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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Party Favor - 3.23
aired 4/27/06

Sung Ho, Anna, Taylor and Theresa

By Kasey

Ryan and Seth talk about the upcoming prom night, and Seth says that if he and Summer don’t go together, things will be over between them. Seth suggests that Ryan ask Theresa, and Ryan says that he will think about it. The two spot Volchok and some random girl making out at the end of the pier. 

Summer comes to the diner and, when she sees Seth, tells him to leave because she has to meet someone. She is mad that Seth orchestrated her coming there. 

Ryan and Theresa hang out and argue about when their first kiss was. Ryan asks her to go to prom with him. 

Marissa visits Volchok, and the two kiss. She asks him to go to prom with her. 

Summer agrees to meet with Seth briefly when she finds out that he has already ordered her pancakes. She sees that the pancakes have, “Prom?” spelt out on them. She gets angry. 

Ryan tells Theresa that prom is the next day, so it is late notice. Theresa tells him that there is someone at work that she is interested in. 

Marissa continues to try to persuade Volchok to go with her to prom.  

Summer tells Seth that pancakes will not make her forget about him and Anna. 

Theresa tells Ryan that her mom loves babysitting. 

Volchok tells Marissa that he never went to prom, and she convinces him to go for it this time. The two kiss. 

Summer refuses to go to prom with Seth. 

Seth calls Anna and tells her about the situation. She tells him that he has to tell her that he lied about Brown, but Seth says that he just can’t do it because of the fallout of his last lie.  

Sandy and Kirsten talk about the kids’ prom. Kirsten changes the topic to talking about them, and Sandy tells her that after the prom weekend, they can discuss how to proceed. Kirsten begins to tell him that she took a drink after the dinner the previous night, but she chickens out and keeps quiet. 

Taylor tries to convince Summer to go to prom, and tells her that she has a date lined up for her—Seung-ho’s cousin, Jung Nom. Apparently, Yung-Nom is a pop singer in Korea and a model. Taylor tells Summer that she owes it to herself to go to prom with the hottest guy she can find and make Seth miserable. Summer agrees that this is a good point. 

Ryan visits with Marissa at school and tells her that he invited Theresa to prom. Ryan asks Marissa if she is still with Volchok, and she says yes, and that they are going to prom together. 

Seth leaves Summer a message and tries to explain things about him and Anna to her—but then Anna shows up at the Cohen’s, and says, “Hello, Seth!” Seth quickly hangs up the phone. 

Ryan stops by Volchok’s and confronts him about seeing someone else. Volchok asks Ryan why he would cheat on Marissa, since she is so hot. Marissa comes to the door, and when she asks Ryan what he’s doing there, he invites them to the Cohen’s the next night to get their pictures done before prom. Marissa accepts the offer. 

Anna and Ryan hug hello. Anna tells Ryan and Seth that she has a plan to get Summer to take Seth back—she is going over there and telling Summer that there is nothing going on with her and Seth. If that doesn’t work, she is going to prom with Seth. She leaves, and Ryan and Seth look worried. 

Marissa looks at her potential prom dress while Summer listens to Jung Nom’s CD by his band, Big Korea. Summer looks at her napkin confessional that Seth had given her after his last lies, and says that she should mail it to the Cohens. Marissa says that it would be pointless, and she tries to convince Summer that there is probably nothing going on with Seth and Anna. Just then, Anna shows up. Marissa excuses herself, and Anna tells Summer that there is nothing going on with her and Seth. Summer doesn’t believe her, and says that her date will be there soon to get her, so Anna has to leave. Anna asks her if she would mind if she went with Seth if she already has a date, and Summer gives her permission. After Anna leaves, Summer gets out Seth’s confessional and sticks it in an envelope.  

Seth tells Ryan that he is hoping that his going with Anna to prom will convince Summer that life without him is meaningless. Anna shows up, and asks them if they are ready yet. 

Summer and Marissa look at a photo of them with Ryan and Seth from two years ago before heading out for prom.

Volchok gets dressed at his place, and gets frustrated when he can’t put on his tie. 

Taylor and Summer meet up with Seung-ho and Jung Nom for prom. Things are awkward when Summer can’t figure out when to stop bowing.  

Theresa and Ryan greet each other for prom. Everyone else comes over for photos, and Seth sizes up Jung Nom. When Taylor asks Ryan for money for the after party, Sandy gives it to her, and she puts it in with another wad of cash, which Volchok sees. Sandy asks everyone to put their purses aside for photos, and while everyone complies, Volchok asks Ryan where the bathroom is. 

Summer goes to the Cohen’s study and leaves Seth’s confessional on the desk. 

Everyone takes their photos together, and during the group photo, Marissa wonders where Volchok is. Ryan offers to go get him. Inside, Volchok heads towards the purses and begins to pull the money out of Taylor’s, but Ryan comes in, and Volchok makes a quick move over to the alcohol. It is unclear if he actually got Taylor’s money or not. Ryan tells him that if he screws things up for Marissa, he will beat him up. 

Everyone comes to the prom, and the gang compliments Taylor on how good everything looks. Summer gets mad when she sees Seth and Anna cozying up to each other, and asks Volchok to go with her to spike the punch. Taylor tells Seung-ho that she is going to put her purse down so they can dance.  

Volchok tells Marissa that Summer ran off with his flask, but she assures him that she’ll bring it back. Volchok says he’s going to smoke, so Marissa heads off to socialize, and a girl behind Volchok checks him out. She asks if she can join him for a smoke, and on the way out, Volchok notices Taylor’s purse again. 

Sandy, Kirsten, Julie, and Neil reminisce about their kids and wonder where the time has gone. Kirsten proposes a toast to Julie and Neil, telling them how happy they are that they are getting married. Neil gets a phone call from a colleague and excuses himself. Julie tells Kirsten and Sandy that she hopes that she and Neil will be as happy as them.  

Inside, Neil tells his colleague that he is with Sandy now. His friend says something, and Neil asks if he can tell Sandy. He head back outside. 

Everyone dances together at prom, and Summer gets wasted. Seth and Anna take photos together, and Ryan observes that Marissa is standing alone. Seth asks Anna if he should say something to Summer, and Anna says no, because they have to give Summer a chance to realize how much she needs him. 

Taylor welcomes everyone to prom, and announces that Summer Roberts is Prom Queen for the second year in a row. Summer goes up front and makes a mockery of herself, kissing Jung Nom and falling off the stage. Marissa and Seth run to help Summer, but Summer yells at Seth to get away from her. Marissa asks Ryan to find Volchok before chasing after Summer.  

Theresa gets a phone call from her love interest, but she tells Ryan that there is no place she’d rather be.  

Ryan finds Volchok making out with the girl that he left to smoke with. When Marissa comes up, he tries to stop her from finding out, but she sees them together and confronts them. Volchok asks Marissa what she expected, and says that she wanted to make him something he wasn’t. Marissa slaps him, and he leaves. Ryan comforts Marissa as she sobs. 

Kirsten tells Julie about her temporary relapse after the dinner, but says that she isn’t going to use her alcoholism as something to hang over Sandy’s head to get him to value their marriage more. She tells Julie that one more push could send them over the edge. 

Theresa and Ryan hang out with Marissa at the after party, who is feeling down about Volchok. She leaves to grab a drink. 

Seth and Anna visit Summer, who is too drunk to storm out on them. Anna tells Seth that it is time for Phase Three of her plan- telling Summer the truth. She leaves, telling them that she will see them in Rhode Island. Seth finally tells Summer the truth about everything, and Summer feels dumb for thinking he was dating Anna. She is embarrassed when she remembers that she has already given the Cohens Seth’s note, but begins to puke before telling him the truth. The two tell each other how much they love each other, and Seth holds Summer’s hair out of her face while she pukes. 

Neil tells Sandy that the hospital board is discussing improprieties that Sandy and Dr. Griffin are involved in. He says that the board is suspending Dr. Griffin, and launching a criminal investigation against both of them soon. Julie and Kirsten come in and Julie says that they should leave, and Kirsten says goodbye to them both. She asks Sandy if everything is okay, and he says yes. 

Marissa stands alone on the pier drinking.  

Theresa tells Ryan that she thinks Marissa has changed and gotten stronger. She also says that Ryan has grown up for the better. They agree that nothing should happen between them that night, and then they hear a blood-curdling scream. They rush out and find out that Taylor’s money for the party has been stolen—Volchok was able to get to it. Seung-ho suggests that they call the police, but Ryan says to not bother, since he thinks he knows where it is. He rushes out. 

Ryan goes to Volchok’s and storms inside, where he finds and grabs the money. Volchok tries to get him to fight him, but Ryan refuses. Volchok tells him that if he wanted Marissa back, he could get her, and Ryan punches him. The two begin fighting, and when Volchok grabs something to hit Ryan upside the head with, Ryan turns on him and beats him to the point of unconsciousness. 

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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