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The  - 3.16
aired 3/9/06

Marissa and Summer in the hot tub

By Kasey

Summer tells Marissa that their lives need to be more poignant and important. 

Summer, Seth, and Marissa hang out in the hot tub while the girls tease Seth. Seth gets out to call Ryan. 

Ryan is hanging out with Sadie, trying to help her fix the kitchen sink. Someone knocks on the door, and Sadie goes to answer it. It’s the cops! Meanwhile, Ryan tells Seth that he will be there soon. Sadies comes in and tells Ryan to go home, as the cops have to question her about Johnny’s death. They think it might not have been an accident. Ryan leaves. 

Summer tries to convince Marissa to have fun and get things worked out with Ryan. Summer also complains about her dad having an “emotional void” since her step-mother left them. Marissa gets a phone call, and Summer excuses herself. 

Ryan and Seth stop by to visit Sadie, who tells them that Johnny’s mom’s house is getting foreclosed, and the cops have uncovered new evidence about Johnny’s death that involves Marissa. She says that she pointed the cops in Marissa’s direction. 

Kirsten tries to convince Julie to go public with her relationship with Neil. Julie says that they just need to give it time with everything that has been going on with their daughters lately. Neil calls Julie, and says that they should meet up the next night to discuss going public about their relationship. Julie is happy. 

Matt and Mya kiss and flirt at the office when Sandy interrupts. Mya excuses herself, and Sandy tells Matt that they need to get their proposal for the hospital in by Monday. Matt says that he can’t push things with Mya, and Sandy reminds him that he needs to come through. 

Summer tries to call her dad, but can’t get through. Taylor suggests that they get Neil a hot date to take his mind off of his divorce. Seth and Summer love the idea, and the three set to work. 

Ryan offers to take Marissa to talk to the cops, but Marissa says that she doesn’t want to drag Ryan into things. Ryan tells her that she might want to talk to Sandy, but Marissa says that she is sure it’s nothing. 

Ryan visits Sadie, who is on her way to visit Johnny’s dad. Ryan offers to come along, but Sadie already has company—Volchok. She tells Ryan that his dad is an old friend of Johnny’s dad. Ryan is able to convince Sadie to take him instead, and Sadie makes Volchok just give her the address. Volchok does so, and mockingly asks Ryan if this means his girlfriend is going to be all alone. 

Sadie tells Ryan that she used to date Volchok, and Ryan tells Sadie that he grew up in Chino. Sadie fills Ryan in on her plan—to get Johnny’s dad to give her the child support money to keep Johnny’s mom’s home. 

Sandy asks Matt to double date with him and Kirsten. Sandy says that he will bring up the hospital contract with Mya to make things easier on Matt. Marissa shows up and asks Sandy for legal advice. Marissa thinks that the cops are trying to pin Johnny’s death on her. Sandy tells Marissa that he will help, but she will have to tell him everything she knows about her relationship with Johnny and that night. 

Kirsten and Julie go over work when Summer stops by and asks for help with her dad’s love life. Julie doesn’t know what to say when Summer describes the qualifications her dad’s girlfriend must have—they are all completely opposite of Julie! Julie and Kirsten promise to help Summer out, and after Summer leaves, Kirsten tells Julie that she has to tell Summer the truth. 

Ryan and Sadie go to the address Volchok gave them, but Johnny’s dad, Jack, has already moved two hours elsewhere, and the new resident doesn’t know the new address. Ryan tells Sadie that they should have an overnight trip to try to find him. 

Neil meets Julie for dinner and is shocked to see how different Julie is acting (Julie is trying to act more like Summer wanted Neil’s love interest to be). 

Taylor goes to the restaurant and is ordering take-out when she spots Neil with Julie. 

Summer tries to convince Marissa to call Ryan. Marissa agrees. 

Ryan and Sadie hang out at the hotel and get ready to play strip-poker. Marissa tries to call Ryan, and Ryan ignores it. 

Ryan and Sadie eat breakfast and Sadie shows Ryan where she thinks Jack is in the phone book. 

Ryan calls Seth, who is covering for Ryan at home. Ryan asks Seth to keep covering for him, but can’t give him information on what he is doing. After Seth hangs up, Taylor stops by and tells Seth that Neil and Julie are dating. Summer shows up, and Taylor breaks the news to her as well. Taylor tells them that she knows where their next date is going to be. 

Neil teaches Julie how to play golf. Seth and Summer show up and spy on them as the two start to kiss. 

Ryan and Sadie go to Jack’s workplace, where one of his co-workers is less than helpful. When he threatens to use lethal force on them if they stay, Ryan and Sadie decide to wait in the car. After they leave, the man makes a phone call. 

Marissa hangs out at the place where Johnny died as she reminisces about her meeting with the police. She told them that he died as an accident when they confronted her with her half burnt-up letter. When she turns around, Volchok is standing there. He offers her a drink and tells her that he used to be a friend of Johnny’s. He tells her that he is there if she ever wants to hang out, but when Marissa says that she isn’t interested, he asks her if she is sure. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that the cops will have no choice but to rule Johnny’s death as an accident. When Kirsten suggests that they reschedule their dinner, Sandy says that it would defeat the purpose of using Mya to get to her dad. Kirsten seems conflicted about Sandy’s intentions. 

Sadie and Ryan see Jack show up, and they confront him to ask him for the money that he owes Johnny’s mom. He refuses, and Sadie begins to beat up his car. Jack and his friends attack the two, and while one man pins Sadie down, Jack beats up Ryan. 

Sadie and Ryan hang out at a diner, and while Sadie cleans up Ryan, he tells her that he has more in common with Johnny than she might think. He tells her things will be okay, and walks out. Sadie notices that her car keys are missing, and sees that Ryan is driving away in her car. 

Sandy, Kirsten, Matt, and Mya have dinner when Sandy asks Mya to show their proposal to her dad. Sandy comes on a bit strong, even when Kirsten asks if their conversation can wait until after dinner. Mya asks Matt if he wants her to also, and Matt says yes. Mya excuses herself, and while Matt runs after her, Sandy tries to reassure himself that he did the right thing. 

Summer and Seth make out when Summer says that she is worried about her dad dating Julie. Neil comes in and tells Summer how happy he is, and that he wants to talk to her about something important the next day. Summer agrees. After Neil leaves, the two go back to kissing. 

Ryan goes back to see Jack and after telling him his story, he tells him to make things right with Johnny. Jack has Ryan kicked out but tosses some money out with him. Sadie shows up, and Ryan gives her the money. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that Mya loved the proposal and is going to show it to her dad. She also, unfortunately, broke up with Matt. Kirsten tells Sandy that she is worried that he no longer knows where the line is for running his business morally.  

Marissa hangs out at the Bait Shop when Volchok spots her. Marissa sees him too, and leaves. 

Ryan and Sadie head home, and Ryan tells Sadie that he just needed to get out of town for a bit and do something different. Ryan says that he and Marissa need to talk. 

Marissa hangs out at the beach and gets a phone call. It’s Ryan. The two decide that things aren’t working out, and after they hang up, Marissa begins to cry. Sadie shows up at Ryan’s with cards and asks for a rematch of poker. Volchok shows up at the beach and smokes nearby Marissa, who quickly wipes away her tears.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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