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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Heavy Lifting - 3.15
aired 2/9/06

Seth, Summer, Kirsten and Sandy

By Kasey

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer wait for news about Johnny while Sandy and Kirsten try to convince them to eat something. Summer says that he will probably be fine, but after Marissa leaves, Ryan says that things didn’t look good at the hospital. The phone begins to ring—it is Johnny’s mom. Ryan answers. Marissa comes back, and Ryan runs to her and hugs her. Kaitlin sees Marissa crying and asks what happened. 

Marissa visits Chili and Johnny’s mom, and Chili talks to Marissa about how overwhelmed Johnny’s mom is with funeral preparations. Marissa suggests that they do something at the beach, by the water. Chili says that Johnny would want that. 

Seth tells Ryan that he won’t have to worry about Johnny coming between him and Marissa anymore. Ryan gives him a blank stare. 

Kirsten and Julie talk about possibly canceling their Valentine’s Day dance because of the situation. They decide against it, and Julie worries about Neil not having asked her to do anything with him for Valentine’s Day. 

Marissa leaves Johnny’s when his cousin, Sadie, stops by to stay with Johnny’s mom. She asks her if she is Marissa, and Marissa is shocked to find out that she knows her name. Sadie tells her that it is nice to finally meet her. 

Justin visits Kaitlin and asks her if she’s going to want a ride back to school. He wants to talk to her about their relationship. Kaitlin asks him to leave. Justin yells after her if she is okay. 

Sandy calls Matt into his office and asks him to call Mya, since their deal is about to fall through. He asks him to be upfront with her, though, which Matt says won’t be a problem, since he genuinely likes Mya. Marissa visits Sandy and asks him to help with some of Johnny’s hospital paperwork, and Matt offers to help instead. Marissa heads home. 

Summer visits Seth and tells him about the pot. She is angry at him about lying again, and when Seth asks her to trust him, she says that she doesn’t, so he is going to have to figure something out. 

Ryan visits Marissa and the two are interrupted by a phone call. Marissa goes to meet Sadie at the diner and tells her that she should probably be with her boyfriend right now. Sadie is confused, since she thought that Johnny was Marissa’s boyfriend. Sadie gives Marissa a necklace that Johnny commissioned her to make for Marissa for Valentine’s Day, with their birthstones and an angel on it. 

Everyone comes together for Johnny’s funeral service on the beach. Volchok watches from a distance. Several of Johnny’s friends send a surfboard off to sea. 

Ryan spots Volchok afterwards, and Marissa sees Kaitlin sitting alone. Ryan offers to go talk to Kaitlin. 

Kaitlin tells Ryan that she feels responsible for Johnny’s death. Ryan tries to get her to leave with him, but she tells Ryan that he can’t fix things. 

Matt tells Sandy that Mya is angry at him for not having called her sooner. Kirsten comes into the kitchen as she works on her Valentine’s Day dance. She offers to help Matt with his relationship woes. Kirsten tells Sandy that she will get Mya to the party if Sandy promises to embrace Valentine’s Day.

 Seth tells Ryan that Summer found his marijuana. 

Marissa tells Summer that she and Ryan haven’t talked about Valentine’s Day. Marissa says that Valentine’s Day might be cancelled this year. 

Volchok visits Sadie and sees how she’s doing. Ryan interrupts and kicks Volchok out of the party. Sadie tells Ryan that she used to know Volchok, and Ryan compliments her on her funeral speech. Sadie tells him about all the losses she’s had in her family. Marissa comes up to him and the two leave. 

Julie asks Neil what he is doing the next day for Valentine’s Day. Neil tells her that he will be staying in and reading. Julie doesn’t know what to say, and leaves. 

Justin waits for Kaitlin after she gets home from the funeral. He gives her a teddy bear, and Kaitlin tells him about Johnny. Justin assures her that it was an accident, and Kaitlin thanks him. She tells him she will see him back at school and watches him dancing out in the parking lot. 

Sandy looks through a magazine for lingerie ideas for Kirsten when Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan come home. Sandy tells them about his deal with Kirsten. 

Ryan asks Marissa what they should do about Valentine’s Day. Marissa says that she doesn’t want to do anything, and snaps at Ryan when he tells her that he was at Johnny’s death too. Marissa storms out. 

Seth visits Ryan and talks to him about Marissa. Seth says to ignore Marissa’s request and pursue her on Valentine’s Day anyways. 

Matt visits Marissa and gives her Johnny’s paperwork. He asks her if he will see her and Ryan at the party, and Marissa tells him that she got in a fight with Ryan, which was her fault. After Matt leaves, Marissa calls Ryan, but gets his voicemail. 

Kirsten and Mya get lunch together, and Kirsten asks Mya to come to the dance. Mya tells Kirsten that she knows who her husband is and what Kirsten is up to. Kirsten apologizes, but Mya says that she really likes Matt and would like to go. 

Sandy brings in Victoria’s Secret gifts for Kirsten and Summer, and Seth tells Sandy that Summer caught him in a lie. Sandy tells him that he is a good man, and he just has to show it and stop lying.  

Ryan stops by Johnny’s and helps Sadie carry some things in to pack up Johnny’s things. 

Sandy brings Kirsten flowers and a gift—Kirsten is shocked to receive lingerie that is very teen-ish (it’s actually Summer’s!). 

Summer slaps Seth when she gets lingerie that is very adult-ish (it’s Kirsten’s!). Summer tells Seth that their problem cannot be solved with lingerie. Summer cancels Valentine’s Day, and after Seth leaves, she looks at his card he made her and melts a little. 

Julie tries to convince Marissa to come to the party. Ryan shows up and asks Marissa to come to the party with him. Kaitlin and Julie leave, and Ryan gives Marissa a necklace. Marissa asks Ryan for some time, and Ryan asks when the last time was they hung out alone together. Marissa asks Ryan if he’s glad Johnny is gone, and Ryan refuses to answer the question. After Ryan leaves, Marissa goes and looks at the necklace Johnny gave her. 

Sandy, Seth, and Ryan talk about the pressures of Valentine’s Day at the party. Summer came with Neil instead of Seth. Sandy goes to chat with Matt. 

Justin spots Kaitlin at the party and buys her a drink. 

Seth asks Neil to borrow Summer, and shows her a list he made of his many sins, asking Summer to show that to his parents if he ever messes up again. Summer is pleased, and tells him that she is wearing the lingerie he got her. Seth tells her that it is Kirsten’s, and she is grossed out. 

Marissa visits Chili at the beach and the two comfort each other about Johnny. 

Kaitlin tells Julie that Justin is taking her back to school that night. Justin says all the right things, and Julie agrees. Kaitlin promises Julie that she will be seeing a lot more of her. After Kaitlin and Justin leave, Neil approaches Julie and asks her to be his Valentine. 

Ryan confides in Kirsten about his problems with Marissa. Kirsten tells Ryan that he might want to make a pit stop on the way home. Ryan leaves, and Sandy approaches. The two spy on Matt and Mya, who seem to be hitting it off. 

Marissa comes home to find Kaitlin packing. Marissa apologizes for everything, and Kaitlin tells her to figure out what she felt for Johnny. She says that it does matter. Marissa says that she is glad that Kaitlin came back, and the two hug. 

Ryan visits Sadie and offers to help her clean up Johnny’s room. She accepts. 

Justin drives Kaitlin back to school and notices that she is crying. Kaitlin says that she is going to miss Newport. 

Sandy and Kirsten dance, Neil and Julie chat, and Seth and Summer make out at the party.  

Marissa goes to her dresser and gets out her necklace from Johnny. She begins to cry. 

Ryan tells Sadie that he wishes he could have done or said something to save Johnny. Sadie says that he was there for him. Sadie excuses herself, and when someone knocks on the door, it is Volchok. Volchok is angry to see Ryan there, and when Sadie shuts the door on him, Ryan watches him walk to his car.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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