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The Last Waltz - 3.04
aired 9/29/05

Seth and Summer

By J. Scott

Turns out Charlotte spent 30,000 to check herself into rehab.. I don't think she was necessarily going after Kirstin to begin with but she knew it would be full of rich, vulnerable women.. She picked Kirstin..

Kirstin and her went out for drinks and Kirstin told her that her father was broke, left her nothing in his will. Charlotte's jaw just about hit the floor because she was thinking oh sh*t..

Charlotte and her boyfriend got together later to talk about Kirstin and said she would get money out of her somehow.. He said he knew it was a mistake.. But she said she was going to still make her plan work.

Julie sent Marissa to live with Summer for a bit.. I think they are losing their home.

She went to ask Sandy for a loan from the Newport group but Sandy told her Kirstin is selling the company. He offered her a personal loan but she said no.. He asked her if she was having problems and she lied and said no.

Marissa made some friends at her new school. I think one of the guys likes her.. Some girls at her school are being mean to her because they know she shot Trey.. They call her and point their finger at her like they are pulling the trigger.

This guy was trying to comfort her saying to not let that girl bother her, and Ryan saw it from his truck and confronted them. Ryan is jealous.

She keeps blowing Ryan off to go out with her friends because she wants to fit in.. He wanted to go somewhere and she said that she wanted to do her homework but later on she went to a dance.. Ryan got kinda upset..

Marissa showed up at the pool house later and danced with Ryan and said she thought about him the whole time at the dance and she missed him.

Summer and Seth were at their school dance, the dean was there too.. Taylor is there too. Summer saw her walk off and decides to follow her.. Summer sees her kissing someone... Summer then sees the person Taylor is kissing.... THE DEAN

Later Taylor is dancing with another guy and the dean and she keeps looking at each other with longing gazes... gross.

Summer was going to tell Seth what she saw but didn't.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/11/10 


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