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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 3.20
aired 4/6/06

Summer, Marissa, Seth and Ryan

By Kasey

Summer and Seth get dressed in their warm winter clothes for Brown. Seth says that Summer is jumping the gun a littleówhat happens if only one of them gets in? Summer informs Seth that she wouldnít go to Brown without him, since her goal is to be with him. Seth is shocked. 

Ryan and Sadie make out. Afterwards, Sadie says that sheíll be in town for ninety more days, until Ryan gets accepted into college. Ryan seems conflicted when she mentions school, and she tells him that ignoring the future doesnít make it go away. Ryan says that they should go eat. 

Ryan and Seth meet up in the kitchen and talk about how much easier things were when they didnít have to worry about college approaching so soon. 

Marissa and Summer argue over breakfast, and when Julie joins them, she tells Marissa that her friend with the motorcycle should apologize for waking up Neil the previous night. Marissa puts up a fuss about it and walks off. Julie asks Summer how worried she should be about Marissa, but Summer tells her that Marissa isnít confiding in her anymore. Neil joins them, and when the two tell him that Marissa left early because she is stressed out about college, Neil says that Berkeley would be lucky to have her. 

Sandy confronts Dr. Griffin about Mattís being beat up. Sandy says that if Dr. Griffin doesnít resign in 48 hours, he will do everything to take him down. 

Taylor asks Seth, Summer, and Ryan if they are coming to the College Sweatshirt Bonfire, and where Marissa is, because she needs her help. The boys quickly run off, but Summer tells Taylor that she shouldnít count on Marissa. Taylor calls her Korean friend to try to get food for the party (which had been Marissaís responsibility). Summer notices Marissa coming to school, and Summer quickly leaves.  

Volchok calls Marissa, who tells him that she is being pressured by her mom and is fighting with Summer. Volchok offers to take Marissa to the beach in a few minutes to take the edge off things. She agrees. 

Ryan visits Sadie, who offers to read his palms to tell him if he got into college or not. She tells him that he got in, and that a dark haired beauty (herself) will steal his heart. The two kiss. 

Volchok drops Marissa off at the Robertsí and asks her to grab beer money when she goes inside. While she steals money from her momís purse, she notices a letter from Berkeley sitting on the table. She opens it, and is stunned to see that she was accepted. However, when Volchok beeps for her outside, she tosses the letter in the trash. 

Summer and Ryan both get their acceptance letters to Brown and Berkeley, respectively, and Seth is shocked to find out that he has been rejected from Brown. 

Summer comes over, and she and Ryan congratulate each other on college. Seth comes downstairs and doesnít have the heart to tell them the truth, so he tells them that heís going to Brown. Everyone hugs each other. 

Seth calls Brown the next morning and asks them if a mistake has been made. Unfortunately, he is unable to make his case. 

Kirsten and Sandy congratulate each other on their kids getting into college. When Seth comes downstairs, they tell him how proud they are. Ryan comes in, and they congratulate and hug him too. Sandy suggests that they have a celebration dinner that night, and tells them to invite their girlfriends. 

Julie calls Marissa and demands that she call her back. Neil comes in, and Julie tries to talk about Summer getting into Brown. Neil tells Julie that Marissa got into Berkeley, and shows her the acceptance letter that he found in the trash. Julie is delighted, but then Neil tells her that they have to stop pretending that something isnít going on with Marissa, and Julie has to confront her about it. 

Marissa wakes up at Volchokís the next morning and gets dressed. When he asks her what sheís doing, she says that she should make an appearance at school. She also tells him about the Sweatshirt party the next night, and when Volchok asks her if sheís really thinking about college, Marissa asks him why. He changes the subject, asking her if she wants to go to Baha with him for the weekend instead of going to the Sweatshirt party. 

Summer and Ryan meet up at school, and Summer asks Ryan where Seth is. When Ryan tells her about their dinner that night, she is hurt to not be finding out from Seth, and storms off. Ryan spots Seth and goes and talks to him, saying that he invited Summer to dinner. Seth asks Ryan if heís talked to Sadie yet, and Ryan says that he plans to do so after school. 

Ryan stops by Sadieís and she congratulates him. When Ryan starts to tell him how incredible dating her has been, she stops him, saying that he shouldnít compliment her while breaking up with her. But Ryan tells her that heís been happier with her than with anyone heís ever dated. Sadie tells him that she is still in Newport because of him, and making jewelry is a portable business. She says that she will move to Berkeley with Ryan if he wants her to. Ryan kisses her and says that he does. 

Summer comes to the Cohenís for dinner, dressed in her college gear. Ryan and Sadie come over too, and everyone heads outside. 

At dinner, Ryan and Sadie break the news to everyone that Sadie is coming to Berkeley with Ryan. There is dead silence at the table, until Summer breaks it, saying that life is all about finding the right person and sticking with them. Nobody else says anything, and Sadie, embarrassed, leaves. Ryan follows her out. 

Seth takes Summer home, and she asks him if anything is wrong. He says he is find. She says that Ryan and Sadie are being romantic, but Seth says that it is dumb, and Ryan should be thinking about college right now, and not relationships. Summer says not if youíre with the one you should be with forever. Seth says nobody knows that at eighteen, and when Summer says that she does, Seth is silent. Summer is hurt, and leaves. 

Julie and Marissa talk, and Julie says that she doesnít know whatís wrong with Marissa. Marissa says that she canít picture herself at Berkeley. Julie says that Marissa is just scared, and she deserves this. Julie begs Marissa not to give up on herself. Marissa agrees to think about it. 

Ryan visits with Seth, who tells him that he and Summer got into a fight. Ryan asks Seth if he actually got into Brown. Seth says that he didnít, and is lying for Summer. He doesnít want Summer to not go to Brown just because he didnít get in, since it is the opportunity of a lifetime. Ryan says that it is up to Summer, and Seth has to tell her the truth. 

Ryan and Sadie meet up for breakfast, and Ryan invites Sadie to the Sweatshirt Bonfire. Ryan apologizes for the previous night, but Sadie says that they need to cool off and decide if they are going to Berkeley together for the right reasons. Ryan says that they are, since they want to stay together. Sadie says that Ryan might just want to go to college to find himself, and she doesnít want to get in the way of that. Ryan says that he feels more himself with her than anyone. The two hold hands. 

Summer and Taylor pick up food for the party, while Taylor flirts with her Korean friend, Sung-ho. After he leaves, Taylor says that Summer and Seth will work their problems out, and Seth is just trying to exert his independence a little bit. 

Sandy visits with Ryan and gives him two his and hers Berkeley sweaters that he and Kirsten used to wear. He says that Sadie is a great girl. He begins to talk to him about finances, saying that if Ryan is planning on living with Sadie, they will have to live off-campus and find food outside of the meal plan. Ryan seems a bit overwhelmed thinking about the financial scenario, and says that he and Sadie havenít figured out things yet. 

Volchok calls Marissa, and she tells him that she canít go to Baha with him that night. 

Ryan comes to Sadieís. She tells him that she has an artist friend in Berkeley who has a co-op, so she and Ryan could live there together. Ryan tells Sadie that Sandy and Kirsten are fine about them. The two get ready for the party. 

Seth comes to Summerís and sees her bulletin board covered with pictures of them in their college gear. 

Marissa and Summer both get ready for the party, and Marissa breaks the ice and asks her how things are with her and Seth. She also apologizes about how sheís been acting. Summer tells her about her problems with Seth, and Marissa comforts her. Summer asks Marissa what has been going on with her, but Marissa says that she just canít figure things out. The two forgive each other, and Summer gets out a sweater that she bought for Marissa from Berkeley. 

Neil asks Julie how she is, and Julie says that she canít be tested right now while she is worried about Marissa. Neil says that he is sorry for making her feel like she is being tested, and Marissa is lucky to have Julie as a mom. The girls come out and leave for the party. 

Summer and Marissa greet Ryan, Sadie, and Seth at the party. Summer is shocked to see that Seth isnít wearing a sweater. Taylor comes up and asks to get a picture of the core four. Seth pulls Summer aside to talk to her. Taylor pulls Sadie off to find the food, leaving Marissa and Ryan alone together. Ryan asks Marissa how she is doing, and tells her that he is there if she ever wants to talk. Marissa thanks him, and says that it means a lot. 

Taylor introduces Sadie to Sung-ho, but Sadie is distracted by watching Ryan socializing with other friends. 

Sandy meets with Dr. Griffin, who says that he isnít pulling out. Dr. Griffin bribes Sandy, saying that he could give him $700 million in other offers to help change the city. 

Matt visits Kirsten and asks if Sandy is there. She is shocked to see how beat up he is, and Matt tells Kirsten that she has to stop Sandy before things are too late. 

Seth tells Summer that he isnít sure if he should go to Brown the next year, but she should still go. He says that he will apply somewhere else. Summer is confused, because she thought they wanted to be together. She asks Seth if he really means what he is saying, and he says itís for the best. Summer tells him that they are over. 

Sadie tells Ryan that she isnít going to Berkeley with him. She feels like she will constantly be pulling him away from another world, and he wonít get to fully experience college. She says that she is going to go home, and the two kiss goodbye. She asks Ryan to keep in touch. 

Sandy comes home, and Kirsten asks him to quit doing what he is doing. He says that things are complicated. She says that he will become like her father, and he says that that wonít be the case, and he canít quit. She grabs her purse and leaves. 

Summer takes down her pictures of her and Seth and cries. Marissa puts up her college sweater when she notices Summer crying in the next room. She lays next to Summer and rubs her shoulder. 

Seth and Ryan sit next to each other in the pool house silently.

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