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The Man of the Year - 3.24
aired 5/4/06

Sandy and Kirsten

By Kasey 

Ryan takes an unconscious Volchok to the hospital and gets him help. Volchok regains consciousness and tells the doctors that he was jumped. He tells Ryan that things arenít over, and is then taken away for more assistance. Ryan stays by the van. 

Kaitlin calls Marissa and tells her that she needs her to get a letter that the school sent to her mom and keep it from her. Marissa agrees to help her out. 

Theresa calls Ryan and tells him how fun prom was. She asks him if he wants to hang out later, and he agrees to do so. Seth joins Ryan and tells him how much better life is now that heís being honest. He says that he wants to wait a while before telling his parents, though. 

Marissa helps Summer feel better, and when she tells her that Kaitlin called her that morning about a letter, Summer freaks out, remembering that she still has to get Sethís letter from the Cohenís.  

Sandy talks on the phone about how unexpected something is. He thanks the caller, and then packs up his papersóincluding the letter from Seth! 

Sandy tells Kirsten that he has been honored as Riviera Magazineís Man of the Year. Kirsten is surprised, and tells him that nothing good has come out of the hospital. Sandy tells Kirsten that they should be optimistic. Kirsten breaks the news to Seth and Ryan when they come in, and Sandy tells them that there will be a party the next night. He tells them that the family is on a good streak. After Sandy and Ryan leave, Seth asks Kirsten if she is excited, and all she says is that it will be good for Sandyís career. 

Summer visits the Cohens and goes into the office to look for the letter. She is unable to find it, and when Seth finds her and asks her what she is doing, she lies. 

Ryan meets Marissa and gives her Taylorís money, asking her to give it back. Marissa is horrified when she realizes that Volchok had stolen it. She tells Ryan that he can count on her, and Ryan offers to buy her breakfast. 

Seth and Summer make out, but Summer kills the mood when she begins to ask about Sandy. She tells him that she has something to tell him, but chickens out. 

Julie tells Neil that Sandy is the Man of the Year. He tells her that Sandy is being investigated, and Julie says that she canít imagine Sandy doing anything unethical. When Neil tells Julie that he is meeting with the DA the next day and Julie says that she has to warn Sandy, Neil tells her that he already did. Julie is shocked to realize that Kirsten doesnít know about the situation. 

Ryan visits Volchok, who tells him that he is going to make him help him do a deal. Ryan refuses, but Volchok threatens to tell the cops that Ryan assaulted him unless he helps him. Ryan insists that nobody will believe him, but Volchok says that he has nothing to lose, and Ryan has everything to lose. Volchok demands his help the next day, at the same time as Sandyís party. 

Marissa visits Kaitlin and her roommate, Hadley. Marissa asks Kaitlin to explain the letter. 

Julie has Kirsten over and tells her that Sandy is being investigated by the DA. Kirsten thanks Julie for the heads up, and Julie tells her that Sandy already knows. 

Ryan is surprised to hear that Theresa has a nanny. The two congratulate each other on coming a long way. She then notices Ryanís bruised up knuckles, and realizes that he got in a fight with Volchok after prom. She begins to leave, and Ryan tries to stop her. She tells him that her life is not built for guys who get in fights. She tells Ryan that she will always love him, and she leaves. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that there isnít a good case against him. He is hoping the whole thing blows away. He tells Kirsten that he will meet with a friend the next day to figure out what to do. He promises to not let everything land on the family, but Kirsten says that it already has. 

Kirsten goes to the kitchen and pulls some vodka out from under the sink. Meanwhile, Sandy goes to the safe and gets out his evidence against Dr. Griffin. 

Marissa hangs out with Kaitlin and Hadley and they tell her about Kaitlinís troubles. A guy named Trevor, who is extremely popular and smart, has made advances on Kaitlin, and when she refused him, he framed her as stealing the school crest. Nobody will believe Kaitlin that it is a lie, since he has a lot of clout at the school. Marissa tells the two that she has a plan. 

Ryan visits Volchok, who is settling the deal that he and Ryan are going to. He gives Ryan the address, and Ryan notices that it is an address in his neighborhood. 

Seth goes to his momís room to tell her that he is going out to dinner with Summer. He finds her passed out. He smells her coffee cup and realizes that she has been drinking. He tells Summer that heís going to have to take care of his mom because she is sick. After she leaves, he covers his mom up and rinses out Kirstenís cup. When he goes to his room, he considers smoking some pot, but decides against it. 

Marissa dresses up in sexy schoolgirl clothes and tells Trevor that she is a stripper that his friends hired for him.  

Seth asks Kirsten if they can chat, but she declines, saying that she has to go to her AA meeting. 

Sandy meets with the DA and talks to him about Dr. Griffin. The DA tells him that he can give him evidence to help put away Dr. Griffin, and the hospital will go down in the process, or he can hope that he doesnít get taken down with Dr. Griffin. Neil arrives to meet with the DA, and Sandy leaves. 

Volchok shows Ryan the house that he needs to go to to do his business. The two wait outside for the people to leave, and Ryan feels awkward when a neighbor stops by to say hi to him. 

Marissa and Trevor head to a private place and Marissa convinces him to take off his pants, and she begins to tie him down. After she ties him down, she runs off with his keys, leaving him yelling and screaming after her. 

Summer asks Sandy if she can hang out with him in his office while she waits for Seth. She begins to grab the letter from Seth, but Sandy beats her to it. He reads it, and comments on how serious the problem is. Summer accidentally breaks the news that Seth didnít get into Brown, and Sandy is further surprised. 

Kirsten tells her AA meeting that she has relapsed, and she is sad that her husband doesnít know. She says that she really needs her husband right now. Seth overhears the whole thing from outside. 

When Seth gets home, Sandy confronts him about his letter and college. Seth tells him that Kirsten has been drinking again, and tells Sandy that he isnít acting like a father. 

Ryan tries to drop off Volchok, who insists that Ryan come in with him. Ryan is horrified to realize that Volchok is going to steal an expensive car. When Volchok tries to break into the car, the alarm goes off. Ryan panics, and when a cop comes riding to the rescue, Volchok takes off, leading the cop in a chase. Ryan runs into the woods. 

Marissa tells Kaitlin and Hadley to get the crest to the office before anyone sees it with them. Kaitlin thanks Marissa for her help, and the two have a moment together. Kaitlin tells Marissa how much sheíll miss her, and the two hug. 

Sandy asks Kirsten point-blank if she is drinking again. She is honest. Sandy tells Kirsten that he wishes that she had come to him. Kirsten says that she doesnít know if Sandy would have actually been there for her without the threat of relapse. The two apologize to each other. 

Kirsten tells Seth that she is glad that he told Sandy about her drinking. She reminds him that they are still a family, and she has not given up on them. Kirsten convinces Seth to come to Sandyís party for her. Before coming, she wants him to stop by the Newport Group to grab a concept drawing for the hospital. 

Ryan calls Marissa and asks her if he can meet her at her place. She agrees.

Seth sits in his dadís office and begins to smoke pot.  

Julie asks Neil to go to the party, but he says that he shouldnít, since it will be a conflict of interest since he might have to testify against Sandy. Julie insists that the Cohens are like family, and she will support them. 

Kirsten calls Seth and asks him if he has the concept drawing yet. He says that he has found the drawing and will be there soon. When he grabs the drawing, he drops his joint in the trash, and it soon begins to catch things on fire. 

Kirsten tells Sandy that the DA is at his party. Sandy tells her that he is going to practice his speech anyways. 

Back at the office, things continue to burn. 

Ryan asks Marissa to tell people that they were together that night. Marissa agrees to do so. 

Julie is surprised to see Neil at the party. Neil tells Julie that she changed his mind, and says that since she feels so strongly about family, he certainly wants to be a part of hers. 

Sandy gives his speech, and declines the title of Man of the Year. He says that he has lost his way. Seth arrives with the concept drawing, and Sandy says that the drawing is as close to a reality as he is going to get, as he is going to be cooperating with the DAís office over the next few months.  

Summer tells Seth how sorry she is, and he says that it is for the best. 

Sandy says that he is going to pursue the title of Father and Husband of the Year instead. Everyone claps. After his speech, Sandy gives the DA evidence against Dr. Griffin. Kirsten congratulates him, and Seth does so too. They are shocked to see that cops have arrived. 

Ryan and Marissa arrive at the party and see the cop cars. Ryan thinks that they are there for him, but to his surprise, the cops come out with Seth. Sandy tells him that there has been a fire at the Newport Group, and they think that Seth did it. Sandy commands Seth to not answer any questions until he is there.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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