrees, he should ask Sadie to move to town permanently. 

Sandy and Dr. Griffin meet for lunch, and Sandy tells him about Matt’s threats. Dr. Griffin tells Sandy to focus on the hospital, and he will handle things from here. 

Summer confronts Marissa to make sure that she comes to the family dinner, but Marissa leaves anyways. Summer looks in Marissa’s bedroom, and calls Seth, asking him if he’s talked to Ryan yet about saving Marissa. Seth tells her that he has, but Ryan’s Savior Complex has been deactivated. He tells her that he is hanging out with Kirsten, and after hanging up, Kirsten tells Seth that they are going to do something new. 

Neil wants to keep waiting for Marissa to join them for dinner, but Julie and Summer say that they should go ahead and start. When Julie starts to tell him about her and Marissa’s past, Summer stops her, saying that they haven’t always had the best luck, but have gotten through it.  

Volchok and Marissa hang out on the beach, and Volchok asks Marissa about her fight with Summer. Marissa tells him a little bit about her past, and then asks him about the questions he is asking. He says that she deserves to be treated right, and Marissa tells him that if she wanted to be treated right, she wouldn’t be with him. The two kiss, and he offers her drugs, but she declines. 

Seth and Kirsten go to where Kirsten has their date planned—an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Seth tries to leave, but Kirsten asks him to do this for her. He decides to stay. 

Matt comes home to his apartment and checks his messages—he has one from someone at a registry, wanting to talk to him about the Dr. Griffin story, and one from Sandy, telling him that they have to talk. Someone knocks on Matt’s door, and when he answers, several men burst in and begin beating him up and wrecking his home. 

Ryan visits Sadie’s, but the new resident tells him that Sadie left for Oregon a couple of hours ago. 

Marissa walks along the beach when she sees Ryan. Ryan tells her that Sadie left, and Marissa is shocked when she hears that she left without saying goodbye. Marissa leaves. 

Kirsten is given an award for being sober for nine months, and she tells everyone that her son, Seth, is with her, and she credits him for being the reason that she got better. The two hug. 

Marissa visits Sadie at the bus stop and asks her to stay. She tells her that she makes Ryan happy. 

Neil tells Julie that their engagement is a trial, where they have to see if their families work well together before they jump into anything. Julie agrees, but seems worried. Summer overhears, and after Neil leaves, Summer tells Julie to not worry, since her dad always gets this way when he gets close to someone. Julie says that she is just worried about Marissa, and Summer agrees. 

Marissa goes to the Bait Shop and asks for a drink. The bartender refuses, since she doesn’t have an ID, even though Marissa insists that she needs a drink. 

Sandy goes to Matt’s and is shocked to find the place wrecked. He lets himself in, and finds Matt, bruised and sitting in a corner crying. When Sandy asks him what happened, Matt tells him that he knows. 

Ryan comes home and finds Sadie sitting in his pool house. When he doesn’t initially act happy to see her, she begins to leave, but he stops her, and asks her to stay. The two begin to kiss passionately. 

Marissa walks down the beach and finds Volchok and his friends hanging out. She grabs for his cocaine, and he helps her to sniff some.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 1/5/11 


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