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The Disconnect - 3.09
aired 12/8/05

Seth and Summer

By Kasey

Seth, Marissa, and Ryan bring Johnny home from the hospital. Johnny is grateful for their help, but insists that he can get himself in the house by himself. When he struggles, Marissa runs out to help him instead of going to school. 

Kirsten and Julie talk about business possibilities. Sandy drops in the kitchen and tells them that he has a meeting with investors coming up, and Julie says that she isn’t sure that she likes the low-income housing idea. Julie and Kirsten decide to have a party-planning/catering business.  

Summer tells Ryan and Seth that she just got back her SAT score—she did extremely well (even better than Seth!). She heads off to meet with Dr. Kim to discuss her school possibilities now. 

Marissa takes care of Johnny and gets to meet his mom when she comes home. Johnny’s mom tells him that she has set him up with an appointment with the best sports medicine doctor in Orange County. The problem? They are on a huge waiting list. Marissa speculates that they could get moved up on the list, but Johnny’s mom reminds them that such favors are saved for friends and hospital donors. 

Summer chats with Seth and tells him that Dr. Kim said that she might be able to go to Brown with him if she gets up her grades. Summer suggests that they go to the school preview together, and Seth agrees, although he does not seem thrilled. 

Matt hangs out with the Cohens and comments on how perfect Sandy and Kirsten are together. Sandy asks Matt if he has a girlfriend in Chicago, and Matt says yes. Seth and Ryan come in and meet Matt, and Ryan makes some suggestions for the model of the low-income housing that Sandy and Matt like. Matt suggests that Ryan have an internship at Newport Group, and tells him to cancel his plans with Marissa that night and work with them instead. 

Marissa talks to Johnny about his potential doctor and her connections to him through charity events. Marissa thinks they have a good chance of getting in early. Johnny tells her that he doesn’t want his problem becoming her problem. Summer comes to pick her up, and when Ryan calls Marissa and she steps outside, Johnny tells Summer that she has to help him get Marissa away from him somewhat, because he likes being with her too much. Johnny swears Summer to secrecy.

The next day Marissa asks Summer to pick her up at Johnny’s that night. Summer asks Marissa if getting so close to Johnny is a good idea, and Marissa says that Johnny doesn’t have anyone else. 

At school, Ryan tells Seth to not compete with Summer over who is smarter. Seth asks Ryan if he thinks Summer would win, and Ryan just walks away. 

Julie and Kirsten work on planning their business. Kirsten is angry when Julie seems to find the business less interesting than her dinner. Kirsten goes outside to get a spreadsheet and a male diner, Jeff, notices Julie sitting alone. He joins Julie and Kirsten asks him to leave them to work on business when she gets back. Julie tells Kirsten that she has already invited him to dine with them, as he is going to have them host a dinner party the next weekend.  

At the Brown event Seth suggests to Summer that they just leave, but Summer says that Brown is now her dream and she wants to stay. When Seth makes her feel dumb, Summer gives him the cold shoulder. 

At work, Matt confesses to Ryan that his girlfriend broke up with him because he moved west. Matt tells Ryan how much he has been thinking about it. Sandy comes in and asks Ryan and Matt for help getting ready for the investors, but it will mean twice the work for Matt and Ryan. Ryan knows that Matt has a lot on his mind, and asks him if he is sure they will be able to do this. Matt shrugs it off and takes Ryan on a “field trip.” 

Seth watches Summer snubbing him at the Brown event, and the two are shocked to hear that Brown usually only approves one Harbor student a year to go there. Summer asks the speaker for Brown to tell her what makes a student stand out to the school, and he tells them that the student should have a “hook.” 

Marissa tells Johnny and his mom that she was able to get him in next week. Johnny’s mom is thrilled, and invites Marissa to celebrate with them that night by getting take-out. She tells her to invite over Ryan too. Marissa invites Ryan, who agrees, but then Ryan sees where Matt is taking him—a strip club! Ryan tells Marissa to start without him. 

Matt takes Ryan into the club, where he meets a stripper who calls him her favorite customer. She asks him if he wants one-on-one time, and Ryan is upset when Matt takes her up on it. Matt pays another girl to give Ryan a lap dance. 

Kirsten works on food for her business while Sandy works on his job. Seth comes in dressed like a pirate, telling them that he needs a hook to get into Brown. The conversation changes to Ryan as Sandy tells Kirsten what a good role model Matt is for him. 

Meanwhile, Ryan gets his lap dance. When Marissa tries to call him the stripper gets his phone but doesn’t answer it. Marissa leaves him a message wondering where he is. It is very late, and Johnny has already fallen asleep next to her on the couch. His head falls on her shoulder. 

Ryan steps aside at the club and tries to call Marissa. She has already fallen asleep with Johnny, though, and does not answer. 

Marissa comes home to Summer the next morning and confesses that she fell asleep at Johnny’s. Summer asks if Ryan knows, just as Ryan walks in. They avoid the topic. 

Sandy tries to find Matt as he and Ryan wait for him at work. The investors are already there, and they need Matt’s portion of the presentation. Ryan covers for him just as Matt shows up. Matt assures Ryan that he has things under control. 

Summer joins the band in an effort to find her hook. She spots Seth trying to be the school mascot to find his hook and confronts him. Summer asks Seth why he has to be better than her in everything, and Seth says that school is the one thing that he is better at. 

Sandy gives his pitch for the housing, and when the investors ask about revenue, it is time for Matt to make his pitch. Unfortunately, Matt is ill-prepared and the investors tell them that they have heard everything that they need to. After they leave, Matt apologizes and leaves. Sandy asks Ryan if there is anything he should tell him.

Johnny drops something and falls in the kitchen, and when Marissa arrives she comes to his rescue. She gives him his pain-killers. 

Julie and Kirsten arrive at Jeff’s and ask him where to put dinner. Jeff asks Julie where she would like to eat with him, and Julie and Kirsten realize that Jeff set the whole thing up just so he could have a meal with Julie. Kirsten wants to leave, but Julie is amazed that a guy would do all this to date her. She agrees to dine with him, but Kirsten tells them to serve themselves. 

Sandy and Ryan go back to the strip club to confront Matt. Sandy fires Matt.

Johnny, drugged up on his pain-killers, admits to Marissa that he is falling in love with her. 

Seth talks to Ryan about his job and then brings up the real issue—will Summer’s being smart ruin their entire relationship? Ryan points out that Summer doesn’t want to be Seth, she wants to be with Seth. Ryan then asks Seth for a ride to go apologize to Sandy. 

Johnny tries to call Marissa, but Summer convinces her to not answer the phone. Summer tells Marissa that Johnny had told her how he felt, and says that Marissa should avoid him for a while. Marissa says that she has to talk to Ryan, and Summer asks if she is going to tell him. 

Ryan and Sandy talk about how they had trusted Matt. The stripper who called Matt her favorite customer comes in and tells them that she and Matt are old college buddies, and Matt is a good guy. She asks what would happen if she could get them another meeting with the investors. 

Summer begins to head to Seth’s when Seth shows up to apologize to her. He tells her that she is superior to him in almost every way, but Summer assures Seth that she will always look up to him. The two decide that they have a possibility of both being accepted to Brown. 

When Sandy meets with Matt the next day, Sandy tells Matt to come to him the next time he needs help. Sandy tells Matt that he is giving him one more chance, and he owes him big time. 

Julie tells Kirsten that her date was awful. She is amazed that a guy would spend so much money just to go on a date with someone. Kirsten says that she has a new idea for their business—a high-end dating service! 

Johnny visits Marissa and tells her that he doesn’t want things to get weird between them. Marissa suggests that they spend time apart, and hugs Johnny. 

Seth and Summer fill out their Brown applications together. 

Ryan and Marissa both drive to each other’s house, unaware that the other one has gone to their place. 

Seth and Summer drop off their applications in the mail, promising that whoever gets in will go, and they will still love each other regardless of who gets in.

Ryan calls Marissa from Summer’s room, and while he sits there Marissa stays in the pool house and they chat. Ryan tells her about the lap dance, and Marissa tells him about Johnny telling her he loves her.

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