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The Game Plan - 3.08
aired 12/1/05

Jimmy and ?

By Kasey 

Seth and Ryan talk about college plans when Summer and Marissa join them. Marissa seems distant while the other three talk about their future. Marissa tells them that she doesnít have a chance of getting into college. 

Sandy plans his day at work while Kirsten tells him that she is going crazy being home alone. Sandy speculates that Seth will go to school locally at Berkeley, but Kirsten reminds Sandy how anxious Seth has always been to get away from Newport. 

Chili brags to Marissa about Johnnyís surfing successes. Johnny notices that something seems wrong with Marissa after she leaves for class. 

Seth, Summer, and Ryan meet with the college counselor, and while Seth and Summer have different plans for the type of school they want to go to, Ryan is not sure of anything. He tells the counselor that he will be the first of his family to even graduate from high school. 

Julie and Kirsten talk about Charlotte, as Kirsten is shocked that Charlotte just left without saying anything. Julie seems distracted while Kirsten talks, and when the doorbell rings, Julie answers it. The landlord tells Julie that she needs the rent check for the month, and this is Julieís last warning. Julie keeps the truth from Kirsten. 

Seth tells Ryan that he will be going to school in Rhode Island. Ryan tells Seth that he will have to tell Sandy that he wonít be applying to Berkeley. Seth agrees to do so later. Seth tells Ryan that he needs to get someone to help him persuade Marissa to go to college. Ryan calls someone. 

Taylor tells Summer that she will love school in Arizona. Summer is annoyed that Taylor knows where she wants to go to school. Taylor also tells Summer that it is very sad that she and Seth have decided to go to schools so far away from each other, and inquires as to their plan. When Summer seems confused, Taylor tells Summer that if they donít have a plan for their long-distance relationship, they will have a rocky road ahead of them. 

Seth visits Sandy at work and tries to tell him that he wonít be going to school at Berkeley, but doesnít have the heart to do so when Sandy tells him how happy he is that he is considering Berkeley. After Seth leaves, Sandy makes a phone call to Berkeley. 

Ryan picks up Marissa at school and tries to talk to her about college. Johnny jumps into the conversation and tells Marissa she should go to their schoolís guidance counselor to discuss her options. Marissa realizes that the two of them conspired together to persuade her to go to college. Angry, she tells Ryan to leave her alone. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that his friend from Berkeley, Paul Glass, will talk to Seth about school. Kirsten makes him promise to only give Seth a nudge, and not to pressure him into anything. Kirsten tells Sandy how stressed out Julie has been lately, and Sandy says that they might be better off not knowing why. 

Ryan tells Seth about his falling out with Marissa, and he also tells him that he is not as thrilled about getting out of Newport as Seth is. Marissa and Summer join them, and Summer asks to talk to Seth privately. Alone, Marissa apologizes to Ryan and tells him that she is going to meet with her schoolís guidance counselor. 

Summer tells Seth how worried she is that they will be going to different schools. When Seth doesnít seem to be as concerned as she is, Summer storms out of his room. 

Julie packs up her stuff and is embarrassed when her neighbor spots her leaving with her own U-Haul. Kirsten sees Julie as she gets in and drives away. 

Summer talks to her schoolís college counselor about looking at Brown (a school Seth is looking at). Taylor find out about it and teases Summer about it not being a good fit for her. She also tells her that if she canít get in, she can still come visitÖ Taylor and Seth will show her around! 

Marissa meets with her guidance counselor, who tells her that getting into school wonít be a problem for her. She also tells him that she doesnít want to explain what happened to her over the summer to schools. The counselor tells Marissa that it would be a small price to pay to get into college, and he also encourages her to write about her experience. He tells her that she cannot run from her past, so she might as well live with it. 

Julie parks her U-Haul at her new homeóa trailer park. She talks to her landlord, Gus, bemoaning the fact that she is back in a trailer park. Gus tells her that life doesnít always work out the way we want it to. 

Kirsten pulls into the trailer park, having followed Julie, and is saddened to see her going into her new home. 

Marissa tries to fill out an online form explaining why she was expelled from school, but when memories begin flashing back to her, she freaks out and throws the computer on the floor, crying. 

Sandy tells the boys that his friend from Berkeley is coming over for dinner. Seth and Ryan agree that they are being ambushed. 

Johnny and Chili visit Marissa to try to get her to come to Johnnyís surfing contest with them. She tells them that she canít, and explains what is going on with her, while Summer spies on them briefly. Johnny and Chili suggest that Marissa not worry about school, and suggest that she travel the world with them next year instead. Marissa agrees to go with them to the contest. 

When Marissa comes upstairs to get ready, Summer tells Marissa that she can use her computer to fill out her college essay. Marissa tells her her plans for the day, and tells her that her college essay might be put on hold for a while. 

Julie visits Kirsten for lunch and Kirsten asks her to go into business with her. Kirsten tells her that she saw her new home, but tells her that it is not a charity caseó she genuinely wants to go into business together because she is going crazy at home. Julie agrees, but when Kirsten insists on the truth about Charlotte, Julie tells her everything. Kirsten is horrified to learn that Julie was in on the scam, and leaves. 

Seth visits Summer and asks her to come east with him for school. Summer refuses, saying that her dreams are just as important as Sethís. She also tells him about how Marissa is considering leaving to travel with Johnny and Chili. 

Marissa and Chili wish Johnny well at his contest, and after Johnny runs off to surf, Chili tells Marissa that he can get her a job if she really does want to travel with them. Marissa seems intrigued. 

Seth and Ryan complain to each other about how their plans for next year are affecting their current year. Seth begins to tell Ryan about Marissaís potential plans.

Taylor and Summer meet at the diner, and Summer tells Taylor that she can have Seth. Summer says that sooner or later, their relationship will end anyways since Seth is bound to meet up with someone smarter in college. Summer tells Taylor to be good to Seth.  

Chili and Marissa congratulate Johnny on a job well done after the contest. Ryan comes and confronts Marissa about college, and Johnny tells Ryan that he just doesnít understand. 

Chili waits for the winners of the contest to be announced, and comes looking for Johnny. Johnny begins to go to him, but when Ryan begins to leave Marissa and she begins to go after him, Johnny stops her and goes after Ryan himself. Johnny gets hit by a car just as his name is announced as a winner. Stunned, Ryan and Marissa both run to him. 

Chili, Marissa, and Ryan wait in the hospital for news about Johnny. A doctor tells them that Johnny got lucky, and his knee is the worst part of his injuries. When Chili asks about surfing, the doctor tells them that Johnny will be lucky if he can even walk again. Chili walks off, and Marissa tells Ryan that he should go, because she should be with Johnny. 

Paul visits with the Cohens and Ryan arrives home from the hospital. Everyone goes outside to eat. 

Taylor visits Summer and gives her gear from Providence, telling her that it is close to Brown and Summer could get in easily. Summer is amazed that Taylor is being so nice to her. Taylor tells her that she never had a chance with Seth, but Seth and Summer are the closest friends she has. She asks Summer to keep in touch.

Paul tells Seth and Ryan that 50% of people meet their future mates in college. When he asks them about their dating status, both the boys hesitate. The phone rings, and Kirsten goes to answer it. Julie leaves a message apologizing to Kirsten, telling her that she deserves a better friend than her. Kirsten listens to it and runs to tell the guys that she has to run, but will be home soon. On the way out, she runs into Summer. 

Summer and Seth go upstairs to his room and Summer tells Seth that she will be following him east. Seth is thrilled, and tells Summer how much he wants her to come with him. The two kiss. 

Marissa visits with Johnny, who tells her that he will get his operation and try to surf again in the future. He tells her that things happen, and he canít give up. 

Kirsten visits Julie at the trailer park. She asks her to meet her the next day to discuss working together. She tells her that the fact that Julie didnít go through with the scam means that she chose Kirstenís friendship instead. Kirsten asks Julie to be able to do this for her, too. Touched, Julie agrees. The two hug. 

Ryan tells Sandy and Paul that he isnít sure he wants to go to college, since he finally found a home here. Sandy tells Ryan that this will always be his home regardless of where he goes. Seth asks Sandy to come talk to him inside, and Sandy goes with him. Paul asks Ryan if he has a serious girlfriend that might be holding him back. 

Seth tells Sandy that he is going to go to Brown instead of Berkeley. Sandy is very understanding, telling him that Brown is a great school, and he is thrilled that Seth is forming his own path. Kirsten overhears and congratulates Seth too.  

Paul and Ryan discuss Ryanís relationship with Marissa. Marissa comes over and the two head off together, leaving Paul alone. Marissa tells Ryan that Johnny will be okay, and able to surf again. Marissa tells Ryan that they are not to blame for Johnny, and she also tells him that she will apply to college after all. Paul drops by on the way out and tells them both to apply to Berkeley, as it would be a good fit for them. 

Seth and Summer hang out with Ryan and Marissa in Sethís room as they discuss where they are all going to college.

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