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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Aftermath - 3.03
aired 9/22/05

Ryan, Kirsten and Seth

By Kasey

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa get breakfast together while Summer complains about Marissa and Ryan being kicked out. Summer points out that if Ryan and Marissa stick together, everything will be okay. Ryan and Marissa promise each other they will do so. Marissa and Ryan both leave to discuss their futures with Julie and Sandy, respectively. Summer tells Seth that she isn’t sure that Ryan and Marissa will be able to stick together and work things out. 

Sandy works on stuff for the Newport Group and Ryan joins him in the kitchen. Sandy tells Ryan that he has to stop thinking about Marissa and start thinking about himself. Sandy suggests that Ryan and Marissa take some time off while Ryan tries to get himself out of the mess he is in. 

Julie tells Marissa that Kaitlyn’s boarding school has agreed to accept her. Marissa protests, and says that she wants to be with Julie and Jimmy, getting their lives together. Julie softens, and agrees that Marissa doesn’t have to go to boarding school. Julie does ask Marissa to stay away from Ryan. 

Jimmy talks on the phone, reassuring someone that he will get his money for him. He arrives at Sandy’s and apologizes for his family’s trying to frame Ryan. He also asks Sandy to find out when the lawyers are going to read Cal’s will. Sandy says that he will find out for him. 

The Dean asks Seth and Summer to be stage hands for the drama club. Summer refuses, and when Taylor approaches, the two realize that Taylor is drama club president, and she could make their lives miserable. They continue to protest, but the Dean tells Seth and Summer that they have to start showing some school spirit, or else they will end up like Ryan and Marissa. 

Jimmy asks Julie to marry her on Saturday. Julie agrees, and the two kiss. Jimmy asks Julie to spend two weeks in Hawaii for their honeymoon. Julie begins to talk about Marissa and how she doesn’t know what to do about her and school. She asks Jimmy about the educational system in Hawaii. 

Sandy meets with Kirsten at Charlotte’s cabin. He tells her that Cal’s will will be read that week, and asks her to consider coming to the reading. Kirsten says that she will think about it. Sandy also tells her that he isn’t so sure about her staying there, and Kirsten tells Sandy that Charlotte has given her a new perspective on relapsing and what needs to be done to avoid it. Sandy says that he thinks Charlotte is trying to scare her, but Kirsten insists that Charlotte is being honest. The two kiss and hug goodbye, and Sandy notices a door closing nearby. 

Ryan and Marissa make out in Marissa’s room when Julie knocks on the door. Ryan hides, and when Julie comes in she tells Marissa that the wedding has been moved up, and afterwards, the family will be moving to Hawaii. Julie says that it will be a fresh start for their family. Marissa protests, but Julie insists that she has to. Marissa, and Ryan, who overheard—are stunned. 

Seth suggests to Ryan that he and Marissa run away together. Ryan refuses, and Seth tells Ryan he should move to Hawaii. Ryan suggests that Marissa move in with the Cohens. 

Summer and Marissa hug as Summer says that she won’t let Marissa go. Marissa says that Hawaii is the best their family can do if they want to stay together. Marissa says that she wants to be a part of her parent’s new start. 

Jimmy and Julie talk about their wedding on Jimmy’s boat. Julie leaves to meet the caterer, and Don comes and meets with Jimmy. Jimmy assures him that he will have all of his money the next night. Don says that this is his last chance. 

Ryan meets Sandy at The Newport Group, and Sandy apologizes for stressing out on Ryan so much. Ryan tells Sandy that the Coopers will be moving to Hawaii. He suggests that Marissa live with them, since he cares for her and wants Marissa to get a break. Sandy agrees, but says that the plan presents much obstacles. 

Sandy calls Kirsten, who tells him that she is coming to the reading of the will. She may or may not come home, depending on the will reading. Charlotte comes out and asks Kirsten if she is going to the will reading for herself or for her husband… or Cal? Kirsten assures her that she feels fine about going, but Charlotte asks her to sleep on it. 

Taylor overworks Seth and Summer as they set up a hut on stage for the school play. She insults them, saying that Summer was in Marissa’s shadow, and Seth is a geek. Summer begins to yell at Taylor, and when the Dean overhears, he leaps to Taylor’s defense. He tells Seth and Summer that there will be consequences if there are any more incidents. 

Marissa visits Ryan, who tells her about his plan for her to stay with the Cohens. Marissa is touched, but tells him that she has to stay with her parents. She apologizes, and leaves. 

Seth and Sandy reassure Ryan, telling him that they can have a long distance relationship. Sandy says that he will be seeing Kirsten later, and when Seth makes a snide comment about Kirsten never coming home, Sandy gets angry.  

When Kirsten leaves to go to the reading of the will, Charlotte stops her and offers to take her. Kirsten says that she needs to be alone. Charlotte points out that Cal probably has a surprise for Kirsten, and she just hopes that it is a good one. 

Summer and Seth work on the set for the play, and Summer tells Seth that his plan [which we as the viewers are not yet in on] is romantic, but risky. Taylor overhears them, and when confronted, they make it seem like they were just talking about the set. When Taylor leaves, the two resume talking about their plan. 

Jimmy, Julie, Sandy, and Kirsten meet up for the reading of the will. They are met with some bad news—Cal was broke! Everyone is stunned—especially Jimmy. The lawyer gives Kirsten a letter than Cal wrote her on the day he died. Kirsten walks out of the room, and Sandy chases after her. 

Kirsten says that she never should have come today. She is furious about the letter, and says that she can’t be there right now. She storms off to the car, and even though Sandy chases after her, she leaves. 

Ryan comes to visit Marissa and finds her packing for Hawaii.  Marissa tells Ryan that she doesn’t want him to be angry at her, and that she isn’t giving up on him. The two head off to have the best day of their lives. 

Julie tells Jimmy that she forced herself to love Cal, and feels safe with Jimmy. She tells him that she is glad that he has his business and they will never be poor. Jimmy seems very freaked out. His phone rings, and he tells him that he needs to go. He tells her that it is bad luck to see each other the night before the wedding, and the two kiss goodnight. 

Sandy calls Charlotte and tells her that he can’t find Kirsten. Charlotte tells him that she hasn’t heard from Kirsten either. She also tells Sandy that Kirsten did not want to go to the reading of the will, and she felt pressured into it by Sandy. Charlotte promises to let Sandy know if she hears anything, and looks quite smug when she hangs up. 

Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan eat together when Seth and Summer excuse themselves. Marissa realizes that they are up to something. Ryan tells Marissa that he has a little something for her, and the two get up and go.  

Ryan and Marissa end up at the beach, where the two find a hut (from the school play!) and lots of lanterns lit. Marissa is very impressed. The two head for the hut. 

Jimmy tries to leave town, but Don stops Jimmy from leaving. Jimmy confesses that he does not have the money, and Don asks Jimmy to get in his car.  

Marissa and Ryan kiss inside the hut. They decide to have sex and go through with it. 

Jimmy gets beat up on the beach by several of Don’s “friends.” 

Kirsten buys alcohol from a gas station. Sandy tries to call her, but she does not answer. She checks into a hotel and sits staring at the alcohol. 

Marissa and Ryan lay in the hut the next morning when Marissa’s phone starts ringing. She answers, and asks, “What’s wrong?” She and Ryan go to Jimmy’s boat and find Jimmy beaten. Jimmy tells Marissa that he has to leave town, and cannot take her with him. Marissa tells Jimmy that if he has to go then he should go, but if he leaves, he shouldn’t come back, because it is too hard. The two hug, and Jimmy asks Marissa to deliver a note from him to Julie. He tells Marissa that he really loves Julie. Ryan and Marissa head off to find Julie. 

Charlotte gets a visitor, who asks her to get out of the cabin, since her check did not clear and the family who owns the cabin is coming home sooner than expected. Charlotte acts understanding, and heads to her room and packs up. She tosses her stuff out of the window and says that she is planning on spending some time at the beach.

Kirsten comes home to Sandy and tells him that she is home. The two kiss, and Kirsten apologizes for scaring him. She tells him that she purchased alcohol and didn’t drink it. She says that she is tired of running from her life, and wants to live it again. Kirsten pulls out her card from Cal and tells him that she cannot open it without him. She begins reading it, and says that it is an apology. She cries, and Sandy hugs her.

Marissa shows up at the wedding, and Julie realizes that something is wrong. Marissa gives Julie Jimmy’s ring, and Julie begins crying. Marissa tells Julie that they will be okay, and will figure things out together.

Seth and Summer bring back the set pieces for the play. Summer leaves to get more things, and the Dean confronts Seth. He gives him a one-month detention, and when Seth refuses to give up Summer, he gives him two months instead.

Ryan and Marissa stroll down the beach. Marissa tells Ryan that she isn’t mad about Jimmy, but just scared. The two promise to stick together, and kiss.

Seth tells Ryan about his detention. Sandy and Kirsten walk in, and the boys are stunned. Everyone hugs, and they head to the kitchen and chat about everything that has happened.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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