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The  - 3.21
aired 4/`3/06

Marissa with beer

By Kasey

Ryan scolds Seth for having broken up with Summer to cover up his lies. Sandy and Kirsten talk to them about graduation, and wonder who to invite with Ryan’s two tickets. Kirsten suggests that Ryan invite his mom, but after Ryan leaves, Sandy says that it is a bad idea. 

Ryan sits alone musing. Kirsten joins him, and Ryan says that if he doesn’t invite his mom to graduation, he might never see her again. Kirsten says that Dawn wasn’t doing well when Sandy saw her in Albuquerque, and she offers to go with him to find her. Ryan says that he needs to do this alone. 

Volchok visits Marissa, and when the two begin to kiss, Julie interrupts. Volchok tries to introduce himself to her, but Julie snaps at him. Volchok leaves, and Julie tells Marissa that Volchok personifies everything that is wrong for her. She forbids Marissa from seeing him. 

Kirsten helps Ryan get ready for Albuquerque. He tells her that he is planning on visiting Dawn at her workplace. Kirsten tells Ryan that whatever happens, he will have one mom at his graduation. 

Seth watches Summer hanging out alone at school. He walks off, and Taylor watches. She joins Summer and tells her that Seth looks as miserable as she does. Summer tells Taylor about how just two years ago, Seth stood on a coffee cart and declared his undying love for her. How could he possibly be over her now? Summer decides that Seth must be hiding something, and she is determined to find out what it is. 

Sandy visits Matt, who blackmails him with evidence against Dr. Griffin. Sandy tells Matt that he is getting in too deep, and Matt says that he is in no deeper than Sandy. 

Marissa visits Volchok and asks him to hang out with her. He tells her to stay. 

Ryan stops by Dawn’s diner, and a waitress named Chloe tells him that her shift will start in a couple of hours. Chloe puts the pieces together and figures out that Ryan is Dawn’s son.  

Summer gets herself and Seth kicked out of class by saying that Seth was making jokes about the professor behind his back. In the hallway, she says that she needed a chance to talk to him, and the breakup is off. She tells him that he needs to be honest with her, and kisses him, telling him that it’s good to have him back.  

Ryan goes to his mom’s work and sees her inside flirting with someone (who we later find out is her boyfriend). He begins to leave, and Chloe stops him, asking him if he wants to go eat somewhere with her. He agrees. 

Volchok and Marissa kiss at Volchok’s when Julie comes by. Marissa hides, and Julie tells Volchok that he is just the latest in a series of Marissa’s rebellion experiments. In the end, she will always come back to her mom. Julie leaves, and Volchok seems irritated. 

Ryan and Chloe hang out at a bar and Chloe tells Ryan that his mom has a new boyfriend, Ron. She tries to assure him that Ron has a good heart. They begin to dance together. They end up going back to Ryan’s hotel and sleeping together. 

Sandy sits at his office when Dr. Griffin comes in and tells him that the Urban Planning Committee has signed off on working with him. Sandy tells Dr. Griffin that Matt wants money in exchange for his evidence against Dr. Griffin. He says that he is going to let the cops take care of everything, but Dr. Griffin says that he will destroy all of his hopes and dreams. When Dr. Griffin says that he will deal with Matt, Sandy says that he will make Matt his problem. 

Chloe sees the graduation tickets for Ryan’s school, and jokingly says that his mom and Ron will fit right in at his private school. She kisses Ryan and thanks him for the company before taking off. 

Ryan calls Seth, who tells him to be a man and talk to his mom instead of coming home early. Ryan tells Seth to be a man and talk to Summer about the truth. 

Ryan goes back to the diner, where Dawn spots him. The two hug. 

Seth goes to visit Summer, who breaks up with her this time. He says that she’ll never know what his secret is now that he has done the breaking up. 

Dawn tells Ryan that she wouldn’t miss his graduation for anything. She tells him that Chloe called her and told her about the graduation. Ryan tells her that since she is busy at work, they should talk tomorrow. 

Seth goes home and lays on his bed. 

Ryan leaves the diner and waves goodbye to his mom.  

Marissa wakes up at Volchok’s when everyone comes over for his party. Volchok gives her some beer, and Heather (the mean girl from public school) teases Marissa for falling off her throne and being with Volchok. 

Chloe and Dawn talk about what Dawn should wear to Ryan’s graduation. They go outside to the diner, where Ryan is waiting for Dawn. She says that she is going to buy a new dress, and offers to take everyone out to dinner after the ceremony. She gets a phone call from her boyfriend, and asks Ryan if she can bring a friend. Ryan says that it is okay, and she goes to finalize plans with him. Chloe asks Ryan if he was actually going to invite his mom. He says that he was. 

Summer tells Taylor about her problems with Seth. Taylor asks Summer if she still loves Seth, and if Seth says that he didn’t love her. Summer says that she does, and Seth didn’t. Taylor tells Summer that if that is the case, and if love trumps everything, then she has an idea. 

Seth hangs out with Captain Oats when Taylor calls him and tells him that detention is going to be held in the Student Lounge this week, and he has to be there. 

Kirsten calls Sandy and tells him that she needs him home that night so they can talk. She tells him that she feels disconnected. Sandy agrees to be home by seven, and Kirsten thanks him. After they hang up, Matt comes up to Sandy and tells him that Dr. Griffin has agreed to meet him that night and pay up for his blackmail. Sandy warns Matt to stay away from Dr. Griffin- is Matt really wanting to bet that he holds all the cards? 

Heather gets totally wasted at Volchok’s party and begins to strip while Marissa watches from a distance. A guy brings Heather a new beer, and Marissa sees that he’s slipped something into her drink. Heather and the guy begin to dance together. 

Seth arrives at school for detention, and finds the hallway to be decorated in hundreds of Valentine’s Day-like decorations. He walks into the Student Lounge and finds Summer standing on the coffee cart and declaring her love for him. She asks him if he still loves her, and he says that no, he does not love her. Summer is stunned. She asks him to get out of there, and he leaves to go to detention. Taylor tries to comfort Summer, but Summer goes to detention as well. She sits as far away from Seth as possible. 

Julie goes to Marissa’s bedroom and sees that she isn’t there. She calls Marissa, but Marissa ignores her call. She watches two guys taking Heather out of the party. She chases them down and gets into the van with Heather. The guys tell Marissa that they were just trying to have fun, while Marissa dresses Heather. 

Chloe and Dawn come to Ryan’s and Ryan tells Dawn that he got an earlier flight out of Albuquerque, and he was thinking about blowing off graduation. He tells Dawn that he can come visit her sometime instead. Dawn is very hurt, and tells Ryan that while she was a bad mother, at least she was never ashamed of her family. 

Ryan packs up while Chloe tells him that Dawn’s current boyfriend is someone that she met in rehab who takes good care of her. Ryan admits that he did not know that. Chloe offers to take Ryan to the airport, but she wants to make a stop on the way. 

Kirsten tries to call Sandy that night, but he doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, Sandy sits in a parking lot, trying to get cell phone service. He sees that Matt has arrived, and watches while Matt meets with Dr. Griffin and someone else. Dr. Griffin says that his friend is not there to get the files, but Sandy comes in to Matt’s rescue just in time. He tells Dr. Griffin that Matt has no files, and Dr. Griffin accuses Matt of wasting his time. He and his friend leave, and Sandy offers Matt severance pay to get his life back together in Chicago. Sandy gets in his car to leave, and puts the files the he had found in Matt’s car next to him. 

Kirsten waits for Sandy at home, and when she realizes that he isn’t going to come home, she tosses out his food. She gets out a bottle of wine and pours half of it down the sink. 

Seth comes home, and Kirsten offers to talk to him. He asks her if she’s seen Ryan, and she says no. Kirsten tells him that everything is fine, so he leaves her alone. 

Chloe takes Ryan to his mom’s locker at work, where she shows him that the locker is covered in photos of Ryan. Dawn comes in, and Chloe excuses herself. Ryan apologizes and the two hug. He gives Dawn two tickets to his graduation and walks out. 

Ryan sees Chloe outside and the two say their goodbyes. Chloe kisses him on the cheek before he leaves. 

Sandy comes home and puts the files in his safe. 

Julie sits on the couch alone, drinking. Marissa comes home crying. She hugs Julie. 

Taylor and Summer sit next to Summer’s bed while Taylor tries to make her feel better. 

Ryan goes to his pool house and finds Seth waiting there for him. Seth tells him that he’s made the worst mistake of his life, and he has to get Summer back and get into Brown. The two discuss plans for what to do.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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