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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Perfect Storm - 3.05
aired 11/3/05

Seth and Sandy

By Kasey 

Seth, Ryan, and Sandy are stunned to find that Kirsten is cooking them breakfast. Sandy gets a phone call from Dr. Kim (the principle from the boy’s school) and excuses himself. He comes back and says that they will all be going to the school college fair that night. After Ryan and Seth leave, Sandy tells Kirsten that the Dean has attached a paper to Ryan’s transcripts, detailing his violent behavior. With that note attached, no college will want Ryan. 

Summer and Marissa put makeup on and talk about college. Marissa says that college is not on her radar. Julie calls her and tells her that she is looking at properties as they speak. Marissa asks if everything is alright, but Julie continues to lie to her. Summer comforts Marissa, saying that everything will work out.  

Summer watches Taylor texting, and speculates to Seth that Taylor is texting with the Dean. Seth tries to tell Summer that nothing is going on between Taylor and the Dean, but Summer insists that she saw what she saw. 

Ryan joins Marissa for lunch at public school. Marissa introduces Ryan to her new friends. Casey and Chili pull Marissa away to get frozen yogurt so that Ryan and Johnny can become friends. 

Summer follows Taylor through the halls, and Taylor catches her. Summer tells Taylor that she saw the Dean making out with a teacher, and now she is disturbed. Taylor looks hurt. 

Kirsten shows Julie a pamphlet for condos, and the two decide to set up a walk-through for Julie. When Julie hears that there is a 10% down payment, she looks down at her wedding ring. The doorbell rings, and Kirsten goes to answer. It is Charlotte. Charlotte and Julie meet each other, and Julie excuses herself. Charlotte apologizes for interrupting, and Kirsten tells her how Julie was married to her dad, who left her nothing. Charlotte comments on how vulnerable Julie must be. 

Summer tries to convince Marissa to go to the college fair. Marissa refuses, and Summer leaves without her. 

At the college fair, Sandy and Kirsten take Ryan to check out one college, while Seth and Summer check out others. Summer and Seth spot Taylor and the Dean fighting, and Summer comments that it looks like a couple fight. Seth still does not believe her, and Summer says that she will get proof. 

When the Dean sees Ryan, he is visibly frustrated. Sandy notices and pulls the Dean aside to avoid a confrontation. The two argue, and the Dean tells Sandy that they are wasting their time being there, since no school will accept Ryan now. After the Dean leaves, Sandy sees Ryan standing there. Ryan leaves. 

Seth comes to visit Ryan in the morning, and panics when he thinks that Ryan ran away. Fortunately, he was wrong. Unfortunately, Ryan tells Seth that he is dropping out of homeschool and is not going to finish high school. 

Marissa tells Ryan over the phone to not drop out of school. Johnny asks her if everything is okay, and Marissa confides in him. She tells him that she doesn’t know who Ryan will listen to. 

Julie meets with a lady from the condos, and asks for the four-bedroom condo, offering her cash on the spot (from selling her wedding ring). The realtor tells her that she was under the impression that Julie wanted the two-bedroom apartment. Just then, Charlotte walks in, wanting to buy the condo too. Julie, insulted, leaves, saying that she is looking for something with a better view. 

Summer works on writing love letters to deliver to Taylor, which are supposed to look like they are from the Dean. She tells Seth that she has been avoiding him since he doesn’t believe her about their relationship. Seth says that they have to do something about Ryan trying to quit school, and Summer lets him in on her plan to use the letters as leverage to get Ryan back in school. 

Kirsten tells Sandy about Ryan’s plan to drop out of school. The two wonder where Ryan is. 

Ryan searches the classifieds looking for a job when Johnny joins him. Johnny tells him that his uncle has a job available on a fishing boat. He offers to take Ryan to meet him, and Ryan seems interested. 

Seth, Sandy, and Kirsten eat late, wondering where Ryan is. Just then, Ryan shows up. Ryan gives Sandy a guardian release form to sign, since he got the job on the boat pending Sandy’s approval. Kirsten and Seth are stunned, and Sandy asks if it is a joke. Ryan insists that he has been trying to work out the school thing, but now he needs to make his own decisions. He asks Sandy to let him go. Despite Kirsten and Seth’s protests, Sandy signs the release. 

Ryan shows up to work the next morning and tells his new boss that he will be able to work full-time. The boss tells him that it is hard work, but Ryan reassures him that he will be able to handle it. The boss tells him that they will head out the next night for three weeks, and Ryan tells him that he will be in on it. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that they cannot stop Ryan from doing this, and he has to figure things out on his own. Marissa shows up, and asks if they have seen Ryan. When the two talk about throwing Ryan a going-away dinner, Marissa is stunned to hear that Ryan is planning on leaving. 

Summer works on her letter some more, and Seth tells her that they should text Taylor instead. Pretending to be the Dean, they would ask Taylor to meet them at a hotel. 

Marissa confronts Ryan about leaving. Ryan tells her that he needs to make a change, but doesn’t want to change things with her. Marissa is angry, and storms off. 

Charlotte shows up at Julie’s hotel with her boyfriend. She assures him that Julie is a good target with lots of connections, and then she knocks on Julie’s door. Charlotte tells her that she purchased the condo for Julie after Kirsten told her about Julie’s situation. Charlotte tells Julie that she doesn’t want anything from her, other than the use of the spare room in the condo a couple of weeks out of a year. Julie is stunned. 

Ryan and Seth chat about Ryan leaving. Seth asks Ryan if he would come back to school if he got back into Harbor. Ryan says that that will never happen, but Seth tells him that he has a plan. 

Summer and Marissa show up at the Cohen’s, despite Marissa’s frustrating at the situation. 

Sandy, Kirsten, Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer eat a quiet, awkward dinner. When Marissa finds out that Johnny got Ryan his job, she storms off. Ryan chases after her. At the table, Seth notes that Summer’s purse is buzzing. Summer checks her phone, and announces that Taylor took the bait. 

Ryan tells Marissa that he doesn’t want to leave like this. Marissa tells him to not leave, and when Ryan says nothing, she walks out. 

Sandy and Kirsten come to see Ryan off the next morning, and they try to assure Ryan that his problem has a solution. Ryan doesn’t break, though, and hugs them goodbye. Sandy tells Ryan that their door is always open to him. 

Marissa confronts Johnny about giving Ryan a job, but eases off when she realizes that Johnny was only trying to help. She tells him that she and Ryan got in a fight, and now she doesn’t even know where he is. Johnny tells Marissa that he does. 

Charlotte and Julie walk into Julie’s new condo. Julie thanks Charlotte, and Charlotte excuses herself to call her boyfriend and tell her that Julie is in the condo now. 

Marissa shows up as Ryan is getting ready to leave and calls him a coward for doing exactly what her dad did. She then storms off, leaving Ryan behind. 

Seth and Summer wait for Taylor at the hotel. When Taylor shows up, they threaten her to get Ryan back into Harbor. Unless she wants everyone at the school to know about her relationship with the Dean, she must tell Seth’s dad the truth about her relationship with the Dean. 

Sandy shows up to meet with the Dean and confronts him about his inappropriate relationship with Taylor. He tells him that he has pictures of them kissing, and so the Dean admits that Taylor forced herself on him. Sandy informs him that that is not what Taylor told him. Backed into a corner, the Dean asks Sandy what he wants. Sandy demands Ryan’s readmission into Harbor with a clean slate, and that the Dean relocate himself to the east coast. 

Marissa sits by herself in the diner and cries. Seth and Summer join her, and are saddened to hear that Ryan has already left. Seth says that their scam doesn’t matter now. Just then, Ryan shows up and tells Marissa that his future is there, with her. He joins them, and Seth tells him that he is back at Harbor. 

The gang walks along the beach and jokes together. Everyone is happy again!

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Updated 1/5/11 


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