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The Pot Stirrer - 3.13
aired 1/26/06

Ryan and Marissa

By Kasey 

Sandy prepares for a proposal he is getting ready to make on a hospital. Seth tells the Cohens that he has an appointment to interview with someone from Brown. He isnít sure if Summer got an appointment too. After his parents leave, Seth tells Ryan that he feels weird about finally being able to leave Newport. 

Summer tells Seth that she got an interview with Brown, and Seth tells her about his anxiety over leaving Newport. Summer tries to give him some tough love to make him feel better about it. 

Sandy gives his proposal to the hospital board. After the guys leave, Matt tells him that he looked into the proposal the other company is giving, and the other company has been pursuing the board by ďwining and diningĒ them. Sandy tells Matt that he hopes the board appreciates that they appealed to their intelligence. 

Summer and Marissa plan a 15th birthday album for Kaitlin. Ryan joins them, and Marissa tells Ryan that she doesnít even know Kaitlin anymore. Ryan encourages her to get to know the new Kaitlin. 

Kaitlin and Johnny hang out on the pier. Johnny asks Kaitlin if she has told Marissa that theyíre hanging out. Kaitlin says no, and asks Johnny not to tell her. 

Neil and Julie meet together, and Julie tells Neil that she has had doubts about seeing him, since their daughters are best friends. The two agree that they both feel something, though, and make plans to have dinner again on Sunday. 

Sandy visits with Seth, who shares with him his doubts. Sandy tells him that it is normal, and is interrupted when he gets a phone call from the hospital board. 

Marissa and Kaitlin are shocked when Julie tells them about her ďbusiness meetingĒ on Sundayó Kaitlinís birthday! Julie finally realizes that she forgot an important date, but canít stop a hurt Kaitlin from rushing out. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that he didnít get the hospital deal. Kirsten tells Sandy to woo people in the same way he wooed her, showing a side to him beyond business. 

Seth and Kaitlin bump into each other on the pier, and Seth is shocked to see that Kaitlin is smoking pot. Kaitlin tells Seth about Julie forgetting her birthday. Kaitlin tells Seth that with Marissa being her sister, she has lived in her shadow all her life, and her birthday was the one day she could count on being noticed. Marissa shows up, and Kaitlin rids herself of her pot. Marissa asks Kaitlin to come home, and Kaitlin does. 

Marissa answers Kaitlinís phone when Johnny calls. Johnny covers it up by saying that he was trying to call her, and after Johnny and Marissa chat (and Marissa invites Johnny to the bait shop, which he declines), Marissa tells Kaitlin that the call was for her. After Marissa leaves, Kaitlin calls Johnny and asks him to go to the Bait Shop with her. 

Julie tells Neil that she forgot about Kaitlinís birthday, and she has to celebrate by giving Kaitlin a party instead of meeting him for dinner. Neil tells Julie to have it at his place, and gives her a key to the house. 

Ryan quizzes Seth and Summer to prepare them for their interviews. Summer says that she isnít going to cover up who she is to try to get into a school, and after she leaves, it is clear that Seth has the complete opposite approach. 

Sandy and Matt both run into each other working on Saturday. Sandy tells Matt that they should take the hospital board out for a walk around the area that they are wanting to build the hospital at. Matt seems hesitant to do that instead of taking them somewhere fancy, but Sandy insists. 

Ryan and Marissa hang out at the Bait Shop when Marissa sees Johnny and Kaitlin coming in. Marissa confronts them, saying that she doesnít like being lied to. Kaitlin asks Johnny to take her home, and afterwards, Marissa tells Ryan that she doesnít understand why they didnít tell her the truth. 

Johnny tells Kaitlin that he isnít sure about them because of their age difference (he is seventeen and Kaitlin is just now turning fifteen), and wants to just hang out with Kaitlin as friends. She reminds him that it will make Marissa mad, and Johnny says that he can live with that. After he leaves, Seth visits Kaitlin, seemingly to get some pot. 

Sandy visits Seth, who hides a bag of something. Seth declines breakfast, saying that he needs to cram for his interview. Sandy leaves, and Seth pulls out the bag of pot. Seth blocks the door and opens his window and begins smoking. 

Marissa wishes Kaitlin a happy birthday, and tells her that she is worried about her being with Johnny, since he is so much older than her. Julie comes home and wishes Kaitlin a happy birthday too, telling her that they will have a birthday dinner and party at the Robertsí that night. Julie is apologetic for forgetting Kaitlinís birthday, and so Kaitlin agrees, but she asks if she can invite a friend. Julie agrees. After Kaitlin leaves, Julie asks Marissa to help her set up. 

Kaitlin visits Ryan and asks for his adviceó should she bring Johnny to the party, or will that hurt Marissa? And if it does hurt her, why? Ryan calls Kaitlin out on being angry at Marissa and wanting to hurt her somehow. He tells her to stop and just talk to Marissa. Kaitlin tells Ryan that she is sorry that he feels that way. 

Julie and Kirsten set up for Kaitlinís party, and Kirsten tells Julie that the fact that Neil offered up his house for the party is a good sign. 

Sandy realizes that his appointment with the board is going badly, as one of the members seems sick of walking around. Sandy tells Matt that they should do things his way, and he asks the board member where he would like to go for dinner. 

At the party, Julie introduces Neil to Kaitlin. Johnny shows up and Kaitlin begins to fuss over him, making Marissa feel awkward. She leaves to see if Kirsten needs help. 

Ryan tries to visit Seth, but canít get in since his door is blocked. Seth hides his pot and sprays an air freshner. Ryan comes in and reminds Seth that his interview is in a half hour. When Seth acts strange, Ryan realizes that he is high. Seth denies it, but Ryan finds his used pot. 

Ryan calls Summer and asks her to stretch out her interview, since Seth is running late. Summer agrees. Ryan works to get Seth straightened out, but ends up having to take him to school still high. Summer comes outside and tells Seth that if he messes up, their future together is ruined. After Summer and Ryan leave, Seth goes to the door of his interview, but turns around and walks away. 

At Kaitlinís party, Kaitlin and Johnny sit together, Julie and Neil chat together, and Marissa sits alone until Summer and Ryan show up. Summer goes to chat with Neil, and Marissa and Ryan watch Johnny and Kaitlin walk off. Ryan tells Marissa that he needs to tell her something about Kaitlin and Seth. 

Kaitlin and Johnny head into Summerís bedroom, where Kaitlin asks him for a birthday kiss to prove that he doesnít like Marissa. Johnny obliges, and Kaitlin says they can head back to the party. 

Marissa wants to go find Kaitlin, and when Seth arrives at the party, she scowls at him instead. Johnny and Kaitlin comes back, and Kaitlin informs Marissa that Johnny was giving her his present. The two walk off, and Marissa chases after them. 

Matt and Sandy cater to the board member, who is now surrounded by call girls. Sandy asks the board member to talk to him about the hospital some more, and the board member says that there is no needó he is in. Sandy tells Matt, but Sandy seems upset about the way heís done business. 

Marissa tells Johnny that she needs to talk to Kaitlin, so Johnny leaves them alone. Marissa tells Kaitlin that she doesnít know who she is anymore, and Kaitlin points out that Marissa is just upset because Marissa likes Johnny. When Marissa denies it, Kaitlin informs her that she and Johnny just made out. Marissa is stunned, and Kaitlin and Johnny leave together. 

Marissa tells Ryan, Julie, and Neil that Kaitlin has left. Julie is stunned, and she is angry at Marissa when Marissa says that they got in a fight. Marissa storms out, and Ryan exits the room also. Neil tells Julie that she was right to want to take the relationship slow, as they both have such complex lives. He gets a page from the hospital, and asks Julie to leave her key after the party is over. 

Seth comes to Summerís room and lies to her, telling her that his interview went well. The two begin to plan out their course schedules. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that he got the job. Kirsten tells him that she is proud of him for doing things his way. 

Ryan sits in the pool house and looks at a picture of him and Marissa. 

Marissa sits at the beach alone. 

Kaitlin gets back to the trailer and sits on the porch by herself. 

Julie lets herself out of the Robertsí house. 

Summer looks over Brown materials. 

Seth sits alone in his room and smokes some more pot.

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